Saturday, 19 January 2019

Mixed Craft Saturday

Good Morning Ladies,

Hello from a very cold Wiltshire, Oh it's so so cold today, I think that the car will still need ice scraped off at 10:20am when we have to take the girls to work, I doubt there will be many at the Wildlife Park today either, although the past few weekends have been very busy.  I think we will be staying in the warm. it's definitely a 'Light the Coal Fire day' , we have a jigsaw puzzle to finish and I think that today is the perfect day.
If in think back to this exact time last year we were loading the van to bring the first lot of furniture over to this house. The weeks that followed were the hardest weeks of our lives, trying to move, clean the bungalow and unpack here, I have never felt so ill in years, Paul was too.  We did consider moving somewhere less expensive after this first year, but we love it here and for the little bit we would save it isn't worth putting ourselves through that again before we are ready to move into our own home.

I thought that I would share the little matching envelopes and Gift box that I made to go with my little Note Cards, I really enjoyed making them into a little gift.  The paper is a free gift if you spend over £45 with Stampin' Up! I think Margaret has it too, its so handy having a punch the right size to punch the butterflies out with, save time 'fussy cutting'.  I think that his would make a lovely gift for someone thats maybe stuck at home or laid up poorly. 
I hope you like them xxx

Now onto your crafts...….


Janet has made a beautiful Gift Box that matches this weeks Challenge card, it looks so nice having a matching set.  The box was made using a Tonic Square Insert die 'Square Kaleidoscope' ,
I love this box Janet, it looks so sophisticated, especially with that lovely tassel. 
Thank you so much for sharing it with is today xxx


Lynda has made her very first Journal, which started out as a notebook, it looks so much more than that now though as Lynda has embellished every page, going into so much detail, every page has something different to look at, whether its a pretty tag or a piece of lace, a carefully placed resin frame that is highlighting a pretty part of the background paper. I can see that Lynda has added personal pieces too, like a piece of a colouring book that has been coloured beautifully, there are so many different laces and appliques to look at and feel, thats another great element to Lynda's journal it's very tactile, so many different textures. All finished with a beautiful 'Wrap' cover that has a lovely detailed closure too.
Lynda what an incredible job you have made of your first journal, you have finished yours and I am still procrastinating!  You have inspired me to get on with it!
Thank you so much for sharing your journal with us today my lovely xxxx


Val shared her shopping with us last week but I missed the email, so I am adding it in today, I am so sorry Val.  xx
The two dies are from Joanna Sheen's Website, she has a lovely range of stamps and dies on there.
The two stamps are actually from Wish, you will have to tell us what they are like Val, they look fantastic, I love both sets, the fish one is funny too.  You can afford to take a gamble a a couple of pounds each!! 
Thanks so much for sharing with us Val XXXX


Last but not least we have Michele's shopping for this week, just as you would expect from our Bargain Hunter, both dies were £1.99 from Ebay (china).
You just can't go wrong for that price!!
Thanks so much Michele for sharing your bargains, I might go and order that tree myself! XXXx

Thats all for this week Ladies, stay warm and cosy in those craft rooms, don't forget to photograph what you make!!

Love and hugs to all of you,


Friday, 18 January 2019

Throwback Friday

Good Morning Ladies,

I was feeling a little Nostalgic yesterday as I was looking back at old block posts, my blog started in 2012, but I only ever posted a couple of times. It was in June 2014 that I started blogging more often.

Todays cards are the first and second Blog Challenge cards that I made back in January 2016.
The first ever Blog Challenge was on 4th January 2016 to be exact, I used a Lilli of The Valley topper mixed with some pretty background paper and some of Sue Wilson's flowers, remember these were the days that I only used to make cards with Dies.
When you thing back thats an awful lot of Challenges we have done together, there would have been lets say 50 In 2016, the same in 2017 and 2018, so we are well on our way to 200 challenges, can you believe that, it honestly seems like only yesterday!

