Saturday 9 February 2019

Mixed Craft Saturday

Good Morning Ladies

I am so excited to share my Lovely Pocket Letter Swap goodies with all of you today from the lovely Kay (kayzeekins1).
I will tell you that I was absolutely blown away when I opened the large white envelope packed to the seems with amazing, handmade crafts.

The first thing that I opened was the beautiful Pocket Letter itself, it came wrapped inside that gorgeous decorated envelope. Kay has used some absolutely gorgeous papers to create the little pockets and embellished each one exquisitely, with little die cuts, cute little people which I think are Tim Holtz Lost Relatives (or something), they make such a lovely addition to the pockets. The centre pocket is gold foil and is decorated with a doily and a beautiful pink satin bow with a pearl square in the centre.  Each pocket has so much detail put into it.

Kay filled the pockets with all kinds of Crafty goods, from Bottle Tops, to large paper clips, that I have seen embellished with beautiful bows and later on you will see that Kay has used one and added a gorgeous Rosette to it, there are lots of lace pieces, Ribbon, some pretty Aurora Borealis Bead String, some cute little metal keys and some lovely filigree metal pieces that would work great on a journal. 
This beautiful Pocket letter had a lot of thought put in to it and this was only the start of the lovely gift parcel.

This amazing gift Wallet was the next thing that I opened, it was beautifully gift wrapped in Cello Bag with Pretty Bag Topper.
It has a base of Kraft Card Kay has covered that with the prettiest blue paper, it has a matching blue double button closure, which looks so professional, the buttons are beautiful too.
Inside the wallet was all of those lovely hand made gifts that you see above, pretty Rosette with a gorgeous green glitter dragonfly on it, a lovely foiled topper which features a die cut Scalloped circle layered with a pretty foiled heart and a lovely sentiment that reads ''Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti'' !!  Two pretty decorated pegs that have little satin bows topped with a purple rose, they also a  magnet on the back. The final piece is one of those amazing large paper clips which Kay has added another beautiful topper to, it features a lovely piece of vintage paper and a pretty glittered bow that is finished with a pearl.
It's so lovely that every element is Beautifully Handmade. 

Another beautifully designed Wallet, the papers that Kay has used have an iridescent glitter on that catches the light beautifully. Everything about the wallet is so carefully put together, the inside has had as much time and attention as the outside and the beautiful ribbon closure features a hand made bead.  Inside the wallet were lots and lots of die cuts, that included words, dressforms, keys, locks, labels, flowers and hearts, all neatly packages in little cello bags and attached to the wallet itself.

Last but by no means least is this absolutely amazing Desk Calendar, Kay has chosen the prettiest papers that feature Cornflowers in pretty shades of blue, Kay has paired the paper with Navy card which works like a dream, Navy and white are just the classic perfect colour combination.  The calendar is embellished with a pretty die cut Daisy that has been finished with a pearl and a Navy sprig of foliage.
Everything came beautifully packaged too.

Kay, what can I say, words are just not enough, such a wonderful hand made gift, I would like to thank you for Inviting me to Swap with you, I would do it again in a Heartbeat. 

Ladies I am awaiting a video to be uploaded sharing Kays swap with all of you, I will add it in as soon as it is ready.

In the meantime if you would like to see what I swapped with Kay in return, Kay has already uploaded her video and I will leave the link below...…

I hope that you will go and watch the video that Kay has very kindly uploaded, I will say I needed a tissue with all the lovely compliments. xx

Have a lovely weekend my lovelies,

Love and hugs to all,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-what absolutely beautiful gifts, they’re all stunning. I’ll watch the video later.

    I’m not planning on leaving the house today as we have Gale force winds(60-70 mph) plus rain at times. Definitely a stay indoors & craft day. I managed to get this weeks challenge card made yesterday so I can think about next weeks Card now.


  2. Hi everyone,
    Such a lovely gift Sandra. What a talented lady.

    Just off to have my x-ray. Woken up today with sore throat and sneezing. Hope I'm not getting a cold.

    Meeting two friends later for coffee so sadly no chance to go in craft room today.

