Saturday 7 May 2016

Mixed Craft Saturday

 3D Origami Portrait

This is what the portrait are is created with,!

Janet's Altered Box (top)

Janet's Altered Box (front)

Janet's Altered Box (side)

Sonia Memory Album

Sonia's Memory Album

Good Saturday Morning Ladies,

Wow, some beautiful pieces of work to show you this week, you are all bloomin amazing!!

Karen was so excited to share with us a project that she saw at The Discovery Centre at the Paradise Wildlife Park in Hertfordshire, this stunning 3D Portrait of The Mona Lisa has been created by their Office Cleaner, she folded each piece of paper several times as you can see in the second photograph.
I am absolutely blown away by how mind blowing this piece of art is, sadly we don't have the ladies name to give her credit, but Karen wanted us all to see how amazing this project is, how incredibly inspirational, thank you so much Karen for discovering this piece xxx

Janet, WOW !! Your altered box is just so beautiful, I can see that you have used some Floral Muse paper, a Resin Frame and flourishes from Anita at the Crafty Insomniac and some of Amanda's pretty laces, you have turned the box into a stunning work of art, I love that Lace Flower you have created, it really sets the top of the box off, that gorgeous little image that you have framed is so sweet.  I hope that you are enjoying your 'Altered' journey Janet, I am certainly loving seeing your work, keep it coming please. xxx

Now I have been so excited to see this Incredible Memory Album that our Sonia has created for her Mum & Dad's Golden Wedding Anniversary, I love the beautiful frame that you have created on the front, also the different photo mats through the album are all so pretty, you have done an amazing job. including all the photographs of special moments, that will evoke wonderful memories for your Mum and Dad, you even left spaces for photographs on the actual Anniversary.  Sonia, you have done an absolutely amazing job, your parents will love it, so will any family member that gets to look through the album, I know that it has taken you a while and has been a real labour of love, but it is oh so worth it.  Thank you so very much for sharing this very special project with us xxx

I will announce the winners of Friday's Draw tomorrow, so make sure you pop in !

Thank you so much for taking part today ladies, you are all so incredibly talented.

Have a lovely day Ladies,

Love and Hugs


  1. Good Morning Sandra and ladies. WOW WOW WOW what an amazing selection of projects todat. The Mona Lisa is wonderful. Fantastic that irs been created with strips of paper.
    Janet your box is beautiful.such pretty adornments. I bet its pride of place on your dressing table.
    Just love your memory book Sonia. Such a wonderful and thoughtful gift for your parents. I bet they will be so delightedcwith it.
    Well I'm up and about early today. Just haven't been able to sleep. My sleeping pattern has been getting a bit better but don't know what happened last night. Off out to lunch today but really must get in my craft room and do a bit of tidying. Its disgusting in there so much so that its putting me off making cards as I can't find anything and the piles on the floor are falling over so it's becoming a danger zone ha ha.
    Well off for a shower, shake Gracie awake and get out fr a walk. The farm that I pass every day on my walk are harvesting carrots at the moment. The whole process fascinates me from planting the seeds, watching the small plants sprout and grow and finally picked. Perhaps I've got some farming blood in me. Who knows.
    Have avgreat day everyone.
    Love Val x

    1. Thank you Val. Hope you get your craft room sorted! Enjoy your lunch out. Hugs xxx

    2. Hi Val once you've sorted your out, could you pop over and help me with mine. Enjoy your lunch.

    3. Hi Val hope you didn't shake Gracie too much & she enjoyed her walk. Have you finished your craft room yet & did you enjoy your lunch
      Hug's Lynda xxx

  2. Morning Ladies

    Karen-no wonder you wanted to take a picture of this, it's amazing. I had to enlarge the second photo to work out what was used-looked like pegs initially.
    Janet- beautifully decorated box, really pretty.
    Sonia-your Memory Album is fantastic, I'm sure your parents will be thrilled with it & will appreciate all the work that has gone into it.

