Saturday, 13 May 2017

Mixed Up Saturday !!

Mixed Up Saturday

Good Morning Ladies,

Welcome to our 'Mixed Up Saturday', where we share all the fun and exciting things 
That we have made or have experienced during the week.

First up today is the final piece of Sophie's A Level art work (for now),

This is Holly, she is a friend's little girl, she is beautiful and looked so deep in though
In this photograph, which I think Sophie has captured beautifully.
This piece was drawn and coloured using (My) Derwent Coloursoft Pencils.
Sophie absolutely hated drawing and colouring the blouse, she got really disheartened at one point but as soon as she added the shading around the pleats 
Etc the blouse came to life, 'in the flesh' it looks really textured.
This is my most favourite of Sophie's pieces, I love it.
Well done Sophie, so proud of you !

This is the photograph that Sophie's piece was taken from.

Next up we have another of Lynda's amazing Canvases, I absolutely 
Live these Lynda, you manage to get so much texture and dimension into 
Every piece that you create!
Lynda has used Pebeo Paints, with a mixture of Die cuts and 
Embellishments added in to add interest, I love the peachy/pink 
Shades of this one, it looks like you have added Sue Wilson's Camellia flowers
In the bottom section and some of those 'Tuck in' die cuts in the top,
The lace trim adds softness and the metal embellishments and Resin flowers
Just add to the overall effect, it's one of those pieces that you could keep 
Looking at for hours.  Thank you so much Lynda for
Sharing your work 

Our Janet has been busy too, just look at these amazing Alice in Wonderland
Themed projects, the first piece is an actual working clock, decorated with the Alice in Wonderland papers and embellishments, I love that it's a vintage looking
Alice in Wonderland, as it looks much nicer, particularly with this style project.

Janet's second Alice in Wonderland piece is a cute cup and spoon,
The papers for this kit are lovely, really vintage, something different to florals etc
Two fantastic projects Janet, thank you so much for sharing them

Next we have a photo of the birthday girl, enjoying her afternoon
Tea at Claridges, what a lovely way to spend your birthday!

This photo is of Michele holding the 'Mystery Gift' from her brother,
So much anticipation.......

What a fun, bright and cheerful, I believe that this is 'Heather Mcoo'
By the artist Steven Brown, he has some fabulous pieces of art.
You will be pleased to know that you can even get matching cushion covers 
Michele, where have you decided to hang her?

This final photo is of the birthday cake that Michele was given in Claridges,
How fantastic, Phil did good, he pulled out all the stops! 
(Can you ask him to give Paul some tips) lol

Thanks for sharing your Birthday treats with us Michele

I was surprised to hear the news that the lovely John Lockwood is leaving Creative Expressions, I am really surprised to hear that, I guess he is moving on to bigger and better things, have you all heard this? 

Rebecca has asked Paul to take her New Car shopping today, not sure if I'm going or not yet, we'll see how things are in the morning, I believe she is looking for a Volkswagen Polo, it was a Mini last week, so lord only knows what she will end up with, knowing Becca if it's a pretty colour, she'll want it, be lovely to see her 

I hope that you all have a lovely day ladies,
love and hugs



  1. Morning Ladies

    Wow-Sophie, Lynda & Janet are all so talented. Amazing pieces of art work & crafty creations.

    Thank you Sandra for sharing my photos-Claridges was truly amazing, sheer luxury. We couldn't finish everything so they boxed up the remaining cakes (which we ate last night). Did anyone guess what my gift might have been?? My brother is a professional photographer so I thought he'd taken a photo & had it framed. Didn't think it would be a McCoo picture, as you can see by the picture behind me -we kind bold pictures. The only problem is the sheer size of this one-it's 60 x 60!!!
    Meeting my friend at Dobbies this morning-got a voucher from them for two free cream scones & 2 free drinks, can't ignore that!!

    Thank you all for your birthday wishes & the beautiful cards I've received-every card is truly lovely.


    1. Your piece of art is gorgeous It is my kinda style It's lovely to see a photo of you too And we can now put a face to the name The week's not up yet so hope you continue to celebrate Enjoy the ice cream 🍦

    2. Lovely picture it looks like you enjoyed your cream tea. Great to be able to put a face to the name. Enjoy your treat with your friend at Dobbies.

