Thursday, 24 August 2017

Yellow and Grey, perfect combination !!

Good Morning Ladies,

Today is my Son's 25th Birthday, Happy Birthday Matt, I hope you have a fantastic day xxxx

I just can't enough of the yellow and grey backgrounds, I will give you a tip though, when you are playing around making these backgrounds always make a few spares while you are in the 'zone' you have all the inks and stamps out, you may as well make the most of it.  I had this background left over from when we had the 'Tic Tac Toe' Challenge with grey and yellow as two of the options, grey works well with turquoise, pink, red too, I feel like I have been missing out not using it all these years!  Haha!!
I used 'Touches of Texture' stamp set (SU) and the background from the 'Graceful Garden' stamp set too (the lattice looking stamp). I stamped them all in Grey and yellow and matted and layered the card to compliment those colours.
I then die cut the 'Happy Birthday' in grey and yellow and used the grey as a drop Shadow behind the yellow to make it stand out more.  I hope you like it X

Paul and the girls seem to have mastered the Paddle board although Paul just kneels when in the sea, he's fine on the river, standing up and whizzing along like a pro, 
The sea is quite rough here at times so keeping upright can be a challenge, the girls are out on it for hours, one using the oar the other relaxing on the front.
I stick to swimming in the sea, I can't quite manage clambering onto boards, boats etc, it's a sight that nobody needs to see ! Hahaha

Pat, I hope your sounds are starting to heal my love, I still can't get my head around the diagnosis, that lump on your hand appeared so quickly, I just thought it was your psoriasis breaking out, sending love and hugs to you xxxx

Maria, I hope you are on the mend too, hopefully starting to feel the benefit of having your procedure done, sending love to you too xxxx

Lilian, I hope you are getting stronger by the day and that your AF is back under control, are you managing to get any crafting done yet, I hope you are feeling up to it as it's so relaxing, love and hugs xxxx

Lynda I hope that you, Terry and poor Bambi are feeling better, it's so worrying when our pets are poorly, they are so helpless aren't they, sending love and hugs to all not you xxxx

Michele, sweetheart, I just don't know what to say, your place seems to be going down hill fast, I hope the visit was a success! Keep your chin up my lovely xxxx

Well I must go and pack the beach bag, have a lovely day whatever you are up to!

Love and hugs, 


Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Lynda's double 'Z' food card

Good Morning Ladies,

Lynda sent me the photos of this card at the weekend, I was so inspired by the style of the card I just couldn't wait.

This shaped card is called a 'Double Z Fold' card, you simply score  the front of your card down the centre and fold it back, 
You then have a 'Z' shape, to make it a 'Double' z fold you add another, smaller card or strip of card and adhere one side of it to the back of the card and the other to the folded front, you then decorate it to compliment your  base card design, just like Lynda has done.  
Lynda has used the Stampin'Up! 'Beautiful you' stamp set to create that stunning topper, you have coloured that lady and the background beautifully Lynda, the rest of the card is covered in gorgeous decorative papers, a SW Butterfly and Striped Nasturtium flowers.  A truly stunning card Lynda, thank you so much for sharing it with all of us XXX

Paul and Sophie had a good session on the Paddle board on Monday, Paul has taken to riding it down the river that runs along the camp site, it eventually comes out into the sea, after which it is calm any longer! The sea has turned decidedly rougher, so I was relieved to see they were wearing their life jackets, Sophie fell in a few times, which was hilarious!

I hope that you all have a lovely day,

Love and hugs


Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Weather Together

Good Morning Ladies,

I hope that you are all well and those of you that aren't 100% are feeling a little better today.

I have to say that I absolutely love how this card turned out, I'm not usually one for blowing my own trumpet but I do love this card!!
I made it using the Stampin'Up! 'Weather Together' stamp set with matching dies.
First I stamped the umbrella onto my card and then I die cut the 'Lemon Lime twist' dotty card with the matching die to create the parasol part of the umbrella, using some of the fancy edge dies that come in the set, I added tiny little Berry Burst dots to the white edge.  I then stamped the flowers to look as though they are spilling out of the upturned umbrella! I coloured these with 'Tempting Turquoise', 'Berry Burst' and 'Lemon Lime Twist' inks.  I added a few dots and hearts around the flowers too.
I finished the card with 'Berry Burst' seam binding ribbon, finished with a matching flower! 
I hope you you like it as much as I do! 

