Friday, 27 May 2016

Happy Birthday Maria & This Weeks Shopping


Happy Birthday Maria 

 Lynda's Craft Shopping

Michele's Craft Shopping

Lilian Craft Shopping

Lilan's Craft shopping (2)

Brenda's new craft goodies

Good Morning Ladies,

I hope you will all join me in wishing our Dear Friend Maria a Very Happy Birthday, Maria I hope you have a wonderful day, I hope that you get thoroughly spoilt and get lots of new craft goodies for your birthday xxxx

Now onto your craft shopping this week........

Lynda has treated herself to the amazing Creative Expressions Lattice Stitched Frames die set, I know that you will love this die Lynda and I can't wait to see the cards you make with it, thank you so much for sharing xxx

Michele, your new dies look very interesting, I haven't seen them before, Tattered Lace Tuck In dies, they look like they will give different background effects, I can't wait to see what you do with them, the Spellbinder Emoji Dies are on my list, I think that they will be so useful for those more awkward cards, you can also die cut them out of funky foam and use it as a stamp! looking forward to your creations, thanks so much for sharing xxx

Lilian has treated herself to a Debbie Shore Magazine this week, I like the look of your second buy, the Elizabeth Dies and Flower Shaping Tool set, you really do see a difference in your flowers when shaping them, I look forward to seeing your results. Thanks for sharing xxx

Brenda has treated herself to some pretty Joanna Sheen paper pads and some of Leonie's new masks, they look really fab Brenda, I am excited to see what both you and Ciara create with them! Thank you for sharing xxx

I hope that you all have a great day, especially you Maria,

Love and Hugs


  1. Morning Ladies

    Happy birthday Maria-hope you have a wonderful day.

    I'm looking forward to using my new dies this weekend, don't seem to have had much spare time this week. Not happy with my sketch challenge card & not thought about the midweek challenge yet so I'm glad it's a long weekend!

    Just seen on Facebook that a colleague who emigrated to New Zealand is over here on a visit-do hope he calls in to see us at work,
    The installation has gone very well at work-engineer will be doing the final testing & showing us how to use the machine. Then we can start cleaning & testing it ourselves. I'll be glad when things calm down as I've eaten so much chocolate this last week...!!!!


    1. Hope all your testing goes well Michele. Love chocolate as well.

    2. Hi Michele. I hope you get plenty of time to play with your new dies. Please share what you make with us as I haven't seen these before. Glad to hear that the new installation is going well. Take care x

  2. Morning Everyone
    Hope you have a lovely day with lots of surprises and being spoilt just as you deserve.

    your cake is in the fridge here in the Cafe just waiting for you to come in and cut it. Hope you like Triple Chocolate Cake.

    All your purchases look good this week. I'm especially interested in Michele's goodies as I've not seen anything like them before so I'm looking forward to see what you Create Michele.

    Yvette went in yesterday for her annual MOT and usual service. A little work was needed but other than that she is with us for another year. We are minus £200 but that's the price of keeping her on the road and she is getting to be an old lady now as she's in her 12th year.

    I managed to make a start on my fabric book but after a couple of hours had to give in and sit down for the rest of the day. Have to get some housework done this morning so I'll wait and see how I feel after that. My appointment at the hospital is two weeks today and it cannot come fast enough.

    All's up and running in the Cafe just waiting for you all to pop in and help celebrate Maria's birthday. If you've organised anything for this week-end I hope all goes well. Hugs for all of you and a few special ones for Dear Friends not feeling up to the mark. xxxx

    1. Hi Janet
      Michele was just talking about not eating chocolate, and we have a lovely triple chocolate cake to celebrate Maria's birthday. Yum Yum. Thanks very much.

