Sunday, 28 May 2017

Your Challenge cards

Good Sunday Morning Ladies,

Lots of lovely Challenge cards to share ​with you today......
My Cards

Two Christmas themed cards made without any  'actual' Christmas tools (other than sentiment).  The first card uses the very versatile 'Swirly' die from Stampin Up! The second using Buttons, now if you look on Pinterest there are simply hundreds of cards made using Buttons, for some reason I never think to use them ! 


Michele managed six Christmas cards in one sitting!  The first is using the Xcut Pennant Die, flipped them over to create trees, the embossed background looks like it could be snow! The second card uses Hexagons and Christmas colour paper (not actually Christmas) but with the sentiment makes a totally convincing Christmas card.  The third card is using the 'Swirly' Thinlits from SU to create a Christmas tree, seriously the options with this die are endless.
Card 4 uses the XCut Pennant Die the right way up, to create a fab festive banner!
Card 5, Love this one, using 3 different embossed card pieces to create a Christmas tree complete with silver tinsel, genius Michele!
Card 6 uses the same embossed theme as the previous card but this time backed with metallic green and arranged in a geometric pattern!
Thank you Michele, you have made a great start to your Christmas cards,they are all amazing XXX


Lilian's card is just STUNNING, I was absolutely blown away when I opened this card (email)! Lilian has used 'Iris Folding' Technique to create this card, it took her a long time to create but it is so worth the effort. Thank you so much Lilian XXX


Val came up with two fantastic cards, the first using triangles for Christmas trees, (clever idea), I love how you have used an edger die to create the snowy hill too, this is a fantastic card Val.  Your second card is gorgeous, just by adding a Sentiment and a little silver holly sprig you have a fabulous Christmas card for someone special!
Thank you so much Val XXX


Margaret's card was inspired by a gift bag that Alan had been given, Margaret saw the star and it inspires her to make this fantastic card, which just shows that our 'Craft brain' is always switched on and looking for inspiration.  
Thank you so much Margaret and Congratulations, you were first card in this week I was surprised to see your card on Monday afternoon XXX


Karen has created two fabulous trees by a paper folding technique, you start off with circle I believe. I love that double sided paper Karen it works perfectly for the trees.
I remember making these with doillies!  Thank you so much for taking part XXX


Maria another Wow card, you have made a fantastic Christmas card with your Window Die, looking in on that amazing Christmas scene is a delight.  Thank you so Much XXX


Lynda you made a card for each Challenge this week, I love how you have used the butterflies to create a wreath, so elegant, love the sentiment too! 
Thank you my lovely XXX

Brenda has created a perfect Christmas card for a man, using Cogs and sprockets to decorate a Christmas tree, absolutely brilliant idea Brenda, thank you so much for taking part XXX

Challenge 2
Alternative Sketch


Tracy, your card is just gorgeous, what a genius idea to cut the Spellbinders (Adorning)? Squares die in half to create two decorative corners.  Your central stamped image is so pretty too, the lovely flower finishes your card beautifully, thank you so much for taking part XXX


Oh Janet I do love these images, they make such a cute card, you have embellished her perfectly with that beautiful ribbon and those buttons.
Thank you so much for taking part Janet XXX


Lynda's second card used a Sue Wilson Striplet die as the main focus of the card, with the sentiment in the die cut square topper, embellished with wire spirals, that remind me of those Christmas decorations my parents had that you had stretched across the room, initially crepe paper twists and later foil.  Thank you Lynda, I wasn't expecting you to take part with the horrendous week you have had.  XXX

My word ladies, just look at that amazing display of cards, I felt terrible at the beginning of the week as I thought I had 'challenged,' you a little too much, but as always you always rise to any Challenge I set, I could not wish for better friends, 
I am so, so grateful to all of you !! 

Have a lovely Sunday,
Love and Hugs,



  1. Morning Everyone
    We have an amazing choice of cards this week. All the Seasonal cards are amazing and the choices of materials wonderful.
    I love your Alternative card Lynda and your colour choice shows the dies to perfections.