The second card today was my second Challenge card used Spellbinders Floral Oval dies, I was blending ink at that point but not too successfully ! I stamped the sentiment too!!  The papers are Anne Marie Designs, a Spellbinders Flower, Sue Wilson Leaves and some pretty stickpins.  A pretty card but very simple, I wonder who received it?!

It's amazing to think that some of us have been chatting on this blog from later 2015 to today,  although it honestly feels like I have known some of you a lifetime, I am so very blessed that starting this Blog has bought so many amazing friends into my life. For that I am thankful every day, I think about it every time I write a post. I hope that you have all gained something positive from it too, sometimes it just helps to write a frustration down, having people support you is a huge bonus on top of that.

What have you all got planned for this weekend??  We aren't sure yet, its a year ago tomorrow that we picked up the keys to this house, where has that year gone!!

What ever you have planned I hope that you all have a lovely weekend

Love and Hugs to all of you,


Thursday, 17 January 2019

Michele's Boozy Cards

❤💛💜 PAT ❤💜💛

Good Morning Ladies,

Please join me Ladies in sending Our lovely Pat lots and lots of love and hugs on her Birthday, I do hope that you get to eat at least one slice of cake today!! Love & Hugs on their way to you xxx❤xxx

If the weather forecast on Social Media is correct we will all be needing a 'tot' or two of the above!
I read that we are in for some snow and really cold temperatures!  Not that I have ever had a 'hot toddy' in my life.

Michele's cards are just brilliant, perfect for so many occasions, mostly cards for men, although some ladies like a bit of booze too!
Michele made the cards with papers from the Making Cards April 2018 magazine, I love your layouts Michele, that backing paper is very retro and works perfectly with the different bottles of Spirits.
I have to say the 'old' 'Making Cards' magazine had amazing quality papers featured each month, they were always very 'stroke worthy', unlike a lot of the shiny magazine papers.
If anyone is going to get the best out of a magazines papers Michele is the one!
Thank you so much Michele, these will be great for both your stash and for your Sale Table, with these and the Space men you will have a lot of the 'Male' occasions covered. xxx

Talking of magazine papers etc, my latest copy of 'Card Making and Papercraft' dropped through the door on Monday morning, now I will confess that  this is one of the magazines that I would happily pass by, I find that it tends to repeat year on year and this year is no exception!  This month's edition does have some lovely Oval frame dies, with Cameo style heads, there are some lovely inspiration cards inside too.  The reason that it is still dropping through my door is beyond me, it has even survived the change of address.  I subscribed to the magazine on a 'special deal'  you got 3 Issues for £5 at the time there were some lovely Christmas stamps that we were all after and they were featured on this magazine as a freebie in around Oct 2017, so I looked into the offer, you just paid your £5 up front and that was it, no Direct Debit details or anything like that, sure enough a few weeks later the first magazine turned up and it carried on and on and on, way past 3 issues, on to 6 then 12, I am now at about 15 issues for £5 !! I can promise you that I have called them, emailed them, mostly because I was afraid of getting a huge bill.  They have taken down my details and 'looked into it' and it's still arriving.  Not that I am ungrateful for a freebie but I kind of wish it was one of the other mags!
So I would totally recommend these little offers, well mine certainly was a great deal.
I do know that Sue stopped her Subscription to the same magazine and it continued to arrive for some months afterwards.

