Wednesday 2 September 2020

Maria's Adorable Birthday card


Good Morning Ladies,

I think we have seen the last of the better weather for a couple of days, I think the weather forecast was for more 'unsettled ' weather for a few days, including strong winds!! 😔  Of all weather why does it have to be windy, I don't think I can rearrange that Bean frame anymore, so if it comes down again it will have to stay down,  the plants have given us plenty of Beans, so even if we do lose them they have done well.                                              I think  it may be time to pull out the thicker cardigans and sweatshirts, we are trying to only have the heating on for an hour or so in the evening to take the chill off.

Today's card is just so beautiful,  I absolutely love this imagine,  I would love to be on that beach right now.  Maria has fussy cut and Decoupaged all of the elements of this pretty image. I wish children still dressed like this today. My girls all had little dresses with the smocking on the chest, they were from Marks & Spencer back in the day, I think I kept them all as I couldn't bare to part with them. 

So your beautiful card really gave me a walk down 'Memory Lane' Maria, thank you so very much, as with all the beautiful cards I received I will treasure it.😍❤

I hope that you all have a lovely day,  

Love and hugs to all of you, 

Sandra                                                                                xxxxxx 


  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-another lovely birthday card. Yesterday turned out nice weather or so I’m told! Another early start as I have a lot catch up on.


  2. A gorgeous card MARIA My daughter had dresses in the “smocked” style too
    Oh LYNDA I hope you’re not in so much pain today It was sad to read yesterday how tearful it’s making you
    OH is away tonight so I hope to do a cc I have one in mind - if it turns out anything like what’s in my head will be an achievement!
    Take care all xx

  3. Hello All, very dull here today, but a bit warmer.

    Sorry I missed yesterday, no excuse, just forgot. Pat your card for Sandra was a real work of art, must have taken your a long time.

    Maria your card is so sweet, great fussy cutting, love the little children.

    Not much happening here, R taken car to the garage for a Major repair, not sure what’s involved, but bet it will cost a fortune.

    Wishing you all a good day, hugs to all, Lilian

  4. Hi everyone.
    I'm glad you liked the card Sandra and thank you all for your comments. I love the children being dressed this style too and Son had a sailor suit just like the boy on the card. Sure I got it somewhere kept.
    So sorry Lynda to hear you are in so much pain. Please ask someone if it's anything you can take to manage it better. Sending you some extra hugs only for you.
    Lilian, hope the traffic of people down your end have calmed down since the weekend. Ouch ,yes the repair bill for a car can be steep but hopefully it wont be too bad.Fingers crossed.
    Michele- hope work is alright for you today and you be home soon enough. Halfway through the week,nearly Friday.
    Karen, happy crafting tonight. Funny tho,when you got an idea in the head and it just don't get to down onto a card?!
    We ventured out today for the first time to a place with lots of people 😷 Had a walk near Frost and the after went inside and had a breakfast 😊 I have not been anywhere since beginning of February so it felt quite exciting 😁 Tomorrow we might go to Lidl!😄😷 Will keep my mask on but do you have the same problem as me when wearing glasses ? they got steamed up 😯
    I hope you all have a nice-ish day whatever you are up to and pain is better for us who are suffering with it pretty bad at times. Love and many hugs for all xx

  5. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    Sandra Love your card from Maria the children are so cute.
    MARIA your card is lovely the fussy cutting adds great dimension. Would love to be close by, I’m sure they are giggling away, anticipating getting there toes wet. xx

    Got carried away cleaning this morning, started by taking the glass off the units in our bedroom to give them a good wash (both side) then gave all the cupboards and skirting a good clean, not just the usual dust over and of course vacuumed as well. Think that’s me probably exhausted for the rest of the week. I get theses bursts of energy, unfortunately they don’t last long!!

    Expecting a visitor soon granddaughter has returned from Leeds for a few days and is going to pop over to see us. So that will be lovely.

    Take care everyone, enjoy the rest of your day, love Brenda xxx

  6. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today. What a beautiful card Maria made for you. Those little smocked dresses on the girls were so sweet weren’t they. I remember Gem having some when she was little too. Love the decoupage Maria. Sandra I have fingers crossed that you don’t suffer from too much wind my lovely as fresh beans are one of the best vegetables I think. Ours used to be in big pots by the back foot and most summers didn’t even reach the kitchen let alone got cooked as we all used to help ourselves to a few each time we went in or out of the door. But what could be healthier so always just enjoyed them raw especially as none of the children liked them cooked anyway xx
    It is really chilly here today but I did manage to get a line of washing more or less dry before the rain started mid afternoon. I have been looking on Pinterest for autumnal cards so off to make a start on a card now.
    Mum is grateful for all of the hugs and kind words, thank you all from her xx
    Lynda, sad to hear you are in so much pain. Please please please talk to your GP to discuss it as they may be able to help you with different and or stronger pain medicine xx
    Sending love and hugs with extras for Lynda, Mum and all in need. Take care xx

  7. Hi everyone
    Lovely card Maria 😊 Love the seaside scene.
    Sorry I’m late - I did look in earlier, but never got round to commenting.
    Been a busy few days back at work, and am feeling pretty tired. Into work tomorrow and then I’m off for two days, where I’m looking forward to doing some crafting.
    Turned wet here this afternoon but not feeling as cold. Don’t know whether it’s just because I’ve not been feeling well, but the last few mornings have felt like winter to me - half expected to go out to my car and it be icy!
    Hope you’ve all had a good day. Hugs to all xx