Saturday, 18 April 2020

Mixed up Saturday featuring Michele's Magazine Review

Good Saturday Morning My lovely friends,

I hope that you are all OK, despite the weather turning so much cooler, I think that the garden was grateful for the rain though, it was looking a little parched!

I have so Gorgeous Knitted and Crocheted cuties to share with you all today, plus we have Michele's fantastic Magazine Review, Michele and I were discussing the review yesterday as some magazines may have to stop production, Michele and I both subscribe to Card Making and Papercraft magazine and they announced that the latest issue is the last for a while as they have to protect their staff, we tend to take these things for granted when we pick them up in store or have them delivered, the sad thing is that they would have been even more popular as people have so much extra time on their hands. So we must make the most of Michele's reviews while they last.  


Karen has been busy Knitting and Crocheting these incredible NHS characters, they are amazing  you are so talented Karen, your attention to detail is outstanding.  I wish Nurses still dressed like the one in your first photo, you used to be able to clearly see who was who and wards were run in almost Military fashion with Matron in charge!! 
Thank you so much for sharing your amazing creations Karen XXX


Janet has also picked up her crochet hook, she has very cleverly altered an existing pattern for a cute critter to one wearing 'Scrubs', so brilliant Janet, I love them!
Janet's Description:
"I attach a photo of two 'cute critters' which I have managed to turn into NHS teddies dressed in scrubs. These will be going to my Granddaughter who works on a ward in a local hospital"

Thank you so much Janet for sharing your amazing makes XXX

Michele's Magazine Review

Hi Ladies,

Simply Cards & Papercraft magazine has a great set of stamps & stencil as the free gift this month.

Here’s some ideas of what’s inside the magazine.

Here’s some ideas of what you can make using the free gift.

Great article on ink blended emboss resist. This gives some gorgeous results.

Interesting feature on using Gouache paints.

This style of fancy fold cards looks amazing.

That’s all for this week.
Happy Crafting

Love Michele

Thanks Michele for another fantastic Review some great techniques and features once again. That stamp set is amazing and I will definitely be buying that magazine. 
I really appreciate you doing this feature each week my lovely XXX 

Have a lovely weekend ladies, please stay home and stay safe,

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Everyone
    OH KAREN-you have done it again. Two magnificent cuties.
    Like SANDRA I particularly love your nurse. You really are a master of the needles.

    MICHELE- thank you for your usual informative mag review.
    I miss going to have a look at them in the 'flesh'.

    SANDRA-thank you for showing my altered teddies. My fingers still struggle with the crochet hook but do enjoy doing them.

    The CAFE is OPEN for business.Everyone more than welcome.
    There's a lemon drizzle cake for today which of course is calorie

    HUGS are on their way to you all including absent Friends.xxxx

  2. I love your cute critters JANET To be able to adapt the pattern to create them wearing scrubs is so clever of you Far more creative than I ever am
    Thank you MICHELE for the review It is and will be so sad seeing smaller family run businesses go out of business Let’s hope that the issue of some magazines is a postponement rather than a finish
    I enjoyed making mine and agree with you SANDRA I can remember when Gary was on the children’s ward the staff used to wear trousers and different coloured Fred Perry style t-shirts It made it exceptionally hard to distinguish who was stag and who wasn’t It was to help the children feel more at ease and not be scared of a “uniform”
    Weather is pretty miserable here I have no idea what I’ll be doing except some crafting and catch up a bit on some sleep
    Thanks for the address CHERYL I will definitely look into it (it was Sixpenny Memories on C&C not SD)
    Take care all and stay safe x

    1. I made the comment of SD due to watching her video encouraging all of us to sew bags. She was giving out the wrong information regarding the cleansing of the scrubs. She also claimed that people could use glue to make the bags if they couldn't sew. Now most fabric glues only wash up to 40 degrees before disintegrating where scrubs need to be washed at 60 degrees to kill off the bugs x

  3. Morning Ladies

    Love the crochet critters-you’re all so clever.

