Monday, 14 September 2020

A flat/1 layer Card for Challenge


Good Monday Morning Ladies, 

I hope that you are all well and have had a good weekend.  The weather is forecast to be lovely which is a huge bonus as today is our 29th Anniversary,  we have no plans really, due to circumstances but we hope to go out for something to eat later.  The girls have kindly offered to take us and pick us up, which we are very grateful for.  I cannot begin to tell you how blessed I feel and have felt every day of those 29 years, Paul as most of you know is the kindest most caring husband any girl could wish for, he is my true Soulmate 😍🥰❤

I used the 'Sepia Watercolour' technique, although I used purple tones instead of brown.
I took a 4 1/4 × 5 1/2 piece of watercolour card, used a waterbrush to coat the piece of card in water, I then added a little water to some Elegant Eggplant (purple) ink and 'washed' it across the paper, having the water on the card helped the colour disperse easier. 
You can dry the card and add another layer if you like   i then stamped the flowers in Versafine Clair ink and dried it,  I went back to the Purple ink to colour in the flowers, adding colour to the centre and washing it out up the petals, adding more ink if necessary. After I was pleased with the colour I dried the whole piece. The next step was to get some bleach and a fine paintbrush and painted around the very tips of the petals,  this bleaches the colour out and adds almost a highlight to the edges, lifting them from the background. 
I then used Gorgeous Grunge stamp set to add some texture to the background, stamping in the purple ink and versamark ink and white embossing powder.  I even used some sentiment/word stamps to add interest too.
To finish the card I inked around the card and lastly added some little white dots with a Posca pen.

I am looking forward to seeing your cards.

Have a lovely day my lovelies,

Love and hugs to all of you, 



  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-Happy Anniversary to you & Paul.
    Your card is gorgeous, really lovely. Enjoy your meal out tonight.

    We have sunshine already this morning, yesterday was a lovely day although it was quite breezy. Got lots of gardening done plus a sit outside reading.


  2. I love your card SANDRA in fact you have read my mind as I was going to do something similar
    We had a lovely day yesterday It was a bit like being at a drive-in movie So I felt very “safe”
    I am still on annual leave I must finish the card for my daughter’s birthday tomorrow
    Happy Anniversary SANDRA and PAUL xxxxz

  3. Hi everyone
    Happy Anniversary to you both, enjoy your day xx
    A beautiful card. I love the bleaching, it’s very effective.
    Off work for 2 days as I’m working at the weekend, so I’m going to try and craft. Got some ideas for the calendar so hoping to make a start on that 😊
    Have a good day. Sending hugs to you all xxx

  4. Morning everyone and a very Happy Anniversary Sandra and Paul. Have a good day and enjoy your meal tonight.
    Love the card ,as a lover of purple, this card is beautiful.

    Lynda- nice to see you in yesterday, hoping your pain is better. Hugs for you and Terry.
    Brenda-sorry to hear your sister has so many problems,hoping she be alright and back home soon.
    I wish you all a nice day whatever you are up to. The sunshine is out so we are going for a drive and walk in a minute. Many hugs to you all, Maria xx

    1. Thank you Maria, at least when my sister is allowed to return home she is fortunate to have nurses and carers there 24/7 So her every need is catered for. She says herself how privileged she feels. The nurses have six patients (my sister being one of them) to look after. The care and attention they are all given is wonderful. xx

  5. Hi Sandra & ladies
    Happy Anniversary Sandra. I hope you enjoy your meal later,
    Lovely flat card today. In my favourite colour as well.
    Hope your feeling a bit better today Lynda. Hugs to you & Terry.
    Sorry to hear about your sister Brenda and hope she’ll be home soon.
    Looks like wall to wall sunshine.
    I’ll be going out for a walk a bit later. Then to finish off my Christmas card I’m doing. Then measuring out some parchment out for my calendar. Well that’s the plan anyway.

    1. Thank you Pat, it’s the horrible feeling of not being able to do anything. No one is allowed to visit. Anything she need has to be left at the main entrance and anything she want to send home also left there to be collected from there (dirty washing) so someone has to do a round trip of 18 miles just to pick up a bag of washing ! But credit to the hospital they are doing an excellent job trying to keep the patients safe. Covid is still a big problem in Leicester. xx

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  6. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    in my haste I have just managed to delete my own comment for the blog what are Dimbo am I !!!

    Happy anniversary Sandra and Paul I hope you’re having a lovely day enjoy your meal this evening. Love the idea of you having in-house chauffeurs. XX

    Sandra your card is lovely and perfect for popping straight into the postbox without having to queue and get it weighed. Lovely effect you have achieved bleaching the tips of the petals. I did this once on pocket watch card I was making, it really is effective. Surprising what are the uses we can put our cleaning materials to. Ha ha

    Right better get a wiggle on my sister has requested because she’s a unable to make any cards while in hospital could I make a card for a 17-year-old mail - oh and post it up to Leicestershire To arrive on or before Wednesday. No pressure there.

    What ever you are doing ladies enjoy your day.
    Take care love and hugs Brenda XXX

  7. Grrrrr predictive text 17 year old MALE

  8. Hello All, lovely day but a welcome breeze.

    Happy Anniversary to Sandra and Paul, hope it’s a lovely one.

    Sandra, your card is lovely, love all the different techniques you have used.

    Not sure I’ll get a card done this week, so I’ll did out an old one.

    Hope you all have a good day, Lilian

  9. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today.
    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY SANDRA AND PAUL. I hope you enjoy your meal out tonight with a very reliable “taxi service”.
    How lovely to see this gorgeous card in one of my favourite colours and with the beautiful stamps. I must have a go at using bleach on a card as I love the delicate effect it gives to the petal edges. And what a nicer way to use bleach rather than doing the boring household cleaning 😆 xx
    Brenda, I hope you managed to get the card your sister requested finished ok. At least you know she is well cared for both in the hospital she is in at the moment and once she is allowed back home. After your lovely family day you are allowed to need some catch up naps I think. I know I am always exhausted when our lot go home but it’s always more than worth it isn’t it 😍 x
    Lynda, I lost a couple of comments the other day but they were due to my finger trouble for a change 😉 x
    A lazy day for me. Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for Lynda, Mum and all in need. Take care xx

    1. Thank you Sue, yes I did get the card finished BUT missed the post, I spent to long completing the insert. I was trying to put an Outline picture Of a birthday cake and type the verse inside it, got there in the end. Anyway the card should arrive by the request date as it will go first thing in the morning.