Monday 13 September 2021

My 1st Small Square Challenge card


Good Monday Morning Ladies, 

We are in the midst of our long journey home, we stayed in Millau, we love this little place, staying in our own little log cabin. We have a long day of driving ahead of us today, we make plenty of stops though and I love my travel companion very much.
We are staying in the lovely little boutique hotel with gardens overlooking the Loire tonight,  it will be perfect waking up to those beautiful on our Wedding Anniversary in the morning 😍!

Todays card is another one of Christine Emberson's beautiful Charity Kit cards. Everything is precut  pre stamped ready for you to assemble.  I loved this one because it's Kraft Card mixed with pretty pastels. I think its a beautiful little any occasion card.
Lynda, I think that thede little Kit cards would be a great way for you to get back into Crafting,  they are small and quick to finish so wouldn't hurt your hands too much.  Let me know what you think I would be happy to get you one to get you started. XXX 

That's all from me today my lovelies, I will be sharing our journey home on our Blog messenger group throughout the day.

I hope that you all have a lovely day,

Love and hugs to all of you, 



  1. Lovely card SANDRA and I agree with you Christine’s kits are beautiful and a great way of getting back into crafting- maybe not this month’s as it’s a 3d house
    Bowls went OK I’m still not very good and we lost our match 13/15 but overall we won
    I’m confused about the challenge I thought we had to do a set of 6 small square cards …I’ve done one set and about to start a second
    This afternoon we are going to cinema to watch RESPECT with Jennifer Hudson The story of Aretha Franklin When I booked the tickets it looked like we are going to be the only two in the screen!
    Safe journey SANDRA I hope you don’t have any delays xx
    Take care everyone xx

    1. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today. What a lovely card. Christine comes up with something different every time for her charity kits doesn’t she. I hope the travel home goes as smoothly as possible and the Covid testing goes well. It will be lovely to see some more photos of the beautiful views as you drive through France please my lovely xx
      Maria, sorry you didn’t get injections. Can you get an earlier appointment than May 22! Maybe ask to go on the cancellation list? Xx
      Sonia, glad you enjoyed the wedding reception and hope your feet have recovered 😀 xx
      Sending love and hugs to you all hugs with extras for all in need. Take care xx

  2. Hi everyone
    Ooh I love this little card. So pretty having the Kraft card base with the pastel embellishments 😊
    Enjoy the next part of your journey home, will look forward to seeing the lovely scenery.
    I was meant to be having my hair coloured and highlighted tomorrow but I’ve cancelled it as I’m still feeling quite congested. There’s no way I can sit for 3-4 hours with a mask on, so I’ll just have to stock up on root spray 😉 😂
    Hope you’re all having a good day. Sending hugs to you all xxx

  3. Hello, very dull here and quite chilly, had to did out my fleece gilet.

    Very pretty little card, have not had any of Christine’s cards recently, thought this months little card was cute, but didn’t get it as more to find space for.

    Sandra glad the journey is going well, I’m sure you will be glad to be home.

    I seem to have lost any energy to do anything, hope you are doing better than me. Lilian

  4. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    Lovely card Sandra. I agree Christine does some great charity kits, even better because she has done all the thinking for you. I’ve had several in the past and they have all been great.

    Following your journey home, some of the views have been spectacular. Enjoy your evening in that beautiful hotel.

    Happy Anniversary for tomorrow, at least you will be spending it together…. Sitting side by side in the car 🚘❤️❤️🚘 xx enjoy your day.

    Lillian I’m with you, I don’t know where my energy has gone. After breakfast this morning I sat down in the lounge and fell asleep and I had had a good nights sleep!
    It so frustrating I’ve so many things I could be getting on with be just no energy!

    Have a good evening everyone, love Brenda xxx

  5. I'm here, still Monday just.hihi
    Sweet cards from Christine, I have bought a few and do think I have got this one.
    Loved seeing your journey once again. Have a nice night and Happy Anniversary for tomorrow ! xx
    Have a good night everyone. Hugs to all ,Maria xxx