Tuesday, 15 February 2022

My Vintage Style Valentine Card


Good Morning Ladies, 

Thank you Ladies for all of your kind supporting words yesterday,  I feel so truly blessed to have such lovely friends, well to be honest you are more like family 😍

Do any of you over think your craft projects?  I go into my craft room with an idea in mind,  I then decide to spend 5 minutes on Pinterest just to have a look at some inspiration,  2 hours later I am more uncertain than I was when I started!! Or I see a project that I love but I need to but £50 worth of products to make it!! So I must try to go with what  I'm thinking and not look on Pinterest!! (She says) 🙄!!

I will then get a couple of things out that I need for my 'idea' then totally change my mind, get a few more things to try, before you know it I have a mountain of craft stash and only a 6 inch square left on my A3 glass mat, I then decide to use the first thing I got out, which is at the bottom of the pile, you guessed it a ''Craftalanche" takes place and I spend 20 minutes picking it all up trying to put the right lid back on the right Distress Oxide inks!!   Please tell me it's not just me !!

Todays card is the card I made for Paul for Valentines Day, I went for a 'Vintage' look.  I used a combination of my Sam Poole stamp (for the script and postage mark) and SU Gorgeous Grunge stamp for background.  I added some Bakers Twine, for a fun touch I used my Dymo Omega to make a personalised label tape,( it's a cheap tool that I decided to buy after working out the cost of using Tim Holtz Tape) I can also use it to label everything!! 

It was around £11 and a 5 pack of tape was £8.99, so it worked out way cheaper in the long run with the added bonus of being able to personalise. It's totally manual so not as 'whizzy' as the electronic ones but it has that unique embossed look that I Love. 

I finished the card with some little hearts, to echo the tiny ones stamped in the background and I addeda bow topped with a tiny heart.   I inked the inside too and added some similar stamping and another Dymo Label. 
He loved his card thankfully x

I hope that you have a lovely day, 

Lilian I hope you have a wonderful few days with your family, enjoy every moment xxx

Sending my love and hugs to all,



  1. Morning Everyone
    At the moment I cannot see any pictures of your card SANDRA. I'm sure that PAUL loved it.

    I'll look in later in the hope that my internet is working properly.It's being playing up for a few days now and I haven't a clue why.

    HUGS are on their way to you all.PLEASE TAKE CARE AND STAY SAFE.xxxx

  2. Hi everyone
    A beautiful card for Paul, I bet he loved it 😊
    It’s not just you Sandra, I can totally relate to overthinking a project 😉 Although I love Pinterest and don’t know what I’d do without it, it has me running all these ideas in my head and then I’m stuck as to where to start, lol 😂 I love your term ‘craftalanche’, often happens even when I try to keep things out to a minimum and then I’m scrambling to pick it all up before Barney gets to it 😂
    More crafting today in between taking Barney for a groom 🐶
    Hope you’re all keeping well. Have a good day. Sending hugs to you all xxx

  3. Hi ladies.
    Very nice card Sandra.
    I have been looking at pinterest the few days for something vintage as I don't seem to have anything in that way.
    I'm sure you know me by now and 'Craftalanche' is a very good word for how my work space look like after one card!
    Going to meet up with some ladies with FMMK in Dobbies at 1pm. It's absolutely horrible weather outside so luckily OH can drive me over or I would get soaked right through. Hope you didn't get wet taking Barney for his walks today Sonia.
    Have a good day everyone. Warm hugs to you all, Maria xxx

  4. Beautiful vintage style card I have an embossing Dymo on my wish list! Craftalanche is the perfect description for my desk too I am forever looking at Pinterest The number of ideas I have saved is enormous! I start off with something and start which then evolves into something completely different
    We’re off to see Saturday Night Fever this afternoon We’ve abandoned the idea of going early and have a browse around I have seen it before with Adam Garcia so I’m looking forward to seeing this version
    Take care everyone xx

  5. I’ve just lost my comment, lovely card Sandra xxx