    Hubby buried the hedgehog yesterday before I came home from work. The other one arrived as usual around 9.45pm.
    Bathroom update-electric shower back in, bath taps plumbed in & we should be able to use it from Monday. The fitter is struggling to find a suitable place for the extractor fan but after discussion with hubby they think they've worked it out. The fitter will definitely finish the bathroom by Friday as he has to start another job the following Monday-yippee! I've booked a day off work (Friday 20th) so I can just play in my craft room, I have another table booked at the AtticSale in the local church to sell some cards so I can get organised on the Friday.


    1. Thank you Michele. So glad to hear your bathroom is nearly finished. I have been waiting six years for my husband to finish ours!! Lol.
      Hugs xxx

    2. Hi Michelle
      A light at the end of the tunnel at last. Glad you gave the hedgehog a good send off.

    3. I Michelle
      Glad barthroom is almost finished i bet you can' t wait to have a nice bath?

  3. Morning Sandra and ladies,

    Oh my what a gorgeous work of art of The Mona Lisa is in Origami. I wonder how long it took the lady to make? Amazing that something so beautiful comes out of squares of paper.
    Your trinket box is divine Janet, love all the pretty girly papers/fabrics? and all that lusciousness of the lace trimmings.
    And words fail me for once Sonia, your Memory Book is so beautiful and special for your parents, a true labour of love for them. Gobsmacked I think is the word.

    A bit of a dull morning today, put out my recycling bins earlier and I think the clouds may be crying gently for a while. So that means a whole day in the craft room (house work can wait for another day), hooray. I finally found time to finish gluing one of my caddies together and left it to dry overnight. Now I can play with all my fabrics and trims.
    This one is for Tiegan, she is learning sewing at school and although we went to the Craft 4 Crafters show at Westpoint, Exeter in February, she only bought a plain plastic box for her sewing bits and bobs to go in. Have you seen the price they are charging for sewing boxes these days? Outrageous prices for something that is not even that special.

    Cuppa calling me, see you all later
    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

    1. Thank you Cheryl. Enjoy your day crafting.
      Hugs xxx

    2. Hi Cheryl
      I'm glad your having a bit of a rest today and doing some crafting. The photography sounds very interesting. At least you won't have to fork out for the equipment that enhances your pictures.

    3. Hi CHERYL im pleased your slowing down have been like super woman HaHa.
      Glad your finding your photography club interesting 📷📹
      Big Hug's Lynda xx

  4. Hi Sandra and everyone. Wow, the 3D origami portrait is amazing. I can't imagine how long it took to complete. A lot of time and effort has been put into it to produce an extraordinary piece.
    Janet, I love your altered box. The beautiful detail to it and the flowers are stunning :-)
    Thankyou Sandra for sharing my album and for your lovely words :-) I am really pleased with it - now it's complete!
    I picked up the cake yesterday. It looks beautiful, the detail on it is exquisite. I am glad we opted for the larger size in the end as there will be plenty to go round and some leftover. I will take a photo of it during the day and send in.
    Well I best get on, things to do and I'm still undecided as to what to wear for the lunchtime meal! Will try to pop in again tonight to see what everyone has been up to. Hope everyone has a lovely day.
    Hugs to all xxx

    1. Hi Sonia I hope you enjoy your lunch, and that you were pleased with the cake.

    2. Hi Sonia your memory book is beautiful your mum & dad will love it
      Hope you enjoy your lunch. Xxx

  5. Good morning Ladies,
    Karen thank you so much for finding and sending in this stunning piece of artwork, it's truly amazing , and I can't imagine the time the person must have taken to create this , just wonderful!
    Janet , thank you for showing us your beautiful box with all its luxurious trimmings I bet you really enjoyed playing with all those fabulous pieces of lace !
    Sonia, what a fantastic momento you have created for your parents to cherish, truly a work of love which will bring back so many memories for them to talk about all over again, hope you all have the happiest day ever xo.
    Another lovely morning here so must go and get some more gardening done.
    Hope Lucy feels a bit better today xo
    Love and hugs to all xoxo

