Thursday 26 May 2016

Milly-May Photo and Mini Challenge

Our Cheryl & Milly-May

Mini Challenge

Good Morning Ladies,

Oooh it turned chilly yesterday afternoon, Paul even put the heating on!! I did read an article yesterday that said Scotland is in for its Warmest Summer for years, although I have heard that before about UK in general, I do wonder if the tourist industry are behind these headlines. Fingers crossed its true though.

How much has our little Milly-May grown?! Wow I was surprised when I opened the photograph that Cheryl sent me yesterday. She is beautiful, I do see a little mischief in those eyes though, they are so adorable at that age, where they are just starting to develop a proper personality.  Thank you so much Cheryl for sending the photo in xx

Now onto your mini challenge, should you choose to accept it!! 
I would like you to create a card with the main focus being an Embossing Folder, it can be any Embossing Folder you like, you can add whatever else you like to the card except dies, No dies at all this week please. (I found that quite a challenge in itself)!
I will share the cards you make next Thursday.
I used Creative Expressions Pin point Embossing Folder-Rose Blooms, I added some colour using Basil Leaf Colour Cloud and Angel Pink Memento Ink pad, I then brushed over thee flowers with my Clear Wink of Stella sparkle pen and added a pearl to the centres. a little bit of ribbon layered up with a satin flower trim and and a few pearls finishes the card.  I hope you like it.

Have any of you done any craft shopping this week? If so send me your photos, I will share them tomorrow.

Have a good day ladies,

Love & Hugs



  1. Morning Ladies

    Cheryl-Milly-May looks so cute, a real beauty.

    Sandra-lovely card & a great mid week challenge. I keep forgetting to use my embossing folders and when I do its to use as a background so I cover it all up!

    After a few delays yesterday morning I finally got the new machine. It's currently in bits waiting to be re-assembled today. The rooms are so mucky as they were open to the "outside " which never normally happens. Once everything is completed then there's going to be lots of cleaning required. We do all our own cleaning in the Unit as its quite specialised-the entire unit is cleaned from ceilings, walls & floors in a week with specific cleaning products + equipment.
    I'm looking forward to seeing the new machine up & running through.


    1. Hi Michele
      Seems like you have a lot of work to do before your new machine is useable. The medd will all be worthwhile though when it's up and running.

    2. Hi Michele glad your new machine has arrived. I don't envy you with all that cleaning though. Xx

  2. Morning Everyone
    CHERYL- what a little beauty you have there. Milly-Mae is just gorgeous and growing so quickly.
    SANDRA- I accept your mini challenge though heaven only knows what will turn out.
    MICHELE- so pleased your new machine arrived but I don't envy you all the deep cleaning that will be needed.

    I made a start on my first fabric stick pin book yesterday and oh what a difference there is from altering boxes etc and paper crafting. This is my Challenge to myself. I'm just hoping it turns out OK.

    We have a very wet and cold morning here and Yes I have the Heating on and it will stay on all day if the cold continues. We are heading for Spring Bank week-end and going into June so will someone please tell the weather gods that the winter weather should be sleeping now and getting ready for the end of the year. I want to know who gave Winter a late night

    Hope you all have a good day whatever you do. Hugs to you all. xxxx

    1. I will join you in telling this cold phase to go away. We need a bit of sun, nit this cold snap.

    2. Hi Janet looking forward to seeing your fabric stick pins sounds lovely I haven't seen any of them before.Happy pining.
      Good luck Hug's xxx

  3. Good Morning Sandra and all,
    Cheryl. What a lovely photo of you and Millie May. She looks a real cutie.
    Love this challenge Sandra, Its stange nowadays not to use a die but love using my embossing folders so it will be fun.
    Michele, glad your machine arrived. That sounds like quite a cleaning regime that you have. We dontrealise all this goes on in a hospital and its good to hear a bit of the other side of life there.
    The antibiotics are starting to work yeh. Feel a lot better this morning. Time to do things I haven't felt like doing all week, but must get on with my cc card for you Sandra. Haven't bought any goodies this week but looking forward to seeing what you've all bought. Lynn and I booked to go to Liverpool for 3 days at the end of next month so I'm saving my pennies for a big spend. Can't wait.
    Pat, you'll be welcome here any time.
    Have a good day everyone.
    Love Valx

    1. Hi Val
      We hoped to be in Liverpool at the end of the month as well. But don't think I can sit in a car for that long with my hip. We'd been invited to a party, but I don't think I'd be much fun at the moment.

    2. Hello Val, please the antibiotics are starting to have some effect, just take it a day at a time. LOL xx

    3. Hi Val glad your feeling better today glad the antibiotics are doing their job don't over do it take care Xx

  4. Hi Sandra and everyone. Such a lovely picture of Cheryl and Milly-May, one to treasure.
    Like the sound of your challenge Sandra. Definitely going to be a tricky one not to use any dies, but looking forward to taking part :-)
    Hope everyone has a lovely day. Hugs to all xxx

  5. Hi Sandra
    Thank you for yesterday. Both you and Sue cheered me up no end.
    Love the mini challenge. I've loads of cards to do for June. Must get a wriggle on.
    Cheryl, how gorgeous is Milly May. Such a cheeky smile with her tongue poking out as well. She's beautiful.
    Lynda hope you are feeling a bit better today. Gentle hugs on the way to you.

