Monday 8 April 2019

Some Happy News...

Good Monday Morning Ladies,

We made it to London and had a delicious Afternoon Tea at the Amba Hotel, Marble Arch, I cannot recommend this hotel enough, we had a Groupon Voucher, so our Tea was half the price it would be normally, they do not treat you any differently if you have a voucher (which is not always the case). They had an incredible selection of tea varieties, coffee too, the sandwiches and cakes were exquisite, freshly baked scones both fruit and plain, delicious sandwiches were all made with the most delicious bread, how they can make a cucumber sandwich taste so delicious is beyond me!  They freshly made cakes were: A lemon Mousse on a base called Hazelnut Financier (no I haven't heard of it either) it was yummy though, there was lovely Rhubarb Crumble Tart and a Wild Berry Chocolate Mousse Dome, Paul had to finish mine too.  It was all an absolute delight and the waitresses were delightful.

We then walked down a very busy Oxford street to our Hotel, we arrived and were greeted with a warm chocolate cookie, I am guessing its a Hilton thing, nice touch though!  The lady checked us in and directed us to the lift, unfortunately my wheelchair wouldn't fit in the lift, no matter how we tried, so we ended up going to the concierge who took us through the Service lift that was, well not the cleanest thing I have ever seen!  We got to the room and well, we couldn't get the wheelchair through the door, the room was tiny and very tired, the bathroom was grim and the shower was in a bath which was not ' accessible, you know I must have said to that booking agent about 15 times that I needed an accessible room, the wet room and enough room to get the wheelchair in.   So we packed our stuff bac on the wheelchair and went back down to reception and explained the situation, the lady that checked us in said that she did think that when she checked us in, apologised and found us a ground floor room, that was huge, we were in a corridor called Premium Deluxe Rooms, so we got extras like bathrobes, slippers, huge bathroom, huge bed too.  ( I am guessing that you don't usually get these rooms if you book through Late Rooms on a special deal price.  It was nice to have a bit of luxury included in our bargain price!!

Now onto the Happy News and today's cards, Danielle has been asked to join the Design Team for Hobbybase, it wasn't a Website that I had heard of but they have an amazing range of craft products for sale, including some of our favourite.
Danielle was sent some products to make some projects with and had to send them in, of course they loved her work and these are just a couple of the cards that she made, now bare in mind that Danielle doesn't 'make cards'(so she says), I think that her card making skills are fantastic!  As these cards prove.
So please join me in congratulating Danielle on her new role, she is over the moon!! XXX

Well I am off for some fun in London, I hope that you all have a lovely day too,

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-nice to hear your Afternoon Tea was lovely, Shane about the Hotel but at least they found you a superior room.

    Danielle-both your cards are lovely & congratulations on being chosen for the Design Team.


  2. Morning ladies,

    Such delightful cards Dannielle, congratulations on joining the Hobbybase team.
    Hobbybase have been around for time now and their product lists are amazing. Very good customer service too.

    Not a swear word, but Spring cleaning is so exhausting but satisfaction is gained in bucketfulls when you finish each room. Apart from vacuuming, which I am finding difficult at times due to my 'lightweight' Dyson Ball machine being anything but light (and it does not vacuum right up to edge without me having to bend over to use the rather small flat extension tube). I'm looking into purchasing one of the cordless ones so ladies if you have a favourite please inform me which one you have and how light/easy is it to use?

    My Lent bags will be fuller when I empty the top shelves of my built in wardrobe. 'Things' were put up there last year and I haven't used anything up out it goes. I am trying to stick to the 'one year rule', if I haven't used it in a year then bye-bye. I will then have room for the A4 boxes that are stored on the floor-robe next to Pete's chest of drawers.

    First cuppa of the day is calling me.

    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

  3. Good luck I do like my cordless v8 Dyson It is fairly lightweight It dos go up to the edges and the narrow nozzle fits onto the “stick” not on an unwieldy hose if required or onto the end of the charging unit/machine/working part
    Did that make any sense?

  4. I really enjoyed Ally Pally even though it felt very quiet in comparison with less stands than other years I will take a photo later of my purchases
    Enjoy your stay SANDRA What a mix up I’m so pleased the hotel were sympathetic and organised a different room for you Afterall it wasn’t your fault
    I hope you’re all recovering from your long day at Ally Pally and your aches and pains are easing LYNDA and gang I can’t wait to see your buys You always manage to spot the better bargains
    Today should have been my mum’s 89th Birthday So I’m having a quiet reflection on our happy times
    I hope to craft later I need to make a couple of cards for work colleagues birthdays and hope to do at least one as the challenge
    Take care all xxx

