Sunday 20 September 2020

your challenge Card's


Good Sunday Morning Ladies,

I had a lovely relaxing day yesterday, I went out into the garden without any phones so that even if it did ring I couldn't hear it, I felt guilty but I felt as though I was at breaking point.  There weren't any more 'official' calls to be made for now either so it is time for a bit of a break, I am really feeling like I need to trip to the seaside at the moment, I think I mentioned yesterday that I find staring out to sea very calming, not sure how calming it would be a 'bracing blackpool' though, not quite as calming as the Med! But it is a more realistic option for now, well that's if we don't end up even further into a lockdown, I feel a full lockdown is only around the corner.

Anyway lets have a look at your amazing cards....


Oh WOW Sonia, three stunning cards from you for this weeks challenge,  the scene on your first card is just so idyllic, doing the black on white glitter theme is just genius too, you are so inspirational Sonia.  I love the background of your second card, it has the real wow factor, I have always loved that sentiment and it is so true.  Your third card has the most amazing background that works perfectly with your silhouette stamp, I love how you have the hearts raining down too.

Sonia's Description:

Here are my challenge cards:

I had already made the pictures, just hadn’t made them into cards.

The Christmas scene is a Penny Black image which I stamped. I then covered it in a piece of double sided adhesive sheet and added glitter on the top. The sentiment is from Woodware stamps.

The second card is a watercolour background I created using distress inks. I stamped and heat embossed the sentiment (from TrimCraft) and added some gold shimmer spritz.

The third card uses stamps from Inkylicious and Altenew, stamped over the background created with distress inks and an AALL & Create stencil. 

Sonia thank you so very much for three incredible Challenge cards, who would have thought that totally flat cards could be this stunning! XXX


Two fantastic cards from Michele, I love how you have used the same style/layout for both Birthday and Christmas, maybe thats an idea for another Challenge???!!!

Michele's Description:
2 challenge cards made using a brand new magazine freebie-Diecutting Essentials (Review next Saturday). Coloured card blank, white card with white Diecuts glued on it. Sentiment on both was die cut and a few stickers added.

Thanks so much Michele for taking part and for coming up for with the idea for this weeks Challenge XXX


Maria has made three gorgeous cards for Michele's one layer challenge, Maria I would love to know where you find some of the beautiful images you use, that owl image is absolutely stunning, I love how you have created the frame for that card too. The penguin card is super cute too and I love how you used peel-offs to finish the frame of the card. Your stamped image on the first card is so beautifully coloured, I love that sentiment too.

Thank you so much for taking part in Michele's challenge Maria XXX


Wow Lilian, this Nautical themed card is stunning, I love that image and the vintage feel to the whole card, your embellishments work so perfectly too.

Lilian's Description:

Stamperia papers, and I think the die cuts are Sue Wilson all at sea, with copper wax on them. 

Thanks so much for taking part, especially as you are working around the chaos of having your kitchen done. XXX


Karen has stamped the background for her card and the sentiment, I must say Karen that I really admire you for having the courage to pick up a fine liner pen and creating that fantastic frame for your sentiment, I love how it looks.

Karen's Description :

Here’s my totally flat card I was inspired by a project in the indigoblu magazine (page 17) I used a SW die cut coloured with Mermaid Lagoon DO Snowflake stamps from a mag in a mixture of Mermaid Lagoon Speckled Egg and Tumbled Glass -1st and 2nd generation stamping and a bit of Twisted Citron through a stencil

Thanks so much Karen for taking part in this weeks Challenge XXX


Janet has designed two gorgeous Christmas cards for this weeks Flat card challenge.
I love the scene's on both of the cards, especially the second with those darling children, you just can't beat those traditional scenes.

Janet's Description:

My First card is made with papers from STAMPERIA and the stamp is one I have had for a few years and came free with a mag.

My second card for this week is made using LABLANCHE papers and the stamp is from PHIL MARTIN.

