Thursday, 30 April 2020

A very Simple challenge card

Good Morning Ladies,

I hope that you are all wrapped up warm, it's like a totally different season out there, feels like we are back in November!  The rain really does make the garden look much healthier, I walked up to the greenhouse with Paul early yesterday morning to check on the progress of our seeds, they are all starting to come through, it gives you such a 'buzz' to see them coming to life.  The rain seems to have given Paul's onions a boost too, they look like they have double in size in a couple of days.
Oh I saw a tip about growing Spring Onions the other day, when you use the Spring onion leave about an inch or so at the root end and plant that out and the spring onion regrows really quickly, so its like you are getting 2 for 1, I know that they aren't expensive to buy but even better if you can get some for free!  It's a pity we can't grow craft supplies!

I too have had a frustrating parcel delivery Brenda, I ordered some Tim Holtz bits from Create and Craft, everything was in stock and there were no delays when the confirmation came through, so I have been going on to try and track parcel but you can't, Hermes are supposed to be delivering but there is no tracking information.  I then received an email yesterday explaining that there was a 'delay despatching' the items due to the 'current situation'!  What annoys me is that there is no talk of this until they have your money, I also think that some companies are using the 'situation' as an excuse for poor service.  Don't get me wrong I totally except delays with Royal Mail because of staff shortages.  However 6.99 delivery cost from a courier is a little OTT when the order takes as long as ordering from China!  Rant Over!  Soap Box back under the stairs! (by the way did you notice that Paul has added a Grab Rail to the Soap Box for those of us that struggle to climb up to air our frustrations?)!

Todays card was so simple but it was all I could summon the energy to make after an uncomfortable night, why does a bad back hurt so bad?!
I took a 5 1/4 inch square piece of white card, I then put a tiny drop of Pink Acrylic pain on my craft sheet and loaded my brayer, I brayered a light touch of ink onto my card and then used the excess ink and cleaned the roller on a separate piece of card, I stamped a few of the Best Wishes stamps around my painted background and then stamped a stem onto the card, I took the Daisy stamp and stamped that onto the separate piece of card that I cleaned my brayer onto, I dried the image and then fussy cut it and placed it over the stem on my background.
I used the same Best Wishes stamp to stamp the sentiment onto a scrap of card which I die cut with a banner die, I then cut a black mat for it too, I added touches of the pink paint around the edges of my sentiment to tie it into the background.
All of the stamps I used were free in the Simply Cards & Papercraft Magazine issue 204 in shops now.  Michele featured this magazine a couple of weeks ago, the free stamps are lovely.
My card was based on a design in the magazine by Tracy Evans.

Categories Used:  Simple Stamping/Floral/Feminine

I hope that you all have a lovely day,

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-what a lovely card. I don’t blame you for having a rant-that’s not ok for the delay.

    I’m off to give blood after work tonight-I have a sterile face mask (wrapped) to take with me as I don’t want to take any risks but still want to keep my appointment as patients still need blood transfusions.


    1. I hope your blood appointment goes ok Michele. Stay as safe as you can.

  2. Hi Sandra & ladies
    A really lovely card today Sandra. All the stamps being free with a magazine is an added bonus too.
    I agree that paying that much for postage you should have a better service than that from a courier.
    My order from Clarity was despatched from the 19th last night. So it’ll be interesting to see how long it takes in the post. Only 1 person is in doing the picking & packing.
    Gill’s granddaughter is back at school after the Easter holidays in Australia ( her Mum is a carer ). However Paul’s boys aren’t allowed into school. Both him and his wife are essential workers, so work. They aren't around to supervise school work and Riley really struggles. How daft that one school will take children and another one a few miles up the road won’t, Gill is hoping lockdown will be relaxed soon as they’re only having a few deaths from Covid 19. 89 yesterday and most off them were off a cruise ship and in nursing homes. She’s desperate to see a Bryan as he’s getting much weaker now.
    Rain again today, and it’s windy & cold. I’m so glad I didn’t change to my summer quilt last week.
    I’m glad to hear your Mums improving Sue. Give her my regards when you next speak to her.
    Hugs for everyone who needs one today and please try and stay safe.

