Thursday, 23 March 2017

Avant Garden once again !!

Good morning Ladies,

As you read this (well Michele most probably) we will have dropped Becca and her friends off at Southend Airport, which is approximately 130 miles away!
Georgia (Becca's partner's Sister) booked the flights, bearing in mind that most major airports are within easy reach of Oxford which is 25 miles away. 
But she chose Southend to save £30 on flights, clearly not thinking that it would cost more to get to, also the return flight lands at Luton so they can't drive and park! 
The thing that frustrates me most is that this is a weekend trip to Amsterdam for Georgia's 21st Birthday, so why can't her parents take them?!  I asked Becca why and her reply was that her Dad said no because he didn't want to take a day off work.
I think that we are just too soft, i have insisted that they pay fuel though as it's a 260 mile round trip!  
I know we will be super tired but my Mum's is about 35 miles from the Airport so we will pop over there and give her her mother's day card, maybe go out for lunch, we will then head back early afternoon, this gives Paul a bit of a break too.  I worry that he will be exhausted as he has work Friday morning so will be up at 05:00am !
I have put my foot down and said NO! to picking them up, there are three sets of parents involved there so one of the others can drive to Luton. 
Rant over, soapbox stowed ready for next time, i think that we may have to invest in a new 'soap Box' ours is looking 'well used' hahaha

Now onto today's card, I made this card on Saturday night, some of my SU team members got together via Skype on Saturday evening, we nominated a stamp set to use and all made a project  using that stamp set, we chose the Avant Garden stamp set, i may have to put this set out of reach as it has become the one i always pick up!

I decided to start with a blank canvas, using the stamp set to create my background,
For the bottom half i stamped the leaf stamp onto 'Pear Pizazz' card using 'Pear Pizazz' ink, it gives a lovely tone on tone effect, for the top half i took one of the small flower centre stamps and stamped randomly​ using 'Calypso Coral' (a really pretty, soft orange). I mounted the green card onto the bottom half of the card and created a border using some of the Calypso Coral card and the Border Die from the "Flourish Thinlits" set.  
I then stamped the main floral topper, i inked up my stamp with Calypso Coral ink, stamped once, the a second beside the first without re-invent, this gives a lighter shade, i then re-inked for the third flower. The stalk is a separate Stamp so i inked those up with and added them. I finished the flowers with the stamen flower centre stamp. 
I then took some narrow white Stampin up ribbon, cut a length and popped it on my glass mat,i then swiped some of the 'Calypso Coral' ink onto my mat and spritzed it with some water, i then scrunched the ribbon in the ink until it had absorbed the colour evenly.  I dried it gently with my heat tool and VoilĂ  a perfect matching ribbon!  I added it to my topper with a matching button, matted this onto a 'Coral' 
Card Matt, added adhesive foam tape and mounted on my card . A few pearls finish my card.  What do you think?!
I will confess that I didn't get my card finished during the Skype call, I find I need to think when I make cards, unless I have preplanned my card, i got the basics done and completed it a few minutes after the call !

I hope you ladies have a lovely day today, however you are spending it xx

When is Val back with us?  I really miss her xx

Pat I am so pleased to here that Pete's operation has been scheduled for Friday, once the pacemaker is in he can hopefully recover his strength and energy quite quickly, sending huge hugs xxx

Love and hugs to all of you


Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Karen's chocolate wrapper

Good Morning Ladies,

A few of you ladies asked to see Karen's Chocolate Wrapper that she made for a Challenge over on Christine Emberson's blog . They are absolutely fantastic idea, transforming the chocolate bars boring Plastic/foil looking packaging.  I prefer the type where you get the pleasure of sliding off the paper sleeve, excitement building as you work through the unsleeving, then you get to slowly and very carefully unfold the beautiful purple foil, taking care not to damage it (as you are a crafter and might be able to 'upcycle' it)! 
You are then rewarded with the amazing cocoa, buttery rich aroma that teases your taste buds, before you actually pick up the silky smooth bar and perform a very pleasant 'snap' to free you perfect little column of four blocks of yumminess and pop it in your mouth.  These days however you have to wrestle off the cheap, very unsatisfying plastic package!  
Karen's Chocolate Bar cover allows you to relive some of the pleasure involved in unwrapping your chocolate!  It is quite a simple idea but boy does it transform the plain packaging into a beautifully​ designed gift that you could give on any occasion, you could even give it as a Get well gift to someone in hospital, especially if your hospitals are like ours and don't allow flowers, this would give them something as beautiful to look at.
I will get Karen to write down the measurements etc, you could make it as next weeks Challenge, as it uses your card making stash to make something
Other than a card.  

