Wednesday, 24 May 2017

A Special Birthday Card

Good Morning Ladies,
I feel like I have to mention and send heartfelt condolences to all those affected by the unbelievable atrocity that happened in Manchester, how somebody could stoop so disgracefully low as to intend to kill and maim young children is beyond all comprehension.  It was only a few weeks ago that we dropped our 3 girls off at a similar concert, I cannot imagine what the families of those involved must be going through. They are very much in our thoughts. 

Today's card is a special, pretty birthday card, for a special someone!!! 
I used my 'Detailed Floral Thinlits' dies to create this unusual card fold, it's kind of a fancy 'Easel' card, I used a pretty peach card and 'Peekaboo Peach' ink to create this card, if anyone is interested recreating the shape I am happy to share the dimensions etc.  I was inspired by a card similar in design by a lady called Ann Melvin on Pinterest. I can see that this die set is going to be used a lot, it's very versatile and very pretty.  
Sue came over yesterday too, she used the same design to create a wedding card in purple and white which looked stunning too. We were actually very productive, both getting a whole card made, which is surprising as we spent an hour or two watching the tragic events in Manchester unfold. 

I'm looking forward to seeing Pat today, more crafting , YAY!!!

Brenda we have had a tortoise for years, my brother Michael's first job was in a Pet shop and somebody bought in a tortoise they could no longer care for, he had no idea of her age but ended up adopting her, she (Daisy) is still going strong 35 years later!  What is your tortoise called?  
How many of you have pets, I know Sue has Bearded Dragons, which are unusual pets, Val has her cute cats and darling doggy.  Maybe we should have some photos, we did it a couple of years ago, be nice to update . 

Lilian, love the idea of adding Star Anise, will give that one a try, thank you xx

Janet, how did your card go down at Knit and Natter ?? I'm sure they loved it, I hope that they were grateful that you stepped in at late notice! Xx

Well that's all for today my lovelies, I hope you all have a lovely day,

Love and hugs hugs to you all,



  1. My thoughts are with everyone involved in Monday evenings tragedy with my deepest condolences for all of the families that lost loved ones, especially the children.

  2. Morning Ladies

    Beautiful card Sandra.

    The tragic event in Manchester is so upsetting. The 8 year old was from a village not far from me. We had non-emergency patients moved to our hospital to make room for the emergency victims.
    It was already looking like a busy day then 3 members of staff rang in sick which left me in particular with a problem-no trained staff!! It's been a long time since I was gowned up & in the Unit making treatments but you know what-it was fun. It was 4pm before we knew it and we had to prepare today's work.

    Went out for my curry with my crazy friend (sorry Sandra-forgot I said I'd pick you up) & we had a lovely meal although I was a bit distracted as I was shattered. I was home by 8.45 so I just collapsed on the sofa and caught up on my emails etc.


    1. Wow Michele you were busy but as you said it was fun doing something different.
      Such a tragedy what happened in Manchester. Such evil people. We're all human beings whatever your religion.

  3. Hi Sandra and all in the Café today.
    This little card is so pretty, and it only took the two of us about 4 hours to make one each! I love the gorgeous peach colour. I was too tired to put the ribbon on mine last night so will do it later on and then I will send you a picture of it.
    It would be good to see everyone's​ pets. We only have the female Beardy now but I will send you a picture of her.
    I didn't see your comment about Paul cutting me some rhubarb. Yes, please the more the merrier as I love it raw, plain stewed, in a crumble....anyway you can think of, yum yum. And any spare will go in the freezer for later on in the year 😊
    I hope you and Pat enjoy yourselves today x
    Pat, I'm sorry I can't see you again this week but I'm glad that your appointment went well yesterday and it's good that you and Pete can get a cup of tea in Oncology now. Sending big hugs x
    Maria, I hope you start to feel better very soon. I'm sending you gentle big hugs and am.looking forward to our meet up next week when you can have a real one x
    Lynda, I hope you are both ok. My Chris can sleep for England too 😊 Big hugs are on their way x
    Janet. I hope K and N went well and the ladies appreciated you stepping up at the last minute with the card! X
    Val, I bet you are enjoying the warmer weather. What temperature do you like best? X
    Brenda, how kind of you to share the first strawberries of the year with your tortoise. Please can you tell us what it is called and how old it is? I hope your INR test is ok. You were busy planting all of your extra plants weren't you 😊 x
    Lilian. I hope the sun has reached you by now. It is meant to be 30 degrees at the weekend so you will be overrun by Emmits won't you! Goid luck with the CC. as it is sometimes hard to get an idea for a card to actually work isn't it? X
    Michele, I hope you had a good evening with your crazy friend and that work isn't even busier than expected x
    Karen, it's good to see you home safe and sound. Did your Scanner turn up yesterday as expected? X
    Cheryl, thank you for sharing your bird watching visit with us. I hope that the sewing goes well today x
    Mum, you were busy yesterday weren't you. I hope you can take it a bit easier today, please. Love to you and Pop xxxx
    Tracy, I'm sorry that you are still so tired but I hope you can manage to craft a little. Your garden swing is going to be used a lot with the lovely weather that is on the way, isn't it? 😊 x
    I hope I haven't missed anyone but apologise if I have.
    Chris and I are off clothes shopping today for a wedding. Fingers crossed we find something suitable quickly as I don't enjoy all of the dressing and undressing in the changing rooms. You don't have a choice these days as clothes doesn't seem to be sized correctly anymore, no matter which shop or brand. I can be up to 3 sizes bigger or smaller which is ridiculous. Do any of you have the same problem or is it just me?
    Enjoy the lovely sun. Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for all in need. Take care xx

