Friday 28 April 2023

Our Next Challenge...


Good Friday Morning Ladies,

I want to say it's been a long week because it really seems like Monday was forever ago but in some ways it's flown, I think I am more shocked that we are at the end of April more than anything, the weather doesn't help, we had a little sunshine at 7am but it had turned to heavy rain by mid morning and stayed that way for the rest of the day, the forecast for the weekend isn't great, cloudy Saturday and Monday and raining most of Sunday, it's frustrating this time of year as you just want to be out in the garden, I keep seeing these stories of a 40 degree heatwave heading our way from Europe for May, I can see as far ahead as the coronation on our weather site and its not getting above 17 or 18 degrees, so not heatwave in the foreseeable weeks!  I hope that the weather is dry atleast for all of the thousands of people that are planning on lining the route for the Coronation parade.  I saw a video of a rehearsal and it gave me goosebumps seeing so many horses on parade, including huge Shire or 'Carriage' horses as they called them, with all of the Household Calvary dressed in their shiny body armour and their lovely plumed helmets, I was totally in awe and that was just a rehearsal in the middle of the night, I can only imagine how spectacular it will be on the day, so fingers crossed its a dry day!  Are you all planning to watch it?

Thank you for the lovely comments on yesterday's card, I got the idea from an article in my Creative Stamping magazine that arrived yesterday, I did some research for any of you wanting to have a go and found that Jennifer Maguire has a video on Negative Ink Layering, so that you can watch a professional demonstration rather than working it from my directions, although Paul does say every time I do a new technique ''You should do a video'' !  

Our Next Challenge

Now I am sure that I can't be the only one that has so many Cards or projects 'Pinned' on Pinterest from my endless hours of browsing.  
So I thought for this Challenge we could all have a look at our saved Boards and make some of the projects that we have saved, I have Boards for different card categories, Thrinchies, Journal pages, so I have lots to choose from, I am a bit naughtly though as I tend to screenshot things I like to my phone instead of Pinning as I think it's easier to just check my gallery on my phone. 

I have really loved the last couple of challenges, they have pushed me to try new techniques and Ideas, I hope that you have too.  I will say though that by the time I got to Thursdays card I was all 'New techniqued out''  I don't think I have ever tried so many different things in a two week period.  There are some that I will definitely be using again though.

I hope that you all enjoy this challenge, fingers crossed it will, I mean we will all be having a go at things we have loved enough to save so it should be enjoyable.

I hope that you have a Fantastic Friday and a lovely long weekend,

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. I am looking forward to this challenge but I can’t say I pin very many to be honest
    The silent disco was interesting It was bizarre when you took your headphones off and watched people dancing to different tracks in silence One friend of ours is colour blind and it was hilarious reminding him what was what
    We will be in Blackpool for the Coronation at a Salsa weekender But I do hope to watch it
    Take care everyone xx

  2. Hi everyone
    Love the sound of our next challenge 😍 I’ve got loads, but like you, I also screenshot them to my photo gallery as they’re easier to find 😊
    I’m not working the weekend of the Coronation, so will be watching it on the tv. Mark will be on his way back from Ibiza - they’re going out on Wednesday to play a gig.
    Nothing planned this weekend as I’m working, but have got Monday off.
    Hope you’re all ok and having a good day
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  3. Hi Sandra and all looking in.
    I’m hit and missing everything this week including looking in here! I loved yesterdays card and want have a go at the negative stamping. I’m also looking forward to this new challenge. I have so many pinned cards etc so it will be good to make a few of them. Sadly I haven’t got to craft at all this week but plan to make up next week. We are all (us with Chris jnr and Tim, Roz and the girls off to Warwick castle tomorrow. Hopefully the rain holds off until k ok are afternoon as forecast. I do remember having some really hot March and April days. Let’s hope the forecast heat appears very soon.
    Sending gentle hugs to those in need. Take care xx