I had a bit of a frustrating afternoon yesterday, sadly Sue couldn't make it so I decided to open up the Downloaded images I had purchased for my journal and have a go at printing them out, it turned out that I needed to make some minor adjustments to the way they were laid out so I had to open the downloaded file in Word, this is the first time I have used Word on my Laptop, well 'Of Course'  I needed the 1 years subscription Key code, that arrived at the same time as my Laptop, I could see myself 'putting it somewhere safe' in my head, in reality I turned out every draw, 'special' cupboard and nook and cranny that I could reach, nothing, I did get excited when I found a 'Microsoft Office' cd download thing, only to turn it over and see that it had been used already and was the one we bought to put on the girls laptops to get them through their exams. By four o'clock I was pretty miffed!
So I decided to have a go at 'Coffee dying' some paper ready for my Vintage journal, I watched a few tutorials (that all said something different) so I made up my own rules, I found some old decaffeinated coffee that nobody uses and made up a large jug, I didn't have heat the oven like the people in the tutorial because the AGA is on constantly, so I got myself a little production line, the bottom oven of the AGA is definitely better, the ones I put in the top went a little too brown, I discovered however that I didn't need to put them all in the oven as the ones I had waiting to go in were sat on baking sheets on top of the closed plates on top of the AGA, by the time the oven ones were finished the ones on top were dried out too as those domes covering the plates get super hot too. So in no time I had a lovely stack.  I just need to be able to print the other bits to start assembling the journal !!
So when Paul comes in and I was telling him about my afternoon, he said ''oh you should have just checked the emails as they sent a 'download'...…!!!!  I will leave my reaction to your imagination!
They did send a hard copy too, where it is remains a mystery!

Well I have waffled on for far too long today, I do apologise!

Pat extra LARGE hugs on their way to you today xxxx

Sue I do hope that your head is feeling a little easier today, I missed you yesterday xxxx

I hope you all have a lovely day,

Love and hugs to all of you too,


Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Something to Brighten Your Day ......

Good Morning Ladies,

A little something to brighten your day today from me!! I have had this 'Butterfly Gala' stamp set since before Christmas and the Gingham Gala Papers too but I haven't got round to playing with them, so while Paul was busy doing his accounts on the Lap Top last night and sat and played.

The background stamp I used is from a stamp set called 'Tempting Textures', I popped into my Stamperatus and stamped all of my backgrounds, just wiping the stamp over between colours. I then stamped and punched out all of the butterflies in matching colour card and ink. I placed my stamped background back in the Stamperatus and placed the butterfly where I wanted it to be, while holding it in place I positioned the little 'antenna' stamp and the sentiment, then removed the butterfly, inked up the stamps and stamped those onto each colour background.  I added a little glue to the back of the Butterfly and placed him onto the card so that the 'antenna' where positioned correctly.
I took four little Rhinestones and stuck them down the length of the butterfly's abdomen.
To finish the card I inked the edges with matching ink and popped the toppers onto a piece of matching Gingham paper and then on to a little notecard.
The colours I used for these cards are:
Daffodil Delight
Balmy Blue
Lemon Lime Twist
Grapefruit Grove
Highland Heather
I hope this card brings a little sunshine into your day. xxx

Like Lilian our house was quite cold yesterday, everyone seems to migrate to the kitchen because the Aga stays on and really warms the room, it is the warmest room in the house by far, I quite like it because the kitchen becomes the social hub of the house rather than the girls being up in their bedrooms doing their own thing. The only down side is, when they are in the kitchen they eat!  Sophie has taken a real interest in cooking lately too, which I love, there is no better way to bond and have fun with your children than when teaching them 'life skills'.  They have no idea see as they didn't have compulsory 'Home Economics' like we had, we were taught everything from making a bed to ironing a shirt and then all of the basic cooking skills.

I am hoping to see Sue today, which will be so lovely, these weeks soon roll around don't they.!

I hope you have a lovely day however you are spending it,

Love and hugs to all of you,


Tuesday, 15 January 2019

my Challenge Card

Good Morning Ladies,

Here is my Challenge card for this weeks 'Sparkle' Challenge, I used a sheet of paper out of the pad pictured above, it is an 8 x 8 pad with some really pretty papers in it.
Danielle gave me this pad along with some others when we did our Swap back in November.