    1. PS I meant to say how much I love your cards DANIELLE
      Brain and fingers didn’t engage properly

  5. Margaret Palmer8 April 2019 at 11:23

    Hi Sandra & all in café,
    Sandra I am so pleased you had a lovely Afternoon Tea, shame about the hotel mix up but at least you sound as if you had a good deal in the end, enjoy your
    Danni congratulations you deserve
    Karen good to hear you enjoyed Ally Pally, it was not so busy on Saturday
    Hope you all feel rested after our day out, hugs on way to all in pain love

  6. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today.
    CONGRATULATIONS DANIELLE. Hobbybase clearly agree with us about how talented you are. And Julie cards today are beautiful, you definitely are a card maker whatever you think. I have the same pretty pad pad that you have used on the first card, it is gorgeous isn’t it x
    SANDRA, I am really happy to hear that after a bad start at the hotel you and Paul are now relaxing in the deluxe room. It makes you wonder why the man you questioned about the hotel being accessible don’t listen to you. Did he think you were just having fun asking the questions that you did??? Any way I hope you both are having a very relaxing time which you both are very much in need of. Enjoy the show tonight my lovely xx
    BRENDA, it was lovely to see you on Saturday but I’m sorry to hear you were suffering with a bad back. I hope it’s not as painful today. Gentle hugs are on the way x
    Yesterday’s cards were inspiring as usual and I can’t wait to see the bright and bold ones this week as they are not the type of cards several of us make very often but that is the idea of the CHALLENGE each week isn’t it. I am having another quite day before taking the girls swimming etc later on. I must take a picture of the goodies I got on Saturday and send it to you Sandra before I forget again! Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for all in need. Take care xx

  7. Hi Sandra and ladies
    Congratulations Danielle on being recruited to the Hobbybase design team. Great cards that you sent in to them. I’d consider you a card maker as well.
    Good to hear you had a lovely afternoon tea this time Sandra. Shame about you room but good that the hotel changed it for you. Well you wouldn’t have been able to use it as you couldn’t get in the door.
    Hope the back is feeling better today Brenda. Looking forward to see your buys. I hope we get a meet up in Watford soon. Such a shame I couldn’t make Ally Pally this time.
    Hugs to all who need one today. I need to prove I’m a robot again.

  8. Hi ladies.
    Glad things got sorted quickly for you reg the room's and that you had a lovely tea. Have another good day.
    Congrats Danielle to be working with Hobbybase, very nice cards so you are also a card maker.
    I will take a photo of my shopping but first I had to tidy up and the kitchen was banned all afternoon for the others to use because I used the space all around to have a chance to sort it all out. Amazing what you find when doing it Lol Couldn't move much afterwards for my legs and back was burning but still have some bits needed to be sorted before I can even put away my new buys. Did I need it, no probably not Lol like you Karen I haven't added up anything yet, I'll let it be a surprise.
    Sending many hugs to all and extras for you in pain, Hope your back feel better Brenda, Val be careful and don't overdo things. xxx

  9. Hi SANDRA & ladies
    Glade your room got sorted Sandra & you both enjoyed your tea.
    Have a good day today.
    BRENDA hope your back is less painful for you hug's.
    i'M not quit as bad as yesterday but my feet are still swollen from Saturday. I received my copy of the letter form the RA clinic asking my doctor to increase my tablets so hopefully she will get in touch with me & pick up a prescription soon.
    DANNII congratulations on becoming a design team member of Hobbybase well done your cards are lovely.
    Must get on as i have to go & post a parcel & get some salad for my dinner as have to loose wight & the doctor has also told Terry to loose some as well.
    Love & Hug's Lynda xx

  10. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    CONGRATULATIONS DANIELLE on being asked to join the design team at Hobbybase, everything you have shared with us on Sandra’s blog has been amazing.
    Sandra your afternoon tea sounds absolutely delicious, you really have got my taste buds going, (might have to cut into that Lemon Drizzle cake I made yesterday) Pleased you got your hotel room sorted, sounds a good upgrade, now relax and enjoy ��
    My back is still aching, strange because of all the issues I have back pain is not one of them. Think I must have slept awkwardly on Friday night - well I hope that’s all it is.
    Lynda how are you? I know you put on a brave face to get through Saturday at Ally Pally, hope you are taking things easy. xx
    Maria Now don’t YOU go overdoing things. Hope your legs and are not to painful today xx

    Think it’s time for my afternoon tea, not as grand as Sandra ans Paul’s, but we do have cake! Love Brenda xxx

  11. Afternoon Everyone
    Congratulations Danni on joining a design team.

    Sorry I'm late late late but it's been one of those days when nothing has worked.

    HUGS are still available even at this late stage so help yourselves.Take care xxxx

  12. Thank you so much to you all for your kind words. Thank you sandra for sharing my news with everyone.
    Sandra hope you have had an amazing weekend. Xx