Thursday 5 May 2016

This Weeks Guilty Secrets

Maria Craft Shopping

Michele's New Die

Janet's Craft Haul 

My Scrimpy's Prettiness

My New Flower Die

The actual Die

Presscut Heart Dies

New Ink Pads
Happy Birthday Hazel

Good Morning Ladies

A few 'Guilty Secrets' this week, I must say that most of you have been very good girls this week, but there were a few of us that couldn't resist !

Maria, couldn't resist buying a few goodies when she attended Julia Watts Demo Day recently, she bought a couple of Woodware Stamps, they always stamp really well I find.  Maria also picked up a
couple of what looks like Mini Masks and a Phill Martin Alphabet stamp, thank you for sending them in for me to share Maria xx

Michele just loved the font on this die set, I find that word dies are so useful, I think the words are
'Celebrate', 'Cheers', and 'Happy Birthday'.  Thank you for sharing Michele xxx

Janet,Wow, what an amazing haul, it looks like you have bought some gorgeous goodies from The Range, I love those hearts, (are they hessian)?, some pretty material too, I will leave you to tell us what other goodies you bought, thank you for sharing your shopping xxx

Now onto mine, I will say that some bits were last weeks buys!! My first photo is of my fabric and feathers from Amanda, with some heart and leaf pearl trim too, the next two photos are of the Black Eyed Susan Die that i bought from A Maze of Memories, it was £12.99 which I thought was a good price, Sue and I spotted some flowers made with it while we were there on Saturday.  
The two heart die sets, one scalloped and one straight were really good value
There are 27 dies in total, I think they were about £25 combined son not even a £1 a die, I use hearts quite a lot and had no scalloped hearts so couldn't resist, they cut really well too.  Last but not least two Memento ink pads, two colours that I had as the mini teardrop shaped pads, but soon used them up! 

Thanks ladies foir sharing xxx

Lets Wish Hazel a Happy Birthday, hopefully you might pop in and see this today, have a fab day x

I hope that you all have a great day, however you are spending it x

Love and hugs



  1. Morning Ladies

    What a great selection of goodies. I haven't tried my dies out yet-maybe at the weekend.

    I've come down this morning to find a sleeping hedgehog on the flags near his food tray! Once I'm dressed I'll move him into the border. One came down to the food trays on Monday lunchtime, when I spoke to someone at work they thought if might be Mummy hedgehog who was hungry. This one is fast asleep-you can see his body moving. I saw one of them at 10pm last night so I hope this one hasn't been there all night.


  2. Good Morning Sandra and ladies,
    Lots of lovely goodies being shown today. JANET, what a wonderful haul. Some pretty ribbons and lots of material. I just love material. I bought 2 lots in England to make 2 summer dresses but haven't gotten round to it yet.
    Love your stamps and stencils Maria. I bet you have some fun with those.
    Lovely word dies Michele. Very useful.
    Lots of new goodies Sandra including some lovely things from Scrimpys I see.
    I'm off to have lunch with a friend today so a good chin wag. We've been told to prepare for a storm today and the sky is lookng very grey so must take Gracie out quickly before the rain starts.
    Have a lovely day evererybody.
    Hazel have a wonderful birthday however you're celebrating.
    Love Val x

  3. Hello Sandra and ladies, lovely morning here, been up since 4-30 am, O/H left at 5-15 to go to the Polling station he's the one in charge so has to set it all up ready for voting at 7am.

    Happy Birthday Hazel, hope you have a good day.

    Lovely lot of goodies today, sorry I didn't get round to sending in pic of my dies from Set Craft.
    Hoping to do my challenge card today at our craft day at Hayle, not sure what it will be yet.
    Hugs to all. Lilian

  4. Morning Everyone
    Ohhhhhhhhh the goodies on show today are wonderful.
    I cannot wait to see the results of everyone's buys as I just know your creations will be great.
    I'm afraid that going to the Range is just a 'buying trap' for me and things just fall into the basket very quickly lol. I just had to have another another 8x8 Floral Muse paper pad as each piece is just beautiful. The Hearts are linen and just the size for either cards or boxes. I needed a small pair of scissors to cut material and these are perfect. The reels of ribbon are a great buy at £1 reel. I needed another reel of Denim as I've had to make up another card kit for Tuesday and didn't have any left. The string of pearls are always a must at £1 again and the two packs of linen floral material were also a bargain. The pack of Fat Quarters came from Hobbycraft. So that's it no spending this coming week for me.

