Sunday, 21 January 2018

Your Challenge Cards

My Challenge Card

The Challenge

Good Sunday Morning Ladies,

It's that amazing time of the week where we get to see everyone's take on this Challenge, these Tic Tac Toe challenges give you free reign to design any shape and size of card, which means these challenges have the most varied end results, you all look at the categories and think of completely different designs. 
So without further delay here are this week's Challenge cards..........


Michele made this amazing Birthday card t help inspire you with this week's challenge.

She Chose categories: Circles/Birthday/Favourite Colour

A perfect man card Michele, I love all the metallic shades that you have used, they look so striking against that black background.

Michele's second card is made using Sue Wilson's Intertwining Circles Striplet, die cut in white and layed over the gorgeous Teal background, Michele used the same colour card as the background to die cut her sentiment, which works perfectly.
Thank you so much for helping me inspire our friends.


Karen has used the 'Bokeh' Technique to design her Tic Tac Toe Challenge card for the weeks Challenge. 
She picked Categories: Circles/Die Cutting/F

Birthday/Circles/Favourite Colour

I love your card Karen, particularly the way the sentiment follows the Butterfly.
Thank you so much for taking part this week.


Sue managed to design and create her first Christmas card of 2018 for this week's Tic Tac Toe Challenge.
She chose Categories: Circles/Die Cutting/ Favourite Colour

A fantastic Christmas card Sue, love your design, particularly those Reindeer!
Well done for making a start on this year's Christmas cards, you always said you were going to start at beginning of the year! I will try and encourage you to keep it up.
Thank you so much my lovely, two challenge cards in as many days, you are awesome.


Janet has made three TicTacToe  cards for this week's Challenge, Janet chose categories:
1.  The first card has been made using a Stencil/ Tag/Birthday
2.  The second card use categories/ watercolour/ Die cut /birthday

3. Die Cut (Cc Create A Card) /Birthday./ favourite colour  (Silver and white) 

There stunning cards Janet, they are all so beautiful.  Thank you for taking part.


Lilian has made a stunning Floral Birthday card for this week's challenge, she chose categories: Watercolour/Birthday/heat Embossing
Such a beautiful stamped image Lilian, I love how you have coloured it too.
Thank you so much for taking part Lilian.


Margaret has shared a beautiful birthday card, I absolutely love how you have used the Stampin'Up ! Die as a stencil, cleverly the image looks three D!  
Margaret chose categories: Stencil/Birthday/Watercolour 
An absolutely gorgeous card Margaret, thank you so much for sharing it with us.


Lynda has made an absolutely gorgeous card for this week's Challenge, she chose categories: die cutting/Birthday/favourite colour
I love this colour Lynda, such a beautiful card, nice and quick too with those dies, adding the butterflies really finishes it beautifully.
Thank you so much Lynda for taking part.

As always I am so very grateful to you all for making time in your busy lives to take part in my Challenges, I know that you all go to great lengths to take part.
I absolutely love sharing your work, particularly those of you that don't get to share your work on line.

Fingers crossed that the BT installation goes to plan on Tuesday, so that I can get back up and running as soon as possible.

Thanks again ladies, 

Have a lovely Sunday,

Love and hugs 


Saturday, 20 January 2018

Mixed Up Saturday

Good Morning Ladies,

A mixed bag of goodies for you today, some lovely cards, a crafty recommendation and some shopping!!   Enjoy.......


Karen made the first of her cards for the Apprentice at work, I will add Karen's description below.....

The card for our apprentice She loves owls The papers are from a Lidl pack which I used bits of to make the owl and the sentiment is a shape within ScanNCut.

I absolutely love this card Karen, I bet she absolutely loved this card, I bet there is a real buzz in your office when anyone is opening your cards, you go to so much trouble to make the cards special to its recipient.

Karen's 'Chelsea Pensioner' card was inspired by the 50th Birthday Card that Maria made for my birthday, it was the 'La Pashe' card, with the old lady that looked just like me! Haha

"The Chelsea Pensioner one was inspired by the card MARIA sent you by La Pashe He’s an avid fan and even went to a “uniform” fancy dress party dressed as one when his daughter would not allow him to wear his football kit"

Thank you so much for sharing both of your cards Karen, they are so very inspirational.


