Saturday 1 December 2018

Mixed Up Saturday

Good Morning Ladies,

We have another line up of fantastic crafts, so I will dive straight in to sharing them with all of you...

Michele's first project (above) is this fantastic little Desk Calendar and Sticky Note holder, what an absolutely fantastic idea.  Michele is making some of these ready for her sale table next weekend.  I think that they are a great craft fair item as they are relatively cheap and fast to make.  I love the paper you have used to cover them too. 

Michele bagged another amazing bargain from Craft Stash, those stamps would have cost £14.99 for the set from Christine Griffiths, Michele had a code from a magazine and entered it on the Craft Stash website and got them both for the cost of postage, so £2.49 !! Not bad eh !!

The little Hunkydory 'Festive Furry Friends' collection was a prize that Michele won by simply commenting on a post of theirs on Facebook, so next time you see these giveaway's and think like me ...'that nobody ever wins' just have a go, it could be you!! 
Thank you so much Michele for sharing your goodies with all of us.


Lynda has made her gorgeous Grandson Harry his very own 'The Night Before Christmas' book, the little images are so cute, each page of the story has been stamped and Lynda has coloured them beautifully, mounting them onto the blue layer really makes the verse 'pop'.  I love this story, I hope you are the one that gets to read it to him on Christmas Eve, it's a lovely little tradition to start too.
Thank you so much for sharing Harry's lovely gift.


Val's daughter Lynn made an Incredible Snowman last year out of paper cups (you can see him in the second photo).  This year she bought red paper cups and made a Santa, what an absolutely genius idea, she obviously gets her creativity from her Mum !! I just love the expression on his face.

The second photo is of the rack of cards that Val has made, full of Christmas cards, Val you put us all to shame, we never hear you complaining about how many you have to do, thats an absolutely amazing achievement for 1 person, they all look different too, lots of variety and lots of different categories, (Mum & Dad, Sister, Friend etc).  I bet the community rely on your cards because in all the times we have been to Spain we have never really seen greetings cards on sale.  Do you find the Spanish buy them as well as British??
Thank you so much for sharing both Lynn's fabulous Santa and your incredible display of cards.


Margaret made this absolutely beautiful card for Granddaughter Gemma's birthday, (Sue's daughter).
I had forgotten about those papers Margaret, Sweet Sugarplum was one of my favourite colours, I was gutted when they retired it,  a sweet, simple design that really works, I bet Gemma loved it too.
Thank you so much for sharing my lovely.


Cheryl made these fantastic Christmas Cracker style cards for her Nephews and Niece this Christmas, such an inspired design, I love that little Santa image peeking through the cracker.  
I bet you could pop a gift card in there too for a little extra surprise. 
A fantastic idea Cheryl thank you so much for inspiring us. 

Another great line up of crafts, all very different, all very inspiring.  Thank you to all of those that shared projects with us this week.

We didn't get much shopping done yesterday so that is on the Agenda today, we did get all the bits for their Advent Calendars though and filled them all, Becca messaged me to make sure that I didn't forget her, obviously I wouldn't, I can see that we will still be doing this when they are in their 40's!
We even got treats for Milo and Bella too, although we couldn't put them in a Calendar or they would find a way of pulling it down and polishing off 1 -25 in a few seconds.  In fact Bella was so fast today that after Paul had freed the Corned Beef from its tin and popped it on a plate I turned to get mustard and tomatoes out of the fridge, turned back to see her licking the corned beef like a lollipop! So that has been bagged for cat treats and we ended up with peanut butter!

I hope that you all have a fun weekend, are any of you still Christmas shopping?? 

Janet....the postman delivered my parcel yesterday afternoon, thank you so much, I will share with you when I have finished them.  xxx

Love and warm hugs



  1. Morning Everyone
    What a wonderful array of projects and gifts and loads of inspirations for us too.

    Off to do some more christmas shopping this morning. I shall be so pleased when it finished and wrapped. I have made myself a promise that this year I will wrap in stages and not leave it all to do at once. Well that's the

    SANDRA pleased the postie arrived. I am looking forward to seeing your crackers.

    The CAFE is open as usual and there will be cream teas available this afternoon. I know we are now in December but I think cream teas are for all year don't you?

    HUGS are winging their way to you all. Have a good day and stay safe.xxxx

    1. Good luck with the Christmas shopping today. Hope the shops aren't too crowded.x

    2. Hi Janet. I hope you get on well shopping today. Chris is much better at wrapping than me so does most of them and he likes to do them on Christmas Eve evening while having a drink and watching a Christmas movie, it’s another little tradition for us.
      I will join you for a cream tea later please. And yes I agree with you that cream teas are a year round treat. X

  2. Good morning everyone,

    Woke up earlier this morning to the sound of heavy raindrops clattering on the roof and decking. If it lasts all day then Cannington Christmas will be held in the Village hall following the lights switch on.
    I will be making this year's the last one I will be participating in. It is no longer any fun trying to sell gifts and items to people who only come for their annual hot mug of mulled wine. Last year I was gobsmacked at somebody telling their child 'we can buy it cheaper in Poundland' right in front of my stall. If they want plastic tat then 'yes' she could but my stall was full of hand crafted items that myself and friend had made.

