Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Boxing Day

Good Morning Ladies,

I hope that you are all well and super relaxed after your Christmas Day with family and friends, the best part is that we get to do it all over again today.

I always think that Boxing Day is a little more relaxed as there is no early start because of the excitement at what Santa may have bought, no big dinner to cook either (well not in our house anyway).  It's all very 'help yourself' today, no watching the clock or timings for cooking lunch.  It's more a day for adults, I do miss seeing the Children sitting and playing with all of their toys I must admit.  I don't think we got any games this year, we have our favourites, Articulate is always fun, nobody else really enjoys scrabble as much as I do, so that never makes it out of the cupboard.

Do you all have a favourite family game??

Whatever you are doing today have a lovely one, Our girls have gone back to work today, I guess a lot of people will enjoy a stroll around the Wildlife park on Boxing Day.

Becca is coming home today and staying over so that will be excitement all over again as she opens her gifts and brings hers for the girls to open.

Sending Love to you and your loved ones,



    Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Day.
    Off down to the beach for a walk with Gracie shortly then looking forward to another turkey dinner.
    Have a lovely, hopefully relaxing day .
    Love Valx

  2. Morning Ladies

    I hope everyone had a truly wonderful Christmas . We have the day to ourselves today which should be nice & relaxing. I’m going to sort out my Christmas gifts then I might just go online & order some crafty goodies.


  3. Morning Everyone
    Hoping you all had a really good Christmas Day and that you all can relax today.

    Hugs a plenty for you all. Take care and stay safe.xxxx

  4. Morning everyone.
    A day of nothings here too and leftovers for picking during the day so no cooking,yay.
    Had a lovely day yesterday with SIL and her family. It was so nice to see Molly and little Louis to opening their presents, having a wonderful lunch that the husbands had made to perfection and then watching Molly doing some ballet moves and some gymnastics and the girl could do the split ,ouch hihi We also played 'guess the tune and artist' which went down badly for me because I know the music but terrible to remember names etc but it was good fun. Normally we do a quiz about things that happened over the year, I'm equally bad in that Lol
    Around 10 pm we got a text from Son that his very best friend who was over home for the festive days had been taken to hospital on x-mas eve. We don't know yet actually whats wrong but it's very worrying and he probably will need an op. I woke early this morning with a hedgehog in my throat and streaming eyes so it be nice to just stay in my nighty under the duvet and watching some Christmas films. OH is going to Wembley so no sport on tv today.
    Have a lovely day everyone and warm hugs to all, love Maria xxx

  5. Hi Sandra & all in café,
    Happy Boxing Day to you all.
    Sandra hope you have a relaxed day today, I agree with everyone helping themselves today, we have so much food about there is no need to
    Hope you all can relax today sending hugs to all who are poorly especially Pat & Pete love

  6. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    Happy Boxing Day everyone. xx

    I hope you all had a lovely Christmas day and are now able to take things at a slower pace and relax and enjoy whatever you’re doing.

    We had a really lovely Christmas Day lots of delicious food, laughter and games till very very late. Today younger daughter and family have just gone home, they have in-laws + coming over and staying at theirs tonight. Here we are down to 8 in number and we still more than enough food to eat, but today will be a much more relaxed and restful day, I’m sure we’ll have time for games later on.
    Love Brenda xxx

  7. We had a lovely day After having a lovely cooked breakfast at the zoo with the keepers I managed to cook the roast turkey and all the trimmings perfectly - So they kept telling me - in my new ovens (I was panicking a bit as this was the first huge meal I was doing) I did forget the gravy Do it had to be instant which is a shame
    Oscar was wonderful He stayed over Like all kids his age he enjoyed playing with the discarded wrapping paper and bin liner - the rustling noise it made
    We played Scattagories in the evening - new game for daughter’s OH It was hilarious to see the surprise on his face at how my OH try and blah his answers We nearly wet ourselves with laughter when SIL suddenly realised she was answering the wrong list
    Toyday I am on my own (after Oscar was collected) So no cooking and have just picked at the leftovers and caught up on some sleep
    XXX Take care all