Tuesday, 24 June 2014

My Little 'Pushkins'

Hi Everyone,
Here are gorgeous 'fur babies'
This is Milo, he is about 15 weeks old now
he is a real softie.
He is going to be a big boy, it is believed that his
daddy is a Birman, hence his huge paws!
This is Beautiful Bella, she is Milo's sister, they were a litter of five!
So again she is about 15 weeks, you wuld never believe they are brother and sister, but then we did discover that cats do not release their eggs until they have been 'mated' several times, that is how they end up with kittens of all breeds and sizes in one litter!
Bella was a lot more shy than Milo, she would hide away at every opportunity, but now she hops up for fussing just as much as Milo!

 You can kind of get an idea of the size difference here, the play fight an awful lot of the time but they are inseparable, they always sleep together x

Sibling Love

 Milo, a few weeks ago!

                       Bella today x
                       thanks again, for stopping
                       by, hugs, Sandra xx


  1. Awww They are gorgeous Sandra so love the picture of them sleeping together thank you for showing them. Hugs Lynda xx

  2. Hello Sandra, They are so gorgeous, like Lynda love the pic of them sleeping together. Thank you for letting us see them, bless they are soooo sweet.
    Hugs June xx

  3. Hi Sandra

    Such beautiful little kittens, we have only got one kitten at a time until now, and we can't understand why we did'nt get 2 at a time. It is so beautiful watching them, they are so close and sleep exactly as your 2 little gems sleep. It's real heart melting moments. Good is'nt it.
    Tina X