I hope you all have a lovely day,

Love and hugs


Monday, 21 August 2017

Michele's Monday 'Tic Tac Toe' Challenge

Good Morning Ladies,

Michele has very kindly chosen this weeks Challenge for you, she has chosen
a fantastic 'Tic Tac Toe' Challenge, you could use it to make just about any type of c
card, including as Michele has demonstrated 'Christmas' cards!
Michele's first card uses 'Circles, Blue &  Florals' which she has used to make an amazing Christmas card, the second card Michele has used the top row 'Circles, Birthday & Favourite Colour' to create a fantastic Birthday card.
I absolutely love these challenges as they are so versatile and can be used to create just about any kind of project.  I will say however, that it takes hours to choose the 'perfect' one, so I would like to thank Michele for going to the trouble of both choosing the Challenge and making cards to inspire us all.  Thank you very much Michele xxxx

Today is the start of our second week here in Spain, that first week absolutely whizzed by!  I think that everyone has just about managed to unwind and relax, 
It's so lovely to see Paul doing things purely for pleasure rather than working and doing chores at home, that in itself makes my holiday.  Although it also pleases me to see the girls chilled out and relaxed without the huge burden of homework and studying! 

I hope that you all have a fantastic week and that you enjoy Michele's Challenge, I look forward to seeing all of your emails and messages popping up with your Challenge cards in, I love 'Happy Mail' !!

Love and hugs to all,


Sunday, 20 August 2017

Your Challenge cards

Good Morning Ladies,
Your Challenge this week was to make a card using just one colour, other than Your base card colour, I used "Lemon Lime Twist' for my Challenge card, I am lucky in that I have the Ink, card, Ribbon and matching Designer Series papers That are all the same colour, which is one of the best things about 
Stampin'Up! products.

Anyway let's get on and see your cards........


Four fantastic cards from Karen this week, the first is a lovely
Christmas card, I do love that background paper Karen! 
Here is Karen's description for the first card:
"This card is one I made especially for the challenge and includes a free die from Papercraft Essentials. The Poinsettia and a snipped into Merry Christmas die by Sue W"
The second card is an amazing 'pesky man' card, using different shades
of blue in those lovely matching papers, a fantastic 'Happy Birthday' with a shadow behind it, making it stand out even more, another effect that you hardly notice but it adds So much detail to the card is the blue splats, I love them too!
Third card Karen made using B&Q paint charts and Spellbinders butterfly dies, fantastic idea of yours Karen that I have used myself.
The last card is a beautiful Butterfly, die cut in pink and recessed into a
Blue/Green SW Noble die cut frame with a stunning pattern paper behind .
Thank you so much Karen


Lilian's card is so beautiful, I adore that delicately patterned 
Background paper that you have used and accented with that pretty shade of yellow, the stamped main image is so pretty too,
I am intrigued to find out what you used to achieve such texture
on you flower heads!! 
A gorgeous card Lilian, thank you so much!


Three stunning cards from Janet this week, the first is a beautiful, typical 'Sue' Wilson' style Card, using exclusively 'Sue Wilson' products, I have to say I kind of miss seeing Sue make her original style cards, we used to be wowed every day with the pretty bows, flowers, stick pins etc.
Janet the shades of blue in your second card are just fabulous, its almost 'electric' blue, every part of the card works perfectly, I love the guitar and that musical note, Are they dies??
I saved the 'WOW' card until last, what a stunner, I would have never of thought it using the 'Silouhette' die cut in white on a white background but omg it works beautifully, I'm not sure what the edge dies are, I thought maybe Crafters Companion but I'm sure You'll put me right!! An absolutely exquisite card Janet, Thank you so much


Val, absolutely love your card, you could use it for either a male or Female, which in itself is unusual but perfect when you are selling your cards on the scale that you do.
Once again you have me desperate to know what that amazing
Embossing folder is that you have used, I love it and you have 
acheived such a deep crisp emboss too, it makes me want to scream...
"I Want a GEMINI" please!!! 😉😉
Thank you Val for taking part.


Michele, it's so unusual to see you use pink, I absolutely love your card, everything works beautifully together, the paper you have used is so Pretty and you have accented it perfectly with that bright pink Spellbinders Frame, the image you have used is delightful, although I couldn't imagine Our two cats so close together without a little scrap! 
Thank you so much


Lynda has gone for the classic and beautiful 'White' on White'
for her Challenge card this week, I love the pretty frame you have 
used Lynda, the stunning white Butterfly and pretty pearls are the
perfect finishing touch.
Thank you so much Lynda


Margaret has made two beautiful cards this week, the first has that stunning die cut topper, wow it's amazing, so detailed and delicate, Stampin'Up! Vertical Greetings for the sentiment, what an amazing card!
The second card uses the beautiful Stampin'Up! flourish stamp, such an incredible stamp it really needs nothing else and makes a perfect 'Sympathy ' card.
Two beautiful cards Margaret, thank you so much.

Well, what can I say ladies!? You absolutely aced this challenge, some
absolutely stunning cards again this week, you are all so amazing.
Sunday's are the highlight of my week on the blog, I love seeing and sharing 
all of your cards.

Sending love and hugs to all,


Saturday, 19 August 2017

Mixed Craft Saturday

Good Morning Ladies,

I am writing today's blog post as I sit in the shade on a very warm evening while dinner is cooking.  We were having a very relaxed, laid back holiday but recent events have made us feel a little uneasy.
Barcelona is just a little too close for comfort to be honest, we were planning on visiting as we thought that the architecture would be great inspiration for Sophie's A level art.  I am thinking that they are unlikely to repeat their attack but still don't fancy being in large crowds where emotions are very high.