    We have a much cooler start to the day here and it's a little on the dull side. We had a cloud burst yesterday morning lasting less than five minutes and then thunder at lunch time. It certainly cleared the air. I've everything crossed that we have a little sunshine this afternoon but keep the cooler temp.

    The CAFE is open as usual with the display board in full view. Have a good Sunday everyone. xxxx

  2. Morning Ladies

    Great challenge cards-all so different. I have to say I absolutely loved this challenge.

    Lilian-I really like your card & wonder if it's ok for me to copy it??

    Looks like it rained a lot overnight which is great for the garden, it's definitely cooler & quite breezy here so it might be ok to get all the ironing done.


    1. Hi Michele feel free, found it on Pinterest. Tried with glue first, but it marked the glitter paper, but couldn't see until it's finished, use tape.

    2. Hi Michele
      What a novel idea to emboss some card and make a Christmas tree. Never would have thought of that. Love all your cards.

  3. Gorgeous cards ladies I am in total awe at your creativity I especially like MICHELE's white embossed tree - not even a Christmas embossing folder was used - can I pinch that idea
    My card came from a folded semi-circle idea and LILIAN I cut the semi-circles out on myScanNCut - how did you get on yesterday I bought the sentiment USB purely because I rely too much on my laptop and wanted something that I could use alongside/instead of my laptop
    I am still at the simple shapes stage though
    I hope you had a lovely birthday MARIA and enjoying some sunshine ☀️ in Colchester and you too SUE in Devon
    Have a great day ladies xxx

    1. Hi Karen, found the sentiments are very large, I only make small cards, so was a bit cross, a lot of just to cut mats and layers, find my cricut much better with intricate detai cuts. Bought it mainly to cut my stamped images, but I'm not impressed with it.

    2. That's a shame I agree the sentiments are large which I was disappointed with I won't be falling in the trap again for USB's especially as there's so much free stuff I have just bought the foiling kit So I am hoping that as they can be reduced to draw emboss foil that I will utilise the sentiments better

    3. Hi Karen
      I've done this technique before, but where my template is heaven knows.
      I think the cards or elements you do on your ScanNcut are fantastic. I already though you were at an advanced stage with using it.

  4. Morning everyone.

    Yowser ladies, you've all been busy this week. What great imagination.Fantastic ideas and a wonderful selection of cards.

    Off out for lunch again today, this is not doing the diet any good,! Chinese yesterday and I think Indian today, my particular favourite.

    I think I've decided which Stamping Up sets I want. Such a hard decision when I actually want them all. I'll email you tomorrow Sandra.

    Trying to find some cheap flights over to UK before the prices shoot up for the School Holidays. I would just be good for Lynn and I to have a couple of days to do some serious shopping. The flights themselves aren't too bad but when you start adding luggage etc it's just too expensive for a weekend. Never mind I'll keep looking.

    Hope everyone is enjoying Bank Holiday and the mostly fine weather.

    Janet enjoy your Great granddaughters birthday today.

    Lynda hope you're feeling tons better today.

    Maria have a lovely few days holiday.

    Bye for now. Love Valxxx

    1. Try As another option

    2. Hi Karen, thanks for that. We actually go on a site for SkyScanner and it tells you the prices for all the companies.
      Hope yore having a good

    3. Sounds a good idea to use a site to find the cheapest price for flights. I hope you enjoyed your Indian today and the Chinese yesterday.

  5. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra you gave us a great Challenge again this week, thanks Michele as well. A lovely selection of cards I particularly like the idea of Lilian & Karen's trees, may try it myself. Hope you have a good
    Maria enjoy Colchester pleased you had a good
    Good to see you in yesterday Lynda & WiFi is
    Val enjoy your meal today I prefer
    Sun shining at moment but more comfortable temps out.
    Sending hugs to all who need them love

    1. My trees are really really easy to do

  6. Hello All, wet here at the moment with heavy storms later.

    Am watching the French open tennis, love watching tennis.

    The cards are all really good, love all the ideas, can see now I've forgotten my sentiment.