    My niece and new partner are coming to stay overnight this afternoon. I met him when I went to Brownhills to stay with my sister, he is a very personable guy and I could see he loves her which I loved to see.

    Forgot to finish my challenge card so whilst it is a quiet time for me first thing in the morning I shall be at my craft table shortly.

    Beautiful cards & gifts on show today.
    Love Harry's book Lynda. Michele's little calendar book is fantastic. Sweet little card for Gemma too Margaret.
    Val, your card stock rack is amazing, well done on your hard work in getting it filled. I am sure everybody will be spoilt for choice to buy one or two.
    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

    1. Well how rude to say that Cheryl. Sadly people want things for nothing and never appreciate how much time and skill goes into hand made items.I hope youre pleasantly surprised today and sell loads.
      Love the idea of your cracker card. Very clever. X

    2. Hi Cheryl. I hope you manage to sell some of your beautiful items. Some people are so rude! Luckily there are many people who appreciate a beautiful hand crafted item and I hope you sell some of your lovely items. I will be putting your ATC’s in the post on Monday morning as I am home alone today and will get the second one finished. X

    3. Sorry Cheryl I forgot to say that the cracker card is great x

  3. Morning Ladies

    Lynda -love your book for Hsrty, what a wonderful idea.

    Val-what an amazing amount of hand made Christmas cards . Love the Santa (& the Snowman).

    Margaret -what a lovely card, do pretty.

    Cheryl -love the cracker card, great style.

    Had a lovely evening-good evening & great company. This afternoon we’re offf tithe Christmas Fair at the Nursing Home-it’s way & windy here so the journey won’t be very pleasant.


    1. Love you desk calendar Michele. Those pretty stamps are such a bargain and I just adore the furry animal book. A great start for Christmas next year ha ha.x

    2. Hi Michele. What a bargain these pretty stamps were. The Furry friends pad would great for making quick cards. I have one that I plan to use with the girls and also my Beaver Scout’s next week. I haven’t been entering many competitions lately but must start again as it is so true that “You have to be in it to win it!” And these days it is free to enter online so doesn’t even cost the price of a stamp. Enjoy the fair and hope FIL is better than he has been lately x

    3. Sorry Michele I forgot to say that I love the little calendar pad. I’m sure they will sell well. The patterned paper is so pretty x

  4. Super super items on display today
    Harry’s book is just delightful and will be Avery treasured item
    How rude of that lady CHERYL I hope you have more success today Love the cheeky cracker
    Your bargains are lovely MICHELE Can’t wait to see them in action I love the idea of you little desk calendar
    Beautiful card MARGARET
    VAL! Wowser is all I can say! You do put us all to shame and LYNNE is very talented
    I have bought one Christmas present I don’t buy for many but it’s all the little things that are needed like Secret Santa for work, table gifts
    I hope to go shopping tomorrow with OH and get most of it
    It is so dark here today After a bit of housework I will be sorting through my Christmas cards to see how many more I need It looks like I may need to buy some from VAL!
    Take care all xx

    1. Please pop into the shop any time Karen!
      Hope you get all your shopping done tomorrow.x

    2. Hi Karen. I know I need to make a lot more cards than I have ready but hopefully by the end of the weekend that situation will have changed. Good luck with shopping tomorrow x

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  6. Good morning Sandra & ladies
    Very dark at the moment & a cold nip in the air.
    MICHELE great bargain with the stamps look forward to seeing your cards using them. Love Your desk Callander very pretty cover.
    MARGARET your card is beautiful Gemma will love it.
    VAL wow your card rack looks amazing so many beautiful cards you have made.Lyns Santa is gorgeous a brilliant idea
    CHERYL I love your cracker your very clever.
    Thank you for the lovely comments for Harry' s book.
    SANDRA hope shopping goes better for you today. Thank you for showing Harry's book. It must take you ages to upload everyone's project each week you do a fabulous job every day so thank you very much Sandra for your lovely blog.I've made so many lovely friends too.
    I have a pile of ironing to do this morning before we go shopping Then back in craft room to do CC & hopefully finish my Chrismas cards.
    Hug's to everyone
    Love Lynda xx

    1. Hi Lynda, just love your lovely card/gift for Harry. I'm sure it will be kept safe and read for many Christmas's to come. I always read this poem to my 2 every Christmas Eve sitting in front of the fire in their new pyjamas. Nowadays I still read it every Christmas Eve but sitting in bed reading it aloud to Gracie who I'm sure understands every word. Some traditions are hard to break.
      Hope you got your ironing and cards done today.x

    2. Thank you very much Val for your lovely comment on Harry's book
      Are bless I'm sure Gracie loved you reading to her.
      Yes ironing all done. Thanks. Xx

