Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Happy 21st Birthday

 Good Morning everyone,
I don't like to complain about the weather but I am hoping its a little cooler today!
Today's card is a 21st Birthday card I made for a young lady that isn't really 'girlie' so no lace and ribbons! At first I was stuck for what to do, but then I got my my trusty old Cricut out, for the money we spent on it I really don't use it often enough, mainly because of my Grand Calibur and dies!
Anyway I went for a black and pink theme, I cut some balloons out on my Cricut using some My Minds Eye papers (i love them), I attached them to the card using foam pads, (I cut a colour balloon shape and a black shadow to highlight) I then coiled some Jewellery wire (although you can't really see it)
I used it as the string on the balloons! I have some banner dies that I used for the sentiment, which I printed
out and covered with Sue's 'iced snow'! I cut the 21 out on the Cricut too and mounted them on with foam pads. Some of Sue'e pearl swirls filled the background. All finished off with.......you guessed it, another Sue's Classic Bow, in matching card, with a pearl brad though the centre!
I decorated a handmade box to match, with the young lady's name on, as a 'personal' touch!
all for now, thanks so much for stopping by,
Sandra xx


  1. Hi Sandra,
    Another beautiful card. I like its simple clean lines and the colours are lovely. It is feminine without being too girlie! I love the balloons and ' Sue's bow' as you call it! Lol . You have made it Sandra's bow and that's one of the reasons I love Sue's dies. I'm afraid I've given up on the emailing front as it keeps coming back to me - unable to send!
    Hope you are having a good day health wise . Just started to rain here. First rain for weeks.
    Love, Myra xx

  2. Hi Myra
    Thanks for the lovely comment, I really do appreciate it x
    I will give you email address again, I got an email from Lynda, so it should work it is paul.riley01@ntlworld.com
    Paul is my husband and I use his email, its number 0
    please try again I really would love to hear from you!
    tell me honestly, should I bother describing my cards or not? am I just boring peope?
    I am about to put a pic of Bella and Milo on, so look out for that x
    sandra xxxx

  3. Thank you so much Sandra! Yes I do think it is worthwhile to explain your lovely cards. I've got a google account as you know but I only did that to continue to comment on Julia's Blog! I could do with a sympathetic daughter who would help me progress! I have two sons and I love them but crafting is - yes Mum very nice!! I use my iPad lots and it is really only things like Google+ that I don't quite understand! Husband can do power point presentations to students etc without batting an eyelid but try getting him to explain this slowly! I love him really! Keep up the good work - I will try again.
    Milo and Bellamy are absolutely gorgeous - you just want to cuddle them!
    Milo is a big kitten! - but gorgeous.
    Must leave you in peace,
    Sending crafty hugs and thanks, Myra

  4. Who needs predictive text! Me I suppose - Bella became Bellamy!
    Oh dear! Lol! Xx

  5. Sandra. Your card is gorgeous, love it it's simple but very effective. Now as for those kittens they are so cute and adorable, I would love another cat we have had two in the past, but as we are both In our 60s we feel it's a lot to take on a kitten that with good health can live to 20+. We have a great big softy of a golden lab, who is 7 now. Keeps us fit and is so good. So we will stick with him. Hazel xx

  6. Hi Sandra your card is beautiful love the layout & the colours are lovely,great description the balloons look good with the black shadow.
    I think I'm doing my description's to long winded do you think so please let me know if I should shorten them. Hugs Lynda xx