Sunday, 30 December 2018

A look back at some of my favourite cards of 2018

Good Sunday Morning Ladies,

Well we didn't have a challenge this week as we were all just to busy to sit and make cards, me included (although I did sneak a couple in)!  As a result I we had no Challenge cards to display this week. 
We can't have a Sunday without a lovely display of cards though, so I thought that it was time to start sharing some of your amazing cards that you created for the different Challenges throughout this year, my goodness there have been some absolutely stunning cards made by you this year.

See for yourself...….

These are just a few of the amazing cards that you have all submitted to various challenges or simply for me to share on the blog.

Now you may notice that I have left the names off of the cards, I thought it would be fun for you to have a go at guessing who made each card!!!
I will send the winner/winners (who guess the most correct answers)  a little something in the New Year.

Are any of you ready for a Challenge this week? Or do you want to leave it another week, let me know in the comments please.

I would also like to hear your suggestions for Challenges in the New Year, it just makes it a little more fun to have a topic/idea that one of you has chosen.  

I hope that you all have an lovely Sunday,

Love and huge hugs



  1. Morning Ladies

    Great selection of cards today-I’ll need to have a think about who made which card! I’ve loved visiting your blog-you’veall been a wonderful group of friends to me this year.

    Although I love the sketch & Tic Tac Toe challenges, I’ve really enjoyed the themed ones-use a specific colour or flowers I’d like more of those.

    I’m planning on spending some time in my craft room-mostly to have a clear out as it’s rather full! Good job I have 3 days to tackle this job.


  2. I would not be able to pick who has done what (apart from a few) It’s lovely to see some of our older cards
    Like MICHELE I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the challenges sketches/tic tac toe etc I have enjoyed the themed ones too
    As I’m looking after MIL on New Year’s Eve I have to go around today to see how SIL moves her from armchair to wheelchair etc
    I must tidy more of my craft room especially my desk! I need to make a couple of Thank you Cards I made a start yesterday but Oscar disturbed me (What ashame!)
    Take care all xxxx

  3. Hi everyone,

    Lovely display of favourites today Sandra. Apart from a couple and my own of course I'm really struggling with who did what.
    I really enjoy all the challenges and appreciate the hard work you put into making this such a friendly blog. I must admit I do like the themed ones better than the tic tac toe. My favourite this year was the animal challenge ha ha.

    I'm still really struggling with sciatica . This is the third week so I've finally made an appointment to see my doctor.

    I have quite a few birthday cards to make for January so my plan is to start them today.

    Have a good Sunday everyone whatever you're up to.
    Love Valx

  4. Having done most of the housework, I’m sitting down with a coffee. Here’s my predictions for the cards
    No1 = Karen
    No 2 = Margaret
    No 3= Sandra
    No 4= Lynda
    No 5 = Val
    No6 = Cheryl
    No7 = Val
    No8 = Margaret
    No 9= Michele
    No10 = Lynda
    No11= Karen
    No12= Val
    No13= Lilian

    I’m probably wrong on most of them but it was fun guessing.


  5. Hi Sandra & all in café,
    Sandra great idea to guess maker of all the cards, will think about it & come back later. Yes please to more challenges they give me the incentive I need at times, I don't mind
    Sending hugs to all who need them especially Val sorry to hear you are still suffering, & Pat & Pete love

  6. Good morning Sandra & ladies
    SANDRA yes please I'm up for a challenge card for this week thank you.
    Loved looking back at some old challenge cards I will try & guess who's is who's later.just having a PJ morning so far but both 8paws are sleeping on my lap such a shame to disturb them. I must get motivated soon though & finish sorting craft room.
    Challenge cards
    No 1 Karen
    No 2 Margaret
    No 3 Sandra
    No 4 Janet
    No 5 Lilian
    No 6 Janet
    No 7 Val
    No 8 Margaret
    No 9 Michele
    No 10 Lynda
    No 11 Pat
    No 12 Sue
    No 13 Margaret

    My guesses probably all wrong!!

    Love & Hug's Lynda xx

  7. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    Sandra I love your challenges - even though I don’t enter every week, it’s always so inspiring to see what everyone has created. So I have to vote ‘yes ‘ and do my best to be creative more often.
    I am still working my way through the list of cards, I’m just over half way I will be back later, I need to get my thinking cap on.
    Love Brenda xxx

  8. Hi
    Back again for another look.

    1 Lilian
    2. Brenda
    3. Pat
    4. Margaret
    5. Maria
    6. Sue
    7. Cheryl.
    8. Janet
    9. Michelle

    Wow that's difficult.
    Bye Valx

  9. I’ve just finished my coffee, it was difficult so here goes - These are my guesses
    1 Brenda
    2 Cheryl
    3 Sandra
    4 Janet
    5 Maria
    6 Lillian
    7 Karen
    8 Margaret
    9 Michele
    10 Lynda
    11 Pat
    12 Janet
    13 Val

    As Val said that was difficult, as several were a guess. But I enjoyed it .
    Thank you Sandra. Love Brenda xxx

    1. It’s nice to see you back as Brenda. Brenda.

  10. Here are my answers…
    1) Brenda
    2) Maria
    3) Sandra
    4) Janet
    5) Lilian
    6) Cheryl
    7) Karen
    8) Margaret
    9) Michele
    10) Lynda
    11) Pat
    12) Sue
    13) Val

  11. Good evening ladies,

    Well I finally got through the door today after a marathon tidy up of my craft table. I can report it is nice and clear but the floor-robe seems to have gained quite a few boxes and packages hahaha. they will have to wait now I am exceedingly hungry and in need of another cuppa.
    Lovely challenge so here goes with my answers...
    1 Val
    2 Me
    3 Sandra
    4 Janet
    5 Brenda
    6 Maria
    7 Karen
    8 Margaret
    9 Michele
    10 Lynda
    11 Lilian
    12 Sue
    13 Pat

  12. Pressed send by mistake, clumsy fingers today.

    I hope you all have a lovely day tomorrow and good New Year on Tuesday. I shall be down the Spirit again helping out with selling raffle tickets and the Auction for our Village New Year's charity Football Match.
    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

  13. Fantastic array of cards today ladies, even if they were from awhile ago.

  14. I hope most of you are asleep this time of morning and I will be going soon myself. Just had a trial run for tomorrow night and it seem ok Lol
    It is lovely to look back at some cards but naughty of you for us to guess who made which because even if we got our own style sometimes it is really difficult to see but I have racked my brain so here is my guess
    1/ Brenda
    2/ Cheryl
    3/ Sandra
    4/ Janet
    5/ Karen
    6/ Lilian
    7/ Maria
    8/ Margaret
    9/ Michele
    11/ Pat
    12/ Sue
    13/ Val
    Really not easy but be fun to see if any right at all.
    Themed cards, Colours and Tic,tac,toe are all fun to make, different new fold ones too.
    Wishes for all to have a nice Monday and aches and pains to be as little as possible xxx