Friday 17 September 2021

Your Next Challenge


Good Friday Morning Ladies, 

We had a bit of an overcast day yesterday,  it was dry though, so I managed to get all the towels and bedding dry without having to have the drier going for hours.  I do still finish my towels off in the drier to fluff them up a bit.  It's such a good feeling to have it all done and put away.

We did our 'Day 2 Covid Test' yesterday and hit that sent off, it was the first one I have done that needed a throat swab ,(the other test was just nasal).  Well it should have come with a warning ⚠️  for Ladies the have a weak bladder !!! I tried my hardest not to gag but it said if you don't gag you haven’t done it properly,  I have a bit of a sensitive gag reflex and no matter how cautiously I proceeded it was just impossible,  you also have to be aware not to touch your cheeks and tongue with the swab.  Needless to say Paul and I both got the giggles afterwards as we were both stood with eyes streaming and noses running!  Anyway they have been posted Priority Mail and we will hopefully get results late tomorrow or Saturday.  I am confident we are both clear, our tests on Sunday were clear and we didn't go anywhere without masks and hand sanitizer on the way home. But always better to be safe.  Janet I would shop around for your tests both the one to take before you leave France and the Day two test as the prices vary immensely.  We paid £28 each for the Antigen tests we took before coming home, the ones we took yesterday were £55 each. I can send you links to both if you want them.

Your Next Challenge 

With there only being 100 days to Christmas I think that we need to get busy making our Christmas cards. 

So this weeks challenge is to make Christmas cards, no particular Colour or style, I thought I would make it as simple as possible for us all ( me included, particularly as I haven't been able to go and sit and my desk yet, partly due to the mess I left it in but mostly as there are so many reminders of Danielle).  I did smile while we were away because Sophie went in my craft room to look for something and preceeded to call me and tell me that it was a hazard to go in there and needed a hi Vis vest and Hard hat !  

I hope you enjoy the challenge Ladies.  

I also hope you have a good weekend, we need to give the garden some TLC, the lawn is desperately on need of a trim, I'm guessing there has been plenty of rain here!! 

Sending Love and hugs to you all,

Sandra                                                                                xxxxxx 


  1. Hi everyone
    Love your cards for next weeks challenge 😊 Can’t believe it’s only 100 days to Christmas, seems to come round quicker every year!
    It’s horrible doing the covid tests isn’t it, I always end up gagging and eyes streaming too, but I guess it’s worth it for peace of mind. I need to do one today, but it’s just the nasal swab lateral flow test.
    I chuckled when you said about Sophie going into your craft room ☺️ Perhaps you could put a hazard sign on the door 😉 I could certainly do with one on my cupboard. I’m surprised everything doesn’t fall out when I open the doors 😂
    I hope everyone is keeping well. Have a good day whatever you’re doing.
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  2. Morning Everyone
    Please don't remind me of that particular 'count down'.lol. I don't start thinking of that 'C' word until Nov13 -the day after my youngest Great Grandson and all my Birthdays have finished for this year. I have a clear run then.

    SANDRA-I would appreciate the links please. I'm certainly not looking forward to the tests but needs must.

    Well here we are again 'swear'word day and to top that I haven't sent off this week's CC so I'd better get a move on. This week has been one of those where 'the mind has been will but the body hasn't agreed'.

    The CAFE is OPEN and I think that it's time to get the outdoor furniture away as we have had rain everyday up to yesterday.
    HUGS are winging their way to you all.PLEASE TAKE CARE AND STAY SAFE.xxxx

  3. Only 100 days? Really? Oh I need to get a move on
    I’m usually one that wants to keep Christmas in December but as a crafter we can’t do that My cards are always a bit random di any of you have a theme each year even it’s just one colour
    I gag at the LFT tests as at the moment we’re using the last NHS box we have Don’t know about you SONIA but the more you do the easier it gets
    Daughter is teaching Salsa tonight so I will have to do a LFT It’s that wait for the result and fingers crossed you don’t get 2 lines I hate
    Take care everyone xxx

    1. I agree Karen, it does get easier the more tests you do. Done mine earlier and my eyes were streaming - negative result xx

  4. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    I have had a lovely giggle, Sophie’s comments about wearing a high vis jacket and hard hat when she went into your craft room. John made a comment about my craft room a few days ago, he said it was a fire hazard! Anyway I’ve had a good tidy up and returned papers to there respective home (boxes) Think he was having a bad day and needed something to moan about!
    Lovely inspiration for next weeks challenge, I have got Christmas Cards for most everyone but still need to make my special ones.
    JANET in our family we are not allowed to use the ‘C’ word until after grandson birthday on the 25th November. You can imagine the whispers going on as we need to get organised. I wouldn’t mind but he is 25 now but still insists we can’t use the C word.
    Have a lovely evening everyone, love Brenda xxx

  5. Hello all, dark already, guess summers on the way out, makes me feel low.

    Sandra great challenge for next week, I’m not good at getting Christmas done early, my grandsons birthday isn’t until 30th November, so we have to wait until then before we talk Christmas.

    Have just finished this weeks challenge, took ages, I’m not used to doing 6 cards usually takes me all week to do one. I’ll send them in tomorrow.

    Goodnight all, Lilian