Tuesday 19 February 2019

Millie Die Card

Click the link Below to go to In2craft for the Die:

Good Morning Ladies,

I ordered some of the new Paper Boutique from Ben at 'In2Craft', the one I ordered is called 'Secret Romance'
Click the link below to go to In2Craft for Paper Pad:

There are matching paper packs too, which is a huge bonus, I used just the plain paper from the matching paper pack to make this card and one of the sentiment toppers too.

I wanted to use the die set on its own to create the card this time, so I took a piece of card scored it a folded, I made it slightly larger than that outer die so that I could put the cutting edge of the die very slightly over the fold of the card (as this will the hinge of the card). I only needed to pass the die through the Gemini once and it cut through both sides of the card base too.
I cut a piece of the coloured card from the pack and used that to cover my card base, I used the same colour to die cut the ornate frame part of the die, I did use two circle dies, one very slightly larger than the other to make a narrow frame around the centre of the frame, this allowed me to cut the centre aperture slightly larger than the circle die that came with the set, it makes the die that much more versatile as you can use it over larger images.
I may make a tutorial on making the aperture frame as I think it is a useful thing to learn.
I die cut the outer die of the ornate section in white and placed the sentiment topper in the centre, next I added foam pads onto the back of the frame and positioned it over the sentiment. 
Having the white behind the frame highlights all of the ornate detail of the die cut. 

The die itself has so much detail that I didn't want to overdo the embellishments, so I added some pearls to the frame and a few flowers and foliage die cut from card from the pack.

I really like the how it turned out, it shows that you only need the die set itself to create a beautiful card.
What do you think??

Well ladies, the weather says we will enjoy this unseasonably warm weather for a little bit longer (although it was a bit chilly and damp here yesterday) but don't get too used to it as the cold weather will return in March.  A bit different to last year when we were awaiting the arrival of 'The Beast From The East)! So keep those winter warmers handy!

I hope that you all have a lovely day,

Love & Hugs to all,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-what a beautiful card , it’s gorgeous. The Die has so much detail in it & this card really bring it out.
    A tutorial on aperture cards would be great.

    Holiday crisis averted-I managed to swap 4 days to the week hubby is off. Couldn’t take the Monday as I’ve hit a meeting with our Auditors in Liverpool which could take all day. I’ve kept the Friday of my original week to give me a long weekend.


  2. Morning ladies,

    Gorgeous card Sandra, I have the same die bought at the Craft4crafters show in Westpoint, Exeter last Thursday. As it was named Millie...how could I resist it? I shall be using my die with some Unicorn toppers for Milly-May's birthday this year.
    At the moment Milly-May is enchanted by the LOL dolls but have you seen the prices of them? My goodness, me whoever makes them has certainly conned the public good and proper. So much tat and packing is included in these miniature beings and their capsules. I've only bought her a large shopping bag in Poundland (£ 1.50 though) for her to keep all her soft toys tidy and in one place.

    Well the sun is shining today and I am going to the recue of daughter Fiona, she came back from a long weekend in Benidorm to celebrate her friend's birthday with, to quote her...an anti-bacterial infection and sinusitis lol. She has her gynae appt this afternoon in Taunton (why we have to go there when we have a hospital in Bridgwater) and does not feel she would be safe to drive herself. I can sympathise with her there as I know when I suffer sinusitis that it is very unpleasant and your head hurts so much you can't even nod.

    Hugs to all our still poorly fellow crafters.

    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxxx

  3. Really beautiful SANDRA
    In2craft is such a great site
    We have sunshine at the mo BUT the sky does look full of snow
    MIL’s funeral is 5th March so I hope the weather will be kind then Off to choose menu and flowers this afternoon and out dancing later So I’ve got 4 cards to make which will have to be tomorrow now
    I was pleased to read that you were able to get into the garden at the weekend That’s going to be our next big job - the garden
    I hope things are easing for those in pain Hugs all around xx

  4. Hi Sandra & all in café,
    Sandra another beautiful card & the paper is gorgeous, I am very tempted!! xxx
    I must do a couple of cards today, I did a cc the other day must send it to Sandra.
    Sending hugs to all who need them, thinking of you all love Margaret.xxx

  5. Good morning Sandra & Ladies
    We have the lovely sunshine today although it on the chilly side.
    CHERYL your card yesterday was beautiful.
    SANDRA your card this morning is gorgeous love the pretty pink Colour. The Die is so versatile so a good investment.
    KAREN good luck choosing the menus & flowers for MIL funereal. Enjoy your dancing this evening.
    We haven't had any hot water since Saturday so Terry phoned the landlady & said will have to Waite till Monday as not paying weekend rates anyway he couldn't come till this morning. He's just gone but has to come back on Thursday as boiler has to be striped down & a will take a couple of hours to fix. Luckily we can still have a shower as it's got its own heater.well I will now go & have a shower.
    Hug's for all Love Lynda xx

  6. What beautiful florals papers & soft colors to show off the die!

  7. Hello Sandra and ladies.
    Oh Sandra what a pretty card, this die set is great for round cards. The papers you have used are lovely. I certainly will be looking at Bens web site. xx
    Karen Thinking of you, not an easy task choosing funeral flowers, you want them to be personal. Then you start to ask prices ( that’s a real eye opener) prices for anything connected to a funeral - it’s like you are talking telephone numbers! Sorry I didn’t mean to sound tight fisted and know everything costs. Its just a hard reality of life. Sending you caring hugs, take care,LOL xx
    LYNDA Thank goodness you have a heater in your shower. It’s so hard to get tradesmen in to do any household maintenance these days, where have they all gone? We are still looking for someone to move the door on the downstairs toilet so we don’t have to go down a step. OH will only use anyone who is recommend. It’s a pain in the derrière!!! (Oops my silly sense of humour)
    Time to get a wiggle on. Second load of washing has just finished, it can go outside on the washing line for a gentle blow.
    Love and hugs, Brenda xxx

  8. Hi Ladies,
    Gorgeous card Sandra and I have just spent the last hour looking in to Ben and a few things did have to go on my wishlist and the papers he got are also very,very nice. Oh what shall one do ? Lol
    Michele- good you managed to change the days. Hope the work is all right.
    Karen- hope the menu and flowers etc have been organised ok and you have a nice time tonight. Sorry I won't be going Sunday but you have a great time. maybe we'll see you on Hochanda.
    Lynda- glad you got some hot water at least for showers. Sending warm hugs for you and CU ((o))
    Cheryl- hope the journey and visit to Taunton went well and Fiona is all right.
    Lilian- hope you enjoying your book but I hope you got some sleep as well.
    After my weekend I just know it would be an early night last night and managed only to 9pm and I didn't get up until 9.30am this morning and of course the whole day have gone in a bubble. Got to look to make the cc tomorrow and do some washing (wonder if it can be hanged out) Does yours dry completely if you hanging it outside ?
    Wishing you all a good night, love Maria xx

  9. Hi All, just noticed my comment from earlier hasn’t published again, so I’ll keep this short as it’s late.
    Lovely card Sandra, very feminine looking, lovely die.
    In case you didn’t catch me last night, have had a full refund from Hochanda, and apologies, seeing as crafters companion are leaving seems this is the reason they couldn’t replace. Preservence paid off.
    Hugs to all, will try to get to publish earlier tomorrow, had hoped the latest update might have sorted, but no luck. Hugs Lilian