Sunday, 4 April 2021

Your Challenge Cards


Good Sunday Morning Ladies ,

Happy Easter Sunday my lovelies, what are you all up to today?  Another quiet one for us, just getting garden jobs done.  We are having roast lamb for a change today, spring cabbage is my favourite veg, the girls feel cheated if they don't get cauliflower cheese, I tried a recipe using the little chantenay carrots at Christmas they have become a favourite too.  The girls chose dessert too, I didn't even need to ask...Toffee Pecan Roulade!!! 

We don't really do Easter Eggs, my lot soon worked out that they got a lot more chocolate if they had Bars rather than eggs so that is what they tend to choose if asked. I have noticed over the last couple of years that Supermarkets don't have half as many Easter Eggs as they used to, long gone are the days of popping in on Bank Holiday monday and filling your basket with half price chocolate!!! 

Now let's have a look at your lovely cards, I really enjoyed this Challenge, so I would like to thank our Brenda who suggested it in our Blog Chat group,  I was only going to make one or two cards but once I got started I felt really inspired, I hope thats the same for next week too.


Maria has used pretty pinks as the colour theme for her beautiful Challenge card, I had forgotten how pretty some of Sue Wilsons Striplet dies are, Maria has used the 'Ornate Octagons' Striplet die for her card, it's so delicate and works brilliantly for this challenge.   I am thinking that we may need a 'Get your Sue Wilson dies out' Challenge, who still has them????

Thanks so much Maria for a beautiful Challenge card, for taking part and inspiring me to have a look at my Sue Wilson dies again XXX


Lovely Lilacs and purple tones for Sonia's gorgeous Challenge card, that background die is so lovely, totally unisex too, you could just as easily use it for a Man card with a change of colour and embellishment.  The die cut Octagon ( another Sue Wilson die i believe) is the perfect landing spot for your butterfly Sonia, such a perfectly composed Challenge card.

Sonia's Description: 

"Here’s my challenge card,  I recently purchased some digi papers from Etsy, a set of 100 solid colours and a set of 100 watercolours, which I’ve used on my card. The butterfly is cut from the watercolour paper, although the colour doesn’t show up in the photo. I’ve used a Memory Box corner die and the octagon is from one of Sue Wilson’s sets."

Thanks so much Sonia for a lovely inspiring Challenge card, I like the sound of those digi papers, a great stash builder without having to find the space to store it ! XXX


Two fantastic Challenge cards from our Karen for this weeks challenge,  one super special design and one simple design that works so perfectly. 
I absolutely love your incredible Eclipse card design for Charlie's 1st Birthday card Karen, it looks so complicated, the white background to the 'Happy Birthday' totally transforms them and makes them almost jump of the page. You are so incredibly talented when it comes to designing bespoke/personalised cards Karen. 

Karen's Description's:  

"My first card Is mixture of Serif and MCS all coloured blue within the Serif program I cut the letters 3 times on ScanNCut and stacked them"

Here’s a tone on tone cc that I did yesterday It a mixture of JL butterflies (including sentiment) using Valspar paint charts/chips/samples/thingies!

Thanks so much Karen for two incredible Challenge cards XXX


Wow Lilian what a genius alternative idea for using the CoolKatz 'Fauxgrain' Ribbon dies, in my favourite colour too!! I really love your design, adding the extra inked lines above and below the main panel really extends the design, making a perfect design.  I bet it took a while though, it shows how lovely the die cuts are too, they just look like real Grosgrain ribbon. 
This design would work so well as the main focus of the card or you could use that panel as a bit of a background and maybe have a little spray of flowers in opposite corners.

Thank you so much for taking part in the challenge and for thinking 'out of the box' you have really inspired me to make a background with those dies XXX


Two beautiful designs from our Janet for this weeks challenge, one in lovely Vintage tones and the other in fresh lilac/lavender and green.  Both really lovely designs.

Janet's Description:

"My first card this week is from STAMPERIA and their theme of PROVENCE .It shows shades of Purple and Green. 

My second card was made using LABLANCE papers in shades of Brown and has the theme of VINTAGE. This is a card I made last year

Thank you so much Janet I have to say that I really love those 'Provence' papers that are just so pretty and some of my favourite colours too.  I really appreciate you taking part each week my lovely XXX


Wow Michele, what an absolutely stunning Challenge card, I love everything about it, the colours are beautiful and that gorgeous die, so lacy and delicate.  I love the whole design of your card.

Michele's Description:

"My Tone on Tone card. I forgot how difficult the floral panels were to cut-probably why I’ve hardly used this set of Dies!! DieSire Circle Centre Dies , used my own dies for the sentiments & added some gemstones."

Thank you so much for such a perfect challenge card my lovely, you have now added more shopping to my list!! XXX


Oh Brenda what a Beautiful design, I love that background so much, I feel like I have seen it before but it had never appealed to me but Oh My Goodness this card has 100% changed my mind, it's one of those backgrounds that you can leave simple with a sentiment and pretty bow or you could go 'all out' with a big floral centre piece. I think that the colours you have used adds to the appeal too.

Brenda's Description:

"For my tone on tone card I have used lilacs through to purple. The centre die I’ve had for ever, in fact the background section I made a few years ago, I made a whole batch and came across them again in one of my tidying up sessions, so I thought why don’t I turn them into Easter cards.  The deep purple I’ve used at the back really lift the whole thing, it was looking a bit bland so I had a play and this is the result."