  7. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today. A great selection of Mixed crafts today.
    Lynda, Harry’s book is wonderful. It will be treasured and no doubt passed onto his children in years to come. It has been read in our house for the last 30years on Christmas Eve and I even found another identical copy at a car boot sale which Tim has now for his girls but I am still looking for another one for RJ but as we are always with them on Christmas Eve we use our copy. Thank you for sharing your beautiful version Lynda x
    Mum, Gem lived her card. That paper is so pretty isn’t it. We didn’t get any crafting done in the end yesterday did we but it was lovely seeing you and Pop with Gem. Love you xx
    Sandra, good luck with the shopping today. It is going to be a busy weekend I think with a lot of people putting up the decorations which always cheer me up when I see them on these dark chilly days. We only do an advent calendar for Gem now as the boys have their own families now. They all still check the tree though (once it is up!) for chocolate decorations. A silly tradition is that they never know when I am going to put the chocs on the tree, sometimes it can even be after Boxing Day just to keep them searching every time they come in 😊
    Val, wow! What a fantastic card display and what a selection to choose from. Lyns snowman and Father Christmas are great. I will be making the cup snowman with my Beaver Scouts the week after next. I will let you know how it turns out! I have a feeling it won’t look as good as Lyns though 😄 How are all of your four paws doing at the moment? Have a good day x
    I’m off to start crafting so enjoy your day ladies. Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for all in need. Take care xx

    1. Hi Sue, thanks for your lovely comment on my cards and Lynn's Father's Christmas. Id love to see photos of your finished snowman. I only posted my cards on Wednesday so Wow hasn't yours arrived quickly. Animals okish. Harvey's Lump was sadly a tumour so we're just playing it by ear at the moment. Hs sister Olive has an eye infection and it's laughably difficult putting drops in her eye twice a day. It takes two of us to hold her down and one hovering with the drops. The other two animals are fine touchwood.
      Glad your feeling ok now. Take care.x

    2. Thank you Sue for your lovely comment on Harry's book.
      Hope your feeling better now enjoy the rest of your weekend🤗🤗

  8. I’ve just received my fist Christmas card of the year and It is from VAL. Thank you, it is beautiful xx

  9. Hi Sandra & all in café,
    Sandra thank you for showing my card & all the other goodies. Hope you do better shopping
    Michele love your calendar & notebook. & your bargain dies & paper well
    Lynda your book is beautiful & will be
    Val what can I say you put us all to shame, & Lyne's father Christmas is fantastic, well done to you
    Cheryl your cracker is a great idea, hope the craft fair goes well & enjoy your
    Thank you all for lovely comments on my card, using the pretty paper they are so quick & easy to do.
    It is miserable here so hope to do some crafting later, have not managed to do any this week.
    Sending hugs to all who need them particularly Pat & Lilian love

    1. Thank you Margaret for your kind comment on Harry's book.
      🤗🤗 Xx

  10. Thank you for your nice comment Margaret.
    What a pretty card you made for Gemma. Such pretty paper. No wonder she loved it.
    Enjoy you weekend.x

  11. Hi Sandra and ladies
    Wowwow wow what a fabulous collection on show today. I’ve just sat down but still have to wash up. But I think I have a Christmas card from Val as well. I’ve had to find my rubber gloves out that I hadfrom the hospital so I can wash up etc. I didn’t see we had post until about 6.00 when I came in. Pete stays in this afternoon as he’s wiped out,
    Love lynns Father Christmas Val and your rack of cards. I’ve just taken some pain killers and I’m just waiting for them to kick in.
    Fabulous work this week ladies.
    I’m now off to prove I’m not a robot so this comment will publish,

  12. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    What amazing display you have given us today . There is so much talent on this blog, ladies you are all amazingly gifted, I love all of your cards.
    Sorry I am quite tired this evening, we finished sorting out the flat this morning and put my sister on a train at St Pancras at 2.05 arranged for assistance when her train arrived in Loughborough. Well done East Mids Trains it all worked out perfectly (in fact everyone excelled themselves) Thankfully She rang to let us know she had arrived safely. AND NOW We can now get back to some sort of normal life, what ever that is!!!
    Sleep well dear friends, Love Brenda xxx

    1. Hi Brenda I'm glad your sister is all settled & now you must get some rest my friend 🤗🤗xx

  13. Hi everyone.
    Oh how many wonderful crafting on show today.
    Lynda- adore your book for Harry. Lovely keepsake.
    Margaret- beautiful card, pretty paper used.
    Michele- lovely stamps and I do love the Hunkydory card pack. Nice calendar/ block pad.
    Cheryl- hope the fair went ok today. Some people haven't got a clue what it take to make proper handmade cards and craft.
    Like the cracker card.
    Val- I am in awe of how many cards you make every year for the shop, it is amazing. Could you send me 10 with the bill inside asap ! Seriousily Lol Love the snowman and santa too.
    Sending big hugs to all with extras for you who need some
    Love Maria xxx

  14. Hi Maria thanks for your kind comment on Harry's book. Hope you had a good day & enjoy your day tomorrow have a good sleep 🤗🤗xx