Wednesday 25 May 2016

A fabulous Man Card from Anne

Good Morning Ladies,

I just love this Man card that has been made by our Anne.  Anne your cards are always so professionlly finished!
I believe that todays card is has been made using a Pinflair Easel, I seem to remember them being on C&C a few years ago, I never even considered them back then but seeing how amazing you have made them look Anne I am quite tempted, I have jut checked and they are on the Pinflair website and cost £2.99 for a pack of two, which includes the envelopes.
The Stamp that Anne had used is a Just Inklined 'Men at Work' Stamp, oh my goodness Anne you have bought this image to life, it looks like a watercolour painting, look at the beautiful colours in that sky and the water is actually sparkling around the boat, your colouring skills are incredible Anne.  Your work of art deservesto be displayed on an easel !
I love how you have created the picture frame out of embossed card, it really does draw your eye in to the painting, the colour works perfectly too.
I think that the garden centre that sells your cards will be onto a good thing, they will fly off the shelves. Thank you so much for allowing me to share your work xxx

I have Pat and Sue coming over today, which I am looking forward to very much, I hope that you all have a lovely day however you are spending it.

Love and Hugs


  1. Morning Ladies

    Anne-your card is brilliant, I love the image. I'm guessing you send the card & the stand to the recipient?

    Dull day weather wise here this morning & a bit breezy but just hoping it stays fine so there won't be any problems with the delivery if my new machine at work. I left an explanation yesterday evening to some of the questions.

    Started my challenge card last night-not happy with what I've done so far. Maybe I'll do better tonight!


    1. Thanks Michele, yes you get the envelope to fit the easel, I've had the 2 pack for ages and when a friend asked me to make a special card for her husband whose hobbies are fishing and art , this came to mind, talk about keep a thing long enough? xo

    2. Thanks for the explanation Michele. I thought I had commented yesterday but at 11.09 realised I hadn't. To tired by then to start over.

  2. Good morning Ladies,
    Sandra , thankyou for your good wishes and for sharing my card, sorry I can't take the credit for the colouring as this is a print out from " The Best of La Pashe" but I agree it really does look like a watercolour painting so I only decoupaged it and added a little sparkle, I also added personal die cut greeting on the reverse, are you feeling better now? xo
    Walking day today ,so I'm going stiff knee or not ha ha , the weather is just too good not to be outside, better go and get my picnic lunch ready .
    Will call back later , love and hugs to all xoxo

    1. Hi Anne
      I'm glad your weather is good today, enjoy your walk stiff legged or not. It's dull and windy here today. I feel like putting the heating on.

  3. Morning Everyone
    ANNE- I love your card and what a fantastic Man card it makes. The Easel is just the finishing touch which adds that 'high class' finish. I'm sure the recipient loved it.
    MICHELE- thank you for your explanations last evening. Hope you have a good day and the new machine arrives safe and sound.
    SANDRA- Oh the Three Graces are together again and for a whole day. I can just see your dining table abuzz with chat and craft.

    We were down on numbers again yesterday at K&N but had a good time. It was a very simple card to make so made it easy for everyone to gossip and craft at the same time. We hold our afternoon in the local Library which was saved last year in the Library Closure Programme Sheffield had but have now been told that the cost of hiring the room is double from July. I cannot understand how some committees work. By doubling the cost there's going to be groups which just cannot afford to pay and therefore not use the room and continuing down the line may put the Library at risk because the facilities aren't being used and revenue isn't been collected. Is it just me that sees this? We have decided to continue to use the Library and therefore increase our individual charge as there isn't a suitable room anywhere for us to use.

    We have a dull/grey and cold start to the day. The last few days have been glorious but we're back to normal this morning so it's an indoors day here. This means craft playing and I've got to send my CC pic to Sandra.

    All's ready for you all to pop into the Cafe and help yourselves. Have a lovely day.
    MARIA- you can always come and camp out in the Cafe if your building site (kitchen) gets too much for
    Hugs for you all and spares are in the basket by the door. xxxx

    1. I agree with you Janet, why do the council and property owners increase rent to such a point where people can't afford to pay. A local man rented property for years, which he run as a restaurant, then the owner of the property decided to almost double the rent. The tenant couldn't afford the increase. So after running his business there for many years the restaurant closed down. The property was then left empty for over a year. Now where is the sense in that? I rest my case!
      Soap box away. LOL x

    2. Hi Janet
      I don't know how committee members brains work either. By putting the price up less people use the rooms. So it's a lose lose situation.
      This type of thing happens in Witney as well Brenda. Shop rents go up, business closes down. That what happened to my friends craft shop she ran.

