Thursday, 19 May 2016

Bokeh Challenge Cards

 My First Bokeh Card

My second Bokeh Card

 Brenda Littlelamb Bokeh card

 Brenda Littlelamb Bokeh challenge 2

 Janet Bokeh Challenge Card

 Michele Bokeh Challenge Cards (before)

Michele's Bokeh Challenge cards (after)

 Sonia's Bokeh Challenge Card

 Sue's Bokeh Challenge Card

 Val's Bokeh Challenge Card

 Lynda's Bokeh Challenge Card

Lynda's 2nd Bokeh Challenge

Lynda's 3rd Challenge Card

Lynda's Bokeh background

Lilian's Bokeh Challenge Card
Good Morning Ladies,

Wow, what can I say, you have done amazingly well with your Bokeh Challenge this week.

Brenda (Littlelamb) Your Bokeh cards are both fantastic, the first card fits both the Bokeh challenge and last weeks Sketch Challenge too.  The second card Brenda has created is fabulous, so many teens etc can relate to the 'Emoji's', now I asked Brenda if she had managed to get an Emoji stamp, I explained that I had seen Spellbinders Emoji die set, Brenda however had used the dies to cut Funky Foam and then used that as a stamp, Genius!!!! Thank you Brenda xxxx

Janet I love the style of your card, using the die cut circles to create the background pattern, the butterflies add the perfect finishing touch xxxx

Michele, you obviously really enjoyed the challenge as you made 4 cards, I really enjoyed it too and got a little carried away, I can see that like me, you tried different methods of creating the Bokeh effect, they are all fabulous.  Your finished cards are all amazing, I love the Goldfish one....what a great idea!! thank you so much for taking part xxxx

Sonia, your card is beautifully finished as always, the colours you have used have given a really subtle effect, your homemade mask worked a treat, I loved making my own mask, it gave me a great sense of satisfaaction!  I love how you have finished your card, the flowers and sentiment work perfectly. Thank you my lovely xxxx

Sue, I love the watermark effect in the background of your card, you too have created the Bokeh effect perfectly, the butterflies work so well on your card too, you have turned it into the perfect Anniversary Card, thank you so much for taking part xxxx

Val, your Bokeh effect looks almost like colourful balloons floating in the clear blue sky, the colours you have used are so bright and beautiful, adding the blue ink around them works so well, a fabulous idea. Finished perfectly with the pretty ribbon and matching sentiment, thank you so much for taking part xxxx

Lynda, wow, you obviously enjoyed this challenge, 3 beautiful cards with 2 backgrounds still to use, all of them are perfect, the subtle Bokeh effect on the first card works perfectly with the delicate lace you have used, the matching narrow ribbon threaded through the lace ties the card together brilliantly
The second card shimmers like you have used Mica Powders or maybe the new Gilding Polish by Cosmic Shimmer, either way you have acheived a gorgeous background, perfectly and delicately finished with the mixture of stamps, pretty flowers and the frame, a stunning card Lynda.
The 3rd card, a delicate orange, looks striking against the black background and with the black  flourish and Dragonfly stamp, beautiful!
The last background that you have created is so fresh and spring like, it makes me think if lemons and limes or daffodils and fresh cut grass, maybe it just needs a a few lambs jumping around it!!
Lynda, thank you so very much for completing the challenge so brilliantly, your cards are all amazing xxxx

Lilian you have created a beautifully delicate background, that matches the background colour and ribbon perfectly, the pretty butterfly applique works perfectly and the three card candi finish the card beautifully, thank you so much for fitting your challenge cards in with all of the extra hoods that you had to make xxxx

I am already thinking of the next challenge, I have a few ideas in mind, watch this space, I will give you a few days off now though, I don't want you all getting bored of challenges.

