Friday, 19 July 2019

Karen's Delighful Duo of cards & Next Weeks Challenge

Good Morning Ladies,

I hope that you are all well and ready for the weekend, it's going to be an exciting one here, although the weather is not forecast to be good, thunderstorms for Saturday, cloudy for the rest of the weekend, I feel so sorry for both the organisers of the Air Show as it is an absolutely enormous affair and the spectators, especially as they paid around £57 per ticket!!
We had a lovely pre-show Display from the Red Arrows yesterday afternoon, took me quite by surprise as I was pegging out the washing.  I do hope that they can be seen during their displays at the weekend, last year it was absolutely scorching hot sunshine all weekend.

Next Week's Challenge

Now on to 'Next Week's Challenge'....

Karen would like you to 'CASE' her cards, CASE = to Copy And Selectively Edit
So in other words Karen would like you to make your own version of these fantastic cards, you do NOT have to copy the design or layout exactly, you could use a stamped image, die cut (sue wilsons striplets) for instance, you could do a Groovi panel and use that, a Watercolour piece or use an image from a CD rom.  absolutely anything, just take whatever you want to from Karen's design.
There is no wrong or right way to do it, as always I just want you to have fun while you do it !!
I can't wait to see what you all come up with.

Now I will add Karen's card description....

"These two are with the very first stamp I ever bought because I loved it so much I haven’t ever used it much before getting a stamping platform! It’s by JL when he was at CE
I was watching Phill Martin yesterday and he stamped with a couple of DO’s So I have used Picked Raspberry and Wild Honey on one and Broken China on the other The sentiments are Hunky Dory in the The appropriate colours and heat embossed
I used. Nico drops Another happy accident I thought the stamping was dry but can you see how the drops have picked up some of the colour underneath
Drops = Gloss white and Carnation pink and Caribbean ocean .

Karen I love that these cards were made with your first ever stamp, they are absolutely amazing and nobody would guess that you weren't a stamping pro!
Thank you for sharing your cards for this weeks Challenge, I really appreciate you helping me, I will also add that I made my CASE'd card within about an hour of Karen sharing her cards for the challenge and then made another for the next challenge, I was on a 'roll' after having such a dry spell!
Thanks again my lovely xxx

Now ladies, I would love for any of you to share a card that you would like everyone to make their own version of, it can be any design you like, it is always really helpful for me to have other people's ideas for challenges, especially with our holiday coming up.
As always I would really appreciate any cards that you would like send in for Blog posts while I am away.

I hope you enjoy the next challenge, I am already seeing some amazing cards for this weeks challenge coming in, you ladies do like a Tictactoe!

I hope that you all have a lovely weekend,

Love and hugs to all of you,


Thursday, 18 July 2019

Another Challenge card

Good Morning Ladies,

I hope that you are all well, sending extra hugs for those of you that aren't quite feeling up to par!

We had a funny day weather wise yesterday, it just feels like we need a really good Thunder Storm to clear the air and cancel out the humidity, I'm not sure if it affects my AF but it takes so much more effort to do anything and I get out of breath so easily in the heat.

Today's card felt like a bit of a break through with my lack of creativity, I started off by making the flowers up, the are Honey Doo Carnation Stamps and Dies.  for each flower I cut each of the three sizes twice, after stamping them with versamark and adding white embossing powder and heat setting them.  I added some Highland Heather SU ink to the backs of each flower then cut down each petal and shaped them.  I layered them up and added a Gorgeous Grape Sparkle Gem in the centre of each.

I then set about making my base card, I used the same colour card as the ink, and embossed the lighter colour purple one. I repeated the layers but used the lattice die from Card Making Magic Complete A5 Box kit, layered it on the darker purple.
I found a piece of lace that kind of matched the card well and added that across my card base, I set my topper to one side and added a Lace Bow to the side.
I stamped and die cut the leaves/stems of the carnations and arranged those and the flowers on my card topper, I then made a Banner with the same card and added a die cut 'Thank You'.
To finish the card I added a heart to the centre of my bow and some of the same Gorgeous Grape sparkles to opposite corners.
What do you think????