  4. Morning Sandra and everyone.
    Love the card Anne and even if you didn't do the colouring in I love the image and the frame you made. My dad would like a card with a fishing theme so I will have a look for it and funny enough I got some easel stands somewhere in the house Lol Thanks for letting Sandra showing it for us and yes you will sell good, also have a nice walk today with or without stiff knee.
    Michele- hope everything goes ok, have a good day at work. Waiting for Mick the Brick, it's drizzling outside so really hope that's all or he will be pretty wet. Oh has just been out to the garage and fetch some milk, butter and ham from the fridge for his brekkie. I will have my porridge. Wish you all a good day, Have fun crafting together with Sue and Pat, give them a real hug from me. Sending warm hugs to everyone popping in to the cafe' today. If you looking in ,do give a comment and you are warmly welcomed to this wonderful blog !
    love and hugs to you all, Maria Xxxx

    1. Hi Maria, hope Mick the brick can get on with the kitchen today, have you got a timescale or are they just plodding on?
      Take care LOL xx

    2. Hi Maria
      Love the name Mick the Brick. Hope they are working to a timescale as it could be messy for quite awhile,

  5. Hi Sandra and everyone. Fantastic card from Anne, such a lovely idea using the easel. Great image too for those difficult to make masculine cards :-)
    Have a lovely day everyone and a great time with Pat and Sue, Sandra.
    Hugs to all xxx

  6. Good Morning Sandra and all,
    WOW Anne, what an amazing card. It really looks like a watercolour painting and even more so standing on its lovely easel. I bet the birthday boy loved it. You wont be able to keep up with demand when you start selling at the Garden Centre. Enjoy your lovely walk today.
    Hope everything goes smoothly with delivery of your machine today Michele.
    Janet, what a short sighted council. Surely its better to have full occupation at a smaller rent than a mostly empty building. Honestly at times you feel you could run the country better yourself. Rant out of the way! Enjoy your crafting.
    Maria, hope Mick the brick doesn't get too wet today.
    Sandra, Pat and Sue, have a lovely afternoon of chat and craft.
    Feel a bit like a hermit at the moment. Didn't go to Tai Chi yesterday and really dont feel well enough to go to crib today. It's held outdoors and a lot of people smoke. Now I'm an ex smoker so I'm not blaming people for smoking but when I've got a chest infection I just don't need to be inhaling cigarette smoke so I'm better staying at home.Maybe have some time in my craft room later. I have a birthday card to make for a friend.
    Enjoy your day ladies.
    Love Valx

    1. Hello Val, I think you've made a wise decision, it would not be good for that cough going in a room with smokers around. Hope you get some crafting done. Take care LOL xx

    2. Sounds like a wise decision Val. Could we pop over and keep you company?.

  7. Hi Sandra and all, VERY COLD here today, fine but windy.
    Anne love your card great topper , especially for fishers, I have the Hobby Art set of fishing stamps.
    Hope Sandra, Pat, and Sue have a lovely crafty day.
    Work again today, but hoping to have some time to craft on Friday.
    Have a lovely day, hugs Lilian.

  8. Hello Sandra and everyone,

    Anne I love your easel card, it sounds as if it was the perfect card for this gentleman. With cards like these I'm sure you're on a winner at the garden centre. xx

    Sandra, Sue and Pat have a lovely day today, hope you get some crafting done, more importantly enjoy a good old chat and putting the world to right.

    Last week when we went to my friends to have our haircut etc. I loaned her the Kercher window vac. Well about 10 o'clock this morning we had a visitor, it was my hairdresser friend with the most enormous grin on her face, returning our vac. and saying, thank you for letting her test ours, But I've just been to B&Q and now have got my own, she was thrilled with the results. When she left I cleaned the patio window and all the windows at the rear of the house. Maybe tomorrow I will have the energy to have a go at the front windows.

    Will make lunch and hope to go to the craft room this afternoon, I will see how the day pans out.

    Take care everyone, love and hugs, Brenda xxx

    1. Hi Brenda
      I'm glad the hairdresser liked your Karcher enough to buy her own. We own one so must a some point do the Windows which need doing badly.

  9. Margaret Palmer25 May 2016 at 17:25

    Hi Sandra & all in café,
    Sandra I hope you have had a lovely day with Pat & Sue, & also you are beginning to feel
    Anne your card is lovely I can think of some men it would suit, must look out for similar. Hope your knee didn't stop you from enjoying your
    Very cold here today more like November than end of May, roll on summer.
    Sending hugs to all who need them love Margaret xxx

    1. Hi Margaret
      I think we missed Summer as its so cold here at the moment. Hope it warms up again soon.

  10. Ann's card is very professional, no wonder the garden centre will take them to sell, lovely colours and structure.

  11. Hi Sandra
    What a super card Anne. It's no wonder the Garden Centre have agreed to sell them for you.
    I saw the girls prom dresses today over at Sandra's, they are gorgeous. I didn't do any card making, but we did set the world to rights. I had started to do a 50th birthday card in parchment. But I got the 5 around they wrong way round. Sandra saved the day by cutting out a 50 in silver for me.

  12. Lovely card Anne. I am sure the recipient loved it and his wife who ordered it. Thank you for sharing it with us. Well a very cold day here today. I went out with a cardigan on as thought it would be warm enough but was glad to get home again. Have even put the heating on I was so cold. All the May birthday cards finished now and in the post. Only two in June so a quiet month. Might get some other craft done. Must experiment with my Pixie powders. Hope all those who were feeling u well are feeling a lot better now. Hope the meds are working Pat and you are not in quite so much pain. Fell asleep not long ago so perhaps an early night is called for although when it is time for bed I am wide awake again.

  13. Thanks girls for all your lovely comments, we had a fabulous walk today and my knee held out.
    Sandra , I hope the three graces had a fun day and managed some crafting as well !
    Anne xoxo