    MICHELE- hope your Hedgehog is OK and not hurt as it's odd that he/she stayed on the flags.
    LYNDA- Hope your Drs appointment goes well this afternoon and that you're feeling somewhat better this morning.
    LILIAN- have a good day crafting with your Friends and I hope the traffic is kind to you.
    CHERYL- Please slow down or we shall be having to come and pick you up having fallen because of dizziness lol. I too am waiting for a small parcel from Fernli. Their products are so good aren't they and just say 'come and buy me'. I'm sure you will exceed your last year's total.

    We have a beautiful sunny start to the day with a little wind. Yesterday was beautiful so I'm hoping that we're heading in the right direction now and leaving winter behind.
    Not sure what's on the agenda for today but something will pop up I'm sure.
    Hugs for all of you and extra gentle ones for those in need. xxxx
    ps All's set in the cafe and just waiting for you all to pop in for a cuppa.

  5. What a brill haul of goodies I love to see your buys because quite often it's from companies/sites I don't recognise May not be around for the next few days I will pop in for a Cappucino and pastry when I can

  6. Hi Sandra and everyone.
    Happy Birthday Hazel - hope you have a lovely day :-)
    Some lovely buys this week - enjoy!
    I had a look at A Maze of Memories website the other day, when you mentioned them Sandra. It looks a real treasure trove with some beautiful products. Such a shame they don't do online ordering.
    Have a great day everyone.
    Hugs to all xxx

  7. lovely goodies ladies ... I love paper smooches stuff ...and I'm loving the colours of these ink pads Sandra so shabby ... gorgeous colours .... x

  8. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra lovely lot of goodies on display again, I forgot to send photo of the lattice die will do it for next week. Your goodies look like a mystery parcel.xx
    Maria the alphabet stamp looks very useful will have to look for it. Hope you enjoy the sun
    Michele you are soo good at finding bargains, this looks very useful. Pleased to hear bathroom on final
    Janet I agree with you about the Range, it is only 5 mins down the road but I dare not just "pop in" as you say things just fall in my basket. You have a lovely selection. Thank you for opening up every day, enjoy the sun.
    Hope you all can get out to enjoy the sun today, sorry you have a storm forecast Val but you do see more sun than us. Enjoy your craft day Lilian hope traffic not too bad.
    Karen hope it's for pleasure you may be missing for a few days.
    Cheryl sounds as if you need to slow down & relax in the shade, take care xxx.
    Hugs on way to all who need them love Margaret xxx

  9. Good MORNING SANDRA & everyone who call in today note it's MORNING & not EVENING :0)) ( I read my note from last night ) HaHa.
    Feeling a bit brighter today I've just felt run down with everything.
    SANDRA sorry I didn't send any guilty Secrets in I have just received my Scrimpy's delishous lace & another parcel this morning,so will send picture for next week. I am going to do my CC card & the old die challenge cards hopfull today. What a lovely lot of goodies we have today I love all of them trouble is they all look good & makes me want to buy JANET what an amazing Haul you have I must look closer when next in the Range.
    Thank you JANET for your kind words I'm at doctor's this afternoon hope blood pressure has come down.Sandra your goodies all look great I love your die's & Ooo Scrimpy goodies. MARIA enjoy your goodies& hope your feeling better.
    MICHELE love your word die so useful.
    Well I must get my shower now as Tesco day. Will pop back later.
    Happy birthday Hazel enjoy your day.
    Love Lynda xx

  10. Margaret Palmer5 May 2016 at 11:07

    Hi Hazel sorry forgot to wish you Happy Birthday.xx

  11. Hi Sandra and all popping in today.
    Some good buy's over the weeks. Love when things just falling into the baskets when going to the Range, the Works and other places. It's so tempting isn't ? hihi
    Scrimpys have some nice things Sandra, have fun playing.
    Hope the hedgehog was alright Michele, sweet little thing.
    Lynda, Sending you some hugs my friend, hope the doctors can help you this afternoon ,take care.
    Val, have a nice day. Hope the storm not gets to bad and you still enjoy going out.
    Karen- have some nice time !
    Can someone put some brakes on our Cheryl Lol you are like the wind when you get going. Take care.
    Another sunny and warm day here so hope anyone going out can enjoy it. Overdid it yesterday so feeling a bit green this morning but will try to have a walk so hope to see you tonight.
    Happy Birthday Hazel, have a lovely day!
    Love and hugs to you all, Maria xxx