I took a sheet of the paper and cut it down to fit my card base, the pink in the paper was a good match too Berry Burst card, so I added a mat of that behind the paper, then adhered the paper and topped with a piece of Berry Burst Ribbon with Sparkle Edge.  
I then fussy cut the flowers and Butterfly from another sheet of the patterned paper and shaped them and decoupaged them onto the paper,  I think they add some lovely depth and dimension to the card.
To add the touch of 'Sparkle'  I covered the flowers and Butterfly with a clear glitter pen and then topped with some little sparkly gemstones.
I stamped the 'For You' In Berry Burst ink on a piece of matching card and die cut with a tag, tucking it under the bow, to finish the tag I added a tiny die cut Butterfly.
I hope you like my card. xxx

I didn't get much done yesterday, I just enjoyed playing around with a lot of different things in my craft room, looking for all of the things that I used to use and have stashed away.
Sorting through which SU stamps I want to keep and which ones I want to sell, although 'Mr Hoarder' thinks I should keep them all, (just in case)!  That was actually on a Name badge on his Overalls at work but was written ''Justin' Case'' , he likes to be prepared for every eventuality, Bless him!!

Lilian, I hope your Acupuncture helps you, do you go often?? xxxx

Janet, I do hope you have a fun afternoon at Knit & Natter, is it your turn for project?? xxxx

Michele, I hope your sciatica is easing, such a bloody painful condition that doesn't seem to respond to any kind of pain relief, sending hugs as I know how painful it is xxxx

Val, I'm curious, does it always rain after your window cleaner has been?? We seem to have a curse, as soon as they were sparkling the heavens opened!  Paul's mum had same problem!  I hope you are enjoying your Dickens Classics, which one are you on?? xxxx

Pat, sending you huge hugs xxxx

Of Course there are big hugs on their way to all of you,


Monday, 14 January 2019

Michele's Monday Challenge

Good Morning Ladies,

How amazing is today's card??!  It was made by Our Michele, using Lisa Horton's new dies...…..

Called: Out of this world.
Michele used Sue Wilson's Shadow Box Frame die, die cut in white card and placed on a background of Fine Silver Glitter Paper.  Michele then die cut the Aliens and Spaceships, in green, blue, yellow & Black card.  Which I might add is a perfect colour combination.
I absolutely love this card Michele, such a perfect, fun card.  Lisa Horton is an amazing Die and Stamp Designer, she puts so much thought into every element.

Michele came up with the idea or this weeks Challenge, let me build a picture in your mind...…
It's a cold, dull and Miserable January week, what could we do to Cheer it up ??????
We could add some Sparkle & Bling to our cards!!

The Challenge

To add some form of Sparkle or Bling to your cards or projects (it doesn't have to be a card)!!

You could do like Michele and add glitter paper or card to your design or you could use any other form of sparkle, Mica Powder, Sparkle pens/paint, glitter, Bling gem stones, sequins.
You get the idea, whatever you consider to be sparkle or bling you can add it to your card.
This means you can make just about any card, even...……..Christmas Cards !!!
I hope you enjoy the Challenge.

Michele, thank you so much for a Great Challenge Idea and a fantastic Challenge Card XXX

If any of you want to have a go at setting the Challenge on a Monday, just let me know your idea, the more Ideas we get the better.

I am off for a play in my Craft room today, who knows what I will end up making, watch this space!!

Have a lovely day ladies,

Love and hugs


Sunday, 13 January 2019

Your Challenge Cards

Good Morning Ladies,

I hope that you are all well and enjoying your weekend, today we get to see your amazing challenge cards, you have all made some stunning cards, so lets not waste anymore time.....


Janet has made two fantastic cards for this weeks Sketch challenge, both beautifully stamped, those images are lovely Janet, I think that the lady in the second card looks a little bit like Meghan Markle! (it may just be my eyes)!! lol

Here is Janet's description: 

First Challenge Card I have used a Sheena Douglas 'A little bit sketchy stamp (Nouveau Nature).
Second Challenge Card I have used another stamp in the same Collection called 'Until We Meet Again.
All the papers ect have come out of my 'bit box.

