Friday, 24 April 2020

Good Morning Ladies,

The weekend is upon us again, I am writing the blog whilst sitting on the swing at the bottom of the garden, Paul is laid beside me with his head on my knee, taking a nap (he's up at 4 45am on earlies), all I can hear is bird song, somany different kinds of birds, it's so peaceful.
It has been such a beautiful day today, lovely and warm and no chilly breeze today.

The day didn't start as relaxed however.....
We had a call from Matt who was contacted by the police regarding Sophie's old car, (she had insisted on buying a car from a garage that had a poor reputation,  it looked lovely from the outside, but what they hadn't disclosed was the fact that it had been in a bad accident and they hadn't bothered repairing some of the major structural damage, which we discovered when she needed some work done at our local garage, he advised her that it wasn't safe to drive, so she ended up selling it to an auto salvage company that paid her a decent price, which she put towards her new car that is in good condition)!
She handed the relevant documents to the driver and waved goodbye to that bad experience, thinking that chapter was closed! The police were ringing because the car had been parked on somebody's drive in Trowbridge and the keys put through the letter box, only problem being the people knew nothing about the car, that was apparently still in Sophie's name, luckily she had all paper wotk from the sale and Matt spoke to police, they think the car was sold at auction and been delivered to the wrong address, Soph called DVLA to check that they knew that she wasn't the owner. For a few minutes we were worrying that she was going to be liable for all kinds of costs. Thankfully the day ended a lot happier than it started.  It does make you wonder how efficient  the Dvla paper system really is.

Next Week's Challenge 

I discovered this great TicTacToe Challenge while browsing through Pinterest, I thought it had a great variety of Categories, so I decided that this would be our next Challenge. 
It's nice to see 'Water Theme' and Clean & Simple alongside Vintage and some of the usual categories.
I hope you enjoy it Ladies.

Lets hope this lovely weather lasts through the weekend.

I hope you all have a good weekend,

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Everyone
    I cannot believe we're at the end of another week so of course it is that lovely day I love the most NOT. Swear word day so you all know what I'll be doing

    A good Challenge SANDRA for this coming week.

    The CAFE is OPEN ready and waiting. There's a lovely Coffeeand Walnut cake in the tin so help yourselves.

    HUGSS are on their way to you all. PLEASE TAKE CARE AND STAY SAFE. HAVE A GOOD WEEK END. xxxx

    1. Hope the sweater word doesn’t take too long to do Janet.

  2. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-great challenge, interesting choices on this Tic Tac Toe. Glad al ended well with the query about Sophie’s old car.

    Last night as we went out to clap at 8pm Phil switched off the sprinkler & joined me at the front gates. I came back inside & he had to clean up the hedgehog poop he’d stepped in and got all over the mat & kitchen floor. Unfortunately I left him to it as I needed to finish a birthday card. May in the bin, shoes cleaned & left outside. Floors mopped!
    Off to work-thank goodness it’s Friday.


    1. Yuk Michele rather you than me clearing up that mess. I was also out clapping last night. Plus the people were out from No 2 & No 4 were out yesterday as well, which I was glad to see.

  3. Great challenge for the coming week I like the choices of CAS or vintage etc Really different.
    I am so pleased you managed to get the mix up about Sophie’s car sorted
    I am so glad it’s Friday But all that will be different is I won’t have to get up for work Oooh No! I am doing an online workshop with SANDRA run by Tracy Evans tomorrow and Sunday morning I’m really looking forward to it
    Take care all STAY SAFE x

    1. Enjoy doing the workshop over the weekend Karen.

  4. Hi Sandra and everyone.
    Great challenge for next week - love the categories.
    Glad it was all sorted about Sophie’s car, and you were able to finish the day relaxing in your garden.
    Going to be doing some more crafting today and must send you my challenge cards later. Made a card for Capt Tom yesterday and hubby put it in the post.
    Will probably go for a walk this afternoon (as not getting my usual exercise walking round work 😂) A close friend has contracted covid, so her and her boyfriend are self isolating and hubby has been walking their dog for them in the afternoons, so I think I’ll go with him today. Fortunately she hasn’t been seriously ill, but It just goes to show this terrible virus does not discriminate - she works for the NHS and even with all the PPE you can still catch it 😔
    Anyway, hope all well, stay safe and have a good day.
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

    1. Enjoy your walk Sonia and I hope your friend makes a full recovery. Take care.

    2. Hope your friend will be ok, enjoy your day x

  5. Hi Sandra & ladies
    Luckily Sophie got her old car sorted and she hadn’t been landed with a bill.
    Lovely that you were able to sit out on the swing as it’s been so nice. Just think what a lovely week I would have had in the Isle of Man. The way they were speaking on the tv it doesn’t look as if we’ll be having any holidays this year.
    What a depressing thought.
    I’ve also been playing with my Groovi projects. Although I can use the plates I have I also quite like one of the plates that Maria used so I ordered it on Monday. No sign that it’s on it’s way though. I’m busy making extra templates of the designs as well.
    I’ll enjoy the cake Janet thank you very much. Hope the swear word doesn’t take too long.

  6. Hi everyone.
    Good idea for the cc next week Sandra. Glad everything went well reg Sophies old car.
    Walk to Chemist and back this morning, pretty long hill in one part and now my knees are killing me but hopefully with the cream and now the sun warm them up it will be ok.
    Sending hugs as always to you all and extras for you who need some. Have a nice day xxx

    1. Yes my hips have been much better with the warmer weather as well Maria.
      Take care.

  7. Hello Sandra and ladies
    Sandra agood C C grid you have chosen for nexed week's challenge not promising anything but i will try a CC if i can manage to scramble one up out of my lost mojo brain 🤔🥰 xx

  8. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today. What a lovely way to write the blog my lovely. I bet you didn’t want to move did you 😊 There are some great categories. I’m looking forward to seeing all of the finished cards. It’s good to hear that the mix up with Sophie’s old car got sorted quickly. I’m sure you all heaved a great sigh of relief once it was sorted. I do wonder what the home owners of the house where the car was delivered to thought about it all though? Have a lovely weekend xx
    Karen, I love everything on your card for Captain Tom. It is really special, I’m sure he will appreciate it x
    Lynda, I must admit that I had a tear in my eye when I read that you are going to have a go at the challenge next week. It does show that you are feeling better and better each week. Just don’t go being too hard on yourself, your cards are always beautiful but if you don’t manage it next week there is always the week after. The fact that you are thinking about crafting at all is the most positive thing 😃 xx
    I have got to finish Penny’s third birthday card tomorrow ready to drop it round on Sunday. Even though we will only be able to stand at the bottom of their drive at least we can sing happy birthday to her. Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for Lynda, Mum and all in need. Take care xx