  4. Morning Everyone
    A beautiful card today SANDRA. I love the look of that die and the colour chosen is just gorgeous.

    K&N was OK. The card seemed to go down well (no adverse comments anyway). I was more than a busy day as I spent the morning shopping for refreshments and then found that the fridge had decided to give up the ghost and so trawled the net finding another one. Why is it that these much needed pieces of equipment always decided enough is enough when they are needed the most. Anyway one is arriving this afternoon so hopefully I won't have lost a load of food etc.

    The CAFE is OPEN - I've put a couple of tables out back so anyone can sit in the sunshine to enjoy a cuppa. I only hope that Herman doesn't want to investigate the tables hehehe.

    HUGE HUGS to all especially Dear Friends in need. xxxx

    1. Hi Janet
      I'm glad the ladies liked your card. It's a shame the other lady didn't bring lunch as it was here turn. I glad you didn't put table clothes on the tables outside or else Herman would have had a field day.

  5. My thoughts are with the families of Manchester I can't express how angry it's made me To attack young children is abominable and cowardly I get so angry that my son was such a good guy and no longer here and these awful people are still alive (I know the suicider is dead but that doesn't make any difference- he was living with the intention of inflicting this pain)
    Must go Need to get ready for work

    1. I quite agree with you Karen. I can't find words to describe what these people are. Can't call them animals as that's detrimental to animals.

  6. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra I agree with everything you have said about the terrible tragedy in Manchester, & to do it to children makes it so much worse. Karen I can understand you being very angry. Sandra lovely delicate card today​, pleased you & Sue had a good
    Maria I hope the sunshine is helping you sending
    Lovely morning, looking forward to playing Petanque without coats, hats & gloves on.
    Sue good luck with your shopping don't envy you, love you xxx
    Michele I am pleased to hear you enjoyed getting stuck in yesterday, hope today is
    Must get on sending hugs to all who need them love

  7. Superb crd Sandra I might have to get this set out I got it last week before the price goes up lol ...every penny helps... very versatile set and love the peekaboo peace its lush . Thanks for the inspiration x

  8. Morning Sandra and ladies and to anyone looking in.
    My thought are with everyone in Manchester, so sad.
    Sweet card and lovely style on the card, love to see Sue's too.
    Michele- hope your day is easier. We ended up having curry here too last night after reading what you were having for dinner :-) take care x
    Sue- buying clothes is not an easy thing to do, I too have the problem from shops to shop reg. size. Good luck finding something nice today. Maybe a bit hot for trying on's in the changing rooms tho. hugs back for you x
    Margaret- enjoy playing petanque today. The warmer weather helping a bit yes for the fibromyalgia so will sit and read on the patio later, it's a bit overcast here today but nice anyhow. Hugs to you and Pop x
    Janet- good you had some prep done as you had to step in. Hope the fridge arrive as it should. Take care,hugs x
    Brenda- lovely to have your own strawberries, never know you had a tortoise as a pet (more likely you have told us, me who can't remember) we bought a tomato plant this year and it's gone in a pot. What plants did you buy ? As we have 3 big garden centres close by I love going there quite often for a mooching around and sometimes one ore two plants coming with me home tihi hugs x
    Karen- have a nice day. Hope you enjoying the nice weather and your tan can last a bit longer,hugs x
    Val- have a nice day, hope it's not too hot for you yet, hugs x
    Lynda- how are you doing ? Nice walk you had yesterday. Your feet were alright after such a long walk ? OH is another one who falling asleep on the sofa but don't sleep very well at night ( have to go to the loo a lot) :-) Sending hugs to you and Terry x
    Cheryl- love hearing of your walks. So nice seeing the birds, the nice ones. I hate Magpies and even more so after one killed the babies in our fir bush :-(
    Tracy- hope the tiredness goes away now when the lighter days are here. Take care
    Pat and Pete- have a good day, hugs x
    Sandra- hope Paul is alright after being in contact with nettles, horrid things. We have loads of brambles coming through, I hate doing the weeding of them. I love rhubarb, but OH not so much. Rhubarb crumble and ice cream mmmmm! Have a nice day with Pat today, see you soon. We all have a cold at the moment so have felt a bit crap but starting to feel better so will have a play later hopefully. We haven't got any pets our self because of allergies but when I was young and living at home we had a lot of different animals from Dogs,cats, fish, birds, one white mouse who became 12 ! and a stick insect hihi . My niece now have a bearded iguana and a cat and as you know my sister breeding Finish lapdogs ,so she is always very busy. Beautiful dogs though.
    I wish you all a nice day whatever you are up to.
    Many hugs to you all, Maria xxx

