Friday, 22 February 2019

Pixie Powder Background card & Next Weeks Challenge!

Good Morning Ladies.

We had another beautiful sunny day yesterday, I hadn't realised how warm the Sun was until I went out in the garden with Harley at lunchtime, I had had my bedroom window open since 7am as it's Milo & Bella's chosen entrance and exit, the breeze coming in was quite chilly so it was a pleasant surprise to feel the warm sun on my face.

I will tell you an funny story about the cats tapping at our was 3am on Tuesday morning and I could hear Bella tapping at our bedroom window, I thought she was asking to go out (we don't let them out after dark, although they will try).  Anyway I was trying to quietly tell her to stop and get down when Paul woke and open the curtains to find she was on the outside trying to get in, we were both puzzled as we knew she was in for her dinner at 7pm, so how had she got out and how long had she been out for, we didn't think about it too much as Paul has to be up at 5am, so we settled back down and blow me if 20 minutes later she was at the window again, this time she had to be on the inside trying to get out.....No she was outside again!! I said to Paul that I just had a hunch that the front door may be open, as Sophie had let Lewis in that way earlier and our Front Door will not stay shut if it isn't locked, we have really thick curtains across the porch too so we wouldn't have known, Paul goes off to check to find the front door wide open, we don't know how long it had been open.  What we couldn't work it is why the cats would go out of the bloomin door but insisted on coming in through the window!! We now have a routine door check before bed, we always check the back door as its the only one we really use, but now we have to check both. 

Today's card was completely inspired by my Pixie Powder background, after Sue and I had started to tidy up I checked mine to see what they looked like and it was virtually dry, I was just sat looking at it wondering how to use it and I said it looks like the 'earth' looking from space (kind of), then I remembered that one of the Magazine freebies was a Globe die set with a matching embossing folder and so beautiful papers, so I immediately said to Sue I can use it with my globe die, so here it is.
I die cut the frame of the Globe in Matt Copper card, then I used the accompanying circle die to cut out a piece of my Pixie Powder 'caught in crystal' background,  I stamped one of the many sentiments that came with the dies as I love the saying …..
'' To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world'', it makes me think of Paul of course as he is my entire world. !! 💕💗❤
I embossed a piece of Whisper White card with the embossing folder, which embossed beautifully and added that to a mat of blue card and popped them onto a 4 1/2 x 4 1/2 card base.
I mounted the Globe onto some foam tape and placed it on the front of the card.  I thought it just needed a little something else so I die cut a little 'tab' die out of the same pixie powder background and popped a tiny heart that I had die cut from a piece of the scrap matt copper card, I also added a couple of hearts to the globe.
I am quite pleased with it, it's something completely different for me but it's  nice to shake things up a bit don't you think, the added bonus is that all the other bits I used were magazine freebies!!

I also got to use Acetate, Glossy accents (that was so old it looked a funny colour), pixie powders (some old) and tissue paper, most of which has been in my cupboards and draws for many years, I love that we are all digging deep and using our old bits!!

Now for next weeks Challenge………..

Challenge For Monday 25/2/19

For this weeks challenge I would like you to make a card or any project using a Background that you have created yourself.

So you could do any of the following:

Random Stamped background
Blended Distress inks
Caught in Crystal technique
Or any other inky technique ie : Bokeh (circles)
Watercolour style background, where you add ink to a piece of acetate add a little water, smoosh about a bit and then pop your piece of card over the ink.
You could use Mica Powders
You could die cut a background
Use Gilding Flakes

Those are just a few ideas, I'm sure you will have many more.

I was inspired by this weeks challenge, we can get so caught up in new things that we forget to go back and use some of the old techniques that we all know and loved when we did them the first time. 
I am so exciting to start getting messy and creating new background ideas.

I hope you enjoy the challenge Ladies,

Have a lovely weekend,

Love and hugs to all,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-today’s Card is brilliant & I love the sentiment. Great challenge for us for next week although I have a confession-I haven’t even thought about this weeks challenge yet.

    The story about your cats/front door is funny!

    I got called in early yesterday as there has been a power failure which had caused probuwirh our fridges-the day just was horrendous as we could get any answers! Thank goodness it’s Friday.


    1. Oh what a nightmare Michele. Open today is a calmer day for

  2. Morning ladies,

    Just love your card Sandra. The pixie powders look great and how I love the sentiment.
    Wonderful cat story but how worrying having your front door open all night. I think making sure it's shut should definitely be your bed routine.x

    Off to craft club today. I'm taking my inks and stencils to play with today which will be great for next week's challenge. Mind you the card Is entered for this Sunday has an inked background so it could do for both weeks ha ha.

