Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Karen's 1st TicTacToe challenge card

Good Morning Ladies,

Yesterday was chilly let me tell you, it rained pretty much all day too, which made it feel even cooler, the garden was very grateful for the rain though, everything looked like it was springing to life after a good drink! It also meant that some of the 'indoor' jobs got done too, I couldn't bare to look at the ironing pile any longer (Paul usually does it but the garden has taken priority) so I thought I would do some ironing while watching Hochanda, as Tracy Evans had the One Day Special so there were some lovely demo's to watch.  I thought I would do a few of Paul's work shirts and then go into my craft room to make a card for the blog..…..How daft was I, Ironing is one of the jobs that my body just doesn't like, I managed to get about 4 shirts done and a few T Shirts and my back decided it wanted to stop, annoyingly I was then in agony for the rest of the day, I'm not sure if its the weight of the iron or the actual action of twisting side to side as you iron,  I just can't do ironing sat down either, I have tried.  I just hate leaving it all for Paul to do, the girls did come and take over for me thankfully.

Karen kindly let me share her 1st TicTacToe Challenge card today (as I just couldn't sit to craft, I was so frustrated),
Karen used Categories:  Floral/Favourite Colour/Die cut

" I used categories : Floral Die cut Fav colour (blue)
Paper is Serif
Die cut is from Wish which I’ve shadowed with the dark blue x

Karen I love your card, that background is so delicate and pretty, I think that keeping it simple was definitely the right thing to do, it just showcases those stunning flowers in the corners. The happy birthday die cut you have used works beautifully as its really delicate too.
Thank you so much for allowing me to share your card today, I really do appreciate your help XXX

Janet, did you watch the LeBlanche One Day Special, ooh so many beautiful things, there was a really beautiful girly collection that sold out in the first 10 minutes, I thought about you and your Diorama's the whole show! XXX

I hope that you all have a lovely day,

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Karen - is gorgeous, really lovely. I really like the sentiment Die.

    Yesterday was busy at work with a few problems to sort out. I have a meeting first thing this morning with my line manager then hopefully I can continue with planning the work for next week. Also need to look at the following week as I have a couple of days booked off. We were going to take the whole week off but it doesn’t seem right somehow so we’re both cancelling 3 days holiday.
    We had lots if rain yesterday and overnight so the garden looks good. It’s definitely cooler and no sunshine here today.


    1. I hope you manage to get everything sorted at work Michele.

  2. Morning Everyone
    A very pretty card KAREN.

    It's a horrible day here rain and cold and it looks as thoughi it could be set for the day.

    The CAFE I OPEN so pop in for a chat and a cuppa.
    HUGS are on their way to you all.PLEASE TAKE CARE AND STAY SAFE XXXX

  3. Thank you SANDRA and ladies It is a very simple card I was going to add extra flowers but then decided to leave them off and keep it really CAS
    I hope to make a couple more later especially as the weather is so miserable here and cold!
    Is it Sewing Bee tonight? Hope so I really enjoy that
    I must also ring my dad and check he’s OK
    Other than that I will probably do more crochet this evening
    Take care all xx

    1. Hope your Dad is ok when you ring him. Enjoy the sewing bee tonight and your crocheting.

  4. Hi Sandra & ladies
    Karen a lovely card today. Love just the pop off colour in the opposite corners.
    It was cold here as well yesterday. I put the dustbin out about 4.00pm yesterday when I came back in my fingers were purple with the cold so I popped the heating on. I’d been upstairs doing some Groovi work before that.
    Livvy knocked on the window about 9.00pm she was taking her little dog for a walk. We chatted for about 20mins, then Karen & Amber arrived with the other 4. They’d walked them around the block. So we had a chat for another 10mins. It broke the evening up.
    I’ve seen your iron Sandra and it’s huge and heavy. No wonder you weren’t able to do very much. It would be too heavy for me as well.
    Drab is the only word for our weather this morning. It’s supposed to rain as well. The rain yesterday saved me from filling the watering can from the water butts though.
    Hugs to all who needs one today and please stay safe.

