Friday 18 February 2022

Our Next Challenge


Good Friday Morning Ladies, 

It's Friday again, how can that be?!! You must all stay home safe today my lovely friends, it sounds like this Storm Eunice is going to be a rough one!  My immediate thought is you Janet, I hope that you don't suffer anymore damage to your roof, I don't think your builder could be coming on a worse day mind! I wonder if he will climb his ladder in the strong winds.  It must be forecast as bad around here as the Wildlife Park has only just reopened and they announced yesterday that they would be closed today due to the High Winds, the do have some huge trees in their vast grounds though.  Lets hope there isn't too much destruction anywhere.  We do seem to get a lot of these big storms these days.

A quiet weekend on the cards here, no long journeys, my knees couldn't cope with sitting in the car for long journey again this weekend. Although I would obviously go if Paul wanted to.  So I am hoping to do some crafting, I got some of the new Alloy Alcohol Inks in Gold & Silver and I loved the effect that Tim Holtz got when he was playing with them so I am hoping to have a play with those. 

Our Next Challenge

I thought that we would have a Colour themed Challenge this week, I went through ones that we had done before and decided to suggest a new one.  So I thought we would go for 'Complimentary Colours'  So Black and White or any monochrome, Grey/Yellow, Yellow/Green, Brown/Craft/ Cream, Purple/Pink etc.  I'm sure that you will all have your favourite combinations, like Peacock Feathers/ Wilted Violet for instance.  I think this will be a fun challenge, especially as you can all use your favourite colours and we have the option of doing Monochrome too.  There is also Gold & Silver to add to your combinations in case you want to make Christmas cards.

I hope you enjoy the challenge, I am always open to suggestions for challenges my lovelies.

I hope that you all stay safe today Ladies,

Sending love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Everyone
    What a good Challenge for this coming week SANDRA.

    Well the builder arrived and on time too. He arranged for some cover for the roof and they are supposed to be coming today to put scaffolding up for a start on Monday.
    At the moment it's absolutely pouring down so whether that happens today it's a wait and see.
    Of course as you all know today is my favourite day of the week! so I'll be doing some 'swearing' today and waiting for Mr Tesco to deliver.
    All I can say is 'Roll on Spring and some better weather'.


  2. I like the challenge In fact I am in the middle of doing a black and white card It won’t stop me thinking of something else to do
    I do hope nobody has any major damage from storm Eunice Thinking of you JANET
    As it’s half term daughter was thinking of taking the boys to the Science museum It will depend on whether or not trains are running
    We are out dancing tonight I hope the winds have died down by then
    Take care everyone xx

  3. Hi everyone
    A great challenge for next week, and thank you for inspiring us with your beautiful cards 😊
    I was about to take Barney out for a walk, but with the rain having just started I think I’ll give it a miss! Quite windy here and we’re now on a red warning, so I’ll be staying put until I have to take James to work after lunch and then venture out to work myself late afternoon.
    Stay safe everyone. Sending hugs to you all xxx

  4. Hi everyone
    Lovely cards on the board Sandra to inspire for some crafting. I must give it a go sometime for I have Birthdays coming up.
    I really hope that if you have to out today that you all taking care and mind flying objects, not just the ufo's hihi
    The noise from the wind and rain is horrible loud and strong and it doesn't seem to let up any time soon so we will for sure staying at home this weekend. Son is going to work later but he will take a taxi today, no way I let him take the bicycle in this weather. Sonia, be ever so careful!
    Have a good day with whatever you be doing today. Warm hugs to you all, Maria xx