Karen has used various Spellbinder dies to create her fantastic wrapper, 'Filigree Vase' and a few flowers from the same collection.  Such a stunning arrangement Karen. I love how you have used a die to create pretty pattern on the background of your wrapper. 
Thank you so much Karen for sharing you gorgeous wrapper, i do have a question though!! Is the chocolate still in the wrapper???? Xxx

Sue and I had a very productive session today, i was busy finishing Josh's Wallet Card, while Sue was busy making a special card, we missed Pat though, very much xxx

Sending hugs to all of you, gentle ones for those feeling poorly xxx

Lots of love


PS. It's currently 02.48am, i suddenly remembered that I hadn't done my blog, so if there are any mistakes i do apologise, I am trying you hurry so the light from my tablet doesn't disturb Sleeping Beauty beside me !! Xx

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

A Mother's Day Treat from Tracy

Good Morning Ladies, 
Did you all get started on your sketch card yet?? Haha, I was busy thinking of an idea for Josh's birthday card, (i have to make 1for Becca to give and 1 from us), Becca has bought him a gift voucher, so i decided to make a Wallet Style card, try to make it look like a leather wallet and then the voucher can fit in the back (were bank notes go).  I have added a little photo frame ready for a picture of Becca and Diego (the dog) to fit in.  I got most of it finished last night in between calls with Lamb updates !

We have 8 lambs so far, 13 more Ewe's still expecting, so a few sleepless nights on the cards for Matt i think.  The Ewe that had quads last night has Rejected the smaller weaker one so Matt is hand rearing her, bottle feeds every 4 hours! 
Harley (Matt's Collie dog) has taken to the abandoned Ewe, he keeps licking her and sleeps right beside her too, which is cute to see.

Harley watching over the abandoned lamb
While she warms up by radiator!

Now onto Tracy's gorgeous Mother's day card.  Tracy said she was inspired by the lovely Tina Eldridge for the basic idea of the card.  Such a stunning card Tracy, i love those Flourish dies, I have them both , (left and right facing).  The flowers are so pretty Too, did you make them?  Such a beautiful background too, somebody will be a very lucky Mum on Sunday!! 
Thank you Tracy for sharing your stunning card with us it's very inspiring!

Pat is busy with Doreen and Pete's appointments so won't make our meet up today, so i think it will be just Sue and my self loading today!

Have a lovely Tuesday ladies, 
Love and hugs


Monday, 20 March 2017

Monday Sketch Challenge

Good morning Ladies,

I hope you are all still here, none of you got whisked off to France in those gales?!
To be honest I was very surprised to not see a lot of damage and debris along the road as we popped to the shops yesterday afternoon.  A few branches here and there and shop signs strewn about the streets (why they put them out is beyond me) !
Anyway i hope that you all stayed safe and I was praying it didn't affect your visit to Pete with your family to place your  beautiful floral arrangement, the verse is one of my favourites.

Cheryl's Floral Arrangement
For Pete 
I hope you had a lovely day with all of your nearest and dearest, knowing you Cheryl you would have been sharing many of your wonderful memories of Pete, i remember being in tears of laughter hearing some of them on the retreat. xxx

This week I decided to go for a traditional sketch, quite a simple design, I hope that you enjoy designing a card for this weeks Challenge, I thought i would try and mix up the styles of Challenges, so that you don't get bored.

Next week i was thinking about Challenging you to create an item of 'Home Decor' with your craft stash, rather than a card, it could be bunting, a decorated candle, a box etc.  What do you think?? I thought i would ask you all first rather than springing it on you and having you all Panic, I will look for you thoughts in the comments.