  6. Morning Sandra and ladies,
    The artwork for the Mona Lisa is brilliant, it must have taken the person hours to complete, thank you Karen for showing it to us.
    Janet love your altered box with all,the trimmings and flowers, a lot of love has gone into this project.
    Sonia what a wonderful gift for your parents, it is something they will treasure.
    Housework calls today as I have been so busy this week, nothing much was done in the house, then afternoon I might get some me time, have a lovely day whatever you do and take care xxx

  7. Morning Yes isn't the Monarch Lisa fantastic Just had to show it to ladies that would appreciate it and it's still not finished! From old zoo maps she has created wonderful flowers, small table, chairs etc I think C&C used to sell kits of this craft
    JANET your box is beautiful and SONIA what a beautiful gift for your parents Must dash - breakfast calls

  8. Hi Sandra
    I hope that Lucy is feeling better today.
    Well I just love the Mona Lisa picture. This kind of work is so time consuming. A bit like cross stitch. Amy made an owl using this technique. She's so multi talented. She's wasted on BMW.
    Janet your bid as well is stunning. I just wouldn't know where to start.
    Sonia, your parents and family will be over the moon to receive the memory book you've made. Such painstaking work sifting through photographs.
    Well my keys turned up. Karen's partner had them all the time. He'd bought me some chicken breasts in and I apparently left my keys in the door. That's rushing around making sure Doreen didn't trip on our path and putting her in the car. So he decided to take them home with him. Now any normal person would have rung to say I have your keys as you'd left them in your front door. But as you probably have deduced that Keith isn't normal. I rang Karen to see if Keith saw them in the door and used them to drop our chicken off. You'd better speak to Keith was the reply. So after I'd told him the whole story he asked if we were going up to play cards. I said no as we couldn't leave Doreen on her own. He then owned up to have my keys and he thought it was hillarous. His plan and what he'd done was to open a packet of crisps. He put my keys in a plastic bag. Opened the crisps from the bottom took some out and put my keys in and repealed the bag with an iron. Ingenious I know, but Doreen, Pete and myself were worried to death. We'd even swapped the cars around because if they the jets had been stolen they couldn't just drive Off with the car.

    1. WOW Pat I think Keith has gotten a different sensevof humour to me. I think thats downright mean to give you so much stress when you're obviously under stress anyway. Glad you finally got them back. Its so worrying wondering who has them, do they know where We live, should I change the locks etc. Gladits over now anyway.
      Take care Val x

  9. Hello All, dull and rainy here today, very close feeling, thinking we may have thunder later, hope not don't like it.

    The crafts today are lovely, I saw kits using paper folding like these not long ago on one of the craft channels, none as elaborate as the Mona Lisa.
    Janet your box is delightful.
    Sonia you have done a superb job , I'm sure everyone will love it.

    Well after some of you ladies had been to the range and found some goodies thought I'd go and see what they had, a few things dropped into my basket, really only wanted some flower pots. Will take a pic and send in for next week buys.

    Going to find something for lunch, have lovely day. Lilian

    1. Hi Lilian
      Iris rarely isn't it to go into the Range. Funny how things just jump off the shelf into our baskets.

  10. Morning Everyone
    SORRY I wasn't in first thing this morning to open up. We had no Internet so I had to leave trying and go to do our usual Saturday shopping. Thankfully all's well now and so I've been able to get Mr Tesco ordered and now pop in here to see some AWE Inspiring work. The Mona Lisa is just beyond words. Unbelievably beautiful and what patience needed.
    SONIA- your Memory Book for your Parent is just beautiful and I can see so many tears shed (happy ones) today and many other days when they look at it. I know something like this is a work of true love but it is also so time consuming. A JOB MORE THAN WELL DONE.

    My box is actually two boxes glued together making it look like a top box and a drawer. The bottom box has the usual slide up lid but the top one has the front flap which fastens with a magnetic catch. As Sandra says I papered it in Floral Muse papers and then set too and used lace and trimmings etc. I made the top flower. I failed when trying to print the picture in the middle of the frame onto material so I just used the paper picture and covered it with acertate. It is to store all my lace pieces.