    1. Thanks Maria
      Sandra and I had a lovely day today.

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  10. Hi Sandra and everyone.
    A beautiful card today Sandra, love the colour :-)
    Glad you and Sue had a nice time yesterday, apart from the awful news in Manchester. So so sad that this happened, it's just pure evil. How can anyone be so cruel and full of hate to inflict all this pain on innocent people?? :-(
    A quote I came across on social media bought tears to my eyes......
    I wouldn't change my children for the world, but I wish I could change this world for my children.
    These are sad times and my heart goes out to everyone who has been affected by this and other attacks.
    I hope you are all having a good day whatever you are doing, keeping well and enjoying the lovely weather.
    Sending love and hugs to all xxx

    1. Hi Sonia, I echo that quote for our children and grandchildren, in fact for the whole world, I just wish it could be a better place. Take care xx

  11. Hello All, firstly I would like to echo all of your sentiments re the awful happenings in Manchester, unbearably tragic.

    It's a lovely day here, the sun has just come out, finished my junior hoods , apparently some are needed for a school, who just starting bee keeping.

    Sandra beautiful card, love that colour, so feminine.

    Noticed that honey doo crafts are comming to Hochanda, love their stamps and powders, starting tomorrow not sure what time.

    Have a lovely day everyone, hugs to all Lilian.

    1. Hi Lilian
      I saw a school on tv where the pupils were going to have bees. However, the people supplying them wore all white suits. It's only through you that I knew you can get different coloured hoods.

  12. Hi Sandra and ladies.
    What a lovely card so nice n bright. Just the ticket to cheer anyone up.

    I don't have a pet anymore as he was old and everything going on had to be out down at 16. He was a smashing cat. However my friend had her pal paint him onto canvas from a photo. Which I'll share if u like. It's so lifelike I still think he's here when I look at it.

    Mrs b. No it's not just u with sizing issues with clothes. I do too. And I work in a high st store nothing seems to be as good anymore in clothes. Xx

    1. For years I bought our clothes from Marks. My boys pyjamas lasted forever and made in the UK. Now nothing is made in England, and the sizing is all to pot.

  13. Hello Sandra and everyone,

    What a beautiful card Sandra and I love the Dies and bright colours you've chosen. I'm sure the recipient will love it xx

    I too as Lilian said, echo all the comments made about the appalling tragedy in Manchester. What sick sort of person goes out to deliberately cause such pain and suffering. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved and all of the support services.
    Sandra our tortoise is called 'speedy' we have had him for about 46 years. John found him wandering around a reservoir when he worked for the water board. No one in the neighbouring properties had lost a tortoise so he bought him home he was quite big then, so who knows how old he is, I will send you a picture of him.

    Haven't been out in the garden today. BooHoo. I have spent ages on the phone sorting out hospital appointments etc. It's always so time consuming, you ask a question and then get passed on to someone else, and then have to explain all over again.

    Granddaughter should be here soon, think today was the last Textile exam. She finishes school on Friday (so does our grandson in Essex) only going back in for exams. Where have all those years gone?

    Hope you are enjoying some lovely sunshine.

    Love and Hugs, Brenda xxx

    1. Hi Brenda
      I had a phone call from the hospital for my throats offering me an earlier date for my op. However, it was on Tuesday so I had to decline as Petes treatment is on Tuesdays and at a different hospital.

  14. Hi everyone.
    Beautiful card Sandra. Love everything about it.

    Calling in later than usual today. Just got back from crib. Sadly lost today but I don't expect to win every week.

    This morning was at the vets yet again. Harvey yesterday who got more anti biotics to Olive today who's eyes were so gummed up this morning that she couldn't see. We tried to bathe them but no success. Anyway the vet found a cyst in one of her eyes and we have drops and tablets for her. Not that I mind but these animals are costing me a fortune!!!

    I for one would love to see photos of your pets. I know Sandra has cats, Lynda has Bambi and now Brenda with a very old tortoise. WOW Brenda what an age. Tracy would also love to see your picture.

    I agree with all your comments re the Manchester atrocities. What an evil mind the killer must have had to pick a mostly young people's venue to do his wicked deed. Words fail me.

    Bye for now. Love to everyone and keep safe.
    Love Valxxx

    1. Hi Val
      Sorry you lost a crib and I'm sorry to hear that you've had to go back to the vets.

  15. Hi Sandra and ladies.
    Love today's card Sandra. I actually got to see it in the flesh.
    Sandra and I actually managed to have a play after having lunch while putting the world to rights. We had some flesh cream cakes. Yummy Yummy.
    I had a play with Sandra's stamps. Great to have a day away from Drs and hospitals today. Back to the Heart clinic tomorrow at the JR.