    2. Hi Janet was wondering if you managed to get your blue parking badge, sorry if too personal, just ignore if so.
      Hugs Lil

    3. I'm so ready for that triple Chocolate Cake now Janet, you know exactly what a girl need tihi
      thank you so much ! hugs xx

    4. Hi Janet. Sorry to hear that you are still struggling. Blow the house work, crafting is much better for you: ) Great news about Yvette, that's her sorted for the next 12 months, fingers crossed. Maria's cake is delicious, thank you. Take care x

  3. Good morning ladies, Happy Birthday Maria! Hope you enjoy a special day xo.
    I don't know where yesterday disappeared to , we worked all day in the garden putting in lots of plants we had been bringing on in the cold frames, as we are enjoying a fabulous spell of weather, then after our dinner eaten outside, we were joined by friends who had just returned home after a months holiday , we sat out as long as possible then continued chatting ( with a few wee wines! ) till late , day gone!
    So, sorry I never got a comment in , Cheryl such a gorgeous photo of you and Milly Mae , she is beautiful! I bet you have lots of fun with her.
    Sandra , lovely card and a great mini challenge ( I haven't been into the craft room since this good weather started last week) so I've lots of catching up to do, I need to get a card made for our grandson Archie who turns ten next week, I ordered the Tim Holtz world globe die , which arrived on Wednesday , so I need to get going with it!
    Love the look of all the guilty secrets on show today, I think Lynda's stitched lattice is one I would like to play with but haven't secumbed to yet, I hope you feel brighter today xo.
    Michele, I haven't seen dies like those before so look forward to seeing what you do with them?
    Lilian , it seems you are going to be very busy sewing, please share the results with us.
    Pat , sounds like you are in such a lot of pain, it's good you now have an appointment , so hopefully you can get treatment soon xo.
    Ok, I'd better go and get dressed and have some breakfast and get outside to the garden, still have some weeding to do ( it's like the Forth Road Bridge, never ending!)
    Love and hugs to all xoxo

    1. Hi Ann
      Many happy returns to Archie for next week Anne. Time just flies by doesn't it. Hope you manage to finish weeding the garden.

  4. Good Morning Sandra and ladies,
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARIA. Hope you have a lovely day with lots of treats.
    Lynda, I so love this die. Its on my list of must haves.
    Michele, really interesting dies and very different. I'd love the seevwhat they look like when cut out.
    Lilian, what a lovely magazine and a free dress pattern too. I brought 2 lots of materialterial back with me in Feb to make a couple of summer dresses but still in cupboard. Love your flower and leaf die and they'll look amazing with the shaping tools.
    Well its craft class today and extra special asits also Wendys birthday..
    Hope yo're feeling a bit better today Pat.
    Bye for now.

    1. Hi Val hope you have a lovely day today. A bit sore at the moment as Pete and I walked up to Karen's as there off to Liverpool today. The two eldest girls aren't going so Pete doesn't have to see to the animals. Sophie us stressing about A level exams and Amy is stressing about her works homework. Not to sure why as she's very bright, and Matty whose doing the same course but 1 year further on, can put her right.

    2. Hi Val, hope you had fun at crafting today and sang for Wendy. Hope she had a nice too xx

    3. Hi Val. Im sure you had a lovely time at your craft club today, celebrating Wendy's birthday. Do you make a lot of your own clothes, material can be so expensive over here, but as you took some back with you I wonder if it is more expensive in Spain, or was it just that you fell in love with the material and just had to buy it : ) Take care x

    4. Hi Val. Im sure you had a lovely time at your craft club today, celebrating Wendy's birthday. Do you make a lot of your own clothes, material can be so expensive over here, but as you took some back with you I wonder if it is more expensive in Spain, or was it just that you fell in love with the material and just had to buy it : ) Take care x

  5. Margaret Palmer27 May 2016 at 09:35

    Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Happy Birthday to you Maria, hope tou have a lovely day xxx
    Lynda you will love this die, hope you feel brighter today, sending
    Michele your dies look very intriguing looking forward to what you make.xx
    Lilian enjoy your buys.xx
    Sandra hope you have a lovely weekend & feel better
    Hopefully Sue is coming today so must get on. Hugs on way to all who need them love Margaret xxx

    1. Hi MARGARET I haven't tried my die yet please send SANDRA a picture of the card you have made with your one, hug's Lynda xx

    I wish for you to receive special birthday gifts of love and happiness today.
    Love & hugs
    Cheryl xxx

    1. Hi Cheryl. Just have to say(again as yesterday's comment vanished) how cute Millie May is, what a lovely picture if you both. I see that she has the same lovely cheeky twinkle in her eye as you do : ) Have a good weekend. Will Mondays walk be cancelled as it is a bank holiday? We will miss our weekly stroll with you, that's for sure. Take care x