Michele has been doing a bit of shopping, I bet they were all bargains!! 

"Recent purchases-the music stencil & Fairy Stamps were a bargain, just send £2:49 p+p. The next 3 items were from Craftstash-the sentiment stamps were half price at  £4:99 and I ordered the other two items to qualify for free postage!"

Thanks Michele for sharing your shopping with us. 


Brenda has discovered a New Magazine, it's called "Love Card making" in Asda before Christmas, the one she bought was issue 2, so after a search online Brenda found issue 1 online at a reduced price, then found issue 3 in WHSmith.  
Brenda says the magazine is really good, with lots of Tutorials and everything is explained really clearly, so if any of you fancy a crafty read this sounds like a good buy, I think I might see if I can pick one up, although I don't think I'll be reading magazines for a week or too! 
Thank you so much Brenda for sharing your fantastic find.

That's all for today ladies, thank you for sharing your different photos today ladies, I am so grateful for you all supporting me through this awkward time.  I hope to resume normal service ASAP!

I am currently sat on the lounge floor (in old house) uploading this blog for tomorrow, I have had a very busy day, the highlight of which was organising my new pantry!!!

Have a lovely weekend my lovelies, 

Love and hugs


Friday, 19 January 2018

Something Floral For Friday

Good Morning Ladies,

It's move day 1 today, we pick up our keys this morning, I am quite excited, it will be lovely to be moved in and settled.
We won't have internet at the new house until Tuesday/Wednesday though so I will have to schedule some posts, I'm not sure how long it will be before my craft room is back together, I have packed my 'everyday ' craft store stuff so that it's easily accessible, so fingers crossed it won't take long.   Please keep sending your cards so that I can use them to fill posts that I can't make card for. Thanks XXX

Today's stunning 'Floral Friday' card has been designed by Pat, using her 'Groovi' plate, this is such a gorgeous design Pat, so delicate and you have coloured it beautifully. I can't wait to see some more of these style cards.  Thank you so much for sharing it with us xxx

I hope you all have a lovely weekend,

Love and hugs


Thursday, 18 January 2018

A Special Card by Brenda

Good Morning Ladies,

Today's card is a very special card that Brenda made for her Friends 80th birthday back in December.
It is made with Sue Wilson's 'Azores' Die set from The 'Atlantic Collection', it looks amazing Brenda, the 'tone on tone' colour theme really shows the die set off beautifully.
Your stunning hand made roses in that delicate peach/pink add that 'extra special' touch,  I love how you have placed them as if they were growing on the stem.  Your sentiment and that delicate butterfly are the perfect finishing touch. 
Thank you so much for sharing your card with all of us. XXX

I would like to apologise because for some reason half of yesterday's blog didn't post.
I basically explained that Sue and I did lots of packing in my craft room, to the point that you could hardly move in there!  We also went out for lunch, which was a nice break from this chaotic house!  Thanks for a lovely day Sue XXX

Yesterday Pat and I went out for a birthday lunch at Pat's favourite place (Aston Pottery), we ate and had a lovely browse around the shop, they have some lovely gifts but can be quite pricey!  I hope you enjoyed your lunch Pat XXX

When I got back I packed more of my craft room, it just keeps coming, there is a vast difference between what I use and what I have !! But as I said before I have been crafting for 15 years and I have quite a range of 'Crafting Through the ages' tools, I think  I might do a post about the different tools etc.
Sue and I were laughing at some of my very old cards, which gave us the idea of having a blog post featuring your first cards, are you brave enough, I think we will all be in the same boat! Card styles have changed quite a lot. 