  12. Hello Sandra,

    What a haul you have this week ladies JANET and SANDRA you certainly have kept the stores in business, MICHELE, I take my hat off to you, You have sourced another bargain - yet again, Oops I haven't got it on! (Anyway you know what I mean) MARIA, You have some very interesting stamps, I can see you are going to have a lot of fun with these.
    LYNDA, Hope your Doctor has a magic potion that will make you feel a lot better, try not to push yourself too hard. LOL
    PAT, have you thought of asking if your surgeon could put you on his list, and say you would be happy to be called in at short notice if he has a cancellation, alternatively keep ringing his secretary that might bump you up to list a little bit. It's worth a try. LOL

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Hazel, Hope you are OK, Enjoy your special day xx

    It's another lovely day here, popped out to the shops earlier just had short sleeve T-shirt on for (well and trousers ) it's lovely and warm.
    Tomorrow I will try to look in, but have to be out of the house before 6:30 to get to St Pancreas and catch my train at 8:20. I'll see if I can cope with looking in on my phone, but I'm not very good at that. It's a case of watch this space! If it doesn't work I will try and leave a comment when I get home. But that won't be until about 9:00pm.
    Have a lovely day everyone, sending love and hugs to you all, Brenda xxx

  13. Hi Sandra, very late today, I was running late today and didn't have time to pop in, I was at my friends craft shop today covering while she held her class, the home and then food shopping, have just got home, so now it is time for dinner.
    Well ladies you certainly have had good shopping trips, hope you use all the things you have bought and don't just leave them in your stash, (as if that would happen).
    Hazel hope you have had a lovely birthday whatever you got up to.
    Off to eat now, take care everyone xxx

  14. Hello Again, traffic was quite light so much better for driving, it's an hour to my friends, and these days find driving very tiring.
    Did a lot of talking and some good crafting, it's been a lovely day we had the patio doors open it was so warm, but apparently we are in for a thunder storm tomorrow evening, hope not I had thunder.
    Going to do my challenge card in a few minutes.
    Hugs to everyone Lilian

    1. Hi Lilian, glad you had a nice day crafting and the driving was not to bad. Beautiful day here too so sat on the patio this afternoon for a while reading some crafting magazines and I found something in one that I like to try tomorrow so watch out unless it's gone in the bin hihi Take care, hugs xx

  15. Hello for the fourth time my comments keep freezing up why oh why
    Well doctors didn't go so well .blood test showed my Diabetes has gone up so she has given me 3 months to loose some weight or I will have to go on tablets which I don't want so it's lettuce & water from now on HaHa. Then came the Bombshell I told her I have a tight heavy feeling in my chest since I fell over.
    She said to have a ECG with the nurse asp got appointment next Thursday
    She said it was Angina & gave me a Angina spray for under the tongue &
    If I got any worcs call 999. So I came out of there feeling low again.
    She said it could have been all the stress that's gone on over the last few months.So if there are any HUG'S in the basket I could do with some hope MARIA hasn't locked up yet:0)).
    Well I'm going to publish this post incase it freezes again
    Love Lynda xx

    1. Lynda I am so sorry your visit to Dr was not good news, extra special cuddly hugs are on way to you. This getting older is no fun is it. You just take it easy & know we are all wishing you well. Lots of hugs Margaret xxx

    2. I'm here and I am sending you some of my special Cuddles just for you my friend ! I'm sorry the visit to the doctors were no good news but you will beat this and get better. Take it easy, enjoy your salad xxx

    3. Thank you so much MARGARET for my cuddly hug's .
      Love Lynda xx

  16. Good evening Sandra and ladies, firstly thank you for all my beautiful cards and birthday wishes. I have had a wonderful day. It started with going down and meeting for coffee with Norah. Tammy came with me as she has wanted to meet Norah for so long. Then it was lunch Beth was off school so she came with us. Lots of ((((hugs)))) from both her and Anna. Then we have just come back from having tea out.
    I see lots of things being bought. I hope they won't just sit and collect dust. I just haven't been in the mood to do things, I fact I haven't been in the mood to do much. Just life and this weather just isn't helping. Right off to get pjs on and relax. Again thank you. xxx

    1. Hi Hazel, glad you had a nice day.
      Hope you told Norah she is missed and the Huggles are getting worried that she have abandon them so we hope she soon be back. Hope you soon feeling better so you can make some of your lovely craft again. Take care xx