    3. Michele I love your picture from you brother, if you have problems housing it I would happily take care of it for you, it would fit beautifully in our dining room or on the staircase!!!!! I know you will find a special place to hang it. Your special birthday treat sounds great. Did you get to keep th lovely plate with cake on it? xx

    4. Hi Michele
      It's lovely to be able to put a face to your name at last (fingers crossed we get to see you for real at some point this year) Now don't ask why but I always imagined you with bark brown hair! Its so good to see your wonderful picture of the Highland cow (I see you are a Bill Bryson fan too, some of his travel books are brilliant, and so funny, aren't they? 😊) Your Clariges birthday cake looked great, I bet you wish you could have stayed in London relaxing for much longer though. Thank you for sharing these lovely pics with us x

  2. morning Everyone
    What a wonderful way to start the week-end.
    SOPHIE- You have done it again!!!! a stunning piece of art in every way. Good luck in 'Work Experience' hunting.

    LYNDA- Another beautiful piece of art work which will grace any wall it hangs on. You have captured so many mediums.

    MICHELE- Thank you for letting us in on your birthday celebrations. It looks at though it is one birthday you will always remember. I love 'Heather Mcoo'.

    My 'Alice in Wonderland' kits are from a company called Dolly Dimples and were bought via Hochanda. I just couldn't resist them when I saw them as they are a little different from the ordinary.
    I apologise for the photography as I found the cup and saucer so difficult to photograph.
    SANDRA - thank you for thinking that the clock is a working one but I have to disappoint you. It is a faux one and the whole front lifts off so you can see a picture inside the box. I should have taken a photo of the inside. I just might do that.

    we're off to Meadowhall this morning to meet Jim's Niece and her little ones. (I really must stop calling them 'little' as Bailie Gray is now 10 and Sophie will be 9 next month),
    It will be ordering Tesco shopping when I get back and then feet up afternoon.

    The CAFE is open for business so pop in and take a look. There will be Cream buns for afternoon tea (nothing like Michele's bday cake but lovely all the same) along with cream scones.

    Have a good day whatever you all get up to. Hugs to you all. xxxx

    1. Hi Janet
      Love the Alice in Winderland themed clock and cups.
      I also say we're baby sitting when we look after Craig's children. But at 12 and 8 they're not babies anymore.

    2. Hello Janet, Love your Alice in Wonderland clock, you have such amazing ideas and vision. Hope you enjoyed seeing the little people!!! xx

    3. Hi Janet. Wow, I love the Alice in Wonderland projects. You have created two beautiful pieces with the gorgeous papers. I thought the clock looked like a proper working one too 😊 I hope you had a lovely time with Jim's niece and children yesterday. I did enjoy a yummy cream buns, thank you for that x

  3. Some lovely items for mixed up Saturday LYNDA and JANET and that piece of art SOPHIE ... well what do I say It is glorious Are you enjoying using your mum's pens I'd love to know what your favourite medium is
    So JL is leaving CE It'll be interesting to see where he's headed
    Has anyone used Diamond Dotz They were on Hochanda Not my "thang" but have ordered a kit (from elsewhere) for my MIL I'm hoping she'll be able to cope - she likes doing button pictures - I must send SANDRA a photo She knows she's "forgetfull" (read senile) but wants/needs stuff to do
    Just finishing last bits then we're off for a "fix" of Oscar and then Paphos I hope the hotel wifi is decent

    1. Enjoy your Oscar fix today Karen and I hope you have a lovely time in Paphos.

    2. I know you will enjoy your Oscar 'fix' it's amazing how these fixes keep you going. Give him a big hug from me xx

    3. Hi Karen. No doubt you got a good lot of hugs from Oscar to get you over your holiday 😊 Wishing you a safe and trouble free journey to Paphos x

  4. Hi Sandra and all, Sorry not been in for a couple of day. Pretty whirlwind holiday. I'll need a rest when I get home.

    my what a truly amazing piece by Sophie. Words really do fail me. What proud parents you must be.
    Lynda love your canvas. So tactile. Hope all is ok with you and Terry xxx
    Janet. Such wonderful projects. Love the Alice in Wonderland theme. Both very clever xxx
    Pat hope it's been a good week for you and Pete xxx
    special hugs to Maria Sue and Sonia and all gong through a bad patch at the
    Have a great holiday Karen xxx

    MICHELE LOVELY photos of your birthday and beautiful

    Love Valxxx

    1. Enjoy your rest after your whirlwind holiday Val. Only three days at hospital this week. So we go up very early for Pete on Monday and then we have 4 days on London. Yippee. We can't go up with our friends on Monday as well be up in the hospital when our train goes. Good job Pat got open ended tickets.