Have an awesome Thursday ladies,
Love and Hugs


  1. Good Morning Sandra and ladies.
    Well, another wonderful display this morning. They are all so bright and cheerful. That was a great challenge this week Sandra , thank you.
    Up earlier than normal as I'm off to the hairdresser for 9. Hair nails and eyebrows. Will be there for a few hours. Then off to pick up Lynns new glasses and on to Iceland. So a busy day ahead.
    Just watching Sky news regarding a missing Egyption plane. D o hope its not another act of terrorism. Those poor people and their families waiting at the airport. My heart goes out to them.
    Must dash. Will call in later.
    Have a good day.
    Love Valx

    1. Morning Val, have a lovely relaxing time being pampered this morning my lovely.
      You need a nice lunch out afterwards not shopping at Iceland, you will be their most glamorous shopper this morning!
      So sad to see all of poor families just hanging on for news of their loved ones, these things are happening way too often these days, my heart goes out to them xx
      Sandra xxx

  2. Morning Ladies

    WOW-what a fantastic selection of cards, all so different. I did enjoy myself with this challenge & actually got round to using the aqua markers I bought some time last year! I used them on the goldfish card. The purple & brown cards were made using ink pads and a "stencil " made out of an old piece of card with circles cut out. The blue one is just diecut circles with I don't think worked but the card has gone on my sale box ready for Saturday.


    1. Morning Michele,
      I am so pleased that you enjoyed the challenge, your cards are fabulous, its actually quite a quick and easy way of 'batch' making cards for your sale.
      Hope you have a better day at work my lovely,

  3. Wonderful cards Sandra, I have never tried Bokeh yet, xxx

    1. Morning Wendy, thanks for stopping by, you should have a go at Bokeh, its a fun way of creating backgrounds quite quickly.
      Have a lovely day, look forward to seeing you again soon,

  4. GoodMorning Sandra and All, dry here but dull.
    Lovely array of cards today, I'm afraid mine was a very quick make using sponge daubers,not true Bokeh, as circles are all the same size.
    Didn't manage either of my two tasks for last night, so busy with work, and as the sun came out, decided to go out in the garden to a bit of tidying up, anything to delay dinner as I'm trying to be good !
    More work came yesterday with the post, at the moment it's getting like last year, although they have taken on more ladies.,not many of them can do the hoods, most make the boiler suit and the jackets.
    Had a quick browse around the internet last night looking for somewhere to go on holiday, we like to rent a cottage for a week, and really chill out, but didn't settle on any thing , any suggestions ladies ?
    Have a good day ladies, will pop in later for a large slice of something nice, as I'm getting tired of low fat yogurt !!!!!! Love Lilian

    1. Good morning Lilian,
      It sounds like you are getting bogged down with work once again, it must get quite frustrating, especially when the weather is nice and you want to get out in the garden!
      It sounds like a week away in a cottage to relax and unwind is just what you need, how far do you like to travel??
      I will leave you a large slice of coffee and walnut cake, made fresh this morning, enjoy my lovely,
      Sending huge hugs,
      Sandra Xxxxx

  5. Morning Everyone
    What a selection of Bokeh cards. All beautiful and many ways of achieving the results.
    I admit that I struggled with this challenge as I don't do anything like this background but I decided that it was better to try and send in a card however it came out

    I managed to get the three inserts into the cards yesterday but then was whacked and so it turned into a very laid back day. I'm so not used to that.

    BRENDA- I hope your visit to the Drs was useful and that they have managed to help. Take care and rest. hugs xxxx I've just read your comment from last night Brenda so fingers crossed that the Xrays are clear.

    SANDRA- Hope the Two Graces had a good day yesterday putting the world to rights and having a good day.
    PAT- hope your having a really good relaxing time and enjoying yourself. Can't wait for your report when you get back.

    Not sure what's on the cards today but I'll have to push myself to do something or I'll be sat here all day and that will not do.
    It's a dull but dry start to the day here.

    Everything is up and running just waiting for you all. I notice all the butterfly buns etc have gone so I'll need to re-stock tomorrow. Hugs are in their basket as well as all I've sent to everyone. xxxx

    1. Good Morning Janet,
      Your butterfly buns are always so popular that they fly out as fast as you bake them!! I fancy a nice lemon drizzle cake next!
      But I thing you need to sit with your feet up and relax today, everything else can wait!
      We have similar weather here today, it looks as though the sun is trying to peek through the clouds!
      The girls are home studying for two of their Spanish Exams tomorrow, I do wish I could pick it up as easily as they do.
      Sue and I had a lovely day yesterday, Sue sat and made her challenge card for this week, I was busy making up some parcels.
      I get to see Sue again briefly this morning, as she managed to leave her phone here yesterday, I think that she was so excited at the Rhubarb that Paul bought back from the allotment for her that she didn't think about her phone!!
      We have an abundance of rhubarb this year, its thrived with all the rain we've had this past week or so!
      Have a lovely day Janet,

