Monday, 29 May 2017

Monday Challenge

Good Morning Ladies,

I hope you are all enjoying this long weekend, it's disappearing fast, but we have had a nice weekend, Paul worked a long day on Saturday and is in again tonight, it makes a change to have him home during the day on a Bank Holiday Monday so I will be making the most of it, he will leave for work at about 6:30pm.  The girls are working today too, they get double pay on Bank Holiday though so they don't mind. 

This weeks Challenge is a very simple Challenge, after testing you all to your limits last week !!  
I would like you to make a card or maybe 2 cards WITHOUT using any Dies, we are going old School, you can use, Stamps, Embossing Folders, even your old Kanban card kits, just no dies!  
My card was made by inking through a circle mask with Soft Sky Ink, I then stamped the pretty leafy Flourish from 'Hopeful Thoughts ' stamp set across the top part of the circle and then I added the sentiment from the same stamp set. 
I cut a slightly larger mat of white card and coloured it with the same ink, which is a great tip if you don't have matching card stock.
I hope you like it and I look forward to seeing you your cards, I wonder who will be first this week??
Hopeful Thoughts Stamp Set 

I have added the details of the stamp set in case any of you are interested, if so, just let me know.

Have a fantastic day my lovelies,

Love and hugs



  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-what a beautiful card, I love the colour you have used.

    I'm excited about this weeks challenge as I'm not sure when I last made a card without using a diecut!! Hmm-lots of ideas floating round in my head(scary)!!

    Wet start to the day here-hubby forgot to tell me he's playing a golf match this morning . I need to pop out to the shops so will be ready for them opening at 9am then I can get back to my craft room,


    1. Hi Michele. Have a good day in your craft room after getting the shopping done.
      How is your Dad getting on? Take care x

    2. Hi Michele
      I to have to pop to the shops to pick up a summer dress I ordered in Marks. Should be interesting as I only wear dresses on holiday in the evenings.
      Hope you crafting goes well.

    3. Hi Michele
      Hope your enjoying yourself in your craft room & being creative xx

  2. Morning This weekend is just flying by
    We went dancing last night and boy! It was hot
    Great idea for a sketch this week

  3. Morning Everyone
    Well we've definitely gone back to 'bank holiday' weather this morning. It's raining and quite foggy. So normal service has resumed lol.

    A wonderful idea for this week's Challenge. I'll try and get something done in between getting the living room ready for decorating. The kitchen is finished so while I'm in the mood we're going to do the living room and then I can forget decorating for a while.

    We had a good afternoon at Isobel's birthday party. The sun was shining and it wasn't too hot so the children were outside having a good time.

    I'll just finish off in the CAFE so everything is ready for the day and then I'll have a cuppa sat out the back with Herman. Have a good Bank Holiday. xxxx

    1. Hi Janet. Thank you for opening the Café, it is looking so nice both inside and out. Herman does enjoy a bit of company doesn't he 😊 Have a good day prepping the lounge x

    2. Hi Janet
      As you say back to holiday weather today. So I'll not ve to hot to do the prepping.

    3. Hi Janet glad you enjoyed Isobel's birthday party.
      Hope decorating is going ok.🤗🤗

  4. Good Morning, thick sea mist here.

    Great sketch Sandra, I don't often use dies these days, as stamping is my favourite way of card making, of course I use them for my mat and layers, that will be a challenge in itself, to get them straight with my paper cutter.

    Hope you all enjoy your your bank holiday, I'm planting on the summer veg in the greenhouse, so hope it's not too hot. Hugs to all Lilian

    1. Sorry Sandra forgot to say ,love your card,and stamp set is one of my most used.

    2. Hi Lilian. I hope it's not too hot for you while you are busy in the garden. It is overcast but warm here so I think we are in for another hot day. Take care x

  5. Hi Sandra and all in the Café today.
    What a beautiful card you have made to inspire us 😊 I love the delicate flower stamp, it is so pretty and the Soft Sky ink is lovely.
    I must start making time to craft again as I am really missing it as the days just fly by!
    Are you planning on doing anything today with Paul before he starts work this evening? Have a good day my lovely xx
    See you in a while Mum. Love you xxxx
    Pat, I hope you can relax today. Sending you hugs x
    Maria, how are you feeling? Are your knees starting to improve after the accupunture? Big hugs for you x
    Lynda, Your run of bad luck must end soon! How annoying for the lawn mower to break down before Terry got all of the grass cut. I hope you manage to find a replacement belt for it. Sending hugs to you both x
    Karen, I'm glad you enjoyed dancing last night, even though it was very hot Have a good day x
    Brenda, will you be seeing g any of the filter today? Are you on babysitting duty this week? X
    Sonia, if you're not working today ha e a good one with the family x
    Tracy, are you at work today or will you be able to relax with a cold glass of something nice while you swing the day away x
    Cheryl, will you be walking with your friend today? Please tell us all about it x
    I'm sorry if I have missed anyone.
    E have Chris jnr until 4pm today and we are spending g it with Mum and Pop so a good day for us 😊
    Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for all in need. Take care xx

    1. Val, I'm so sorry for not asking what you are up to today. I hope you have a good time. Will you be sitting in the sun? What is the temperature at the moment? Take care x

    2. Hi Sue. It's not Bank Holiday here of course so I can here men drilling roads somewhere near. Ha ha.
      Just had a look at the thermometer outside and it's just touching 30. It's very pleasant now it's when July and August comes and it's gets to 40 that I tend to wilt.
      Meeting a friend for a coffee and a spot of lunch at 12 but card making at the moment.
      Enjoy your day with mum and pop. X

    3. Sounds like the wedding went well Sue. I'm glad you had a good time.

    4. Thanks Sue
      Glad you had nice time at the wedding & lovely Chris's brother could make it . Have nice day with mum & Pops & little Chris. Xxxx

  6. Hi Sandra and everyone.

    Beautiful card Sandra in my favourite colour. Love the sketch, thinking cap on again.