    1. So sorry you're in such pain Pat. Having pain all the time is so draining. Lets hope the hsptl coe through with aa appontment soones than later.Sending yo a virtual cuddle. Love Valx

    2. Thanks Pat I can do with some Hug's & cuddles feel a bit down today.
      Pat It sounds like you could do with some Hug's as well so I'm sending you some too. Love Lynda xxxx

    3. Thanks for the hugs, even if they are only virtual they do help. Hope your feeling a bit better this afternoon.

  6. Margaret Palmer26 May 2016 at 11:35

    Hi Sandra & all In café,
    Sandra the mini challenge looks good to me, have just the embossing folder, thank
    Cheryl what a beautiful photo of you & Milly-May, I love how she has the tip of her tongue out, as if to say " Look at me you didn't know I was doing this!" she looks so cheeky but lovely. Thank you for showing
    Val pleased to hear you are feeling better & feel like getting on with
    Pat sorry you are in such pain, I have been there so know how you feel, take care xxx
    Lynda hope you are not feeling too bad. xxx
    Maria hope you are coping without your kitchen, take
    Embroidery this afternoon so must get ready.
    Sending hugs to all especially Lynda & Pat love Margaret xxx

    1. Thanks Margaret. Enjoy your embroidery this afternoon.

    2. Thank you Margaret for the Hug I feel like I need them at the moment
      Love Lynda xx

  7. Hi Sandra and everyone,

    What a lovely cheeky smile looking at me when I opened the blog today. Cheryl, Milly-May is growing up so quickly, it's lovely watching them grow up, they change and pick things up so quickly. I know you will enjoy every moment spent with her. And her life will be richer for haveing you in it xx

    Interesting mini challenge Sandra, it will be good to go back and look at our embossing folders. I'm sure the clever ladies will come up with some brilliant ideas.

    PAT, sorry you are suffering, have you tried getting onto your consultant again? It's not going to get better without his help. Go on have a good old moan - to your consultant, his secretary, your doctor, anybody just get them to realise how much you need help. Sending you gentle squidgy hugs LOL xx

    Time to make lunch, then this afternoon we are on the school run.

    Take care, love and hugs, Brenda xxx

    1. I'm going to do that Brenda thanks very much. Thanks for the squidgy hugs they did help.

  8. Hello Sandra and All, sunny but cold here.
    Cheryl, your Milly Mae is gorgeous, is she going to have curls?
    Val glad you're feeling better, so hopefully on the mend.
    Pat sorry you're pain is so bad, hope you get to see the consultant quickly, must admit I had to have a private consultation when I had my knee replacement, had the op on the national health, but at least it got me on the waiting list.

    Sandra love the mini challenge, I was thinking of suggesting embossing folders, so you must have read my mind.
    Still have to do cc card for this week, also will take pic of my buys in a moment.
    Have a good day all, hugs Lilian.

    1. Ah Lilian
      I think you just answered my query. I was going to see the consultant privately and ask if I could still have the op on the NHS? Looks like I can do that. So thanks fir the information.

  9. Hello Sandra & everyone
    Love your picture Cheryl with the Gorgeous Milly Mae she is adorable thank you for sharing. SANDRA your card is beautiful I love this mini challenge.
    I made my Challenge card today quite pleased with it. I didn't feel like doing much today just done two washes & been in craft room most of the day,takes my mind off things.Pat I'm so sorry your in so much pain have you got back to your consulton the more you pester them the quicker you will get seen.try & rest you have been over doing things lately with looking after Doreen.
    SANDRA did you find a seamstress for Lucy's prom dress.Looking forward to a picture of them. Lisa ( daughter ) sent me a picture of my Grandson today in his prom suit he looked so grown up (11) &'Handsom. Where do the years go only seems like yesterday he was born. I have only just realised im getting old HaHa.
    Must get dinner dished up see you later love Lynda xxx

  10. Hi Lynda
    Your really going through the mill just recently aren't you. Take care my friend. I'm in a quandary. I booked choose and book but it wasn't until the end of June. I didn't know who I would see, so rang Mtpr Taylor's secretary. He did my other hip privately. Imade a provisional appointment for the 7th June, hoping I could ask him if I could still have the op on the NHS. Today I had a letter from the choose and book say that I would see Mr Taylor. So tomorrow I'll ring his secretary and see what she says about it.
    Take care my crafty friend. Gentle hugs on the way.

  11. Hi Sandra and everyone.
    Oh Cheryl, Milly-May is gorgeous ! She really have grown up and she has the glint in her eye for making a lot of fun for coming days. Lots of cuddles.
    Sweet card Sandra and I will do my best to join in because I do like your little challenges. Have some little EF's that have not seen daylight for ages so will have a look what I can find.
    So sorry you in so much pain Pat but good the other two graces could make you smile. Hope you get to the doctors asap. I will take some extra painkillers myself tonight, it has been a long day.
    Lynda, you take care. So wish that we could meet up somewhere before Sept.Sending you some special hugs x
    Val and Brenda, hope you both feeling better and Sandra is your problems over ?
    Sorry being late but today has gone so quick and I was a zombie out all day. After no sleep at all , Mick the brick and Dan the man have spent the day with one noise after the other. Thought the walls were going to have holes in them all over the place Lol The back door is no more and the door into the hall will go tomorrow. The dust is everywhere but I'm not fretting ,much :-)
    Being in the lounge is like a B&B with cereal boxes on the side with cutlery tray, ketchup and salt and pepper hihi and then it is like camping when you go into the garage to put things away for the night and take the dishes upstairs to do them in the bath. Taking our washing to my friendly neighbour who offered me her machine for whenever I need it. She is a good friend Lol
    I hope you all have a nice day tomorrow and hopefully we soon have warmer and sunnier days again.
    Have a good night. love and hugs to you all ,Maria x

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