    Just making an appointment with my gp for Monday. I'm really having trouble walking as my leg muscles or tendons are just so stiff and I'm sure that's nothing to do with arthritis.

    Hope all poorly friends have a better day today.
    Special thoughts for Pat, Pete, Lynda and Cheryl.
    Have a good day everyone.
    Love Valx

  3. Morning Everyone
    I love the sentiment on your card for today SANDRA and next week's Challenge is an interesting one.

    Once again Friday has caught up on me and I have to 'swear' You can tell I just love this day can't So now you all know what I'm up to today.

    The CAFE is OPEN and I've just made myself a cuppa so pop in throughout the day.
    HUGS are on their way to you all. Take care and stay safe.xxxx

  4. Good Friday morning everyone.
    Love your card Sandra and don't know who said it but what lovely words.
    What are the colours you have used in this background ? I love the combo.
    Michele- hope your day is better and you will have a nice weekend, take care.
    Janet- don't the weeks fly. Just take care and I see you later for a coffee.
    Val- so sorry to see you suffering so bad. Hope your GP will be able to help. Have fun playing at craft club and hopefully you mind will be on other things then pain for some hours. hugs.
    Lynda- how's things ? Not long to Ally Pally, have you got your tickets ? If I'm lucky, OH football will be back on the Saturday to Tottenham so he can take me. I really missed you guys last time.
    Pat- many hugs winging it's way for you both and to all of you ladies in the cafe' today.
    Hoping for a walk later and to photo the cc for this Sunday. Mind also now on what to do for next weeks and it already a bit muddled but that's nothing new Lol
    hugs, Maria Xxx

  5. A great card SANDRA The PP combination is striking and another achievement- stamping onto acetate!
    I will Be back later as i’m At work waiting for a report to finish running - ahdone!

  6. Hi All, very foggy here, and chilly.

    Lovely card Sandra, not tried pixie Powders, your colours are very mystical looking.

    Good channel for next week , although not finished this weeks yet.

    App. With new GP yesterday, she wouldn’t change these horrible tabs, but have added digoxin in as well. Ask why said she had strict instructions from cardiologist.

    Seem to have caught another cold and cough bug again, R cought it when he went on the train last week, everyone coughing and sneezing, jam packed full.

    Must go and get some lunch, hugs to all,Lilian

  7. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    I love your card today Sandra and how clever of you to turn that background into a globe, this is truly inspiring. XX
    The day started off very heavy fog but now we have the most beautiful sunshine, yesterday was equally lovely what a surprise we had when looking at the garden saw tortoise coming out of his house he has a short walk then just sat in the sunshine for an hour or so, the sun hasn’t quite reached his house yet but I’m sure when it does he will go for a walk. Normally it would be around about Easter time he would wake up, but it seems to be getting earlier every year, wonder could it be the climate change?
    Well I hope your GP can you give an answer to the pains in your legs, no I don’t think it could be your arthritis either. Enjoy your crafty afternoon, LOL
    Maria it’s not that long now to the Ally Pally show, doesn’t time fly, I hope your other half will be able to get you there. XX
    Janet , hope the swearing is over for this week and you can get into your craft room this afternoon XX
    Thank you Sandra, Lots of choices for the next challenge, Thinking cap Is on but nothing happening in the brain yet!! Hopefully I will get a light bulb moment sometime soon. ����
    Hope everyone’s having a good day.
    Sending love and hugs for everyone, Brenda XXX

    1. VAL I’ve just given you anew name!!!
      Let’s blame predictive text, ha ha xx

  8. Hi Sandra & all in café,
    Sandra your pixie powder background is beautiful & really suits the globe & love the embossed background, you could not have chosen better, well done. Looking forward to tomorrow when we go to Farnborough & meet up with
    Lilian hope you are not too disappointed with new GP, hugs on
    Lynda hope you had a better night, I seem to have them frequently at the moment. Hugs to you
    Val hope you get some joy with your Dr. I must admit we have a brilliant one now, she spends time with all patients & listens, you have to be prepared for a long wait but you don't mind when she treats all the to
    Maria hope to see you at AP not sure which day we are going, will find out tomorrow because I need to book a wheelchair. Hugs on
    Hugs to Pat & Pete & anybody else who needs them love Margaret.