Saturday, 20 May 2017

Mixed Up Saturday

 Good Saturday Morning Ladies,

Goodness me I have a lot to share with you today, from shopping to birthday 
gifts, including a yummy cake and to finish off a lovely walk through
Our Tracy's beautiful Garden!
So grab a coffee, get comfy and I will start.....

  Margaret's Shopping

Margaret has taken advantage of her 20% Demonstrator Discount and treated herself to some of the New Stamps and punch from the New Catalogue, it's launching on
1st June, there are some amazing new goodies in it, The first stamp set is 
Colourful Seasons, it features stamps that can be used to make cards or
Background papers for every season, a very useful stamp set.
Daisy Delight is a fantastic stamp set, if works with the Daisy Punch 
(In second photo), the stamp adds detail and texture to the punched out
Daisies, I made mistake of thinking I could just have punch, but you really do
Need the stamp to get the best looking Daises!
Well Wishes is the third stamp set, now if you enjoy colouring you will love
This stamp set, just look at the detail in the flowers around the Wishing Well, 
Just imagine it coloured in with a few of the flowers decoupaged, I think this is going
to be a very popular set, such amazing choices Margaret, I can't wait to see the
Projects you make with these stamp sets.
Thank you for sharing 

Cheryl's Shopping

Cheryl has been stocking up her craft supplies this week too, 
The first photo is of the Memory Album and all the papers and embellishments 
Cheryl bought to create a Memory Album for Milly-May,  I am excited to see each new page as you create it Cheryl, Janet's Memory Album for Gracie-Leigh was stunning, it would be a great source of inspiration too.
Now you can't go wrong if you buy your flowers from Wild Orchid crafts, 
I know they aren't cheap but boy do you get what you pay for, you have bought an
Amazing array of Blooms and Stamens, leaves and embellishments too.
Now I don't think I have seen this Did cutting machine, Cheryl bought it from the Range during their Easter promotions, it came with 6 Dies and 2 Embossing Folders,
Cheryl says "it's a sturdy little machine, perfect for cutting just one die and for taking to Craft Club", I checked last night and it costs £45. 
Thank you for sharing your shopping Cheryl 

 Michele's Birthday gifts

Michele's birthday has lasted for a whole week, with being away for the actual
day of her birthday she missed celebrating with friends and Colleagues.
On return to work on Monday Michele received the lovely Kipling Handbag and matching Purse from all of her Colleagues, what a thoughtful and Amazing gift, 
As the week went on Michele caught up with friends who gave her the rest of 
The lovely gifts above, A Needle Felting Kit to make cute Woodland Animals, 
not something I have tried but it looks fun !  Another friend made her that AMAZING 
Lemon Meringue Cake, OMG, it looks like heaven!
(MARGARET, SOMETHING NEW TO TRY???), I will be your Guinea Pig!
The last gift is a Beautiful 'Best' Wishes' Rose, what a thoughtful gift, it looks like
it will be a real pop of colour in your garden, I love roses, to me they shout
'English Country Garden' along with Snapdragons and Sweet Williams.
I hope your celebrating continues throughout the weekend Michele,
Thank you for sharing your gifts 

Lyndas's shopping

Our Lynda has joined the Exclusive "Gemini" Club, she saved up her PayPal money
from selling her craft stash on eBay and treated herself, by the way Lynda has some fantastic stamps etc for sale on eBay, Honey Doo, Chloe's stamps etc, 
'8090Lynda' if you want to have a look.
Lynda I love both of the Tim Holtz Thinlit sets you have bought, so useful for 
Backgrounds and perfect to use in your canvases too.
The next photo is of Lynda's shopping from the Craft show last weekend, 
some lovely MDF goodies to alter, a pen storage unit, a stock up on glue too, those MDF lamps will be amazing on Christmas cards Lynda.
The Window and Teacup dies are from China, live them both!
Now the last picture Lynda shared for a laugh really, it was the 'Goody Bag'
From the show last weekend, you can see what a load of rubbish it is at first glance,
Lynda was quite rightly disappointed with it, those kind of craft items are from about 10 years ago, what utter rubbish, if doesn't give a very good representation of Hochanda in my opinion, it would have been better with some plain card stock or something that could be a little bit useful!
Thank you for sharing your amazing Shopping Lynda,

