Tuesday 23 May 2023

A Fancy Fold for the Fella's


Good Morning Ladies, 

Well what a day we had yesterday!  We had an Electrical Inspection a few weeks ago and it highlighted that there are two sockets on two different ring mains that are drawing too much current,  so we had the electrician out yesterday morning to resolve the problem, he needed access to EVERY single socket in the house,  behind big wall unit, behind huge fridge freezer,  behind my craft desk to name but a few, oh also behind the bed, we had to move all kitchen appliances away from sockets, pull out washing machine & tumble dryer!  He arrived sometime before 9am and got straight to work, he was dashing around the house like a mad thing, he couldn't detect the problem sockets on the first run, so then he said that he had to remove the cover of every one and check wiring!  So round he went again, it had taken close to 2 hours by this point,  he did it eventually,  bizarrely he didn't tell us which ones were faulty,  despite us asking, I wonder if he gave up! 🤣 His next job was to replace the Smoke detectors that expired in 2016,  we had bought our own but its good to know that we have the extra security now.  I felt awful because I went to offer him a coffee but of course we had no electricity!   I was relieved when he finally left, thank goodness Paul was able to be home!  The rest of the day was relatively quiet thankfully!  

Todays card is a fun fold for men, I made a standard sized card  (4 1/4 x 5  1/2) in Navy card, the covered the front with a piece of nautical themed pattern paper, I then die cut an aperture for a finishing touch for aperture I cut a slightly larger scalloped circle and used the die that I used for the aperture to cut the centre out, credted a scalloped frame, it just looks neater. I actually did the same for the inside too.  Now for the fun fold part, cut a piece of card 8 inch x 5 1/4 in and score along longest part at 4 inch & 2 inch then fold the first fold a valley, the 2nd fold a mountain fold, so you end up with a reverse z fold card, adhere this part to the card base with the 'Z' fold closing in to the centre of the card (see photo above).  Now the easiest way line up the circle with your focal image on (the circle has to be the same size as your aperture) is to have your circle stamped with matching mat (i used navy)  now close your card and take your circle and place it through the aperture, it will now be perfectly aligned. Remember to only add adhesive to right hand half of your Circle too.                                                              I finished mine with a sentiment embellished with a little Anchor.  You could choose any theme for this fold, you can even change the aperture shape.  

I hope that you all have a terrific Tuesday, 

Love & Hugs to all,

Sandra                                                                    xxxxxx 

PS:  I had a lovely message from Janet's daughter to say that Janet had no Internet at the moment but she will be back with us in a couple of days. XXX 


  1. What a lovely card and perfect for all sorts of occasions I’ve given up on the magic slider fold I was trying to do But I will revisit it at some point I do not like to be beaten!
    It’s our turn to do the teas at bowls this afternoon Should be fun (ahem!) it’s our first time Apparently one of us might end up playing because of injury!
    I’m glad Janet’s daughter has been in touch and that she’s OK
    Take care everyone xx

  2. Hi everyone
    Love todays card, fantastic inspiration for male cards 😊
    Happy to hear Janet is ok xx
    Glad you got the sockets and electrics sorted. These things always take time, and I bet it was the last ones he tried that were the problem!
    I’m full of cold, so having a relaxing few days. I may try and do some crafting this afternoon. Your tutorial from yesterday has inspired me to have a go ☺️
    Have a good day everyone
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  3. Hi everyone
    Fabulous card Sandra for the men.👍
    Went out this morning for a haircut and came back thinking I could do some crafting but had to go to bed. OH is helping me cooking the dinner or he wouldn't have one tonight 😕
    Sending you all many hugs, take care xxx

  4. Hi Sandra and all looking in. What a great fold, definitely one to try. I can see a snowflake for that time of year cards. Thank you fir the lovely clear instructions. I’m having a flare up and have no energy to do anything at the moment but I will try my hardest to get a simple fun card done tomorrow 🤞
    I don’t envy you all having to unplug from every socket!!! You don’t think about how many there are until doing that. Your smoke detectors and all gas heating and appliances have to be checked every year by law as you are in a rented property. Legally the landlord is responsible and the letting agency are also at fault for not ensuring the detectors are up to date! Thank goodness you had your own too but you pay a lot of money in rent so shouldn’t have to buy your own! I wonder why the electrician wouldn’t tell you which socket was at fault but it’s all done and safe now which is the important thing xx
    It’s good to hear that Janet is ok but I bet she is lost without the internet. We all use it much more than we realise I think.
    Sending love to you all. Take care xx

  5. Hi, sorry late again.
    Love your card today.
    See you all tomorrow!!! Lilian