  7. Ladies, I have just added Brenda's new craft goodies to the list so please refresh and have a look!
    Sandra xxx

  8. Good morning Sandra and everyone in the coffee shop,

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARIA I hope you have a lovely day, sending special birthday hugs, xxx

    Wow some lovely purchases this week.
    Michele I've never seen these dies so am looking forward to seeing the results.
    Lillian you are going to be a busy lady, I'm sure the flowers are shaping tools will be very useful.
    Lynda I know you're going to love this die, I couldn't believe how beautifully mine cut out.
    My guilty secret this week were two Joanna Sheen paper pads and three of Leonie's masks. I took a picture of them after lunch yesterday and was about to send it, but being me I got distracted, and didn't send it until the children were having their tea. Think it probably got lost in cyberspace.

    Sandra I hope you're feeling better, if your not you really should get back on to the doctor.

    Sending love and crafty hugs, Brenda XXX

    1. No it didn't get lost in cyberspace, thank you Sandra LOL xxx

    2. Hi Brenda. I hope your cough is well as n it's wy out now. Are you feeling better now, with a bit more energy, I do hope so. Your pads and masks look lovely. Please share your creations with us once you have had a chance to use them : ) .Take care x

    3. Hi Brenda I haven't used my die yet will play over week end
      Have you made a card yet with yours would love to see a picture please. Hug's Lynda xx

  9. Hi Sandra
    My guilty secrets haven't turned up yet, but when they do I'll sent you a photo.
    They're coming from America, some Heartfely Creation stuff. To tell the truth I can't remember what I bought now. So I'll have a nice surprise when they turn up.
    Love the goodies you've bought ladies. I have paper pads but very rarely use them. Sue's Lattice die is my favourite though. I have 5 cards to do this month though. Sophie is 18 so must do a special card with 18 on. I'll have to borrow Sandra's number dies for that one though.
    Hope the sun is shining wherever you are.
    Hugs to all.

    1. Hi Pat, we are having an Indian tonight, and hope to go somewhere tomorrow. Dust everywhere! Usually we are away this time of year but now we have something in the September or so instead. Hope you ok hugs xx

    2. Hi Pat. I do hope that you are resting your hip as much as you possibly can. At least you have a date now. Let's keep our fingers crossed that you can get some pain meds that you can tolerate very soon. Here's hoping that you have a very restful weekend, please. Take care x

  10. Hi Sandra and everyone this beautiful day.
    THANK YOU so much for all your wishes and for all the Wonderful Cards I got this morning to open !
    I love them !
    Just been to my neighbour and done a machine of washing and had some coffee. I bought myself some dies the other day so that's a treat for me and my son has given me money for some later on. Going out tomorrow for a meal to get some rest from all the dust and the micro ping's Lol
    Omg. OH just brought some more in from the postman who knocked on the door....10 min later.... I'm in awe for all the colours and different dies you have used and I'm really speechless for all the kindness and you have made me a very happy bunny (eating a carrot tihi )
    Thank You all !
    Some fabulous buy's over the week again I can see. Curious of yours Michele, the TL have not seen them before. Enjoy crafting with your new "stuff".
    Think I will sit in the garden and read for a bit, warmer outside then in the house that's for sure. Hope you all have a nice day too, if not feeling 100% please take care. Hope to see you later to see what you all been up too, love and Bamse hugs to you all, Maria Xoxo

    1. Hope you enjoyed your Indian Naria. I've written more further down. I'm not to sure when I first start off commenting it doesn't put it where it's supposed to go.

    2. I see I've changed your name Maria, one day I might read what I've written.
      I've been in pain today but it wasn't to bad so didn't take any tablets. Big mistake, now I don't know what to do with myself with the pain. Roll on the 7th.

    3. Oh Pat you should take your tablets rather than leave them till you get the pain. They then take longer to work take care my friend hope your pain goes off soon love Lynda xx

    4. Happy Birthday Maria. I hope that you managed to sit out in the sun and relax for the day, and that your Indian food tonight was lovely and tasty. Is an Indian your favourite meal, it is mine. Enjoy the rest of your birthday weekend. See if you can persuade Rick to take you out to eat your evening meal tomorrow and Sunday too, you certainly deserve it : ) Take care x

  11. Hi Maria HAPPY BIRTHDAY glad your day has started off well & may it continue for the rest of the day my lovely friend.( Did you get my email yesterday )
    Love & Hug's Lynda xx

    1. Yes I did thank you and I will write back soon.
      Hope you get some time to relax over the weekend and try not to worry, many hugs xx

  12. Hello Girls, sorry to be late, had an early call from work to say boss was calling lunchtime for my work, good job I'd got some finished.