    We have sunshine now but first thing it was so misty we couldn't see across the road. Fingers crossed that the week-end carries on like this and we can have some outside time.
    Thank you to whoever opened up this morning. I'll be back tomorrow morning as usual.
    Hugs for everyone xxxx

    1. Good to see you in, as you will see from my comment you were

  11. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra sorry did not manage to get in yesterday but lovely selection of cards. Sorry to hear Lucy has glandular fever no wonder she feels as she does, it takes alot to get over,.I know your love & hugs will help.xx
    Karen what a fabulous picture, like Michele at first glance thought it was pegs, thank you for sharing.xx
    Janet your box is beautiful looks as if you have done this many times. Notice you have not been into cafe this morning hope you are
    Sonia your memory book is a really thoughtful gift, beautiful & will be treasured I am sure. Hope all goes well for
    Lynda sending special hugs to you, hope the meds are
    Pat so pleased to hear you have found your keys, like you I think what Keith did was cruel, you must have been so worried, you have enough on your plate at the moment. Hope your appointment goes well. Take care xxx
    Still warm but keeps clouding over, what a difference a week makes!
    Hugs on way to all who need them love Margaret xxx

  12. Hello Sandra and everyone,

    WOW Karen, thank you for showing this amazing picture of the Mona Lisa, the person who created it must have such patients and vision. I really had to expand the second photo, as the folded paper just looked like pegs - it's brilliant. xx

    JANET, Your box is beautiful, from every angle it's really gorgeous. This defiantly needs to be placed where it can be admired. Thank you for sharing xx

    SONIA, The memory album is a real labour of love and will rekindle so many happy memories for your parents, they will defiantly treasure it. I hope you are enjoying your lunch. xx

    I did look in yesterday evening after returning from the funeral service in Loughborough, I started to read the comments and fell asleep holding the iPad !! Only to be aroused by John saying " you will be more comfortable in bed" he was right I slept like like a log! Loved all of the cards using your old dies, it's good to go back and use some of the first dies we used.

    Sandra I hope Lucy is able to get some quality rest this weekend, she is under a lot of pressure, wish her well from me (sending her a BIG HUG xx) Tierney our 17 yr old granddaughter has been doing her A Level Art exam, She started yesterday and has to go into school today to complete it (I think it's eight hours in total) she has been so stressed. Not easy for pupils or parents these exams. Tierney is really put out as she is not able to do her weekend job, so is loosing money. But exams have to come first. I also feel sorry for the teachers, they all do over and above the required teaching hours, but to give up their Saturday is asking just a bit to much. (OK soapbox back under the table)

    Having an easy day today, OMG just remembered I have'nt made my CC yet. Ciara made hers on Thursday.........

    Love and Hugs Brenda xxx

  13. Hello SANDRA & everyone
    We have still got lovely sunshine not done much today a little tideing Terry done heavy stuff hoovering xcetra. Then after lunch took dogs for a slow walk at Minnis Bay plenty of benches for the old girl if I needed a sit down but was ok. Just got to remember my spray now when we go out.
    I have done some comments on way down.
    Karen wow wow that's a work of art your friend has made must take ages.
    JANET I love your Altered box it's beautifulI. I have just finished one but sent it to sandra late.
    Sonia as I said your memory book is amazing what a wonderful gift for your Mum & Dad xxx

    SANDRA I hope Lucy is less stressful today 💓 Big Hug's Coming her way cool
    Good luck ladies in the prize draw tomorrow xx
    Well must ring Lisa now so try & pop in later.
    Hug's Lynda xx

  14. Hi Sandra and everyone. Just home after a lovely day with the family. Thank you all for your lovely comments about the album. Mum and dad absolutely loved it, and a few happy tears were shed. The cake was delicious, some leftover for us all to bring home and Mum and dad to take some with them to Cornwall tomorrow :-) Lunch was delicious too.
    I hope everyone has had a lovely day.
    Hugs to all xxx