Thank you so much Janet for two gorgeous challenge cards, I hope that your heating system is installed quickly so that you can relax ready for the weekend XXX


Cheryl has made a lovely 'Thinking of you' style card for this weeks challenge, I love the colours that are in that pretty card.
Cheryl found a kit that worked perfectly for Michele's flat card challenge, you just add the sentiment and any embellishments you choose. I love the sentiment, it means a lot to hear someone say that when you are feeling really low or overwhelmed.

Thanks so much for taking part Cheryl XXX


Brenda has been busy crafting this week, she has made three cards that work perfectly for Michele's 'Flat card' challenge.

Brenda's first card is a pretty Christmas scene, Brenda has coloured the Christmas tree so beautifully, I love that bright red sentiment too.

Brenda's second card is made with a SU stamp that has a beautiful floral branch, the sentiment is so lovely too. I love the simplicity of this card.

Brenda's third card was made with Honey Doo Splat stamps, I really love it done with just one colour Brenda, finishing the card with the matching blue mat and shadow behind the sentiment was a brilliant finishing touch.

Thank you so much Brenda for taking part in this weeks challenge XXX


Ladies, what can I say that I haven't said a million times before?!  Thank you all so very much for taking part in Michele's challenge, she will be so thrilled to see so many challenge cards.  
You all go to so much trouble each week to support me and the blog, whether your house is in turmoil with renovations or your work load is getting your down, you don't feel great or are physically struggling, you all give up your time, you have no idea how grateful I am.
Particularly at the moment, I think I had one day where I thought I wouldn't be able to get a blog post done but I pushed myself to do it because I knew it would come back to haunt me if I didn't.  Hearing from all of you has been such a comfort.

I can't thank you enough for the lovely cards filled with kind supportive words or the flowers and gifts, It has made an impossibly hard situation a little easier to bare. XXX

I am treating myself to another 'Switch off' day today, I have almost finished a book I started about a week ago, I am on the last chapter but I don't want it to end, is it just me that feels like that?!  
To be honest I only usually read books on holiday but I have found reading quite a good distraction of late, particularly at two in the morning, thanks heavens for Kindle !!

I hope that you have a lovely day too my lovelies,

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Ladies

    WOW-ehatnan absolutely wonderful selection of challenge cards today. Thank you all so much for joining in this challenge.

    Cheryl-the sentiment on your card is so appropriate for Sandra, no found you made this card for her. I know she’ll appreciate that kind gesture.

    Sandra-we have very high tides here this weekend...fancy popping down to the beach with us? We’re planning s quick visit today. I have the housework to do plus we’re having a Skype session with my in-laws then I’ll be phoning my Dad. Sunday’s certainly a day of rest!!


    1. must be lovely to be able to walk on the beach or along a prom whenever you like. We have countryside around us to walk in. But I do enjoy walking along a beach or prom.
      Enjoy your walk & your skype session and your chat to your Dad.

  2. Me again

    Sandra-that’s a great idea for another challenge. Use the same die/stamp/Embossing Folder for 2 different cards.


  3. Hello, looks as though the weather is changing, dull here today.

    Super cards today, and all so different, lots of ideas , when I get my craft room back.

    Sandra many thanks to your work you do for the blog each day, even when you have had a really stressful time, you still manage to write the blog and I for one am really glad you do. Without the challenge and the blog, I think I would have given up card making long ago, so once again thank you.

    Not sure what I’m doing today, hope yours is a good one, Lilian

  4. Great cards ladies You all inspire me too emotionally as well as in card making Thanks MICHELE for a great challenge
    I would never have thought to use the ink splat stamps in just one colour for instance It works so well I love your created backgrounds too SONIA I have a little pile of them that I never seem to use Now that I “stamp” a bit I need to utilise them

    I am glad you had a more relaxing day SANDRA and yes you need to do it again today After all Sunday is a day of rest I agree if I am reading a good book I don’t want it to end too

    We are off to see my sister in law later Hopefully we’ll still be able to sit outside A bit sad that daughter and boys can’t come as that would be breaking the law I think we’re on the verge of another total lockdown