    Michele. Enjoy your day in the craft room.x

    Janet sounds like a fun day at the birthday party yesterday. Good luck with the decorating. X

    Lilian, I had many happy hours planting veg and flower seeds in my greenhouse when I lived in the UK. I used to get such a thrill watching them grow. Enjoy your day.x

    Lynda. WOW your run of problems continues. Sorry about your lawn mower and awful you can't get a spare belt at the moment. Hope you have luck finding one today.x

    Sue. Sounds like a lovely wedding and I bet so emotional when Charlie appeared.
    Have a good Bank Holiday Monday.

    Maria hope you're enjoying your few days away.

    Enjoy your Bank Holiday everyone.
    Love Valxxx

    1. Thank you Val. Yes it was a lovely wedding. Lots of tissues were used 😊 x

    2. Hi Val thank you yes they don't tell you when you buy the lawnmower that it has a belt it's just that Terry took it apart & noticed it was snapped. The man in the shop said they don't stock them because they hope you buy a new lawnmower. We found one on line.
      Hope you enjoyed your day. Love Lynda xx

  7. Hi Sandra and ladies
    Well I've just written a post and it's disappeared into cyber space.
    Lovely card Sandra just using a stamp. Love the colour you've used for the background.
    Had a lovely day yesterday down by the canal at Thrupp after having lunch at Yarnton. Left Doreen sitting in the shade while Pete and I went for a walk.
    Back to the grindstone tomorrow with hospital visits. Hope Petes appointment isn't the very long one tomorrow. Must get Stavrola his nurse to mark it in his appointments book. Although he has appointments booked for every week they work in cycles. Will have a bone scan and CT scan in about 5 weeks to see if his cancers being held at bay.

    1. Hi Pat glad you had a nice day yesterday. I had a chuckle to myself when you said you left Doreen sitting in the shade I take you did go back for her 😂😂😂😂 I could imagine you getting home & remembered her sitting in the shade for hours.Xxx
      Hope your not up the hospital for long tomorrow be thinking of you.
      🤗🤗 on the way love Lynda xx

  8. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra great challenge card this week, I definitely will not be first in this week as Sue & the Chris's are coming shortly, then Sue is taking me to optician to have drops in my eyes for test. Enjoy your day with
    Lynda sorry to hear about your continuing run of bad luck, you must be thinking what next!! At least you got time with Harry yesterday, hugs on
    Hoping you all enjoy the Bank Holiday, sending hugs to all who need them love

    1. Hi Margaret as long as the bad luck is just materialistic things & not any worse.Have a lovely day with Sue & little Chris.
      Hug's for you & pops xx

    2. Lynda try " Espares, have used them a few times, watch the delivery charges though.

  9. Hello Sandra and all,
    Like this challenge idea,in fact yesterday afternoon I was placing with stamps pattern building.
    We are on our way to Essex all the family meeting up for the day. John has got tools in the boot do a couple of jobs when we ger there Plus our other daughters lawn mower he has repaired. He keeps telling them that he has retired, but it falls on deaf ears. Ha Ha
    Better say hope you all have a good day. We are about to go through Blackwall Tunnel and I know I will loose my signal.
    Big Hugs Brenda xxx

    1. Hi Brenda
      I hope you have a lovely day meeting up with your family. Pete saw a gentleman yesterday who was in a barrow boat. He was telling Karen and Amber about it last night. Amber looked up a barrow boat and low and behold there was the gentleman in his boat. Pete took a picture off of his iPad to show Doreen after we'd been into Witney. He ended up cutting down next doors shrubbery which was overhanging quite a bit into Doreen's garden.

  10. Hi Sandra and ladies.

    Lots of lovely cards this week just catching up with everything. I'm either at work, home or garden lol.

    Mrs b I'm working today ☹️ It's been a busy morning. Finisish at 3 tho. Then going to catch up with my mom she was away in Spain with her pal. No doubt up to no good the pair of them lol.
    Anyways my breaks almost over already boo hoo.
    See u all the morn x

    1. Have a lovely afternoon off Tracey. Well I suppose it's not really an afternoon off, just the end of your working day.

  11. My word what ever next you must be thinking Lynda. Hope you manage to get your LawnMower fixed. Fingers crossed you have nothing else that needs mending.

    1. Thanks Pat think I'm a walking disaster I should be locked up before the house falls down around me.😂😂😂😂😂 xxxx🤗🤗

    2. Hopefully your house like ours, old and sturdy so no chance of that. Love to both you and Terry. The surveyor told the people next door that the house might be prone to landslides. Pete told them that the houses are nearly 80yrs old and the ground hasn't swallowed one yet. So probably never will. Chin up and look forward to seeing you both in Sept,

  12. Good afternoon Sandra &everyone
    We have just got back from our walk we left in warm sunshine got to the café & the sky went black & turned cold,now the sun is trying to come again.
    Sandra your card is gorgeous I love the colour's you have used it's really beautiful. Think I might go & try my challenge card I have commented on the way down. Maria I hope you are haveing a lovely couple of days away enjoy.xx
    Hope you all have a lovely evening.
    Love Lynda xx