    2. Hi Val. Thank you for my hugs
      I'm feeling much better today.
      I hope you're ​not too tired to enjoy the rest of your holiday 😊 x

  5. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra once again Sophie has produced a stunning piece, no wonder you are so proud & rightly soo. Good luck to Becca & Paul on car
    Lynda you are soo clever with your paints etc. well done you. Hope Terry's leg is improving, hugs to you
    Janet I have never tried anything like this but you have really mastered it, they look amazing, well done to
    Michele it looks as if you had a lovely time at Clarified, cake & all. I hope you have a spare wall for your lovely work of art. Enjoy your free scone & drink this
    Pat if your leg is still red & swollen please get antibiotics, hope you don't have to wait too long for MARK, hugs on
    Maria good you are not in soo much pain, take
    Val sounds as if your holiday has been hectic
    Karen hope you have a good "fix" & enjoy
    Sending hugs to all who need them love

    1. Hi Margaret
      My legs always flair up when I'm bitten. I usually spray them before I go into the garden. They seem to be improving now.

    2. Hi Mum. Sending love and hugs to you both xxxx

  6. Hi Sandra and ladies
    My word Sandra how gorgeous is Sophie's drawing of the little girl. It must have taken an age to do. I'm so glad she's pleased with it after she'd added the shading to the blouse.
    Lynda, love your work that you've done. What a clever lady you are.
    Janet also love your Alice in Wonderland work decorating a clock and a cup.
    Michele lovely to see you enjoying your birthday treat at Claridges. I hope you have a big wall to put the painting your brother bought you. Lovely to see what you look like as well.

    1. Hi Pat. I hope you get your tests and then results very soon and that Pete is getting on ok with his new meds. Sending big hugs and hope to meet up very soon
      Have a lovely time in London next week. You deserve a few days of relaxing. Let's hope you don't feel like you did when taking the meds that made you I'll last year while you were in London! X

  7. Hi Sandra and everyone.
    Lovely selection of crafts today. A beautiful canvas by Lynda, and wonderful Alice creations from Janet :-) A big wow for Sophie's art work. This piece is absolutely stunning - well done :-)
    Lovely pictures of you Michele. Looks like you've had a wonderful Birthday :-)
    Have had a busy week at work with covering for staff illness, so still no time for crafting! Hopefully soon get back to it.
    James seems a little less stressed at the moment and has been going into school without any problems. Although he starts his exams on Monday, I know he's still anxious about them. But, what will be, will be - we are still proud of him :-)
    Hope everyone is having a good weekend. Have a lovely holiday Karen :-)
    Sending love and hugs to you all xxx

    1. Hi Sonia
      I hope your not to run off your feet at work. What will be will be with regards to exams. All we can ask is that our children to their best. Karen hated her exams and left school and worked in a pet shop and absolute loved it. Hence having a house full of animals and two horses.
      Craig went to University and loved it, did a sciences degree and now teaches science. Mind you rather him than me. He says 16-18 years old are fine as they want to learn but the earlier years can be so disruptive. Hope all goes well for him on Monday and gentle hugs are on there way.

    2. Thank you Pat :-) Sending hugs to you and Pete - hope you're both ok xxx

    3. Hi Sonia. It's good to hear that James is feeling able to go to school. Sending him.big hugs for the next few weeks. He can only do his best and if he isn't happy with the results he can always resit them at some point in the future. At the end of the day they only show what someone can remember during that particular exam and even the smartest people can get really low marks.
      It's also really good to hear that you are much happier now you have changed jobs. I bet you wish you had done it ages ago 😊 sending you big hugs x

  8. Hello Sandra and everyone,
    OMG Sandra, the picture Sophie has drawn is amazing, she is so talented, Sophie thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with us.

    Lynda your canvas are lovely, I wish I had your vision. Thank you for sharing xx

    Hope everyone has had a good day. I'm now relaxing with a glass of the white stuff,so should sleep well tonight.