I had such a lovely day yesterday, both Pat and Sue came, we did lots of chatting and lots of crafting in the afternoon, I virtually finished my card, Sue got a card mostly finished and Pat was finishing some beautiful Groovi designs.
Thank you ladies for making my day so special xxx

It's getting quite exciting with all the aircraft flying around practising for their displays on the weekend, we have our Car Passes ready so that we are allowed back into the village, as they have created a one way route in the neighbouring village to ours and we have them coming through one end of ours too, Police are supposed to give priority to Residents, I think it's best if we just stay home. (other than Paul working Friday).  The Girls are working all weekend at the Wildlife Park , which is also situated on another very busy route from Burford, I think they may be in for either a long day or a long detour.

I hope that you all have a lovely day,

Love and hugs to all,


Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Karen's Last 'Bit Box' card

Good Morning Ladies,

Today I am sharing the last of Karen's 'Bit Box Challenge' cards from last week, as I always promise to share any card that anyone makes for the challenge.

I love the neutral tones of this card Karen and the geometric background design, the background also looks like it has been made to go with the die, the butterflies are a very similar shape. This would be a great 'Man' card, or thinking out of the box it could be a leaving card with the whole 'Spread your wings' analogy.  I'm sure that you wouldn't mind doing that and neither would Paul.

I will add Karen's description of her card below:

''Here’s the bit box card I started to make last week and never finished
When I have space on s Serif project I print off “material” or “embellishments” for later and so I found and used this with a scrap of Kraft card I think this GUMMIAPAN die really suits the background"

Thanks Karen for another fantastic Challenge card. xxx

Its starting to get a little bit noisy and we are having a bit more traffic through the village, it is the Royal International Air Tattoo this weekend at Fairford, the aircraft are starting to arrive and practice and people are starting to arrive to set up for camping for the weekend.  I think just about anyone with a garden, farmer with a field and anyone with a spare room has set up either a camp ground or renting out a room.
It will be fun to watch, it was last year, although Paul is working on Friday and the traffic from the M4 looks to be arriving and leaving through our village so I think they all of them will have to make a detour!

I hope you are all well and enjoying the sunshine,

Love and hugs to all


Tuesday, 16 July 2019

My TicTacToe Challenge Card

Good Morning Ladies,

After a lot of procrastinating I finally got a Challenge card made, I wasn't sure which of the Categories to go for this time, so I rifle through my stamps (some of which are still unopened)!
I decided on this Honey Doo Flower & Butterfly Flourish stamp, I chose it partly because it has two of the three categories I needed.
I started by smooshing some 'Wilted Violet' Distress Oxide onto my glass mat, spritzed it with water and used it to create my 'Watercolour' background, I dried it with my heat gun and then trimmed it to 41/4  x 51/2 inch, I then put it into my stamperatus and inked up the stamp with Versafine Onyx Black, I use Versafine for any image that has solid black areas (like the leaves on this stamp) as it's quite a wet ink and gives really good coverage, although I will say that the ink does seem to soak into the Distress Oxide ink, I wanted to emboss the image so it stood out, so I had the lid off my Clear Embossing powder ready to tip it straight onto the wet ink as it dries quite fast, I heat set the powder and set my topper to one side.  I stamped the image again onto white card and vellum so that I could layer up the flowers, I embossed those too as it helps with fussy cutting, I used a finger dauber to add the Wilted Violet to the front of the card flowers and back of the vellum. I fussy cut them all, gave them a little shape and layered them up ready to go on my card.
I backed my stamped topper with some black card and then coloured the next mat with the same Ink and Layered that onto a black base card.
I popped my topper back into the stamp tool to add my sentiment, something I would never have dared to even attempt a year or two ago, in case I messed up the whole topper.
I embossed the sentiment and then placed the 3D flowers over their stamped place on the topper, I then layered my card up and added some sparkles to the centres of the flowers.

The card looked way to dark as I was trying to photograph it in my craft room, so I ventured out into the garden to try and get so ''Arty' photos of my card in better light (although it still comes across darker than it actually it).
The first photo I nestled the card in between the leaves of the Sweet Mock Orange Tree that has the most beautiful smelling white flowers, in amongst those branches is the most beautiful purple Clematis, the frustrating thing is that the Mock Orange Flowers don't last quite long enough to have the purple and white together which would like so beautiful.
Anyway I thought it was the perfect place to photograph my card,  the second photo is taken with the card placed in one of the smaller leaves of the Caster Oil plant that we have growing in the border by the patio. it's huge this year, I thought that they were indoor plants, but it seems to be thriving this year, the heavy snow at the end of February 2018 damaged it quite a bit, but it has grown back the leaves it lost and then some!!