Oh by the way, the craft table didn't get moved yesterday, Becca decided at 12.45 that she wanted something more than just a 'Card' for Georgia's 21st Birthday, which meant a mad dash to town for Paul and I to see if i could find a 'Shadow Box' style frame, we got home at 4.20pm after collecting the girls from work, Becca arrived at 5.30 asking if it was ready !! So i felt under pressure to come up with something suitable, while the waited!  I finished it at about 6.30, by the time I'd waiting for glue gun to heat up etc, 'the watched pot' !!!  She was happy with the result, i will share it with you after she has opened it, just in case she peeks! 

Pat, my thoughts will be with you my Lovely, this is going to be a stressful week for both of you, i have everything crossed for positive news from all appointments, as always you know I am only a phone call away xxx  The same by goes for call of you, sometimes it really does help to just tell someone, even if that person can't physically help, just sharing your burden can lift the weight from your shoulders a little, it is the least i can offer any of you wonderful friends xxx

Love and hugs to all,


PS my sketch card is to follow, i did start it after Becca left last night, then Paul needed help with dinner! 

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Your Challenge cards

Your Challenge Cards

Good Morning Ladies,
Welcome to our usual Sunday morning blog, featuring
Your amazing Challenge Cards.
This weeks Challenge was to take one Stamp or Die set
And make both an Any occasion card and a Christmas card, 
Let me tell you that you all did an amazing job, i was absolutely
Blown away additional opened your emails this week.

First up are the cards i made to Inspire you, i used Stampin' Up
'Swirly Scribbles Thinlit Dies' to create the main part of my cards.

Karen's​ Challenge cards

Karen has used Sue Wilson's Shadow Box Collection to create both
Of her amazing cards, the Baby card is the 'New Arrival' set, i believe Karen 
Has created the Christmas card by using Tattered Lace 'Advent Calendar' dies to fill the Shadow Box, 2 fantastic cards Karen, thank you so much xxx

Janet's Challenge Cards

Janet has used a pretty floral Frame die to create both of her 
Cards, when i saw the Christmas card my brain told me it was 
Poinsettia​ Frame die, but on the birthday card I didn't see Poinsettia, 
I just saw a pretty flower frame, maybe it's all physcological (or I'm crazy)
Either is plausible!!! 
Either way Janet has created two fantastic cards, just the change of 
Background, sentiment and colour and voilĂ  !! 
Thank you so much Janet xxx

Michele's Challenge cards

Michele has created two sets of cards for this weeks Challenge.
First servers made using Stampin' Up! 'Swirly Scribbles Thinlits'​
A really lovely corrugated background for the birthday card, using the Swirly Circle 
With a few little blossoms, such a cute card.  The Christmas card used the same
Die but with a Festive Background and the addition of a sprig of Holly.!
That die set is SO versatile !!!
The second pair sees almost identical cards, the difference being the embossing folders and the sentiment in the stars.  
Thanks Michele a perfect representation of the challenge!

Brenda's Challenge Cards

Brenda has used the Tim Holtz  'Crazy Birds' stamps and dies 
For her Challenge cards this week, how funny is that bird Character?!
I love his quiff !! Haha, he looks like a 'Rockabilly Robin' don't you think?
Just a change of colour, background and embellishments and you 
Can see how fantastically this set works for both occasions.
It is such a funny set too, i can think of so many people i could send these
To, i think i might add them to my neverending list!
Thank you Brenda, so much for taking part 

Margaret's Challenge cards

Margaret has used the same pretty Circle Frame die for both cards,
The Christmas card has a beautiful pine cone background paper, which
I absolutely love, those pine cones look really 3D! A Christmas sentiment 
and some festive trees finish the Christmas theme.
The same die, this time with a pretty floral background and a 'Just 
For You' sentiment work equally as well to create a pretty card
That would really brighten somebody's day!
Thank you so much Margaret

