Tuesday 4 April 2023

Sue's Birthday Card (Challenge card)


Good Morning Ladies, 

We were treated to a very chilly but beautifully sunny day yesterday,  I am so glad that I hadn't planted out the parsley & coriander plants that we bought on Saturday,  as we had a frost overnight and are forecast one tonight too, Paul had to defrost the car to take Sophie to get her car audio system upgraded.  

Janet did you manage to get through to surgery for an appointment?? I had my fingers crossed !! 

Lynda, sending love and hugs to you and Terry xxx

Todays card is Sue's 60th Birthday card for Chris, we did some research last Thursday and had a play with different number dies etc, I saw the start of it but with having a houseful of Grandchildren meant that it was late Saturday night when the finishing touches were adding. 

It works perfectly for our current challenge as it would work perfectly for male or female recipient, I love the clean, crisp design, Chris isn't one for liking too much fussiness so I expect it was a perfect design for him.  

Thank you so much for sharing it with us Sue xxx

By the way ladies, you will be blown away by the canvasses that the Grandchildren made for Chris,  such a brilliant idea, their designs were incredible. 

I hope you all have a great day,

Love & hugs to all, 

Sandra                                                                    xxxxxx 


  1. Hi everyone
    A fabulous card for Chris, I love the idea, I bet he loved it too 😊
    Another chilly start this morning, but the sun is out.
    I’m off to visit a very special friend today which I’ve been looking forward to for a long time. Two dodgy covid tests nearly put a spanner in the works, but I’m happy to say that I’m all clear 😊
    I must admit I’ve got butterflies in my tummy, but I know once I arrive I’ll be ok 😊…….I will see you later Sandra, I’m so excited πŸ˜€πŸ˜ xx
    Have a lovely day everyone whatever you’re doing.
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  2. morning everyone
    What a great card SUE.

    I had a very frustrated day yesterday trying to get some sense out of our surgery. I also didn't have any success getting in touch with the hospital dept either so it's a repeat performance today. Should be K&N this afternoon whether I get there is another matter.

    HUGS on their way to you all. Take care and stay safexxxx

  3. Hi everyone.
    Love the card for Chris so hoping you don't mind me using it for my dad ? Hope he loved it too and had/have a nice Birthday.
    I think where you are going Sonia πŸ˜‰ have a great day 😊
    Janet, hope you managed to get hold of the hospital today and I hope you got to the K&N, nice to keep up with your friends πŸ™
    Karen, hope you are feeling better. Sending you extra hugs x
    Lilian, so sorry to hear that you are in so much pain. Wish you soon feel better and maybe some sunshine will help you. Big hug
    Brenda, hope you are alright after the weekend but sure it was nice to see them all. Is your tortoise awake yet ?
    Luckily I felt ok for going out this morning so went to the foot doctor as she's called and did a little shop at Lidl. Also did a shop for some new jeans and some tops. One top still got the tag on and the jeans need to go up a size 😭 going back to the shop tomorrow. I need to lose weight and then we bought a pudding for after dinner 😐 going out for late lunch on Thursday and OH birthday is coming up so more going out to eat πŸ˜‘ How I'm going to lose anything before the holiday in late May ? Know very well what to do but.........
    Sending many,many hugs to you all. Take care xxx

  4. I’m late In because we have had huge problems with our internet - Virgin
    The card for Chris is great and like you’ve said perfect for both
    OH is off to Chelsea so I’m hoping to disappear into my craft room
    A shame you had no luck Janet
    Take care Lilian
    Good to see you were able to go shopping MARIA
    Take extra care Brenda
    Take care everyone xx

  5. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    Sue I love your card for Chris, I’m sure he loved it. Thank you for sharing and inspiring us.xx
    Janet I hope that you have had better luck today trying to get through to your GP and the hospital. It amazes me that some Surgeries make life so difficult to get an appointment with the medical staff, the patients are the reason they are all employed.
    YES Maria the tortoise is awake, she emerged from her house just over a week ago. Granddaughter spent ages sitting with her on Sunday afternoon.
    Karen enjoy your time crafting while OH is at Chelsea. You can craft to your hearts content and not feel guilty.πŸ˜€
    Take care everyone, Hugs Brenda xxx

  6. Hi Sandra and all looking in. I loved the 60th birthday card. You put so much work into it and it’s worth it all my lovely xx
    There is always at least one shape that we don’t have when trying to replicate a card isn’t there but you filled each box perfectly. My desk ended up looking like yours but my Chris was delighted with his card so it was worth all of the work. I would like to make it again but want to get something a little bigger and slightly different for the heart flower type thing. It was the best I could come up with after much looking through dies etc. Just more stuff waiting to be put away😏
    It has been a glorious day here today. We visited friends and sat out all afternoon in their garden in short sleeves and we have all caught the sun.
    I hope you all managed to get your doctors appointments etc. sorted out. I’m sorry that most of you are not feeling your best. I’m sending big gentle hugs to you all. Sleep well 🀞Take care xx