Anyway that is my card I used categories:  Purple/Watercolour/flowers.

While we are on the subject of gardens I thought it would be nice to see yours, we have some from a couple of years ago but it would be lovely to have an Update.
Our lawn is looking a little 'down trodden' after feeding our lambs for a month so I haven't photographed that, I did snap a couple of the most beautiful parts though.....

This Rose Bush  is tall, it climbs the wall up that trellis it's about 7ft high, this stem/branch grew this year and I can't stop looking at it, all of those roses on one branch, they pretty much all appeared at the same time, I have taken as side shot to show that it's 1 actual Branch, I am just amazed every time I look its beautiful x

This is the Clematis growing through the Sweet Mock Orange, I only wish that those white flowers would last a bit longer as I think that the Big Beautiful Clematis would look stunning dispersed through the Orange Blossoms.
It is also amazing on its own too,

I can't wait to have a peek at your gardens, especially as it sounds like you all put lots of work into them.  It doesn't have to be the whole garden, just share some of your best bits.

Anyway I hope that you all have a lovely day,

Love & Hugs to all of you,


Monday, 15 July 2019

Val's Challenge card & The cutest Photo of Gracie

Good Morning Ladies,

Here we are at the start of another week and what a way to start, we have an amazing 'Bit Box' Challenge card from Val and a super cute photo of Gracie 'Chillin' in her cool T Shirt!!

Val I am so sorry that I missed your Challenge card,  I checked early on in the day on Saturday and noticed Lilian's card which was a lovely surprise but I obviously didn't go back far enough to see yours,  I only have access to that email account on my mobile so when i do look at it, it downloads a few days worth at once, I will email you with the new address. 
I am so delighted to be able to share on of your Challenge cards Val, thank you so very much for taking part.  I too am going through a loss of any craft inspiration so I understand how hard it is to summon up the enthusiasm to go and sit at your desk and make a start.  I must say though your first card is absolutely fab-u-lous Darling!!

Firstly I love the Embossing folder that you have used, that Geometric paper  lends itself perfectly to die cutting into small pieces to build up a design. I love your design and layering over gold mirror card really makes it pop!  The cute flower adds that little feminine touch, without that tjos card design would be great for men too.
Finally the die cut sentiment finishes the whole card perfectly, I really like the quirky font, can I ask what Brand it is please Val?

Thsnk you so much for taking part in the challenge Val, it seems very fitting that your First card after a bit of a break gets a whole blog post to itself, (although i think it is slightly upstaged by Gracie)!  XXX

Now let's talk about that adorable photograph of Miss Cutie 2019.. Oh Val,  what a lovely photo.
I have to say putting a cool wet T shirt on her during the heaywave you are experiencing is  bloomin genius! She certainly looks happy enough to be wearing it,  which means she obviously appreciates the effort you are going to to keep her cool bless her. I think she needs a personalised t shirt though,  you'll have to let us know her size so we can look out for one.  
Thank you so much Val, what a fantastic way to start the week off with a huge Smile!!

I'm not sure if you have them out there but Matt bought a 'Cool Mat' for Harley to lay on as he hates being hot, not sure what they have in them but the one he has is specific for dogs, it feels really cool to the touch, usually Harley is a bit stubborn when it comes to trying something new and different but he laid on the mat when Matt first bought it home and its now where he sleeps every night, in fact Paul had to go and bring it down last night as Matt was away and Harley wouldn't settle, as soon as Paul put it down, he got straight on and we never heard a peep ftom him all night!  
Although he made up for it in the day, he decided that he needed to roll in every sheep poo he could find!! Maybe he is missing them too!  One things for sure he isn't coming in until he's been bathed. ! 