    MARIA, MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY. hope you are having a lovely relaxing day, enjoy.

    Did my challenge card last , not very happy with it. Why do I think I can craft last thing at night.
    Horrible rain yesterday, and thick fog this morning., still the Suns come out now.
    Have a lovely day everyone. Hugs Lilian.
    Sorry forgot to say great buys all round, Michele your dies look intriguing.

    1. Hi Lilian. How many adult hoods can you do in a day? I think I have told you before that I nosy and like to hear about everyone's jobs and pastimes: ) I hope the sun did come out for you, it has been gorgeous here today, fingers crossed we all get many more days of the same! Have a good weekend, I hope you manage to get your cards done. I often craft late at night too, have learnt not to stick anything until the morning though! Take care x

  13. Hi Sandra and everyone.
    Happy Birthday Maria, hope you're having a lovely day :-)
    Some lovely buys today - have fun ladies with your new goodies.
    Am visiting a friend this afternoon then hope to make a start on the challenge cards later on! Bit behind this week, I don't know where the time goes.
    Hugs to all xx

    1. Hi Sonia. I hope you had a good time with your friend, and that you get to craft over this weekend : ) Take care x

  14. Hi Maria
    I hope you enjoyed your Indian tonight. Dust is awful Maria, no matter how much you try to clear it up it always comes back. We go away on the 16th and are back on the 26th. We're off to Lake Constance German side, bur Pete things were going to Italy Lake Como, because My SIL Insisted that's where we're going, long story which I'll tell you when we meet up if I remember.

    1. Oh Pat, I have been any name on the earth in here so Naria is not so bad So sorry you are in so much pain, take the pain killers before it starts or continuous until nothing works. Both Lake Constance and Lake Como sounds lovely, have never been to Italy but it is on my bucket list. Take care xxx

  15. Lynda
    Make sure you don't do to much over this bank holiday. Gentle hugs on the way.

  16. Hello Sandra & everyone
    Thank you Sandra for your email updating the B/ Day list your a star.lovely craft i secrets Brenda I have Leoni's masks on my list did you get her stamps as well.look forward to seeing your make's with them.Michele love your dies they look interesting hope you send a card to Sandra when you've made one. Lillian you have some nice goodies too.
    Not been up to much did ironing then Tesco. Then I .Made the mini challenge card I was pleased with it untill after I finidshed it I notist I had assembled it with opening wrong way up how stupid am I so I'm going to cut the front off & glue it onto another card. I'm defently not with it I have lost the plot HaHa. We haven't got any plans for weekend it will be busy down Broadstairs being bank holiday there's normally a small fair rides for children & few stalls going on. We are also lookin after a little dog we have had him before only for tomorrow& Sunday during the day so not too bad, probably be busy for rest of the school holidays.
    Might try taking dogs up the park.hope, weather is good for you all whatever your are doing. Love & Hug's xxxx
    Cup of tea,has been ginenhso I will leave jn

    1. Hi Lynda. I hope you managed to get to the park with the dogs, it has been a beautiful day here. I hope you had the same. Please take it as easy as possible and get as much rest as you can over the weekend. Take care x

  17. Hi Maria hope you had a brilliant birthday & Ric spoiled you.What dies did you buy ? Enjoy playing with them. Hug's Lynda xx
    Terry sends you Big Birthday Hug xx

  18. Thank you once again everyone, My day has been good and it continues tomorrow with an outing somewhere.
    Three days without any banging or drilling, yay !
    Sleep well all and I see you tomorrow xxx

  19. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe tonight. Once again my comment vanished yesterday! Seems to be almost every other one. Going to try a different time of day to see if that helps, not that it should but hey ho, anything worth a try, isn't it!
    I live all of the guilty secrets. I really hope that you all share what you make with them, please.
    Sandra, I hope you are feeling as well as you can and have a lovely weekend, no doubt the girls will be revising, so you I hope you manage to relax and craft my lovely.
    We have little Chris for the weekend so guess what I will be doing : ))
    Sending hugs with extras for all in need.
    Take care xx

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