I hope that you all have a lovely day,

love and hugs,


Wednesday, 17 January 2018

A Special Congratulations Card

Happy Birthday Pat 

Good Morning Ladies,

Firstly today I would like to wish Our Pat and Very Happy Birthday, I hope you have a lovely day, sending you lots of love and hugs. Xxxxxx

Today's card is a little bit of a 'WOW', Glitz and Glam card,  I made it for the lovely Danielle Rose, why has reached 1000 Subscribers on YouTube!!! 
The funny thing is, I went over to Dannii's YouTube channel to watch her prize giveaway and noticed that as 'Cotswoldcrafter'  I wasn't subscribed to her channel, so I hit 'Subscribe' and I was her 1000th subscriber, what where the chances, I'm still waiting for my prize though ;) ! 
The prize is a beautiful Journal that Dannii has made, it's absolutely amazing, I you want to take part all you have to do is send Dannii a 'Congratulations' card before end of January and she will put everyone's name into a draw. I will leave a link below if you want to go and take part. 

Now onto my card, I used one of the new Designer Series Paper collections called   'Painted With  Love' . I took one of my favourite sheets and used that as the base for the card, I added in some of the accent colours of this paper collection too,    'Melon Mambo, Calypso Coral, & Rich Razzleberry'.   
I then used my Large Number Framelits to cut 1000 and mounted it onto my Easel card base, I then used a collection of different Stampin'Up! Flower stamps and their matching dies to create the last little flower arrangements around the numbers.
I die cut a SU 'Celebrate' I Gold Mirror card to match the numbers and mounted this as my stopper on the base of the card. A tiny gold bow topped with a Rich Razzleberry flower was the final Flourish! 
I do hope that Dannii likes her card, while you are over at her YouTube channel you may see the video of her opening my card.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Sue's DL Challenge card

Good Morning Ladies,

I didn't get Sue's Challenge card in time to share with all of you, so as promised I will ALWAYS share any challenge card that you go to the trouble of making.

Sue has used one of Sue Wilson's Striplet dies to create this amazing DL card, the Striplet dies are perfect for this size and shape card. Sue has layed the die cut over a piece of glitter card, and then matted that onto a piece of white card, this panel was them adhered to that pretty purple background card and Sue has then added a die cut sentiment on top a piece of matching ribbon.  To finish the card Sue has added some pretty pearls and a Sue Wilson 'Itty Bitty Bow' die cut out of the matching card.
A really lovely Challenge card Sue, thank you so much for taking part. XXX

Sue is popping over today which I am really looking forward to, I made need o put her to work though! Maybe we can finish packing my craft room!! 

I spent yesterday packing on and off, I decided to tackle our utility room, if I said I filled 3 huge boxes full of Tupperware/lock top boxes, mixing bowls etc that would be an understatement, we have tons of the stuff!  I am therefore binning every single take-away tub that we we to have hoarded too, is it a sign of my age that I look at a plastic container and think 'ooh that might come in handy' ?!!!

I hope you have a lovely day,

Love and hugs


Monday, 15 January 2018

Monday Tic Tac Toe Challenge

My Challenge Card

The Challenge

Michele's Challenge card

Good Monday Morning Ladies,

Well here we are at the start of a very busy and exciting week, we managed to get lots of packing done on the weekend, still lots to do, it's taking a little longer as I really want to sort through things and get rid of anything we no longer need.  The food cupboards are in my sights today, I am pretty sure there will be some out of date time etc lurking in the back of the cupboards, Paul also has a habit of putting sauce bottles etc back in the cupboard with the tiniest drop of sauce in, so they will all go, I do like a good clean out every now and then and it's so much easier to do without anyone watching you! 

Onto today's challenge, I decided for a Tic Tac Toe as they work so well for just about any card that you need to make, which makes it easier for taking part in the Challenge. I thought of you Janet with the 'Watercolour' category, you could use one of your pretty stamped images that you watercoloured last week. This one had a 'stencil' category to which is something different, I'm pretty sure we all have them somewhere.  I do hope you all enjoy it, I look forward to seeing your cards.
My card uses Categories : Background stamp/Birthday /die cutting
Michele did a card to inspire you too, her categories were: Circles/Birthday theme/ Favourite colour.  
A fantastic card Michele, thank you for helping me out. XXX.

I am trying to sort the internet etc for the new house but I need to have a phone number so I will make a few calls today to see if I can find out if there is one existing or if we can have a new one, this is the first time in 15 years we have had a new number so I have to make a list of who to contact etc. So many thungs to think of. 

I hope you all have a lovely start to your week,

Love and hugs,