I hope you all have a lovely day ladies,

Lilian fingers crossed for you today my lovely xxx 

Love and hugs to all,


Sunday, 14 July 2019

Your challenge cards

Good Morning Ladies,

I hope that you are all having a lovely weekend, out weather was warm and a bit overcast yesterday but we were mostly running errands and shopping so it didn't matter too much.
Today our Lambs leave to join the rest of the flock, it's bittersweet, on one side I will miss them, although they still continue to be mischievous, they are just testing out their horns and what they are for so we had a bit of an incident the other day resulting in one young lady looking very sad with her horn hanging off, luckily Matt was here to remove it and we have applied the appropriate sprays and medication and now the new one is well on its way, they are very clever and work together to free themselves from their penned area (which is the whole lawned area of the garden, one steps on then straddles the fence while the others break out, they then hold it down for her to free herself. They then go in search of anything green and luscious, our Golden Rod stood over 6 foot last year, this year I doubt it will make it to 1, but they do seem to enjoy it.
It is lovely to see how they have bonded too, they all sleep in one big huddle, each one resting their head on the next ones chest etc, quite cute to see. Also if one breaks free and the others can't see her they let us know and do you know that they all have a different 'BAH'
On the plus side it will be nice having full access to the washing line and also not having to do the 'Sheep Poo Shuffle' (yes they have grown with the size of the lambs too).  We also haven't been able to mow the lawn and there are lots of long straggly bits that the lambs clearly don't enjoy, I will say though that they have cleared the lawn of weeds and clover and hopefully they have 'fertilised' too!
Its a nice feeling to see them go off to join the rest of their family, knowing that had we not put the hours in tending to them they wouldn't be here.  It's nothing to do with the financial side of it either, I think Matt would have sold up his flock years ago if that was the case, the Vet bills alone this year have taken up most of any profit.  We have enjoyed it though, well most of it anyway. x

Now onto your amazing cards...….


Lilian has created a gorgeous Background, I love those colours Lilian, Green and White always looks so fresh to me.  she has then arranged so pretty white paper flowers around the base of some lovely foliage. 
Your card is absolutely fantastic Lilian and I did a little cheer when I saw your Email, thank you so much my lovely.  Will be thinking of you on Monday. XXX


Brenda, there is just something about this card that I totally love, the colour to me looks a real 'Classy' shade of Grey/Green, that Inkyliscious Background is stunning, that sentiment really works with it's placement being on the edge of the frame.
But the part that sets it all off is that Stunning Spray of Rolled Ribbon Roses, WOW they bring the whole card to life.
Brenda had a pile of these backgrounds stamped out ready to use and the frame was the 'Outer' part of a smaller die cut frame that Brenda had used for another card. It really shoes that it pays to look at where you are making your die cuts on your paper, especially if you can use the leftovers for something as magnificent as this.
Thank you so much Brenda for taking part, enjoy your garden while the weather lasts my lovely XXX

Maria made two Challenge cards from her very well organised 'Bit Box', the first card uses squares of card in ascending order of size, those colours really work well together Maria and I really love that die cut Happy Birthday with the cute Bird and floral detail.

Maria's second card was made using lots of different sizes of die cut flowers, all in shades of yellow/orange that Maria has stacked together to make pretty flowers to place across her card, Maria has finished the card with some pretty sparkles and a Die cut 'Happy Birthday' and tiny Butterfly in the same colours.
Thanks so much Maria from taking time out from gardening to make two lovely Challenge cards XXX

Janet like me has lots of toppers in her Scrap/Bit Box as well as off cuts of paper, actually I have loads of die cuts too, where I have either taken loads of cuts of somebody elses die or die cut them to use on a project and then changed my mind, which is quite common for me!
Janet has made two lovely 'Man' Cards and some beautiful card toppers ready to make up into cards in the future and some Book Marks !
Janets Description:

"All my Challenges have been made from bits large and small in the two drawers and poly bag. I have saved toppers from before I started with die cutting and
when I first started paper crafting 13yrs ago along with pieces of card/paper/soduko pages all of which have been used over the years when I have been here in Marigny.

So I have made two birthday cards both suitable for males, Three book marks and three toppers."

Thank you so much Janet, how daft was I thinking that you may not have much in the way of a Bit Box over there?!  Just look at the wonderful array of lovely things you have made out of basically 'scrap'!  Thanks again my lovely XXX


Cheryl has made a super cute Birthday card out of her very well organised 'Bit Box', those Elephants are really going to bring a huge smile to their recipients face Cheryl.  I bet you also use those die cuts for the Nursery, what a great idea.
Thank you so much for taking part my lovely, I was so pleased to read that you had a lovely evening at ''Madness in the Park'' on Friday. XXX

Michele, WOW, 3 Birthday cards (2 of which were for Men) and a Christmas card, all from your Scrap/Bit Box!
Michele's description:
"My challenge cards. The two Beer themed cards follow on from making my Dads birthday card. The 3 square cards are made using stitched square Dies/scalloped edge dies for the coloured card then white card, Embossed using a variety of folders. I’ve hardly used much from the massive amount in my Bits box but this has certainly helped!"

