Friday 25 November 2022

Janet's Old Die Challenge


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Good Friday Morning Ladies,

Its Friday once again, the last Friday of November! Absolute shocker, this week has flown but thats probably because I have spent most of it in bed, hopefully these Antibiotics will work and I can enjoy the weekend, I am not convinced (as of Thursday 8pm) but I have 3 more tablets to take, so finger's crossed! 🤞 
Do you all start sending your Christmas Cards on the 1st of December?  I'm not usually that organised, I think I have most of mine made this year (famous last words), One thing I did try to do this year was to make sure that my cards were a standard size, so I won't be panic making envelopes last minute!  I didn't make the inserts as I went along as I intended, I did a few, but never mind. 
Are you all done? 

Janet's Old Die Challenge 

Our Janet suggested an 'Old Die' Challenge  last week so that's what we are going for for Our Next Challenge.  It can be any old die, not just Sue Wilson dies.

I spent a couple of hours going through old blog posts, right back to 2016/ 2017 to find photos of cards that we all made back then, what a nostalgic couple of hours I had.  I did think about adding the cards and having you guess who had made them, however it was 5 years or more ago,  so would be quite tough.  Hopefully seeing some of these older cards will remind you how awesome those first dies we all bought were and tempt you into reaching for them once again!   
It's a fact that as we get new things we forget to use the older things and get to the point that we forget about them, well that's what I do !! 

I hope that you all enjoy Janet's Challenge,  I am looking forward to mixing the old dies with new products too.   
Thank you so much Janet for a great suggestion XXX

I hope that you all enjoy your Friday,

Love and hugs to all, 



  1. Morning Everyone
    I'm sorry I haven't been in for the last few days but I have been struck down with some sort of 'cold' bug which has really put me off my feet. Fortunately I managed to get a CC made at the beginningof the week.

    SANDRA I have everything crossed that you're on the right path and that the last antibiotics will do their job.

    Thank you for using my suggestion for this week's Challenge. I have so many 'old' dies which really deserve to be dusted off and used instead of just buying new products. Perhaps I'll target them for the coming months.

    HUGS are on their way to you all. Please take care and stay safe.xxxx

  2. Hi Sandra and all looking in today. What a great time I’ve had looking at our lovely old cards. This is a good challenge that will be fun going through those old dies that are a bit dusty. Thank you Janet xx
    Sandra I have everything tightly crossed that the final meds will do the trick my lovely xx
    Have a good day everyone. Sending hugs to you all. Take care xx

  3. Oh my word! I had totally forgotten about the cards you’ve shown of mine! I don’t remember making that Golden Anniversary card at all!
    I am certainly going to enjoy looking at my old dies Thank you Janet for a great challenge
    I hope you are beginning to feeling better SANDRA and Lilian
    I have this flu-like bug So after lunch and a couple of paracetamol I am definitely going for a lie down

  4. Hi everyone
    A great challenge for next week, thank you Janet for suggesting it. I’m loving looking at the older cards, they’re all fantastic 😊
    Fingers crossed that you feel better for the weekend Sandra xx
    There seems to be a cold/bug going around at the moment, I’ve been fighting it for the last few days too, but fortunately hasn’t got too bad. I’ve even gone back to doing covid tests every other day, just in case!
    I’m always late sending out my Christmas cards, but need to be on top of it this year with the postal strikes. I’ll admit I did buy a box of cards as I always do - I don’t send handmade to everyone.
    I hope you’re all having a good day.
    Sending hugs to you all xx

  5. Hi everyone
    wow ! How lovely are these older cards and dies. Thanks Janet for a fun card challenge.
    I am no where finished with the x-mas cards because my cutting plates for the Gemini cracked so badly so have only used it for making the cc's. The Gemini is now going to the garage and OH has bought me a Sizzix big shot plus which will be here on Monday.
    Karen and Janet, take care and get well soon.
    Sandra, wish you better and hopefully you feel okay for the weekend.
    Lilian and Sue, you also take it easy. Don't overdo things.
    Brenda, sending you and John some special hugs. Good news from the doc.
    Sonia, cuddles for Barney. I spent some time with Pippa the cat this morning. Her owner is away for another week, sadly I can't have her at ours ,OH is very allergic.
    Sending many hugs to you and all our missing friends and get better soon anyone who are not feeling alright, take care xxx

  6. Hello, all , it’s been dry, but very cold, I know they say it’s mild, but I feel really cold.
    Great challenge for next week, need to tidy my dies they are in a real mess, so I’m sure I’ll find something to spark my mojo.

    Sandra hope the meds are working and that you are feeling back to normal.
    Another day of sitting around doing nothing, must try and shake off this awful tiredness. Hugs to all, Lilian