    Called in first thing but didn’t have time to comment. Been to Morrison’s & the butchers (in the village) to get our shopping. It’s rather chilly out, not sure if we’ll have a walk later-might attempt to make a card instead.

    PS I might have confused you all as I sent Sandra this magazine Review then realised late yesterday that I’d already sent this one a while ago!
    Cardmaking & Papercraft only arrived yesterday and they’ve halted production until the Coronovirus situation improves so there won’t be as many magazine Reviews unfortunately.

    1. I’m really confused as this is the latest issue of this particular magazine! I think I need to start again today!!!


  4. Morning ladies,

    Following yesterday's massive downpours all day, today is still very overcast and grey. I'm still isolated til end of June so taking time to start new art/craft techniques and finish HFP's. Some are going slowly and others quite quickly. My sons' Christmas wreath is finished up to where the bow should go, for the life of me I cannot remember where the gold ribbon is that I bought to make the bow is! Maybe my decluttering has hidden it somewhere other than where it should be.

    Still no news from Mum on Dad's funeral and I am so hoping their council does not decide to bury everyone in a mass grave, as reported on the news. He is our family head and did not die from the covid-19 but the cancers he had.

    However your day decides to go, I hope it is kind to you

    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

  5. Hi Sandra and everyone.
    Oh I love the cute knitted and crocheted critters from Karen and Janet - they’re fabulous. Well done 😊
    Another great magazine review Michele. Have to admit I’ve not bought a crafting mag for years, so it’s always good to see your reviews.
    Quiet shift at work this morning. Happy to say that the lady from the care home is responding well to treatment, after testing positive for covid 19. They have 14 members of staff off at the moment though with symptoms, which is worrying.
    Hope you’re all keeping well. Enjoy the rest of the day.
    Hugs to all xxx

    1. I’m so sorry to hear that some off your colleagues are off with symptoms of Covid. Good to hear thought that your resident is responding to treatment.
      Take dare yourself.

  6. hello, am working on my old lap top as my ipad is refusing to let me comment.
    love the toys today, really miss being able to knit and crochet,Karen can I ask how you did the hair on your nurse, I make rag dolls but always have a problem with hair.
    Michele good review of mag again I'm wondering if all mags will go this way as some of the sewing ones are proving hard to get.

    have loved all the cards over the last few days, hopefully will get a card done for this week.
    keep safe and well all,hugs Lilian

  7. Hi Sandra and all in the cafe' today.
    Love the crocheted critters from our Janet and Karen, absolutely brilliant work.
    Michele- hope you are ok ? Thank you for the review, always nice to see.
    Sonia- sorry to see so many of your colleagues are off with symptoms. Everything crossed for this virus to soon turn around and never to come back again. You take care.
    Cheryl- I have all hope for your dad to have a proper and nice funeral in the near future. Thinking of you x
    Weather did change here too since yesterday afternoon, it has been raining on and off and gone much colder. OH had to go for the walk on his own today, I'm not feeling up to much and have earache and tonsils are up a bit. Managed to make some cc but felt I have cheated a bit for they are very simple ones but mojo is non existing.
    I wish you all a nice Saturday as possible and many hugs are sent to you all, Maria xx

  8. Hi Sandra and ladies
    Not sure what's happening again lost my comment again twice
    KAREN _AND JANET i love both your nurses your both really clever
    Thanks Michele for your magazines review. CHERYL so sorry hope you can arrange a proper funeral for your Dad sending some Hug's xx
    Hope you all have a good weekend and stay safe love Lynda xxxx

  9. Hi Sandra & ladies
    Oh my word Karen. Just love the nurses your done . So so clever.
    Janet too just love how you’ve adapted your teddies as well. Two very clever ladies
    I feel very cold today so have popped the heating on for awhile. It’s supposed to warm up again. I do hope so.
    Stay safe out there ladies.

  10. Sorry Michele thank you so much for the magazine reviews.