Thank you so much Janet for two lovely cards xxx


Karen made two cards for this weeks Challenge, both completely different, your imagination inspires me so much my lovely.

Karen's Description:

My 1st CC:  As you know I run a “birthday club” at work This card is a belated birthday card  The gentleman in question used to work for our team but moved departments and is now back with us -same job just a different boss He was 60 earlier this week and as it’s a milestone one I will get colleagues to sign it and do a collection.

My 2nd CC is a mixture of Hobbycraft dies (Love) Spellbinders dies (the rectangles) and SW (ribbon strip) TL (hearts)
With a little bit of 1st and 2nd generation stamping with a freebie from a magazine!

Two incredible cards Karen, thank you so much for taking part xxx


Oh Lilian you have used some more of your Stunning 'Stamperia' papers for your Sketch challenge card this week.  The scene is one I imagine is very familiar to you, living in such a beautiful part of the country. 
The images and embellishments you have used all work together perfectly right down to the 'Nautical style' Bakers Twine.  

Thank you so much for such a lovely card, where do you buy your beautiful papers from please? xxx


Lynda has made two amazing cards for this weeks Sketch Challenge, two very luxurious cards, using some beautiful papers.

Here is Lynda's description: 

Here are my two Challenge cards, both with backing paper from pound shop just matted them first one blue, Second one with burgundy.  

Lynda, I would never have guessed that the papers were from the £1 shop!  Two fantastic cards, thank you so much xxx


Oh Maria that Bird topper you have used for your Challenge card is so beautiful, such delicate colours and the bird is so pretty.
The background you have used works perfectly, the tiny flowers you have added you like you have fussy cut them, they are the perfect finishing touch.
Thank you so much for taking part, I am so pleased that you liked this sketch. its a good one to keep handy for when we are 'mojo's' take a holiday! xxx


Michele has made two gorgeous cards for this weeks Challenge, I can't believe that you are so organised that you have started your Christmas cards already!!

Michele's Description:

Two challenge cards-first one is using Christmas papers from Making Cards magazine, second one is using a Digi download from Ella’s Design.

Thank you so much Michele, that Squirrel is so cute, beautiful matting and layering too! xxx


Val has made a fabulous card for our challenge this week, I love both the colours and the papers you have used Val, that 'script' paper is beautiful, you have put this card together perfectly, the lady on your topper is stunning.

Thank you so much for taking part my lovely, particularly after struggling with your Sciatica for so long, I really appreciate you making the time to take part. xxx


My lovely friend Victoria has made a card for our Challenge this week, Victoria is a lovely lady that I met through Stampin Up!  
I am so happy that you decided to take part this week Victoria, particularly as you must be exhausted with expecting your first baby and working full time too.  Mind you making cards is a good relaxation therapy, so is good for you!  That means you have to take part every week now! 🤣🤣

Victoria has used some of the Rooted in Nature papers for her card, along with a lovely sentiment and some cute punched flowers topped with pearls.

Thank you so much Victoria, I love sharing your work, please feel free to take part anytime. xxx

Ladies as always I am so grateful to all of you for making time in your busy lives to make cards for our challenge.

I am de-stashing some of my Stampin'Up! stamps, just the ones that I know I won't be using, I was initially just going to put them on a Facebook Selling group, as to be honest  I didn't want to be seen as trying to 'sell' to you all, or making any of you feel like you had to buy.  It was mentioned to me yesterday that I ought to ask you all first, so if any of you are interested I can share the ones  I am selling with you, I can't afford to 'give' them away but they will obviously be heavily discounted.
I want to use the money to buy some new craft stash and replenish my basic bits and pieces.
I am looking forward to trying some new things this year and share them with you along with some new techniques.
Please let me know if you would like to see the stamps/dies I am selling, there is ABSOLUTELY no pressure though, I don't mind either way.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend,

Love and hugs to all of you,