    Have to make a card for my nephews birthday at the beginning of June.

    Hope you have sunshine where you are, hugs Lilian

    1. Just added a little reply to your first post

    2. Isn't our weather funny Lilian. We've had lovely sunshine here in Oxfordshire.

  7. Hello Sandra and everyone,

    What great inspiration this blog is, Ladies I love all of your beautiful cards.
    Now I wonder what Sandra has up her sleeve for tomorrow.

    Been out in the garden most of the morning, came in to make lunch and a few little jobs, think I go out again for another hour although it has turned rather dull.

    Hope everyone is having a lovely Sunday, sending caring hugs to everyone,
    Love Brenda XXX

    1. Hi Brenda
      It's to hot for Pete out in the garden during the day. The injections he has makes him sweat profusely even if he's just sitting. I just get bitten. My foot and ankle is still swollen from two weeks ago.

  8. Hi Sandra and ladies
    What a fabulous selection of cards today. I think I might have made the trees like Karen a few years ago. I usually use one as a template but where abouts that will be now I haven't a clue.
    Well, we had lunch at Yarnton Nurseries as usual today. Afterwards Pete didn't want to go how so we went down by the canal at Thrupp near Kidlington. Plenty of canoes and kyacks out on the canal. Pete and I went for a walk along the canal while Doreen sat in the shade.
    We say a gentleman in his eighties who had a battery operated wooden one man boat. Pete fell in love with it. Apparently this man had a narrow boat that he travelled all over England with before his wife died. Then he went to a boat show and saw this boat, such a lovely man as well. He had oars just in case the battery ran out, that you used to wheel the boat to your car. Such a great idea. We got home about 5.15. The sun had gone in and it looked like we were going to have a thunder storm.

  9. Hi Sandra and all in the Café today. I'm so glad to be home and able to comment again. I always seem to have problems with my phone when we go to Devon.
    I loved looking at the beautiful "Non Christmas" Christmas cards. You all have such fantastic imaginations with such clever use of dies etc. Thank you all for sharing them with us. I hope it's ok to "borrow" all of your wonderful ideas when I finally start my Christmas cards.(I saw my first Christmas paper pad of 2017 in Lidls earlier today!!!)
    Maria,bI hope you are feeling a little better again and that you were spoiled yesterday, just as you should be on your birthday 😊 x
    Lynda, sending you and Terry big hugs. How are you both doing today x
    I hope none of you in the UK have had the awful rain storms that are coming our way.
    VAL, has it passed you by? I do hope so as it looks really bad x
    Well, we had a fantastic day at our nephew Nick and his beautiful bride Torys wedding yesterday. The day started overcast and drizzly but by midday we had gorgeous blue skies and sunshine, all ready for the 2pm wedding. It was made all the more emotional as Chris's brother Charlie, the groom's Dad, who had the heart attack last month, was finally discharged from hospital at 11am and was allowed to join us for the ceremony and meal before going home to rest. When he walked into the hotel at 1.50pm I can safely say that there wasn't a dry eye among us as he got a standing ovation, even the lady organising the wedding etc. also had to reach for the tissues as she was aware of just how important it was to Nick to have his Dad there, along with his bride and the rest of us.
    I'm off to ring Mum now.
    Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for all in need. Take care xx

  10. Hi Sandra & everyone
    I know I'm very late we had nice surprise Darren phoned & asked if it was ok to come down silly questions if I get to see Harry they can come everyday 😄
    I cooked a roast lamb ( sorry Sandra & Matt ) &they didn't leave until 10.30 pm
    WOW great challenge cards today MICHELE your a star six cards that's got to be a record loved them all loved everyone's too.
    SUE glad you had a nice time in Devon & you all enjoyed the wedding with lovely sunshine xx MARGARET yes WiFi all sorted but now the lawn mower has stopped working Terry managed to cut one side of the grass before it gave up he said it was the belt so went to BQ & Hombase but the don't sell spare ones.
    So will have to Google it tomorrow
    Catch up tomorrow as going to bed now
    Love Lynda xx