Tuesday 31 January 2023

Love this embossing effect

 Good Morning Ladies, 

Just  a quick post today as I have been asleep most of the afternoon,  I managed to get GP appointment yesterday after becoming quite poorly on Sunday evening,  turns out this never ending Uti has moved up to my Kidney, the pain is off the chart!  So more weeks on Antibiotics,  11th course!!  I am just done with this now! 

Today's card is one I made on Friday,  I was experimenting really, I embossed a piece of Night of navy card with the Country Floral embossing folder (I spritzed with water for extra depth) .  I then took a White ink pad, and the back of a piece of Cut & Dry foam,  the back is a firmer surface which makes it easier for ink to glide over the surface rather than getting onto the background of the card as well, I use the same thing for Gilding wax.  After it was dry I trimmed it to fit behind my new Fabulous Frame Die, added some narrow blue ribbon with a label die, the final touch was a few white gems. 

I hope that you all have an amazing day,

Love and huge to all of you,

Sandra xxxxxx 


  1. It is a fabulous technique I would never have thought to use the back of cut and dry foam - I think I still have some I must dig it out and have a go
    I hope the antibiotics are kicking in a bit and the pain is easing
    I wish I could wave a magic wand and everyone’s pain and illnesses disappear
    Take care everyone xx

  2. Hi everyone
    I love your card today. The white on the embossed blue is stunning. I’ve never ‘spritzed’ before embossing, but after seeing the results, will definitely do it in future ☺️
    I’ve got everything crossed for you that this course of antibiotics works xx
    It’s definitely warming up out there….was quiet pleasant walking Barney 🐶
    I hope you’re all having a good day
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  3. Hi everyone
    Gorgeous card Sandra, love the depth of your embossing.
    Have you seen the new Distress Ink ladies ? Think I need to see the colour in my hand before getting it .
    Take care everyone and well wishes for anyone not too good at the moment. Hope everything goes well for you Lilian tomorrow.
    Having a slow day, mostly on the sofa. Hoping for a more energetic day tomorrow. Many hugs to you all xxx

  4. Hi Sandra and all looking in today. What a gorgeous card. In my favourite colour and such a beautiful ef. I wish I could get the ink to just touch the tops, I think I’m just too heavy handed even with a bit of cut and dry foam. Spritzing the card before embossing does make a big difference and it doesn’t seem to crack the card either, but maybe I’ve just been lucky with the card I have used. I’m hoping this course of meds finally do the job. I’m always extra worried when you say the pain is so bad as you have a massively high pain threshold so the rest of us would be curled up in s corner. You desperately need to see a Urologist don’t you. I hope your GP gets that sorted for you ASAP. Thinking of you my lovely xx
    Hoping to get my hair cut this afternoon, held up waiting for the gas man to arrive to do the annual service. Then some time crafting this evening I hope.
    Lilian, thinking of you. Hope it all goes well xx
    Brenda, thinking of you having to go back and forth but glad that the staff are all lovely. I hope the results are good xx
    Karen, I hope you are feeling a bit better and your cold doesn’t go onto your chest xx
    Must get on. Sending hugs. Take care xx

  5. Hello,
    Love that blue card, just what I was aiming for, maybe I should spritz my card first, then I won’t get the cracks.
    My hospital went well I think, no local today, just a little heat pap and two paracetamols. Two more biopsies taken, and a new coil fitted.
    Sandra do hope you are feeling a little better, and the antibiotics will work this time.
    Big hugs to all, Lilian

  6. Hello Sandra and Ladies
    Love your deeply embossed card today, the blue really stands out with the touch of white. I have never used (or heard) this technique but it is now on my list to try. Thank you for your inspiration.
    Had a restful day today, after yesterday I knew I would be good for nothing today, so was sensible and rested.
    I hope you have had a better day today Sandra, gosh how much more antibiotics can your body take. I hope you will be feeling the benefits soon 🤞xx
    Take care everyone, hugs Brenda xxx