Saturday 13 May 2023

Mixed Up Saturday


Good Saturday Morning Ladies, 

I hope that you are all relaxed and enjoying the weekend, it's forecast to be cloudy here but no rain which is a huge bonus, especially as the torrential downpours of last 2 weeks have the garden looking like a wild wilderness with knee high weeds!  That Sticky weed or Kleavers grows so rapidly, why can't plants you want grow like that!! 

Lilian's Summer House

Wow Lilian your Summer House is lovely,  there are lots of big windows to let the sunshine in, will you craft in it during the warmer months? Or keep it for relaxing and sitting with your feet up and a good book.

Bertie Bunny  looks very much like Peter Rabbit to me, he is just adorable,  I have never tried Needle Felting, I have seen some incredible needle felted pieces though, something fun to try but mind your fingers!  Have you seen the Needle Felted wall art, they use lots of different materials to create beautiful scenes.  I can't wait to see Bertie finished Lilian,  thank you so much for sharing your liveky Easter gift and Summerhouse XXX


Sonia has a very special Baby Card to make & Baby shower card, so these new stamps from My Favourite Things will be perfect.  There are some unusual ones on there perfect for both occasions.  Thank you for sharing your shopping with us XXX 


Maria has treated herself to some lovely new dies, I love that Geometrical shaped one, something different for a change,  the distressed circles are lovely for mixed media projects too, I have those shaped labels, I don't think I've ever used them, I think I got them from Wish, but it was a long time ago, Danielle and I did a big joint order, so its atleast two years if not 3!  I can't wait to see you use these Maria , thank you for sharing them with us XXX

Sue has done us a Magazine Review,  its frustrating that the free gifts are designs by Sheena Douglass because they are quite nice and great for cards for men, I guess we just have to get over it.

Simply cards & Papercraft issue 244 

There is a great collection of free stamps, dies, 2 x lovely quality vellum sheets and also matching downloadable papers. Everything is based around lightbulbs with matching sentiments. 

Nicky Gilburt has made some great cards using the freebies. They include several perfect for the men. She also shares how to make light up cards so something a bit different. 

The Tried & Tested this month is for Heat and mould stamping foam. There are clear instructions on how to heat the foam then push it onto your chosen object, just about anything can be used really, embossing folders, stamps, dies, stones, wood, shells,  household items….you then brayer ink over the foam and make your print which will have a distressed feel rather than being a very sharp clear print. I’m looking forward to having a play. 

The In-depth guide to this month is colouring by Mel Jess. I think most of us would like to improve our colouring so a good article. The stamps she uses are very pretty and make beautiful cards. 

Several gifts and keepsakes designed by Sarah Jackman Read using the freebies. I love the idea of having some lightbulb earrings made with shrink plastic. 

Lots of lovely cards for the ladies which can also be given to your men with just a few tweeks of colour. I love the light bulb shaker card which you can the instructions on the How To: I also love pool the pretty “Sending birthday wishes” heart shaped lightbulbs one. 

The regular “Try something new this month“ is all about Die-cut frames and shows us how to use your floral die’s to make a frame Sharon-Elaine Jones has designed some beautiful cards and it is a technique that I will try. 


I hope this review is helpful to you all. Please ask if you want any more information. 

Take care 

Sue xx

Thank you so much Sue for a fantastic magazine review, I am really tempted to buy this one as I really like the light bulb elements. I bought some of that Stamping Foam from Temu so I might have a play with some of the ideas on that feature. 