Anyway onto today's post, so many lovely craft purchases and some beautiful handmade crafts from both Janet and Karen. So without further ado......

I decided to add Carole Matthews, "Paper Hearts & Summer Kisses" to my Holiday Reading list, well girls I can wholeheartedly 100% recommend you get it, it's loosely based on our lovely Craft friend Christine Emberson and Elliott's live's, it's funny, sad, heartwarming all in one book, on the day I started it I hardly looked up from my kindle before I realised I was on Chapter 52!!! I couldn't put it down. It mentions craft addictions too which we can all relate too.  I am so glad I took the plunge !


Janet has sent two stunning craft projects to share with you today, the first is an absolutely beautiful Cross Stitched picture of two adorable little girls walking onto the beach, wouldn't it be lovely to see little girls dressed like that these days instead of leggings! Our Becca and the girls all had an M&S dress with the Hand Smocking on the front, I loved them.  Anyway Janet your cross Stitch is perfect and absolutely adorable.  
Janet's second piece is the Beautiful 'Pinflair' Anniversary card, it is just exquisite Janet, with the sparkle from the sequins and luxurious white ribbon edges, what an amazing Keepsake, you always finish your projects perfectly Janet.
The third photo is Janet's purchase of dies (from China) I believe, what an amazing selection Janet, I love the tractor and the Deers and Tree scene.
Thank you so much for inspiring us all Janet 


Michele has shared her craft shopping this week, a fantastic selection of what I class as 'Essential' craft dies, I am guessing they are from China too as our Michele is an expert when it comes to spotting a bargain!! 
Thanks for sharing your shopping Michele


Karen has shared a beautiful selection of proper 'Hand Knitted' Baby Cardigans, oh my goodness I love to see a baby in a lovely white babygro and hand knitted cardigan, I still have (hoarded) all of the hand-knitted cardigans that my 4 babies had, some knitted by family that are no longer with us, so too precious to part with.
Here is Karen's description......

"Just thought I'd send you a few of the makes I will be taking to Harefield Hospital when Team Gary do the Fun Run in September. Each one will have a printed onto ribbon "Handmade by..." label with washing instructions
There is a League of Friends Tea Room and shop So I make baby clothes throughout the year and what's not "pinched" by my daughter for friends etc they will sell."
Karen I bet they all well like hot cakes, they are gorgeous and I love the colours you have used too, thank you so much for sharing my lovely.


Brenda bought some new Stampin'Up goodies for making Christmas cards, the 'Starlight' dies are lovely and have both the detailed dies and the outline dies for backing or making apertures.  The "Lovely as a Tree" stamp set is Stampin'Up's longest selling set I believe, it has been in every catalogue since it was designed, it is very versatile though.
Thank you Brenda, I can't wait to see your cards! 

Lynda managed to bag herself this bargain bin eBay, the Spellbinder's Sapphire is a great mini die cutting machine that seem to have become as popular if not more popular than the larger machines.  This one has a good reputation as well unlike the Baby Blue that many people had problems with.  This one will be much easier to put in your bag when crafting at your daughter's Lynda, thank you my lovely for sharing it with us 

Thank you to all of you that sent in projects and purchases today XXX

Sue, I do hope the Sun shone for the wedding, I was thinking of you all, did you take any photos, I would voice to see one?!  I had visions of you cranking out paper flowers in your sleep for decorations!! XXX

Sending the warmest love and hugs to all of you,


Friday, 18 August 2017

Something Festive for Friday

Good Friday Morning Ladies,

Can you believe a week of our holiday has gone already?!
I hope that you are all well and that the weather is being kind to you.

There are about 18 weeks left until Christmas, so that means we have about 12 weeks left to get all of our Christmas cards made and ready to post!! Which isn't really that long, so I will start to feature a Christmas card each week from now on to inspire you to get started with yours, I may miss one week while I'm away but will begin properly when I get home.

Today's card was made using the lovely 'Star Of Light' Stampin'Up stamp set and matching Thinlits. I die cut the star into a piece of 'Very Vanilla' card and then created a 'Fresh Fig' matt to fit behind it, I made a pencil mark around the aperture and stamped and Embossed the matching stamp into the marked area, using Gold Embossing Powder. 
I then stamped the two gold flourishes and the sentiment onto the 'Very Vanilla ' topper and made a border out of Fresh Fig card with the Ribbon Border Punched out of Gold Glitter card, I ran some narrow Fresh Fig ribbon through the border and finished it with a bow.  I die cut a star from Glitter card to dress my bow.
I hope my card has inspired you to think about your Christmas cards, although I know Val has been busy making them for a while! 

I hope you all have a lovely weekend ladies, if any of you have anything to share for Mixed Up Saturday, please send me a photo. 

Love and hugs to all of you,