Thursday 13 April 2023

Brenda's Fun Fold Cards


Good Morning Ladies, 

Well we experienced every kind of weather in one day yesterday!  On our way to Gloucester we drove through beautiful sunshine,  then the blackest clouds you have ever seen,  then it rained so hard we couldn't hear the radio, it was deafening,  it was terrified for a few moments,  then the sun shone again, long enough to make you think its all over....then just like that the sky turned the darkest grey and the sky unleashed Hailstones, our wipers are going full speed and couldn't clear the screen!  It stopped for a few moments, long enough for us to get inside the Health centre that my Urology appointment was at..... 

All I am going to say about this long awaited appointment,  which I have been desperate for to get some answers!!!  It was a big fat WASTE OF TIME.  I had an Ultrasound of my kidneys,  not as thorough as the one I had at a local hospital that i had in January,  I was asked to take a sample too but after asking 4 different people I bought it home with me, total waste of sample bottle, I watched the 'Urologist ' scan my referral letter/notes after the previous patient left his room, it took maybe 30 seconds,  something was printing while we entered,  we sat and I started to explain my history, he just looked at me and said "why the wheelchair" so I explained,  i also explained my long period of catheterization,  he said that was more than likely the cause, so I asked why it had would have taken 13 years to show these symptoms,  he shrugged and said "Nobody should ever be catheterized for more than 7days "!  So I tried to explain that I used to have UTI monthly post that surgery but they had stopped about 3 years ago but last year started again,  nothing had changed to cause it, but he didn't want to listen,  he said so you've had six months of UTI'S so I tried to explain that no bacteria where present after January just symptoms,  but he wasn't listening,  he handed me the paper he had printed out as we walked in, prescribing Vagifem, he said my symptoms were very common being post menopausal and having dry vagina!!! I said I am neither of those,  i still have periods,  horrendous periods,  and didn't suffer dryness,  I also said that in my recent notes it says i was prescribed the same vagifem you prescribed but it made me unwell,  i also mentioned again that I had triple heart condition and shouldn't have Estrogen,  so he scored through that, I tried to explain symptoms and he just rolled his eyes nodded and said yup!  I said I was concerned about having to bare down to pee, he shrugged and said "probably due to inflammation of bladder"  so I tried to explain that it was same when i had no uti symptoms, but its like he didn't hear, I then went on to say that I had started a regime of supplements that had broken the cycle of needing antibiotics,  I went to explain what they were but he put his hand up and said " I can see" pointing to the folder i had all my information in, I printed off the research i had done eith case references exactly same as mine,  i said would you like to read it, he said " NO, here's my research" in a very sarcastic tone,  and drew a circle around the list he had given me that had vagifem etc on, it has Cranberry Supplement                                                    D- mannose                                                                         probiotic  & vitamin c & d

So I said I have been taking those since beginning of February,   at this point I could see the Cystoscopy Kit on a trolley by the bed,  I was thinking lets get this done so we can see whats making bladder inflammed and him physically inserting camera/scope thing would check urethra for abnormalities,  kinks, blockages etc.                       But he hands over that sheet of paper and says "take these for 3 months,  any problems ask to be re-referred to us"  his assistant then stood up and opened the door, no further questions,  the only answer i got was "probably " due to inflammation of bladder.  So I said in quite a frustrated tone " so do I have Interstitial Cystitis as the past 4 or 5 Uti's weren't uti's as there was no infection, he briefly looked at screen again and said "more than likely "! 

So after waiting since before Christmas for this appointment to get some help and answers I am NO further forward, despite all of his assumptions being wrong he didn't even try to diagnose the cause of these miserable symptoms.  The company he/they represent is a private company that travel the area "taking pressure off the NHS " best thing is he said we don't have to pay to park like we do at hospitals!!  Referring to himself and his staff, the lady that did my ssan said same,  she said I get to claim for an hours travel each way and pay no parking and I earn a lot more than i did when I was working in hospital!! 

Let's brighten the day by looking at Brenda's lovely fun fold cards, they are basically a 'Z' fold card, using some beautiful papers.

These are the designers cards...

Here are measurements:

Here is link showing how to make the cards .....

Fun Fold tutorial

Brenda,  I personally think the papers you have used are prettier, also the measurements above are the same for both cards (not sure why they listed it twice).

If you would like any help just let me know and I will do a step by step. Maybe we could all make one as a challenge?! 

Thank you so much Brenda for sharing your gorgeous cards with us, you have certainly inspired me XXX


I apologise for the whiney, moany post above but I like to keep my blog real, I like to make you feel you can comfortably speak openly about how you feel too,  I don't think I have felt this miserable and let down in a long time.

Sending my love and hugest hug to all of you,

Sandra x❤x


  1. Hi everyone
    Brenda, I love your cards, they’re very pretty 😍 Thanks for sharing the measurements and tutorial, I’ll definitely be having a go 😊
    Sandra, I’m so very sorry to hear about your appointment yesterday. After waiting so long, and worrying about it, what a total waste of time! I would definitely be thinking about putting in a complaint. Very unprofessional to not only dismiss your concerns, and not even bother to do the cystoscopy but then to harp on about them getting free parking!! Absolutely disgraceful behaviour 😠
    I hope after all that you managed to get some sleep last night 🥰
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  2. Your cards are beautiful Brenda It would make a good challenge to make one
    Oh Sandra I don’t know what to say Don’t give up and I agree with Sonia You must contact PALS You, Paul or one of the girls MUST ring the GP and INSIST you have an appointment Their behaviour was disgusting No wonder the NHS is being depleted of staff if they can earn more elsewhere etc
    Day Two of grandparent duty today We haven’t anything planned but may go to the zoo or park and make some biscuits
    We have sunshine at the moment but how long will it last
    Take care everyone xx

  3. morning everyone
    BEAUTIFUL cards BRENDA. Such fantastic papers and colours.

    SANDRA I'm surprised you didn't throw the sample at that discraceful man. No-one should behave like that. It doesn't matter what status a person has or what line of work they are in everyone should be listened to and respected.
    I really think that a complaint should be made.
    I hope you have a much better day today and that you are contacting your GP as soon as you can.

    The weather here is like yesterday some sun then heavy rain and strong winds. The blossom is coming off the trees and laying a beautiful carpet.

    HUGS on their way to you all. Take care and stay safe.xxxx

  4. Good morning Sandra and everyone,
    Not sure what happened to my comment yesterday, I pressed publish then put iPad on charge. When I checked later it had disappeared. Think it’s Those gremlins again!
    What a day you had yesterday Sandra, you just couldn’t make it up could you. I hope you manage to get a good nights sleep after all that carry on. xx
    Thank you for showing these cards they work well for all the 6 x 6 pads I have collected over the years.
    Sorry have to dash I have an INR test at 9.45 then going to the hairdresser.
    Catch up with you later. Hugs Brenda xxx

  5. Hello All, wet and cold.

    Sandra I hope you are feeling better today.
    Brenda lovely cards will have a try when I’ve finished this weeks challenge piece.
    As it’s late, I’ll say goodnight to all, Lilian