Wednesday 15 September 2021

Another Challenge card


Good Wednesday Morning Ladies, 

I am writing todays post as we are on the last leg of our journey home.  Paris is chaos ! 

I have to say that at no point on our holiday have we felt at any risk of Covid, so Janet let me reassure you that France feels a damn site safer than home right now. You cannot enter any Cafe/Restaurant in France without showing your Vaccination certificate,  some shops insist on seeing it too, Masks are also compulsory as is distancing.  Spain was the same as far as precautions go, we had to mask up to go into the smallest of Boutiques.  I feel more concerned about covid as we return to the UK as the figures are a lot higher than when we left. 

Today's card is another Christine Emberson kit, I added an extra mat of Cherry Cobbler card and die cut my hearts to match.  I love the composition of this cute little card, it has the added bonus of the proceeds going to charity too. 

We have the lovely job of unpacking when we get back, I have to say that we will only have 2 loads of washing at most, most of which is bedding and towels,  I have 8 lots of my swim skirts and just rinsed them out each night and hung them out yo dry, Paul wore 4 pairs of swim shorts and 4 t shirts,  he only puts his t shirt on to go in supermarket etc, I have a few t shirts and dress shorts that need washing,  that's it really, once again we only wore about 1/3rd of the clothes I packed!!  Paul said he's just taking a carrier bag next year 🤣😂

I am looking forward to my own bed tonight and seeing the girls and pets, hopefully Matt & Becca too in next couple days. 

I hope that you all have a good day,

Love and big squishy hugs to all,

Sandra                                                                                  xxxxxx 


  1. Christine’s kits are lovely I have a few that I really ought to get out and play with This one is so pretty and could be used for anniversaries Valentines all sorts
    I’m going to suggest that you make a list of what you wore on holiday together with a list of what you missed for instance I wished I’d taken more socks to wear with my dance shoes bearing in mind that when we’re on a dance holiday we have at least 2 changes of clothes a day become get so hot and sweaty I don’t want to mess about washing sweaty socks etc on holiday and keep it in your suitcase ready for next time
    Today is my daughter’s 37th birthday Boy! Where’s that time gone It only feels like yesterday that I was shouting “well Princess Di can bloomin’ well deliver hers today” and she did!!
    Not sure how we’re going to celebrate as Oscar is off school with sickness but no doubt we will see her
    Take care everyone xx

  2. Morning Everyone
    A lovely card SANDRA- plain and simple but very effective.

    Well yesterday's trip was in two parts. Our first visit to get passport photos was really good (not as though the photo itself did any favours) but the young man did them in a couple of minutes and then set them up so I could renew on line. I did this yesterday afternoon and it was so so easy. The old ones are being posted today so fingers etc crossed they don't take too long to be sorted and new ones arrive.
    As for the Opticians well that was a complete failure. They couldn't find the replacement frame and so have had to order another one. We'll see how long that order takes.

    Jim is off this morning to have his six week Chest Exray having been discharged home after his bout of pneumonia. We have everything crossed it comes back clear.

    I in the meantime will be doing my Tesco order and then looking at this week's CC.

    SANDRA-thank you for the reassurance about France.It's really good to actually know someone who have travelled very recently.

    The CAFE is of course OPEN to all -new and old.
    HUGS are on their way to you all though they may be a little soaked with TAKE CARE AND STAY SAFE.xxxx

  3. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today. I hope this finds you safely back home. And what great weather to get the washing on the line. You seem to have brought the good weather home with you as it was a lot cooler and Autumnal yesterday! I was going to say take it easy but you probably won’t have any choice will you xx
    Karen I took a lot less clothing a couple of years ago as we did wear lots of it but the weather was dreadful for the first week and we were wearing long trousers, socks and fleeces, of which I had only taken one of each just in case! I do like your idea of leaving the list of what was worn in the suitcase to remind you next time. I looked online to see lists of what others take at that time of year and which country and it varied so much from really travelling light with one to wear and one to wash up to one of everything fresh each day and the same for evenings. I dread to think how many cases that would take! I did find some sensible ones though and it was handy and sometimes funny to see some of the “must take” items people take. One that made us laugh was tinned olives when they were visiting Corfu! 🤣 Have a good day and enjoy seeing your daughter and the grands. Where have all of those years gone? xx
    Janet, I hope Jim gets the all clear, fingers crossed for him. Good news about your passport photos but sorry to hear about your glasses xx
    Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for all in need. Take care xx

  4. Hi everyone
    Lovely card again today. I really must look into Christine’s kits, they look very versatile.
    As Sue said you’ve bought the good weather home with you, after a miserable day yesterday 😊 Hope you had a good night’s sleep back in your own bed last night, and you’ve managed to unpack. I always take way too much with me and bring back half of it unworn, but I always like to be prepared 😉
    Hope everyone has had a good day. Sending hugs to you all xxx

  5. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    Anothe lovely card from Christines charity kits. This one is really cute. Would appeal to so many and for different reasons.

    Hope you are managing to sort out the holiday clothes and everything else you packed in the car, Not a job I enjoy I must say, but I find it helps to tackle this chore ASAP. Best of luck.

    Karen Happy Birthday to Charlotte, hope she has had a good day. She shares her birthday with our daughter Debbie who is 54 today.

    Janet hope Jim got on fine when he had his X-ray AND the news is good. Take care. xx

    Goodnight everyone, sleep well. XXX