Wednesday, 24 April 2019

A Z-Fold Card using Paperbox Card and Paper

Good morning Ladies,

A bit of a cooler day yesterday, overcast too, the lambs were able to spend the day in the garden though which is nicer for them and less messy for me, they seem so much happier bounding about out there. Not sure what will happen as this rainy few days hits us, just as they have gotten used to roaming free outside.

A few weeks ago I was approached by a company called 'The Paperbox Ltd' they asked if I would like to try some of their products in return for my opinion, so of course I said yes, they really focus on selling just about every type of craft paper and card stock.  They sent me a lovely selection of Spring colour themed card and paper, with matching envelopes.  
So yesterday I sat and had a play with some of the card, I used it to make this Z Fold Card, the colour I chose was 'Lavender Pearl Card' which I can honestly say cut and folded like a dream, there was no cracking or damage at all, which is so important when you are making Fancy Fold cards as all the folds and creases are on show, the delicate lavender colour worked really well with the Papermania Nature's Grace paper collection too, so that it what I used to embellish the card, I love all the greys, shades of lilac, purple and yellow. I used the more neutral rose patterned paper for the background, the lilac shade of some of the flowers worked perfectly with the card base.  I chose one of the bright, vibrant yellow papers for the bar across the card, it picks up the yellow in the background paper.
I picked a piece of the lilac paper from the Card collection to die cut a circle matt for my topper, I stamped a Stampin Up! sentiment onto lilac pearlescent card (same as base) I then added silver embossing powder and heat set, leaving a lovely silver sentiment.  I attached the Z fold bar over the card base added my central focal piece with sentiment and then added some paper flowers on either side sentiment and another in the top corner of the base card.
I hope you like my card.
I would totally use the card and paper from 'The PaperboxLtd'' and will leave the link to their website below.

Janet, I hope the packing is going smoothly, I guess you are out of practice as you haven't been able to go as regularly.  The medication is the one thing I always worry about, as if I were to run out, there would be serious issues, so I always over compensate, just in case. Does Jim look at what you are packing and frown?  🤣 I know Paul does, I don't think they ever understand why we need so much of a variety of card colours and weights etc. I know that you already have a good stash of craft stuff in Marigny too, so I guess you take mostly consumables, paper' adhesive etc.  
I hope you have a smooth crossing and journey my lovely xxx

Lynda, I hope that Terry was feeling well enough to take you on your errands yesterday, give him a hug from me xxx

Hoping to see Sue today, I hope that you all have a lovely day, however you are spending it.

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-what a beautiful card. I love the patterned paper you have used then picked out certain colours to co-ordinate everything.

    Busy day yesterday at work & I have a meeting this morning (all
    Morning) on the other hospital site so it’s an earlier than normal start today.

    Off out for a meal tonight with the work gang-first meal since our colleague returned home to Greece.


  2. Morning everyone,

    Yesterday turned out to be very warm but cloudy, so the washing was out on the line as soon as I got home from my exercise class.

    Very pretty busy paper for your card Sandra. So many colours to choose from to make the band for the Z card. I believe this company may have started out as the PayperBox Company that stocked gorgeous papers and card stock in a tall shelving unit in most garden centres. We used to have one of their shops in Clark's Village Street but that closed down and they went online a few years ago. I quite agree with you regarding the excellent quality of their goods.

    My sister has rung to say they will be coming to stay next Sunday overnight with us as they cannot book into their room in Coombe Martin until late Monday afternoon. I don't understand why B&B advertise 5 day stays yet you can't get into your room until 4pm the first day (Mon) and then you have to be out of your room on the 5th day (Fri) by 10.30am? Technically you are only staying 4 nights, 3 whole days and one quarter day. Maybe my maths are wrong but written down that is what it is.

    Gentle hugs for all in need of one or two or just because.

    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xx

  3. Good Morning Everyone
    What a beautiful card SANDRA.I love that paper and will be having a look at that Company.

    With regard to packing YES YES and YES again.I have already had the frowns and questions 'Do you really need all that?' and 'Why do you need to take all that as you have enough to fill a shop in Marigny'. I just look and say 'Yes Dear'.lol

    Car packing today and I keep out of the way as much as I can. It will be early to bed tonight as we set off at 06.00 in the morning.

