Wednesday 18 January 2023

Sunshine on a card

Good Morning Ladies, 

I hope today finds you well, boy is it 🥶 🧊 Cold, we were at about -5 mid way through the night.  Our downstairs toilet has no radiator,  it's so cold when you go in there, which is awful in the middle of the night.  I took my hot water bottle with me, so that I didn't get too cold as it takes ages to warm up when I get back into bed ! 

Today's card is another blended background, before adding ink though I did the stamping and embossed with gold embossing powder.  I used my Cottage Rose stamp. Then came the colouring.
I tried a different blend of Oxide Inks today, Barn Door, Crackling Campfire and Spiced Marmalade,  darker  (Fired Brick) on the outside then Crackling Campfire, then Spice Marmalade in the centre, the blending took about 10 minutes to blend smoothly.  You can't really see the colour difference in the photo though. After finishing blending I wiped over the surface with a soft cloth,  like magic the gold embossing reappeared. 
To add highlights to the flowers and foliage I used the 'Painting with Water ' technique, I used a waterbrush and a little water to each petal and leaf and dabbed with a soft cloth, this bleached out some of the colour, making the flowers stand out a little more against the background. I zoomed in so if you closely you can see the difference.   You can use a glitter pen to paint the petals so that you get a little shimmer too. 
I added a die cut 'hello' which has two die cuts stuck together for height and I pressed the die cut into  Versamark ink pad and covered with gold embossing powder and heat set then repeated to give a nice glossy gold embellishment.  The finishing touch was a few colour matched gems. 

Lilian I can't believe that you had Snow down there,  you must have been amazed,  annoying though as far as the builders not working!! I hope you have taken some photos. XXX

Another very chilly day today so stay warm my lovelies XXX

Sending my love and hugs to all of you, 



  1. Morning Everyone
    We have our first covering of snow for 2023 this morning and it's bitterly cold so another indoors for us.

    I really love that rose stamp SANDRA. I'm not too sure about the backing colour. It's a colour I don't use very often but I'm told I'm 'old fashioned'lol.
    I have a busy morning filling my med box for the next two weeks and filling my Tesco order for delivery Friday.

    HUGS on their way to you all. Please take extra care if going out and stay safe.xxxx

  2. Hello Sandra and everyone,
    The Cottage Rose stamp is gorgeous (is it from Stampinup?) and the background works so well with your stamp, I really like it.
    Flying visit today as we will have to leave soon to get to Sutton for my appointment. You have to be there 90 mins before your appointment time to have blood tests and observations. After that you sit and people watch or read. They have TV on but the volume is so low you can’t hear it, they do have the words on the screen (can’t remember what they call it) but I find reading that I’ve lost the visual plot. 😂
    Time to get a wiggle on, hope everyone has a good day.
    Love Brenda XXX

  3. Hi, hail showers today,, still bitterly cold, legs and back very bad again, up most of the night. At I can watch the Australian Open tennis.
    I didn’t take any photos of the snow, I hate the stuff, if the sun comes out it gives me a migraine. The pavers are here, poor things they are very cold. Keep making them hot drinks.

    Love todays card, although its colours are not what I would have thought of, shows I need to be more adventurous with colour.

    Not sure what I’m doing today, might have a go at making some backgrounds. Hope you all have a good day, keep warm. Lilian

    1. Sorry your back is still so bad, Take it easy. Gentle hugs xx

  4. Hi everyone
    A wonderful card Sandra. Like Janet it's not a colour I go to very often but this looks good. Haven't got the campfire 🔥 so it's on my list 😊
    Special thoughts for our Brenda today. Hope the day not too long for you.
    Having a little walk this morning and have ended up at the business park cafe down the lake. Beacon butty and two tea's £12, well it's nice and it's warm inside but a rip off I think.
    Hoping to get some crafting done this afternoon . Still looking for the pixie powders, no idea where Son have put them 🤔
    Have a good day everyone. Many warm hugs to you all xxx

  5. Hi everyone
    A beautiful card again today. The stamp and ink blending are lovely.
    Another cold day here, but thankfully it’s dry. Lilian, I was very surprised to read that you had snow! Don’t hear of it often down in Cornwall. I hope it’s not caused too many problems. Fingers crossed it warms up and your patio will be done soon.
    Brenda, thinking of you today, hope it’s gone well xx
    Have a good evening everyone
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  6. Hi Sandra and all looking in. I love your card. The colour blend is gorgeous and I must remember to use similar as it is such a rich colour mix. The flower is a real beauty too. All in all a gorgeous card. I had to laugh as I have spent quite a lot of the evening trying to find a very similar stamp to do a very similar card but the one I saw on Pinterest was made without the faux bleaching. I ended up only making three water colour background’s for a different card idea.
    Brenda. Have been thinking of you and that all went well. And I hope if you were waiting a lot you got some good people watching time xx
    Maria, wherever you go the prices have gone up so much. But two teas and a bacon butty for £12 is definitely on the expensive side isn’t it. I hope it was tasty though xx
    Hoping you all manage to get some sleep. Stay safe and take care xx