  5. Hi Sandra and all in the cafe' today
    I am so,so cold today so coming in and see this pretty card is warming a little bit.Thank you Karen for sharing it with us.
    Managed to get a walk in this morning before the rain, now it coming down properly. No mojo for any crafting today so reading my book and staying under a blanket with plenty of mugs of tea and coffee's.
    Have a nice day everyone and take care. Hugs ,Maria xxx

    1. I had a walk this morning as well Maria. But not long after I got in it started to rain.have been upstairs putting 2 projects together. Might go and start another ont in a couple of minsinutes. Enjoy your book.

  6. Hi Sandra and everyone.
    Lovely card Karen, thanks for sharing.
    Sorry to hear you’ve hurt your back Sandra, hope it’s easing today.
    Was lovely this morning when I left for work - blue sky and sun shining, but been raining now since mid morning. I feel very cold aswell so the heating has just gone on.
    Hope all having a good day. Hugs to all xxx

    1. It’s quite chilly here as well Sonia. It was raining but has now stopped but very windy again.

  7. Hello All, seems I might have a working iPad.

    Lovely card, Karen love that sentiment die you have used, need to buy some new ones.

    Raining here and yesterday, so cold, so heating on again.

    Watching Tracy on Utube, gosh they are great, but too long to watch in one go, would love to have a go at one of her workshops, do you have to have all the stuff she uses.
    Would love to see your accordion books when you have finished, I might be able to do some like that. Today she was using facial tissues and pva glue.

    I have found the top of my desk so hope to do my challenge tomorrow.

    Here’s hoping this will work, hugs to all Lilian

  8. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    Oh dear Sandra, I hope your back is feeling easier today and you are able to move about, nothing worse than back pain it’s so debilitating and frustrating. Pleased the girls stepped in to help. Take Care xx

    KAREN your card is beautiful, I agree with you better to leave it CAS. Although it could be dressed up for any special occasion and would still look beautiful. Thank you for sharing. xx

    I have spent a lot of time online today trying to track a package, I ordered some moisturiser and clarifying lotion online last Thursday for my sister and paid for next day delivery. I had an email to say that Hermes had the package on Friday morning, Then updates throughout the day .... With the courier.... estimated time of delivery etc. etc. To cut a long story short it still hasn’t been delivered. I’ve been online several times these last few days talking to a digital assistant, who was as helpful as a chocolate frog. Sent emails, lost count how many I’ve sent. The tracking is still saying - With your courier.... and at 19.03 - Fri 24 Apr. It tells me ‘Your parcel is on its way to you today’ it’s so irritating when next day delivery has been paid for and it still has not been delivered. Sorry ladies Soapbox away.

    Have a good evening, keep warm, stay safe and look after each other.
    Love Brenda xxx

    1. Pleased that published, my head is not in a good place. I wrote the above in Safari which does not recognise me, that’s why I am anonymous!! I usually comment in Chrome. XX

  9. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today.
    Karen, what a beautiful card with such gorgeous paper and that lovely sentiment. Love love love it. And so glad you saved the day for Sandra. I’m itching to see your accordion book. X
    Sandra, sorry to hear your body decided to pay you back for doing a little bit of ironing. I hope it is feeling a bit better by now. I completely understand your frustration my lovely and big gentle hugs are on their way xx
    Brenda, sorry you are having delivery issues. You would think that it would be simple with everything being computerised but I think it makes it much harder sometimes! I hope you manage to get it sorted very soon x
    While looking online for some black card I found that Limetree craft now has an
    online shop. I was delighted to find it as I always buy most of my card and paper from them at craft shows. I know several of you do the same so wanted to say incase you didn’t know. My package arrived early yesterday morning after ordering it on 3/5 day delivery at 11.30pm on Monday so I was more than pleased at the prompt service.
    Mum sends her love to you all as always. She gets a new phone shortly so we are hoping it will be much easier for her to use, fingers crossed. We had a chat today and Mum told me she is able to knit again, even if very slowly. I will freely admit that I cried with happiness which set Mum off and worried the heck out of poor Pop when he walked into the lounge to hear us both crying on either end of the phone until we explained why. What fantastic news. Clearly the exercises are having a good effect and I had to share the news with you all. We are all so happy and proud that you can do this Mum. Love you xx
    I hope you are all not too cold. What a change in temperature! Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for Lynda, Mum and all in need. Take care xx