  3. Morning ladies,

    Another wet soggy day hooray! more craft time in my craft room.

    I honestly cannot understand why anyone would want to order from C&C, Hochanda et al. when they state extended delivery times on every item. They cannot get your order to you as China is closed and the ships are still in dock. They will win every time as not only do they have your money upfront, they also get the interest that could be in your account. There are so many complaints of this on every craft forum on FB and the Internet. Surely the items you covet are not worth that? Needless to say the complainants also state they have enough stock to last them a couple of years lol. Rant over, soapbox back in corner.

    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

  4. Hello All, very wet and cold here, heating on, also nearly changed to my summer duvet last week , ver glad I didn’t.

    Lovely card today Sandra, very different, remember a time when you would hardly use any stamps!

    As too the craft channels I think they take so long because they wait to see how many orders they get before they get them in, seems they both take about 3 weeks.
    Better to use small supplier as they go out of their way to please.

    Hoping to do my c card today, after I have shortened 2 pairs of trousers for me. Not sure what I’m going to do haven’t really looked at the grid.

    Keep safe all Lilian

    1. Agree with your comment regarding the craft channels. They don't have it in stock even though the presenters claim they do. All their goods come from China so customers are held to ransom by not being able to get the items quicker. It does make perfect sense to use the smaller suppliers here in the UK xxx

    2. I think my heating needs to go on as well Lilian it’s freezing indoors. The house faces North to west. Which means when the suns out the front of the house gets warm. But the kitchen diner is always cold. Good luck with shortening your trousers.

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  6. A very pretty card SANDRA
    I can see the value of seeing companies showcase their stuff on tv I do usually buy direct from the actual company but sometimes the tele channels have some good deals Either way the company beit small or large benefit from the “advertising”
    Some companies do take the “mick” on postage costs compared to some
    I am so busy at work which I am glad has finished for the day So just about to have snooze

  7. Hi Sandra and everyone.
    Love your card today Sandra.
    Frustrating about your order from create and craft. I haven’t ordered from them for years, as when I did, the p&p was far too high and I waited ages for my items to arrive - seems as if nothing has changed! 🙄 However I do hope you don’t have to wait too long - nothing worse than waiting for something to arrive which you really want.
    Hope you’re all having a good day and keeping well. Hugs to all xxx

  8. Hi Sandra and everyone.
    Sitting here and watching Tracy again from her one day special. Think I will have to get some of her stamps one day, her work is growing on me and your card today is so pretty Sandra. We do need sometimes some quick cards done and this is a lovely one to copy.
    Ordering things at the moment seem to take ages to come so sorry to hear you not getting a better service when paying so much in p/p. Hopefully you get the items soon.
    I bought some things from Craftstash, did I need it ? heck no but when you feel a bit off with back pain or other aches and pains it is a pull just to look online to see what you can grab (without OH to know) he will but not before I have pressed BUY Lol
    Wet and cold so my day have been in bed under the covers for some of it and mojo still gone, hate these days when nothing being done and brain is doing cartwheels.
    I hope you all have had a nice day and your evening will be good too. Take care and many hugs to you all.Extras for our Margaret and Lynda and to anyone who need some. xxx

  9. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    What a lovely card, so clean and fresh. Great use of the freebies with your magazine. Hope the back is easier today and you haven’t got to adventurous.xx

    Sat this morning writing letters of complaint about the items I had ordered for my sister, one was finished and in the envelope, I was getting on with my second letter when I got a text message to say Hermes were going to deliver today between 11 am and 1 pm. I cannot tell you how pleased I felt. Have to add that thankful feeling didn’t last long, As at this moment in time it’s 6:30 pm - it still hasn’t arrived.!!!
    Hope you have better luck Sandra with your missing items.

    Just going to put a lasagna in the oven for dinner, only have vegetables to cook after that. So a very easy meal tonight.

    Take care everyone and stay safe, Brenda XXX

    1. Hi Brenda, hope you felt better today and I also hope you sent that letter for how they behaving is not right. They might be short staffed but then they shouldn't promise any delivery and you be disappointed once again. Lasagne sound nice, hope you and John had a nice evening x