  6. Hi Sandra and everyone. Wow, love all of these Bokeh challenge cards. They're all fabulous and I'm loving the effects. I did enjoy this challenge Sandra and will be sure to be using this technique again.
    Brenda Littlelamb, I love your emojis. Great idea to make a stamp from the dies using funky foam :-)
    Am popping into the craft shop after work to see if anything tempts me! Particularly after some Tim Holtz stencils but have a feeling I may have to order online.
    Hope everyone has a lovely day.
    Hugs to all xxx

    1. Hi Sonia,
      I am so pleased that you enjoyed the challenge, your card is amazing. I think that sometimes we need to be 'challenged' to make better use of the things that we have in our craft stash, it's so easy to get carried away just using our dies and nothing else.
      Got my thinking cap on trying to think of the next challenge now! What is your local craft shop? Or do you have to rely on Hobbycraft and the Range?
      I don't mind ordering online but definitely prefer buying something and taking it home and playing with it the same day!! Minbd you Ben at Set craft has a really fast delivery systemvso you can order this afternoon and be playing with it tomorrow afternoon!
      I hope you find what you need,

    2. Hi Sandra. Thank you :-) Your challenges and inspiration have helped me get my crafting head back on these last couple of weeks. It's great to try new things and have a play with old supplies that often get forgotten. Looking forward to seeing what you have for us next ;-)
      The craft shop I go to is in Farnborough - The Art Of Craft. They were at Make It. Unfortunately they didn't have what I wanted, but did treat myself to Sue Wilsons 'Grace' die :-) We have a Range near us too and Hobbycraft not too far away. Determined to get the Tim Holtz goodies I want so will be ordering online over the next few days, and will be popping in to look at Set Craft too for some more goodies (would be rude not too, lol)
      Hugs xxx

  7. Morning Sandra and all in the cafe' today.
    wow I love all your Bokeh cards, you have made a great job. The effect is nice so even if I didn't play along this time, sorry ,I will give it a go another time.
    Brenda- hope you meds. will help and the x-ray is clear, take care. To anyone not to good, wish you better.
    Going into town so will have to get a wiggle on. Have a good day everyone. love and hugs Maria Xxxx

    1. Morning Maria,
      Did you get my email yesterday?
      Are you going shopping for anything exciting today? I hope you have more than ' a wiggle on' as you may get a few funny looks!
      Have a lovely day,

  8. Good morning Ladies,
    Wow Wow Wow! Ladies your cards are fabulous! I can't believe all the different takes on the challenge, sorry I never got round to doing this one it was just a busy week, but after seeing your cards I must give this technique a try.
    Brenda I hope you are feeling a lot better and the meds are helping.xo
    Lucky you Val, enjoy your pampering, I phoned for the mobile hairdresser to come and cut mine but she was fully booked this week so maybe next week?
    I am doing my second day of my 5:2 diet , I finds this one works for me as I only need to be good one day at a time,
    Maria , have a good day in town but don't be tempted to overdo it!
    Sonia, I hope you find some goodies!
    I'm off into the craft room to do some more sorting and hopefully some crafting, did go on the walk yesterday and really enjoyed it.
    Janet , I hope you feel more energetic today as you usually never stop, maybe your body just needs a wee rest xo.
    Love and hugs to all xoxo

    1. Good morning Anne,
      I think you will enjoy this technique so give it a try, you get a unique background every time!
      My sister had an amazing success doing the 5:2 diet, she lost about 4 1/2 stone altogether in about 8 months, she had tried every diet going but found this worked best for her as she could still enjoy a treat or two.
      Enjoy your time in your craft room, I am going to go and see if I can rediscover my desk!

    2. Thanks Sandra, thanfully id be happy to lose one stone , my craft room is now looking a lot tidier and I had a great play with the gelli plate I've had it for ages but never really got to grips with it but today I had a card to make for a very crafty friend so after 5 attempts I am quite happy with the result, only hope she likes it!
      Anne xoxo

  9. By the time I got here last night everyone had gone to bed and I only read a few comments and fell asleep so gave up. Love all the cards today. My third one I sent a bit late but was out all day yesterday and didn't get a chance to send it before. I made a stencil/mask for my cards from an old cereal packet. Loved making them and will do some more. BRENDA. I hope you get good results from the X Ray and you will feel better soon. Like me you always seem to be running around doing things for other people. Hope everyone has a lovely day.