Ladies I hope that you all have a lovely weekend, 

Love & hugs to all of you, 

Sandra                                                                    xxxxxx 


  1. Hi everyone
    Love the quote 😉
    Lilian, your summerhouse looks lovely, how wonderful to have somewhere to sit and relax or even craft. Your needle felting bunny looks lovely, will look forward to seeing him finished 😊
    Maria, I love your dies, some lovely shapes which are always useful 😊
    Great magazine review, I like the freebies. Some great articles and inspiration. I have stamping foam on my wish list 😉
    Have a good weekend everyone
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  2. I am always amazed at how much I spend at craft shows especially when I’ve with the intention to window shop!
    I love your summer house Lilian It is very similar to ours I use it to just relax and “breathe” with a cuppa The weather has been so awful that our patio table is still in there and so we haven’t used it much yet Your bunny looks interesting I can’t wait to see him
    The shopping looks wonderful A very handy set of stamps Sonia It can’t be long now until there’s a special delivery
    Those dies look very useful Marie You used the geometric one for this particular challenge didn’t you?
    The weather is dry (that’s all you can say at the moment) so I will be going into town for the local Food Festival Apparently there will be Salsa dancing at some point OH is off to Chelsea (poor thing!) It will give me a chance to have a bit of a mooch not that we have many decent shops left Next, Debenhams and M&S all closed/moved last year
    Take care everyone xx

  3. Morning everyone
    Good saying. Always comes home with more than intended. Huge chock 😊
    Love the summer house Lilian. Hoping you will get some wonderful days in there. Cute needle felting. Have fun making him.
    Thanks Sue for the magazine review. Be interesting to see what you make with your stamping foam ladies.
    Good stamps to have Sonia, can never have to many.
    Yes I used the triangle shapes on a card already and next I used the circle one on tomorrows cards.
    Have fun Karen at the street market. Can't believe M&S is gone, such a big store and where we met up the first time 😃
    Not doing much today, have some compost and stones for the garden but not sure what time.
    Have a nice day everyone and many hugs to you all, Maria xxx

  4. Hello Sandra and everyone,
    Lilian your summer house looks absolutely fabulous all those windows to let in the light you can sit out there rain or shine and I know you’ll be so comfortable. Enjoy making Bertie Bunny XX
    Marie and Sonia, love your shopping, Sue Big thank you for the magazine review. I’m sure you have helped to increase the sales on this issue. XX
    Not a lot happening here it’s all very nice and peaceful. I hope it is where you are too.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Take care ladies, hugs Brenda XXX

  5. Hello, all, just come in from the garden, it’s been really warm, new chairs have arrived but they are very low, have a difficulty getting to sit down and get up again. Summer house still needs to be painted, but have to let it dry out first.
    Good lot of shopping , dies look really useful.
    Not much else going on here, hope you are all enjoying the sun. Lilian

  6. Hi Sandra and all looking in. Sandra, I wonder if you managed to get any gardening done or was it a bit too chilly? It’s always the things you don’t want to grow fast that do isn’t it 😏 xx
    Sonia your stamp set is a brilliant one. I haven’t seen one with so many different sentiments. It’s going on my wish list. It’s such a special time for you and your family. Enjoy your wonderful little new arrival, the next thing you know nearly 14 years will have gone by (that’s how it feels to me anyway as old our eldest granddaughter Phoebe will be 14 in August!) and you will have a grandson who is probably as tall if not taller than you 🥰🤣🥰🤣 Enjoy making these very special cards xx
    Lilian, I’m looking forward to see your little bunny finished. Your summer house looks beautiful, so light and airy. I bet you both spend lots of time in there. Is it possible to return the chairs to change them for some that are higher? Otherwise it will become an effort so you won’t want to use them which would be such a shame (remember you DO NOT need the original packaging to return them) Just a thought XX
    Maria, you have some lovely dies there. Perfect for this latest challenge. Did you sense that was what Sandra was going to choose 🤭🤣 I don’t think I have seen the company before, must look them up xx
    Brenda, have you managed to get out in the garden today? It’s been quite chilly but it hasn’t rained here at all even though it was forecast xx
    Karen, did you enjoy the food festival(?) in town. Were there lots of tasters for you to try or are you limited due to your diabetes? Xx
    Janet sending hugs to you and hope you feel up to crafting again soon dear friend xx
    We had the usual house full today but unusually there are no grands staying over as they all have parties, riding etc. to do earlier tomorrow. Chris had them all making pastries/bakes for their dinner. They all did a great job and enjoyed the various fillings they had each chosen.
    I’m off to bed now so hope you all sleep well. Take care xx