Lynda's Challenge Cards

Lynda has used the same beautiful flourish die for both of her
Cards, the first card has a beautiful Butterfly die cut
And some pretty gem stones finish a pretty birthday card.
A pretty festive background and some stars 
Instead of butterfly make a fantastic Christmas card.
Thank you so much Lynda 

Sonia's​ Challenge Cards
Sonia has made two absolutely stunning cards using HoneyDoo Flower 
Fountain stamp set, I absolutely love what you have done with both cards,
An absolutely genius idea to die cut the Christmas flowers to create a
Christmas card, as the flourish works perfectly for both.
The purple card is simply AMAZING!!!
I love every single thing about this card, One of your best i think,
Your 'Mojo' is well and truly back ! 
Lovely to have you back back on the line up !
Thank you 

Lilian's Challenge Cards

Another set of HoneyDoo cards, this time from Lilian,
What a coincidence!!!
Two totally gorgeous cards, this time the Floral Crest stamp has
been used by to create both cards, this time it's purely the colour 
that creates the difference between the two cards, well and the sentiment
Of course! 
I love that orange colour Lilian, so pretty! 
Thank you so much Lilian 

Well you have to agree, that is one incredible line up of cards!
Thank you so very much Ladies

I am off to sort tomorrow's challenge now, hhhmmm
What to choose ??????

Have a lovely Sunday ladies 

Love & Hugs


Saturday, 18 March 2017

Hello, it's Saturday, Yay!

Janet's Birthday Present !!

 Karen's Craft Room 1

Karen's Craft Room 2

Lynda's new Stamps

Lynda's new dies

Good Saturday Morning Ladies,

We have a mixed bag of photo's to share today, exciting though, particularly the first one.....

Our Janet got a special treat for her birthday... A lovely Gemini machine !!! Oh Janet you must be absolutely over the moon, what an amazing gift, just look at all the goodies you got to go with it too, some lovely embossing folders,dies too, that label die looks fab, I am so pleased for you Janet, thank you for sharing your gift xxx

Next up we have Karen's Craft desk, it looks like you have been a busy girl! I love your lazy susan craft tool holder, what a fab idea, just spin it round to find what you need, saves space too, the second view shows all of your very organised storage units, in the background you can just get a peek at Karen's Fancy Dress Cupboard, all in all a fantastic craft space Karen, thank you so much for sharing xxx

Last but by no means least we have Lynda's crafty buys, I love that stamp set Lynda, very useful for creating amazing backgrounds, I have started using these style stamps a lot, you are brilliant at creating your own backgrounds so I can't wait to see what you make with these.
Two of Sue's lovely new die sets, the Chrysanthemum looks so delicate and pretty, I also love that Cascading Butterfly die, I think you will get lots of use out of these sets Lynda, I can't wait to see what you create.  Thank you so much for sharing your buys Lynda xxx

I have loved having a sneaky peak into all of your craft areas, its great to see everyone's storage ideas and tips as well as just being generally nosey! Hahaha thank you ladies xxx

How are your challenge cards coming along? I am hoping to recieve some today as they are a bit slower arriving this week, have I put you all off with the Christmas card idea? I hope not.

I think Paul is going to help me move my craft room around today, fingers crossed, its never as easy as it sounds, wish me luck !

Love and hugs to all of you,


Friday, 17 March 2017

Michele's Baby Cards

Good Morning Ladies,

Today I am excited to share a selection of Michele's Baby Cards with all of you.
They have been made using Sue Wilson 'Shadow Box' collection
'New Arrival' Die set.
Michele they are absolutely amazing cards, so super cute, each one is crafted to perfection, you have an amazing eye for detail!  I love how you have extended the die by rotating it and cutting again , maybe you could do a pictorial​ Tutorial for them?! Would any of you ladies find that helpful!??
I love the blue one the best (i think) !
Thank you so much Michele for allowing me to share your  cards, they will Be a great source of inspiration for sure.

I have a special treat today, Margaret and Sue are popping over for a couple of hours, which is an added bonus treat this week, i cant wait !! Xx

What have you all Got planned?

Sending hugs to our lovely Lilian​ xxx

Anyone else that can use one.

Love and hugs