Michele also shared a photo of her very organised 'Bit Box' with a description of how she organises:

''This is my “Bits Box “ which is really a crate! Each colour is in a separate bag plus in each bag is another bag containing textured/pearlised card.

Thanks so much Michele for such a fantastic display of cards, I never remember to keep scraps of Embossed card, seeing your card has changed that for sure! XXX


Two fantastic Challenge cards from Lynda, using some Background pieces that she had made and put in her bit box for use another time, it does make sense to make more than one when you have all the messy stuff out together.
Here is Lynda's Description:

First one I had a few background in my bit box so I have used them hope that's OK?
I had this topper I had done a couple of months back just made it up with the backing paper that was in there had enough to do some Sue wilson open flowers.
No 2 I did a stencils background with crackle past & never used it so I thought I would see if I could die cut it.

Thank you so much for two amazing challenge cards Lynda XXX


Karen has made three fantastic cards for this weeks challenge, I think that the first is my favourite, I just love that die cut and that lovely background. I do like the others two the cute Boy card is fab, I love the addition of the stars in the sky above, such a cute image.
The third card is a stunning Golden Wedding card, I love every die that you have used for this card, it is stunning.
Karen used pink scraps and scraps of gold from her Bit Box, the Baby Boy card was made with White bits from Scrap Box.
Thank you so much Karen for 3 fantastic cards.  I hope the sun shines for your Dancing today XXX

Sue has made a gorgeous Purple Rocker card from her Bit Box, Sue I love both the colour and style of your Challenge card. I really like that Sentiment too, I an guessing that there might be acetate on the top half of the card, it really is invisble and looks like your die cuts are floating, very clever.
Thanks for sending us a photo of your colour coordinated Bit Box, I just knew would have an organised system! 
Thanks for taking part my lovely XXX

Thank you all so much Ladies, once again you have 'aced' the challenge, hopefully your Crafty Bit Boxes are all a little lighter for it.

Val I am really missing you and your amazing cards, I hope you are ok, sending Hugs XXX

Sending Love and Hugs to all of you,


Saturday, 13 July 2019

Mixed Craft Saturday, Some Bit Boxes & Michele's Magazine Review

Good Morning Ladies,

Welcome another Mixed Craft Saturday, we also have some of your 'Bit Boxes' to look at and some lovely crafts from Janet & Karen. Maybe a bit of shopping too.

Janet made those beautiful candles at the top of todays post, they are so lovely Janet with the added bonus of them lasting forever as they are Battery Operated.

I will add Janet's description below:

The candle decorations are from LA BLANCHE and are rub ons. The candles are battery fed and I wouldn't put them on any other sort.

Thanks for sharing your stunning candles with us Janet, what an amazing Gift Idea.  Putting them in the Hurricane Jars really enhances their beauty. XXX 

Hi Ladies, 

First up in this weeks review is Cardmaking & Papercraft Magazine which has a lovely set of Stamps & 4 Dies. 

Here’s some ideas of what’s featured inside the magazine.

This picture shows some of the really pretty cards you can make using the free gifts.

Interesting article of Rocker cards & all you need are large Circle Dies . 

This article makes this style card easy to make. 

Second magazine to be reviewed this week is Papercraft Essentials which has a lovely Pop up Box Card kit as a free gift.

Here’s some ideas featured inside the magazine.

This is the first of 3 features showing what you can create using the free gift.

Second article using the free gift.

And the third article.

This looks like a great technique & if anyone wants the instructions, just let me know.

That’s it for another week-Happy Crafting.


Thanks so much Michele for another fantastic 'Bumper Edition' Magazine Review. 
I have actually made a card using that 'Set Back Stamping'  technique, I will share it below.  Xxx


Karen has shared her two latest Crocheted Critters with us, the first one is made up with some yarn that Sue might recognise, Karen didn't quite have enough for another rabbit so made this cute little critter instead. 
The second one is the same little cutie but in a beautiful shade of blue. oops and he's bald! 
Both are gorgeous and made from Kerry Lord's ''Edwards Imaginarium''.