    Back to work tomorrow which for the first time in years I won’t mind In my ‘usual’ job I dreaded Sundays at the thought of going to work on the Monday

    Take care all xxx

  5. Good morning everyone.
    Wonderful, wonderful cards all of them.
    Thanks Michele for coming up with it.
    Love the nautical scene on Lilian's card. The pretty winter scene on Sonia's card and the backgrounds are lovely.
    Janet's beautiful papers and Brenda's stamped cards.
    Cheryl's nice envelope card and Karen's nice stamped background. I love Sunday's !
    Glad you managed to have a relaxing day Sandra and please try to have one today too.
    The weather here have changed a bit but we still going for our walk and hoping the washing can be hanged out later.
    I wish you all a good day and if in any pain we just have to wish it is better then yesterday. Big hugs for you all xx

  6. Hi Sandra & ladies
    A stunning array of cards on display today. You ladies are amazing.
    I’m glad to hear you had a restful day yesterday and hopefully today as well.
    Yes a trip to the seaside would be lovely. I’m not to sure why you picked Blackpool though. Weston is the nearest but of course you see no sea. Bournemouth is not much over the hour or Burnham On Sea. A run down would be lovely and just to sit along the sea front. Seems like quite a few more areas are going into a partial lockdown. Amy & Karen brought me flowers yesterday as it was Pete’s birthday. I went up Karen’s for dinner as well. Livvy was home and said Nanny were only allowed 6 people together. I said with Amy you 4 & me that only makes 6. She was forgetting that Sophie no longer lives with them. A bit breezy here but I’ve popped out for a quick walk and will do so again before lunch.
    Take care & stay safe. Especially you ladies who are in a partial lockdown area.
    Hope your feeling a bit better today Lynda.

    1. I was just being funny Pat, every time we have been to blackpool the wind has been gale force! 'Bracing Blackpool' just sounded better than 'Bracing Southampton' (in my mind anyway)!! Weston would be absolutely pointless, I could just do with a day laid on a beach beside the 'Med' ! Are all of your holidays cancelled still? xxx

  7. Hi everyone
    Wow, what a stunning selection of beautiful cards today. Loved the challenge as it made me use the backgrounds and make into cards 😊 I’ve got so many sitting in my bits and pieces box, along with lots of die cuts which have never made it onto a card!
    So pleased you managed a quiet day yesterday and hope today is the same. Please don’t feel guilty for taking time out, you give so much to everyone and deserve time to yourself ❤️
    I would love to be sitting on a beach right now, and just looking out to sea. Mark does have a gig in November in Great Yarmouth where I was going to go. Not sure if it’ll happen now anyway, or even if I’d still go with having the pup. But we’d booked a B&B on the seafront, so would’ve been nice, albeit probably a bit cold and windy!!
    Oh well, there’s always next year (hopefully)
    Hope everyone is having a good day. Sending hugs to you all xxx

  8. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    What a brilliant selection of challenge cards all so inspiring. Thank you Michele for setting this weeks challenge.

    Both grandsons are at their respective university’s now, and both daughters have now only got one child left at home, it’s going to be very strange in both households. I’m sure the boys will find a reason to go home before Christmas.

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend, the weather here is bright and warm, hope it’s the same where you are.
    Take care and stay safe, love Brenda xxx

  9. Good afternoon ladies,

    So many gorgeous creations today.

    Just read that Halloween might be cancelled as well this year, they could have told me before I did all the treat boxes! Our village is having a pumpkin hunt and for each house they find with a pumpkin the parents have to give them some sweets, saves us all some money. Milly-May not coming out either as her other Nan is having a sweetie hunt in her garden for the grandchildren. Lovely idea so I've offered the boxes to Lucy for Mill-May to decorate.

    Such a shame that for the first time since I've been living in my little corner of Somerset, St Matthew's Fair (Bridgwater) is not being held either this September yet the District Council have allowed a fun fair on the Rugby grounds for this last week. !?!

    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

  10. Hi Sandra and ladies
    Sorry late I've had a bad belly ache so been laying down most of the day.
    All your cards are GORGEOUS.