Thursday 13 December 2018

Another Amazing Christmas Card

Good Morning Ladies,

Todays beautiful Christmas card has been designed and created by Our Margaret, I couldn't capture it's magic with the camera but tried my best. It's so subtle by design but yet has so much detail to look at, the embossing folder is a Crafters Companion 3D folder, the Gemini brings out every tiny little bit of detail of the image, like the window frames for instance, or the branches on the trees.
Margaret has used her Watercolour pencils to highlight the buildings, the little touch of colour here and there really brings the scene to life.
Oh how I would like to be there, with snow up to the window sills and more tumbling down, just for a few days!  Be so lovely to through the curtains open on Christmas morning and see a lovely blanket of snow.

Preparations were all finished for leaving the house prepared while we are away, I wonder how much of it will like as clean and tidy on our return?  You can usually see what meals they have had by the pans and plates beside the sink, maybe this time they will make that extra effort to clean as they go.....
The above image says it all !!! But they may surprise me!!

Now I have something super cute to share with all of you...…..

Lynda's adorable Grandson Harry is playing a Mouse in the School Nativity Play, Sam (Lynda's Daughter in law) made the costume herself over last weekend.  I personally love to see proper home made costumes, not ones that everyone has bought, there is something so cute and charming seeing three wise men with Tea towels on their heads etc, or tinsel wings on the Angels.  I have spent many an hour over the years making various costumes, a few of which had you scratching your head, wondering how the costume you were making for a Brussel sprout etc features in the Nativity!!  Teachers must have great fun coming up with new ideas. 
I think Harry makes a Cheeky and Very Adorable little mouse Lynda, Thank you so much for sharing the photos with us. You can't help but smile. xxx

We are hopefully enjoying the sights of London today, I will tell you all about it over next couple of days.

I hope that you all have a lovely day,

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-what a lovely Christmas card from Margaret, the subtle colouring is just perfect.

    Hope you’re able to enjoy your few days away in London & don’t get too many calls for help from home. I imagine it’s going to look wonderful in London all lit up for Christmas.


    1. Thank you Michele for your comment on my

  2. Morning ladies,

    Beautiful card Margaret, so subtle in the colouring and embossing.

    Loving Harry's mouse costume Lynda, I bet yo were first to get your tickets for the play and I am sure he will enjoy his stage time.

    Recovered now from Tuesday's hospital waiting game. All raring to go to at least make a start on Christmas decorations although Jamie and I did put the tree up on Sunday, no mean feat that as it touches the ceiling, it has no room for a star. Milly-May was a bit impressed though especially as we had left the last item for her to put on. I had previously bought (in Sept) a handmade decoration and asked for her name to be written on the little flag the snowman was holding. All the little glass angels also become hers hahaha.

    She has a few snowmen, a santa and a robin for her own tree at home, courtesy of my sister and her crochet skills.

    I'll pop in later to see what you all have been up to, just have to check I have enough money left to post all my cards today lol.

    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

    1. Cheryl thank you for your lovely comment on my

  3. A quick hello and wishes to you all for a nice day. Off to see SIL for the day down London way. It will be a nice , cold but sunny day so I hope you have the same Sandra.
    Love the card from Margaret. I too got a equally beautiful card from her.
    Oh Lynda, could it be a cuter mouse around. Hope you enjoy the play.
    Must dash OH is waiting in the car. Have a good day everyone. Love Maria xxx

    1. Maria Have a lovely day with your SIL big Hug's for you xx

    2. Maria thank you for your lovely comment, enjoy your day in

  4. Hi Sandra and ladies
    Lovely card Margaret. I’ve sent a few of these Christmas cards out. Except I think I forgot to put Merry Christmas on them.
    Harry looks fantastic in his mouses costume Lynda.
    Perhaps you could message the girls to tell them to clear up after themselves, if you haven’t already told them to do so. But you probably haven’t. I know you clean up after them, which you shouldn’t have to. They are 4 grown up people so shouldn’t expect you to clean up behind them.
    Soapbox put away in the corner, but I know you think it’s your job, but really it’s not.
    Pete says I’m turning into a nag. But I need to remind him what he has to do as he forgets.