Karen also did a little bit of Crafty Shopping, the first item being a lovely set of SW's flowers, the good thing about this set is that you would get lots of flowers in one pass of the die cutting machine, which can save so much time.  Those little flowers are perfect for using up your bit box too.

Karen's last purchase is kind of my fault (sorry Karen), I bought these Spray Bottles a few weeks ago from The Craft Box, they are 'The Best' spray bottles out there, they have no tube inside, which means you can use them any way up (as the plastic tube doesn't have to be in water), they have the finest mist too.  I am going to take one on holiday to keep in the cool bag, as it think that it would make the perfect cooling mist for hot journeys or hot days on the beach. You can put your mica powders in them too and they don't get clogged.
Thank you so much Karen for sharing your shopping with us, oh and your little cuties of course. XXX

Cheryl's Bit Box

Cheryl has a very tidy and organised 'Bit Box'  just as I suspected, as Cheryl sets an example to us all with her organised craft room, I hope that one day I will be almost as organised as you my lovely.
Cheryl uses most of her scraps to die cut things for Milly-May's Nursery School to use, which is a fantastic idea and a great way of recycling your card off-cuts.  
You have some very pretty pieced of paper in your Bit Box Cheryl, that red polka dot one is lovely!
Thank you for sharing your 'Bits' with us 😜

Cheryl was also kind enough to share some photo's of Beautiful Teigan in her stunning Prom Dress,  she looks so beautiful,  her dress is very Classy and her hair is so pretty too. How lovely that you got to share such a special moment with her Cheryl.
Thank you so much for sharing your photos with us XXX 

Janet's Bit Boxes

Janet's 'Bit Boxes' are also very organised compared to mine, I think you, like me Janet have been keeping your 'bits' for many years, I have decluttered and re-decluttered many times, the biggest was when we moved here, I off loaded  a huge amount to Sue's Grandchildren and the Beavers, which made it so much easier to part with than just binning it, I had got in to the habit of saving the tiniest of scraps of pretty papers, I saved bits off cards that people had sent me (shop bought), but I had never used them.  I still have a HUGE collection of Kanban/HunkyDory Card kits that were 'The In Thing'  about ten years ago, I think there are a few of us with the same ones in fact.  My problem with those is that they cost a lot of money at the time so I can just off load them, maybe I could make them up into mini kits to give to Care Homes to use for their Occupational Therapy afternoon activities or something.
I will add Janet's Description of her 'Bit Box' below:

All my Challenges have been made from bits large and small in the two drawers and poly bag. I have saved toppers from before I started with die cutting and

when I first started paper crafting 13yrs ago along with pieces of card/paper/soduko pages all of which have been used over the years when I have been here in Marigny.

Thank you so much Janet for sharing your scrap collection with us and your stunning candles, I really fancy having a go at those, I have a plain set of Battery operated candles on my Mantelpiece that I could this space!
I think that you and I were building our vast craft collection at about the same time Janet.  XXX

Maria has shared her 'Bit Box' with us too,  it looks quite organised Maria, all colour coordinated, I am impressed Maria, its way tidier than mine.  Thank so much for sharing it with us. XXX


Michele bagged herself a BARGAIN (no surprise there)😜 When she picked up the Prizm Die cutting machine from the lovely Christine Emberson's Hope & Chances Store 'Pre-Loved' Section, you can often pick up amazing die sets etc from there so it's always worth a peek from time to time.
Michele also picked up the 'Edge Greeting' dies from Craft Stash, I don't doubt that they were a steal too!!  
Keep inspiring us with your Crafty Bargains Michele, maybe we should make a 'Crafty Bargain' Feature on the blog, not necessarily what you have bought, it could be Bargains that you have seen that others may not.
For instance...…

Hobbycraft have some fantastic BARGAINS at then moment  5 x 7 Card Blanks with Envelopes are Half Price at £2.50  
They have Kraft card packs in half price sale too they still have the Trolley (same as Ikea Raskog) for £25 too, so well worth a pop over to their website for a browse. 

That's all for today ladies,  I hope that you all have an amazing weekend,

Special hugs to our Lilian xxx

Love and hugs to  all of  you too,