    Have a good day everyone.
    Hugs to all.
    Love Valxxx

    1. Hi Val
      I hope the x Ray helps them to sort your back out.
      Gentle hugs coming your way.

  3. So so beautiful SANDRA
    KAY is a very talented lady Both of you have created amazingly detailed items
    I just want to say thank you for all of your messages of support yesterday I never stop thinking about Gary and most days I can cope but then I have moments that just....
    But I’m fine They last for a couple of minutes and then I’m fine
    Looking after MIL this morning We need to go shopping this afternoon as it’s MIL’s birthday on Monday I need to make a card! And we’re looking after Oscar tomorrow (Yay!)
    So I must go and shower etc I’ll pop back later for a catch-up
    Take care all xxxx

  4. Hi Sandra & all in café,
    Sandra what a beautiful swap, so many lovely things, will watch the video of yours later. Have a lovely
    I think it looks brighter out this morning & not so windy, it was terrible yesterday.
    Sending hugs to all who need them particularly Pat & Pete, & good luck Val with your x-ray hope it gives some answers hugs on way love

  5. Hi Sandra and ladies this Saturday morning.
    What a lovely swap, so many gorgeous items to play with.
    We are going for a walk soon, braving the winds but getting so fed up with being indoors ,so OH said he takes me for an airing, isn't he nice.
    Will look in on u tube later Kay and see what you got.
    Good luck Val with the x ray, be interesting to hear what they say. Enjoy seeing your friends.
    Karen, have a nice day and a great day tomorrow with Oscar.
    Many warm hugs to you all, Maria x

  6. Good morning Sandra & ladies
    SANDRA lovely swap you received from Kay. I watched her video of your swap yesterday all I can say Sandra yours is GORGEOUS & SO BEAUTIFUL I loved it
    Well yesterday weather was horrendous gale force winds & heavy rain. I would have rather have stayed home but I had my diabetic appointment the nurse was well pleased with the results & pleased as since I last saw her end October I am a stone lighter yaaay the only thing I asked about diabetic neuropathy in my feet if there was any treatment she could only offer pregabalin which I already take
    So I wasn't happy about that as they are very painful now.😩 I will ask my doctor when I see her. We still have very strong winds & very cold but the sun is out. Will have a go at next weeks challenge card.
    BRENDA hope Anne is still making good progress & feeling better.
    VAL hope your X-ray results are ok Hug's on the way.
    KAREN glad your feeling better today. Have a lovely time with Oscar tomorrow big Hug's on the way.thinking of you.
    Hug's for everyone extra for Pat & Pete Karen Lilian & anyone else who need them
    Love Lynda xx

    1. Hi Lynda
      I do hope you manage to get some help for your feet.
      What wonderful news re your holiday with Darren and his family. I’m very envious. It was next month we were supposed to be going to Luke and Helens wedding in Jamaica. Luke is Jill’s eldest son and we always used to go and visit her Dad Tom up near Harwich. Jill and some of the family come down every few weeks to see Pete, were also invited to a ceremony in Ramsey Church near Harwich in April. I hope Pete will be well enough to go. Can’t look that far ahead.

  7. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today.
    Kay, what a fantastic pocket letter and all of the extra goodies. I love the delicate coloured papers used. Everything is so pretty and made beautifully x
    Sandra, I know how much you love every beautiful bit of Kay’s swap and I know she will be just as delighted with yours to her. I will watch the videos later. I hope you have a good weekend end my lovely xx
    I made another challenge card last night (for last Monday) and today I will be making Chris jnr 4th birthday card for Wednesday, where did those last four years go???
    Karen, I’m sending gentle hugs, glad that you are feeling a little better today x
    I hope you all stay safe from the stormy weather.
    Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for all in need. Take care xx

  8. Hello All, looks as though blogger behaving today, hope it continues.
    Very windy and bitterly cold.

    Sandra what a beautiful swap, can see why you love doing these, will try and watch the video later, but depends on Wi-fi.

    Karen thinking of you, enjoy time with Oscar.

    Val hope the X-ray shows something to help your back.

    Well I have a load of ironing to do so I’d better make a start, see you later, Lilian

  9. Afternoon Ladies

    Karen-just seen that you’ve won a Die on Sue Wilson’s blog.....Congratulations!!!!


  10. Hi Sandra
    What a fabulous pocket for your swap from Kay.
    Sorry that you weren’t able to come over today.

  11. Yay I’ve won a die from Sue! The basketweave background What a lovely surprise

  12. Hello Sandra and Ladies,
    What a fantastic swap, a real keepsake. Kay has really put so much detail and thought into it.
    VAL Hope you get the results of your X-ray soon. xx
    KAREN Enjoy your day with Oscar. xx
    Anne continues to improve, I talk to her every day, I usually wait until after the doctors have been around so I’m able to get the latest updates.
    I hope everyone has had a good day.
    Love Brenda xxx