  10. Hello Sandra and Everyone,
    Ladies I love your Bokeh designs, what an amazing range of designs. I did try first with water colours which I then spritzed to achieve the misty effect, maybe I overdid the water, as it ended up looking a runny mess. My next attempt was using the small smoothies which looked OK but was to bright for what I had in mind. I left all of these to dry, then diluted some Gesso on using a small smoothie dabbed it all over each sheet. It was almost the luck I was looking for.

    This morning my friend cut and coloured my hair so I am feeling better for that, but then have managed to sleep most of the afternoon (what's new) so nothing achieved today. A song comes into my head 'Things can only get better' Bring it on PLEASE.

    Sending love and hugs to everyone, Brenda xxx

    1. Hope you ot on ok at the docs yesterday. Doesn't it make you feel good when youve had your hair done? Hope you woke up from your nap feeling good.
      Take care. Love Valx

  11. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra what a lovely lot of cards I love them all, will have to have a go. Wish the girls luck for their next
    Played boule this afternoon was lovely to start with but got cooler & wind got up, never mind good company made up for it.
    Hope Lynda & Brenda are feeling better take care hugs on way & to all who need them love Margaret xxx

  12. Hi SANDRA & everyone
    Right looks like the aliens have pinched my post from earlier under Anna's Grrrr
    All the Bokeh cards are wonderful & all brilliant. SANDRA I really enjoyed this challenge I will use this technice again thank you. I haven't been in craft room only to send Sandra my guilty secrets & had quick look on FB to let AMANDA know my lace came this morning ( must stop buying lace ).not much on the cards today. I got Mr Dyson out cleaned mucky FREDDY out changed bed washed bedding plus two more washes was going Tesco but OH didn't get in till 5 pm & didn't feel like going then so got that joy tomorrow.. My life is so exciting HaHa. Thank you MARGARET for your Hug's.

  13. Hello all.
    Thank you Sandra ,I did get your e-mail but still didn't feel they looked right but I will make them up and send them to you in due course.:-) I also bought some water colour cards today, yikes some of them are really expensive. Love your cards Michele, good luck for Saturday, hope you sell the lot. Littlelamb, great way you made the Happy faces, a happy coloured card. Do you have a fete' coming up to sell some cards too soon ? and Cheryl, how is things going for you ?
    Glad you had fun with Sue yesterday, bet you missed Pat. Hope she having a fabulous time in London and the rest of her break will be good. Rhubarb, I love rhubarb crumble :-) this week has been bad, I'm craving anything naughty. Good luck to all who are on a healthy eating.
    Had a good day in town. Oh I did have more than a wiggle on, nearly needed the winter coat back on hihi We are doing the hall,stairs and landing after the kitchen done so we have been looking at carpets. Why are the so many choices, got so tired back home so had a little nap in the chair, then it was dinner to make. Only having a cooker for three more day's then it will be rabbit food for some weeks Lol. Nearly finished packing up, only have the crafting things still to sort out, it never ends.
    Will now have a cup of tea and watch some tv before bed, whenever that be. have a good night everyone and I'll see you tomorrow. Hugs Xxxx

  14. Hi Sandra
    Well, I'm finally back in the land of communication. I've been able to see what's been posted but not comment which was very frustrating.
    Off to Bets tomorrow who was taken into Colchester hospital, as Jill found her at home collapsed on the floor. They think she has a water infection, but cannot stand on her legs for some reason so won't be going to the service to bury Toms ashes.
    I had new pain killers as my Naproxen wasn't touching the pain. But a trip to the Drs is on the cards first thing in the morning as on Tuesday I was very ill. On the bus going into London I kept passing out apparently. Pete and our friends managed to get me off it, but I've been in a lot of pain as paracetamol didn't touch the pain at all. I've no choose and book from the hospital as yet, so I'll ring them tomorrow to see how long they think I'll have to wait for it.
    Loved all the cards that have been shown this week. Must say all the challenge cards are truly amazing ladies.

    1. Sorry to hear you have been so unwell whilst you were away Pat and to hear about Bet. Doesn't sound good. Hope the Dr can find some different painkillers for you tomorrow and you don't have the same problem. Take care Pat.

    2. Pat, so sorry you haven't been well while being away. Do make sure you get an appointment first thing ! Please take it easy, you worry me.
      Hope all gets better for you asap and that nothing worse for Beth than a water infection. hugs xx

  15. You still awake Maria or have you fallen asleep now. Take care.