    The CAFE is OPEN and waiting for you all to pop in for a chat and a cuppa. Have a good day; take care and stay safe.xxxx

  4. Good morning all It is such a relief that I can comment again - thank you for all your help MICHELE
    I was able to look in whilst in Majorca- so I did get a bit of a crafting fix As my brain hasn’t woken up yet and now can’t remember what ai was going to say
    Your card is lovely and it sounds like it’s a great company to visit I really struggle with printing I know most home printers shouldn’t cope with card My old printer was ok but this new one is a right pain So I’ll definitely have a look
    I have read that a few of you are in pain and unwell I hope today is a better one Take care all xx

  5. Hi ladies,
    Pretty card Sandra. I like that shape.x

    Off to play crib shortly. I'm happy to say the sun has returned so we'll be sitting outside.

    Gracie has been clipped this morning. I love it when she's first done as she looks so puppy like, feels really soft and smells delicious.

    MARIA I found the stamp you used for Rick's birthday but it's in a clear cello bag. Don't know where the original packet went so can't help about the make sorry.x

    Hope everyone in pain has a better day.
    Lots of love Valx

    1. Glad you got better weather but do think you sent the rain to us for the sky is grey and heavy showers are coming down Lol It was Penny Black and I think it was called "Young Love" they have a few other too with old couple, think it is Tom and Tilda, love the images. Have fun at crib and a nice day xx

  6. Hi Sandra & ladies
    A bit overcast today but it very warm. Or may be me as just hoovered and done the kitchen so I'm hot & aching all over now.
    Terry is feeling a bit better today just feeling a bit weak. He's gone for a shower to brighten himself up. We didn't get to the shops yesterday as he was quite poorly
    So be going today.Just started raining now so bang goes putting washing out.
    SANDRA I love your card the papers are really pretty. I will have a look at website.
    I did go in craft room yesterday I managed CC not too sure though. If I can get in there again I want to try using the kaleidoscope paint I got from Joanna Sheen with Lisa's voucher not sure how to use it so will look on YouTube.
    Love & Hugs Lynda xx

    1. Glad to see Terry is feeling better. Give him a hug from me. You are meant to take it easy and not overdo things but I know how it is. I got my new sister coming soon and the whole house need dusting and clearing up. How come when you making a card it looks such a mess every single time ?! hugs x

  7. Margaret Palmer24 April 2019 at 13:11

    Hi Sandra & all in café,
    Sandra I love your card, lovely papers will have a look at their website. Hope Sue manages to
    Janet hope you have a safe journey & crossing, don't worry about the café I will keep them in
    Lynda sorry CU is still feeling weak, hope you manage shopping, hugs to you
    Sending hugs to all who need them love

  8. Afternoon ladies.
    Love the card Sandra, a fold I never done. Gorgeous papers. Had a look at the site and remembered I bought some sample from them ones. The card was very good but a bit pricey for me.
    Have a safe journey Janet. What man know what we need when it comes to card making Lol
    We ventured out to old Wayvale, now called Woburn Sands Emporium, someone bought them up. The place didn't feel the same but they still had Cotton traders and the Works in there so came home with a few tops and some cards and bits and two plants for the border and one for the pot in the front. Heaven opened up when we were inside and the noise on the plastic roof was horrible, thankfully it stopped by the time to go home.
    Very tired after yesterday's ailment,tummy,not saying any more. Better today so will think of cc, head is swirling with ideas but can I get it on a card, hmmmm.
    Big hugs for you all and I hope you have a ok'ish day.
    Love Maria xx

  9. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    Sandra The Paper Box Co. knew what they were doing when they asked you to look at there products, you have made a lovely card and I know they will be delighted with your feedback. Sorry, I have to smile to myself when I think of the almost shy young lady I met (how many years ago - schhh) who would find it hard to push herself forward, NOW you have companies approaching you ..... what a remarkable journey. xx
    Had a lovely day today went out to lunch with work friends (all now retired of course) it’s always lovely catching up with everyone and put the world to right.
    But first I have to prove I’m not a robot - could be here for a while!!!
    Love Brenda xxx

    Time to think about organising dinner,

  10. Hello All, wet this morning, but dry and sunny now.

    Sandra lovely card, I’m sure the company will be blown away when they see what you have made with their papers.

    Not much done today, just banana cake and blackberry crumble made.

    Does anyone know why the web address at top of your blog Sandra says unsecured? Should we be worried?

    Not much else on , so have a good evening, hugs to all Lilian