Tracy's Garden

Now we can all have a relaxing stroll down Tracy's beautiful garden, it looks like there has been an awful lot of work gone into it Tracy. 
I love the decked area, with that beautiful feature made from Pallets, what a genius idea, you have decorated it beautifully with the planters and 'Flower pot men'
Your borders look fab too, great idea to lay stones down and have pots, as you get 
Beautiful flowers, shrubs etc and no weeds! 
Your patio looks lovely too, I love the little guys on the tricycles, do cute.
It's clear to see a lot of time and effort has gone into your garden, 
Now you can sit on your beautiful Swing and admire all of your hard work.
I love your swing, it's strong and sturdy and you could grow some fragrant 
Climbers through it, you can't beat Honeysuckle!
It looks like you have had the best of the weather this week too!
Thank you so much for sharing your garden with us Tracy

Well, I hope that you enjoyed all of that, I bet you are all ready for
another cup of tea, do you think Margaret's made that Lemon Meringue
Cake yet??? 

Janet, I hope you aren't feeling to bruised and sore today, I think it takes a couple
Of days for the full effect to kick in, sit down and take it easy today please 
Gentle hugs on their way XXX

Have a lovely weekend ladies,

Love and hugs



  1. Some lovely items on show today - I'm very jealous especially your Garden TRACY It is beautiful
    You made me smile LYNDA with your Hochanda goodie bag I'd have been quite angry with that
    Today's our last day in Cyprus Our flight leaves here 8.30 ish your time I have really enjoyed it but can't wait to see Oscar (and my craft room!)
    Take care all xx

    1. Hi Karen
      I hope you have a uneventful journey home. Look forward to seeing you on the 1st if it's confirmed that's the date we're meeting.

  2. Morning Everyone
    I'm already tired after wandering down the beautiful garden and seeing all the wonderful crafty buys which give some fantastic inspiration. I cannot wait to see results from these lovely dies and pictures of Milly-May's album. These albums give beautiful memories of tiny babies growing far too quickly into toddlers.

    I'm still feeling somewhat stiff and bruises are now appearing. Yesterday was definitely a 'take is slowly' day but this morning I have some shopping to do so I'll see how I go.

    The CAFE SIGN is out telling us that it's OPEN so come and take a peek at some wonderful paper crafting.
    I'll pop some cream scones behind the counter this afternoon. HUGS to everyone and have a good Saturday.xxxx

    1. Hi Janet
      I hope your bruises are healing up and your not to sore.

  3. Morning Ladies

    Wow-some great crafty purchases this week.
    Tracey -your garden looks fantastic. I love all the different areas in it especially the decked part. I hope your swing gives you hours of joy.

    I'm popping into Southport first thing this morning for a few bits then off to Hobbycraft & The Range at Aintree, mainly because I have a £5 voucher for Hobbycraft (if you register online & add your birthday date they'll send you a voucher) but the only drawback is it's only valid for 2 weeks from the day of issue. I'm sure I'll find something to spend it on though!!

    We're expecting our new furniture to be delivered this afternoon (bookcase & a sideboard) then we're off to my in-laws for dinner tonight. I'll be glad of a lazy day tomorrow-doing all the housework!!


    1. Have a lovely dinner with your in laws Michele.

  4. Morning ladies,

    Well, we have been busy shopping haven't we? Some lovely hauls there methinks.
    And a gorgeous garden to stroll around whilst drinking my tea.
    I would have been disappointed with that Goodie bag too Lynda. A cheap way to get you interested then disappoint you with the contents.
    I steer clear from them now, they are not representative of the firms that supply them. My last one was at the Folk Festival in Sidmouth last year. Inside was a brochure, a small stick of rock and an out of date Sidmouth Mercury. Nothing about the festival at all and no info on where the bands would be playing.