You are right about that deep purple background giving the whole card a lift, it really works, it's one of those designs that the more you look at it the more you see, I have zoomed in 3 times and just noticed the tiny embossed pattern around those pretty little flowers!  What an absolute treasure to have found while tidying up, I hope you did a little 'Happy Dance' !  Thank you so much for such a gorgeous Easter card XXX


Well ladies, what an absolute pleasure it was to open all of the messages you sent containing your challenge cards, I have no idea why but you have all designed some absolutely stunning cards for this challenge, just have another look back over that incredible display of cards. WOW, I genuinely feel so blessed and privileged to be able to share your designs each week, thank you all XXXX

I hope that you all have an enjoyable day and that you all get to have a little piece of chocolate,

Sending love and huge hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Everyone
    Oh what a wonderful set of CCs this week.Each one so special and so much inspiration.

    My trip out yesterday morning was a little stressful in that M&S have moved their food hall into another part of the store and are still in the process!So of course it was like a maze finding products but we completed the list and then hurried back home for a very welcome cup of coffee.
    It's going to be a very quiet day here.

    The CAFE is of course waiting for you allto pop in.

  2. Morning everyone and Happy Easter
    What a selection of cards They’re beautiful
    Maybe we should have a Sue Wilson die challenge (I know I have the odd one - ahem!🤣)
    Yesterday was wonderful just a shame it was a bit on the cool side Today is a lot brighter - typical
    We have roast lamb today too for a change but it will only us enjoying it I must go for a walk later and I think I am going to get the sewing machine out to make a few face masks as I am beginning to venture out more
    Take care all xx

  3. Morning Ladies

    What a fantastic selection of challenge cards today. Thank you to Brenda for suggesting this.
    I’d like a “Use your Sue Wilson Dies@ as a challenge.

    Hubby did so well in the golf competition (5th and only 32 go through) that he’s through to the next round which is this morning. If he makes it through the next selection (16 to go on) then he plays again this afternoon. As he’s a good player and quite competitive I’m not expecting him back this afternoon!
    My plans are to put some washing outside as it’s sunny again then after I’ve done the ironing I want to empty the greenhouse and clean in there.


    1. Well done Phil on getting through to the next round. I also have washing out.

  4. Hi Sandra & ladies
    A fantastic array of challenge cards on display today.
    Maria loved your crystal art picture for Rick.
    Michele thank you for taking the trouble to do the magazine reviews. Although I no longer use dies & very rarely stamps, I do like to see what can be done with them,
    No chocolate eggs today. I didn’t get any either for the grandchildren. They decided not to have any more a few years ago. Like Sandra’s they prefer to have chocolate if anything.
    Not much on the cards today, although I will pop up later to say goodbye to Lucy ( one of Karen’s horses.
    Well I’ve just been informed that as it’s nice enough to sit outside would I like to pop up for some lunch. So that’s what I’ll do.
    Take care & stay safe everyone.

  5. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    Happy Easter everyone.

    What an amazing display of tone on tone cards, I really love everyone of your designs. Thank you ladies for taking up this challenge. XX

    Like you Sandra we are having roast lamb today, it’s not something we have that often but John suggested it, as he normally has what is put in front of him it was nice that I didn’t have to decide for a change. Daughter just rang she is also cooking lamb. We can all have a virtual dinner together!

    It’s another lovely day today sun is shining making everything look so bright and cheerful.

    Better get this lamb in the oven everything else for dinner is prepared. Whatever you’re doing ladies have a lovely lovely day.
    Take care and stay safe love Brenda XXX

  6. Hello everyone.
    Wonderful display of challenge cards,I love them all!
    Really good ideas here for the next weeks cc so hope it's alright to replicate.
    A SW cc, not a bad idea. Think I have some laying around 🙈

    Hope you all have a nice day and can enjoy some sunshine, blue sky and singing from the little birds around.
    Pat- have a nice lunch with fam.
    Brenda-love the die. Hoping your sister is doing alright?
    Lilian-hope your back feels better,you take care. Love your card. Have to look up that die you used to make the strips.
    Michele- good luck to Phil,hope he do well.
    Karen-hope you had a lovely time with the grand-kids.
    Janet- hope you ok after your trip out yesterday.
    Sue-hope you are fine and meeting up with mum and Pop was a nice time. Spoke to mine for nearly 2 hours earlier,she is so funny thou and never keep her laptop still so half the time we speak to eachother I see the walls and ceiling 😃
    Sandra- thanks to you my day's are so much better so a hugs Thank You for keeping your wonderful blog running. You are a star 💐
    A coffee and custard doughnut for me and checking my e-mails next while OH watching football but don't think they doing too well for he nearly having a heart attack here 😳

    Many hugs are sent for you all! xxx

  7. Hi everyone
    Happy Easter 🐣
    A lovely selection of cards today, all beautiful.
    Sorry I didn’t get in yesterday, but I love your picture Maria, and Michele’s magazine review was fab.
    One more (busy) day at work tomorrow then I’m off for a week and a half! Can’t wait to not have to set the alarm 😊
    Hope you’re all having a good day and enjoying the lovely sunshine. Hugs to you all xxx

    1. Hi Sonia
      thank you.Love your card today too.Is it more busy with family coming around this weekend or is it ok? Hope your day tomorrow goes quickly and you will have a nice time off x

    2. Thank you 😊 Been very busy at work lately due to sickness and annual leave. A few residents went out to lunch with their families which was lovely for them. I’m so looking forward to some lie ins now, typical Mark is working so still need to set the alarm, but at least it’s not as early ☺️ Xx