    Good night everyone, Love Brenda xxx

    1. Hi Brenda. I hope you managed to get a good night's sleep after having a relaxing drop of wine last night x

  9. Hi Sandra & everyone
    I could have sworn I commented this morning but can't find it.
    MICHELE love your painting your brother bought you,gosh it's so big. Love the pictures of you enjoying yourself at Claridges hope your still enjoying the rest of your birthday.xx
    JANET I love your Alice in wonderland they are brilliant so different.
    SOPHIE your drawing is stunning you have an amazing talent. It must have taken ages. You have captured the little girl brilliantly xx
    MARIA hope your sill in less pain take care πŸ€—πŸ€—xx
    VAL glad your enjoying your holiday.
    PAT hope all is well with you & PETE have you got a rest from hospital this week.How is your leg hope it's ok.πŸ€—πŸ€— for you both.xx
    KAREN Have a wonderful holiday.
    Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the weekend.
    Good night love Lynda xx

    1. Hi Lynda. I'm going to agree with all of the comment about your gorgeous canvas. You really do have the knack, I wouldn't know one where to start!
      I hope your mouth/teeth are not sore any more and that Terry's leg is starting to improve very quickly.
      He could try using AVONS SKIN SO SOFT ORIGINAL DRY OIL SPRAY to prevent getting bitten again as it really does work so much better and is much nicer, and cheaper than the other products that are avaliable. We swear by it and he doesn't have to worry about the smell as both my Chris and Sandra's Paul use it as it doesn't smell girly at all. Sending hugs to you both x

  10. Hi Sandra and ladies
    Wow Sophie, what can I say other then you are a fantastic artist. This little girl is so stunning and you have captured her perfectly. well done !
    Lynda- once again a gorgeous piece of canvas work, love it ! Hope you both are alright, hugs x
    Janet- thank you for sharing with us your art, nice to see something this different. The photos are good.
    Michele- hi ,lovely to see you. It must have been amazing to be to Claridges for your birthday treat, it looks wonderful. A big beautiful painting ! Hope you find somewhere to hang it so you see it all the time.
    Pat- hope the right team won :) Take care and have a few nice days next week, hugs
    Karen- I'm sure you had some cuddly cuddles with Oscar today. Have a great time on your holiday, expecting full report when you are back home Lol
    Sonia- good luck for your son with his exams, I'm sure he does his best. Hope you can recharge your batteries tomorrow for next weeks work. Do you feel you made the right move ? Take care
    Val- hope you have a nice time away.
    Sorry being so late but sat up half the night, managed to have some sleep in the end but then of course half the day had gone and still no cc done so panic sat in :) had to get out so we walked over to Dobbies for a drink and when back put the oven on for dinner and made some cards together. I hope they weren't to late for you Sandra.
    Having the Eurovision on in the background while been on facebook (got a new friend Lol) and gone though some mail but most of it rubbish, I'm pestered by craft sites, Only joking but they do send once or even twice a day sometimes. So tempting to buy all, need to win the lottery,now ! Lol
    Sending many hugs to you all and wish you a good night
    ( know Brenda will hihi ) Maria Xxxx

    1. Hi Maria. Thank you for James' good luck wishes :-)
      Just unfortunate at work with a couple of colleagues being unwell. Can honestly say I'm so glad I changed my job as I love it :-)) I'm so much happier in myself.
      Hope you're keeping well. Sending hugs xxx

    2. Hi Maria. I'm sorry that you are still suffering with your sore leg. Have you had accupunture before? I know some people swear by it but I don't like needles (Mum will vouch that I am.much better than I used to be though) Anyway, I hope you get some pain relief very soon. I need to win the lottery too, there are so many craft things that I would love and that doesn't even include any lovely new goodies that come along 😊 Have you decided which scoreboard you are going to go for? You will have to put it on your birthday wish list so someone can get it or give you the money for it 😊 sending hugs x

  11. Hi Sandra and all in the CafΓ© today. Sophie's picture of Holly is amazing. I have seen it at various stages and it makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up as it is so good. It's great to hear that Sophie's work is appearing in an art catalogue, she deserves her work to be seen by as many people as possible. I hope both girls manage to sort out their work experience. There were very strict guidelines that had to be followed when our 3 did theirs and the school contacted the chosen company to arrange the placement.
    I think I have finally caught up with the comments now but I hope everyone manages to have a good Sunday. The very heavy rain that we have had over the last few hours had stopped and now the dawn chorus has really got going and it looks like we are going to have a lovely day, I hope. Love and hugs to you all with extras for all in need. I will be back in just after 6am so that I don't miss another day! Take care xx