    I love my dinky Cut and Make machine. The plates are A6 size and its so handy to cut just that one die cut that you are missing from your creation. I have tried several smaller ones and took them back after being disappointed over the flimsiness of the base but this one sits solidly on my work table and does not slide around. It's so light to carry too.
    Jamie and I are out in the garden this morning getting rid of small tree stumps. I was so upset to lose my Ceanothus two years ago, it flowered prolifically for many years and I watched it grow from a cutting I had taken in 1994 to a handsome small tree. I heard a loud crack whilst gardening, couldn't figure out what it was until I went to the compost bin and found it lying down. What caused the trunk to split I still don't know. It was windy that day but I would not have thought that strong to blow it over. We are clearing the bed to move a 'Bristol Ruby' Wygelia into it then Pete's Amelianthus tree will have enough space to grow as large as it likes.
    Happy weekend to you all and I hope the weather is fine and you get to enjoy whatever it is you are doing.
    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

  5. Hi everyone.
    Definitely a mixed Saturday. Lots of wonderful buys, lovely birthday gifts including a yummy cake and a beautiful garden to stroll in.
    Lynda what a disappointing Goodie Bag. Can't believe Hochanda would think you'd be pleased with it.
    Tracey hope you're having lots of fun on your new swing.

    Janet take it easy today. Hope the stiffness and soreness wears off soon.x

    Well the lovely weather arrives and sadly so do the mosquitoes. They had a great time on my leg last night as I've 3 very large, very itchy bites this morning. I hate the little devils and although they must have some purpose in the chain of life, I blowed if I know what. I've run out of mosquito repellent from last year so it's top of my shopping list today.

    I'm off to my craft room to make my cc for tomorrow. Late as usual but I do have a genuine excuse this week Sandra as I only got back home on Wednesday!!!

    Karen, have a safe journey home.

    Have a good Saturday everyone.
    Love Valxxx

    1. Morning Val, mozzies were the bane of my holidays in Spain. My friend Jan and I went to an Apothecary and they gave us Detraine for the bites. I have used it ever since and stock up whenever we pop over to Spain x

    2. Hi Cheryl
      Mozzies love me also Val. My leg is still itchy after being bitten last week. Piritan and some cream I bought in London did no good at all really.

    3. Hi Cheryl and Pat. De train is a really good product and the one I usually have in.
      Have a good

  6. Hi Sandra and ladies.

    Love looking at the goodies everyone has bought. Like the look of the Tim holtz thinlets lynda has. As for that goodie bag oh my no wonder u were dissatisfied but I hope u can still use some of it for something lol.

    Thanks for the nice comments on my garden. U should've seen it before it was all done prior to the grass and monoblock etc. It's almost there the way we want it.

    Going to lochgelly in fife today with graeme and his pal mark
    I'd bought a rally driving experience at Xmas time for graeme. Shame it's raining lol but will add to the fun I guess. We were there this time last year too and he thought it was great xx

    Love to all x

    1. Lovely garden Tracey. As Pete puts ours down to vegetables ours always looks a mess. Well it does at the moment. He seems to be collecting bricks. What for, I have no idea.

  7. Good morning Sandra & everyone
    Wow some lovely shopping this morning Margaret love your SU Dies & Cheryl your cutting machine looks good. Lot better than the Baby Blue from Tattered Lace I bought at NEC that didn't cut at all well. Only used it a couple of times so sold it on EBay. Don't over do it in the garden today glad Jamie is on hand.
    Tracy love your garden you have both done so well as I did see it before the transformation. I would love to sit on your swing with a builders tea HaHa.
    Michele your bag & purse are really lovely. Your cake πŸŽ‚looks so delicious I don't suppose there's any left 🍽 Enjoy your day.
    If anyone would like my goodie bag your very welcome πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.
    We are just going out for our walk so pop in later Love Lynda xx

    1. Hi Lynda, rain has stopped play, we didn't even get outside. One minute it is sunshine, the next pouring rain and it has been like that all day. x

  8. Hello All, wet and very cold, thought we were supposed to having a heat wave, still have the heating on dread the thought of the gas bill.

    What a lovely lot of goodies again today, I have those Tim Holtz fragment dies and I love them.
    Michele love your bag and the cake looks yummy.
    Tracey your garden is amazing, so neat every where.

    Lynda that's for saying the baby blue is useless was seriously thinking of getting one, if I just wanted to cut a small embellishment, won't bother now, how are you getting on with your Gemini, really pleased with mine, although my plates are very curved all ready, although I've tried to remember to turn each time.

    Going alter some trousers this afternoon, they are always too long in my size.