    1. Thank you Pat Harry enjoyed doing his nativity play.
      Hope you have a good day. Hug's for you both xx

    2. Hi Pat thank you for comment on my card, I wasn't sure whether to put Happy Christmas on or

  5. Good morning Sandra & Ladies
    Wow what a gorgeous card MARGARET you sent to Sandra I do love the 3Dfolders from crafters companion.
    SANDRA thank you for sharing the pictures of Harry in his mouse costume he was so excited. It was yesterday but unfortunately we weren't allowed to go it was only mums & dads. Sam said he was very good saying his lines. But they didn't put any effort in making the stage look very festive all they had was a baby in a crib & that was it. Budget cuts gone crazy Anyway he enjoyed it.
    I'm still coughing for England but I'm going to see if I can get the last few cards finished also have to finish Joseph's birthday card for the 18th doesn't seem possible he will be 14 years old where dose the time go.
    SANDRA have a fabulous time in London with Paul enjoy every minuet of what your going to do & see. I would think it's lovely at this time of year. Hope you come home to a sparkly clean house they might surprise you.
    Well I'm going for my shower & make the effort I've got a pile of ironing staring at me but will do that tomorrow I think I might have a bit more energy then.😬
    Hug's for everyone & a few extra for Pat Pete Lilian & anyone feeling under the wether. Love Lynda xx

    1. Thank you Lynda for your kind comments, they are so easy to do. Shame you could not see Harry in his lovely mouse suit, Sam made a lovely job of it. Hope your cough improves soon hugs on

  6. Hi Sandra & all in café,
    Sandra thank you for your lovely comments on my card, I must admit I love them. Enjoy your trip to London & hope you manage to see a
    Lilian pleased to see you feel a little
    Sending hugs to all who need them love

  7. I love your card MARGARET - I loved mine too
    Oh LYNDA _ Harry looks so cute. It is a shame that grandparents aren't able to go and watch. It was the same when my two were little and of course, you're not allowed to film them, just in case.
    Enjoy your trip SANDRA and actually PAT is right, as my mum would say "you're old enough and ugly enough to do it yourself" she didn't mean the "ugly" part but it's true they are all old enough to do their bit for you
    I wish I could suggest something to help soothe your cough LYNDA and I'm pleased to hear you're feeling better LILIAN
    I was crafting until gone midnight last night. I need to make 5 cards for people AND finish my Christmas cards. It's craft club tonight. I wish I had the space to carry card making equipment! Oh well, crochet it will be
    Take care all

  8. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    I’ve just looked under the comment box, I’m me again - Yippie. Hope it lasts and I don’t have to become ‘anonymous’ once more! It took me so long yesterday evening to prove I wasn’t a robot - I fell asleep with the iPad on my lap. It must have been a good half an hour later I came to, fortunately hadn’t lost my comment but I still had to prove I wasn’t a robot.
    Margaret I love your Christmas card you sent to Sandra, I also love the one you sent to us it’s beautiful and I love the subtle way you have coloured the image, thank you so much. XX
    Lynda, Harry looks so cute in his mouse costume, it is a shame schools have to restrict the amount of seats for each child, but then the buildings are probably not big enough to allocate more than a couple of tickets per child. But you will I’m sure be told by this special little man all about his performance.
    I Hope that dreadful cough is starting to ease up, if it is still going on you really should get back in touch with your doctor can’t be good for you all this coughing and not sleeping, do take care. XX
    Sandra I hope you have had a safe and comfortable journey into London, although it’s very cold sunny shining and everything looks so much better when that happens. Don’t worry about the family, they will do their own thing, you know they’re going to be alright, (But that’s what we parents do - we never stop worrying about our children) hopefully the proverbial flying pig will pass by and you won’t have a mess in the kitchen waiting to greet you when you return home to.
    Sending love and hugs to everyone, Brenda XXX

    1. Thank you Brenda yes he loved doing his play but shame they didn't make the effort in making the stage look better & just having the crib with nothing else. Darren said must be due to cut backs.
      Love Lynda Yes I'm still coughing 🤧xx Glad your not a robot 🤖 xx