Saturday 20 August 2022

Mixed Up Saturday


Good Saturday Morning Ladies,

I hope that you are well and relaxed for the weekend, our days seem to be all blending into one at the moment   I have to keep physically checking the actual day!  I can say that from Wednesday to today has flown. 

Janet I can't wait to hear about your Friday cakes,  we saw some pretty violent weather as we travelled through France, I am glad to hear that you finally got some rain, you could see how parched the farmland was and the sunflowers 🌻  are usually still bobbing about in the breeze but this year they were mostly brown with their heads bowed, which is how they usually look on our way home in September. I hope the heat is more bearable for you XXX

My Beautiful Bag 

From Lilian 

Lilian very very kindly made me this absolutely stunning bag for my holidays,  its so detailed I have no idea how something this detailed takes to finish but I'm blown away by the intricate embroidery around all the detailed features.  So far I have taken it to beach, used it also for my chargers, phone, etc, It's  so thoughtful to you Lilian,  I really love it, thank you so much. XXX

This Month's Edition of
Diecutting Essentials 

This months (September) issue of Diecutting Essentials has a good selection of tutorials and some decent dies. 

This first feature shares some lovely designs made using the free dies. I really like the wreath style ones.  

This feature shares different ways of using shaped dies to create Shaker cards, some of the ideas are genius.  The triangle tree is amazing!  

Some lovely Christmas designs here that Milk carton box looks amazing,  such a great gift package idea.

I really want to have a go at this technique, I think it would work in journalling too.  

Some lovely Autumnal ideas and inspiration on these pages, I do love the oranges, Kraft mixed with red and gold and brown. 

Finally a feature sharing some samples of cards made with Embossing Folders, Distress Oxide ink and foiled card.  Just look how effective it is.  Another one on my 'must try' list ! 

That's all for this one, there are a few more pages I haven't shared, mainly ones that advertise various new ideas from big companies.  I like to leave somethings a surprise if you buy the magazine .

I hope that you all have a lovely weekend, 

Love and hugs to all of you, 



  1. Morning Everyone
    OH LILIAN your bag is just exquisite.I would love to try one on similar lines when I get back.

    Well we have had a really mixed bag of weather this week having beautiful days and then after tea torrential rain.We shouldn't complain as the water was definitely needed.

    We had our Friday trip to market yesterday morning and of course spent time people watching with coffee and then of course into the cake shop for our 'Friday treat'.

    Here they are.
    Jim this week went very traditional (just because he couldn't make his mind up)
    He had a 'TART MIRABELLE (these are small plums and yellow in colour).
    The pastry was a sweet one just the one for tarts.
    This was fill to the edges with Mirabelles which were sat on acreme anglais and finished off with a beautiful glaze.
    His comment -this is just glorious.

    I had thisweek a small cake with the name LEA.
    This was made with the bottom layer having cracked biscuit. The layer on top of this was gorgeous lemon craquante which was topped with the most wonderful lemon mousse.
    This layer was finished with a lemon glaze/the name LEA written in dark chocolate.The final glory was a beautiful tiny iced daisy on one corner and a small square of white chocolate opposite.
    Once again the PATISSIERE excelled.

    I'm afraid it's a 'swear' word day today. Some things never change wherever you are lol.
    HUGS to you all. Please take care and stay safe.xxxx

  2. Your bag is stunning
    Can I ask Lilian Is it a kit? ie did it contain the fabric and detailed instructions or was it your own design
    Thank you for the magazine review Die Cutting Essentials is one of my favourite magazine
    Your cakes sound so delicious It must be very hard to decide what to choose
    We have a friendly bowls match this afternoon and a Salsa party this evening
    Take care everyone xx

  3. Hi everyone
    I love your bag from Lilian, it’s beautiful 😍
    Thank you for the magazine review. I will have a proper look when I’ve got more time!
    Janet your cakes had my mouth watering again, they sound delicious.
    Got the wedding today, and it’s James 21st Birthday. I’ll be glad for a rest tomorrow ☺️ Right, I’m off to paint my nails!
    Have a lovely day everyone
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  4. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today. Wow what a absolutely gorgeous bag. Lilian you are a genius with a sewing machine. Every stitch is perfectly in place, and what fabulous prints and colours you have used.
    Sandra I bet you had a tear in your eye when you opened this wonderful gift. It looks like it is just the right size for holidays.
    It’s good to hear that you are settled in now. Very glad you got to the airport safely! I hope the weather settles down for you all. Thank you for the review, those dies are pretty and it’s good to see they can be used all year round. Enjoy yourselves my lovely xx
    Karen, thank you for the card tutorial. I will be having a go. Enjoy your weekend xx
    Sonia, thank goodness you didn’t get a worse reaction but what a shock it must have been for you. Those false black widows are getting everywhere aren’t they! Happy birthday to James and I hope you have a great time at the wedding xx
    We have been busy as the girls have been here for the last two days and now Chris jnr is here until tomorrow afternoon so lots of fun and laughter. Very tiring but great fun. It is a lot cooler today, the wind is really blustery it’s definitely not too warm at the moment. Have a good day everyone. Sending love and hugs. Take care xx

  5. Morning everyone
    Love, love the bag that our Lilian have made for you to take on the holiday. You are our master stitcher on the sewing machine Lilian.
    Thank you for the magazine review Sandra.
    Sonia, happy birthday to your Son and have a wonderful day at the wedding. Hope the bite is not too itchy.
    Karen, have a fun day.
    Sue, must be so many happy days with the grandchildren but also nice when they go back home hihi Hoping all is well with Pop.
    OH has gone to football so home alone for a bit. Very breezy outside so going to finish the book I am reading and then finish a CA .
    Have a lovely day everyone and many hugs are sent your way. xxx

  6. Hello, all very warm here today, but no sun occasionally a few spots of rain.

    Glad you liked my bag, it’s a thank you to Sandra for all the work she puts into doing the blog. I have an embroidery machine, so down loaded the pattern from the internet. It took ages to make “ 38” pages of instructions.
    Great magazine review, makes me think I must start my Christmas cards, not that I make many these days.
    The blisters on my legs are taking ages to heal, having a bit of rest with my feet up today. Hope you are all well, Lilian