    Hope everyone has a good day, Janet do hope you are not too sore today, I expect the bruises are comming out now, hugs Lilian

  9. Margaret Palmer20 May 2017 at 14:58

    Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra thank you for showing my goodies, Sue had a play with the Daisy punch yesterday while we sat in garden watching Christopher play. I must look up recipe lemon meringue cake it looks delicious, will let you know when I make one!!!xxx
    Michele your bag is lovely & the other presents & as for the cake it looks lively, I love Lemon Meringue. Hope you enjoy your
    Lynda you have a lovely lot of goodies as well, so pleased you like your
    Cheryl looks as if you did well at The Range, ours is only 5mins away & it is fatal when I go there something always falls in my basket. The small die cutter looks robust pleased you get on well with it. Hope you manage to sort garden out keeps raining
    Tracy you have a lovely garden, you have obviously worked hard, I love the swing seat perfect to relax in, thank you for showing
    I really must het on & make my CC so will send hugs to you all love

  10. Hi Sandra
    A funny old day today isn't it. Black skies, showers and sun. So it was lovely to see everyone's buys today. Lovely garden Tracey as well. I'd be very disappointed Lynda if I had those in a goody bag as well, especially from Hochanda.

  11. Hello Sandra and all,

    What a lovely display of shopping, Matgaret I love your mew stamps and the punch. Daisy Delight is on my wish list . xx
    Cheryl, what a lovely shop you have had this week. xx
    Michele, Love all of your birthday presents, that cake looks delicious. xx
    Lynda, WOW shopper of the week. Enjoy your Gemini. I agree the goodie bag is a bit - naff!
    Tracey, your garden looks lovely. LOVE your swing seat. xx

    I have spent most of in my craft room, the weather has been to unsettled to go in the garden. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

    Take care everyone, sleep well. Love Brenda xxx

    1. Hi Sandra and all in the CafΓ© today. I know I'm a bit late but have really enjoyed seeing the lovely goodies that some of you have bought recently.
      Mum, have you had a chance to play with your new stamps and punch yet? Grab the dining table for crafting before Pop covers it with his computer stuff today 😊😊 love you xxx
      Cheryl, im so pleased that you have found the elusive material, it niggles away at you when you can't find something, doesn't it? I am yet to find Sandra's birthday card from last August, some reels of double sided tape and several other other bits and bobs! If you saw how small our house is you would wonder how on earth I could loose anything but I obviously put them all in one of those "safe" places!!! I now tell Chris or Gem when I put something away in a different place to usual! Gosh, those two years have flown by! Please can we see Milly-Maes book when it's finished? I hope the weather is kinder to us today so you can get out in the garden x
      Michele, are you using your new bag and purse yet? What are the monkeys called? I bet you enjoyed your lovely meringue. It looks like it is the type that is crisp on the outside and slightly chewy on the inside, ohhh my mouth is watering, even at this time of the morning 😊 X (For those not familiar with Kipling bags every item has a monkey named after someone of that works for Kipling attached to it) x
      Lynda, I'm am so looking forward to seeing what beauties you create with the great selection of new goodies 😊 Why do companies hand out dated/cheap and nasty items in goody bags? They give a negative message about the company don't they instead of using the opportunity to give a positive one! Hugs to you both x
      Tracy, I'm glad you have been able to use the lovely swing in your garden. Thank you for sharing the pictures, you and hubby have clearly put an awful lot of time and money into a wonderful garden, I love the different areas you have created, no wonder you want to spend time out there relaxing. Are you available to come and make something of our postage stamp sized back garden, please? 😊😊X
      Val, I'm sorry that you have tasty legs for the mozzies! Have you tried Avon original Skin so Soft dry oil spray to deter them? It really is very good, just ask Sandra 😊 x
      Karen, I hope you are home safe and sound x
      Lilian, I usually have to take trousers up too, oh the joys of being short 😊 x
      Janet, I'm sorry to her that you had a fall. I hope you aren't too bruised and battered dear friend. Please take it easy x
      Pat, I hope you manage to get some rest before starting the next week of different appointments for you both
      Please get that ankle looked at dear friend, even if only by a pharmacist. Hugs are on their way x
      Well, as usual I have taken so long to answer each of you that it is almost time to be able to sit and study today's -Sundays- CCs 😊 Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for all in need. Take care xx