Saturday, 14 January 2023

Mixed Up Saturday


Good Saturday Morning Ladies, 

We ventured out for a walk yesterday afternoon to look at the flooding of the fields etc coming from the River Thames, Lucy had told us how the floodwaters from the river where now covering the road coming into the village,  it was so deep that it actually leaked into her car through the doors, not too much though thankfully.  
The river that is usually only 5 or 6ft across is now spread across miles and miles of fields and farmland.  I will share a few photos and a video clip below....

This is the usual width of river 
Thus shot is looking towards Bridge

This is a closer view of pub garden from bridge
Look at the walled garden (bottom right)

The same garden without the walled lawn

There are usually a row of benches in front of 
The willow tree! 

These are a couple of videos I took of 
Floodwaters on both sides of the Bridge.

We had more rain through the night and are forecast a lot more rain today so it will be interesting to see how much higher the floods rise.

Creative Stamping Magazine

 Issue 117

The first Creative Stamping magazine of the year, the free gifts are designs by Sam Calcott of Surprise Crafts, they include a varied stamp set and a set of Kinetic card Templates.

This first feature is Sam Calcott sharing inspiration, she shows us some of the many different Shutter card ideas that can be made with the Templates and Stamps.  The double shutter looks very impressive.
Sue and I sat and worked out the easiest way to create one of these cards and I made a video tutorial. Which is still on YouTube.  

Sarah uses the cute animal stamps in the free set to create adorable cards for all occasions.  

This Masterclass shares lots of ideas and inspiration using Tim Holtz Distress Foundry Wax.  
Foundry Wax is a Liquid solvent based wax that becomes permanent when heated. You can apply it with brushes or even your fingers, you can build layers of colour and use Isopropyl drops to dilute it to splatter. Once dry it shines as it has real metal sheeting.

The first card featured has a Distress ink backgrounds then the flower is stamped in Waterproof ink, then you squeeze a little Foundry Wax onto an acrylic block and add a few drops of Isopropyl and use that to paint in parts of the flower. 

This 'How To ' shows you how to use Foundry Wax to create a Waxed Background. 

Marta adds her own twist to create some Shaped & Kinetic cards, they are quite cute but not my style.

Something we all need.....Some card ideas for men!  Ruth Hamilton has some of the stamps combined with some fun puns to create some great cards for those pesky men folk!! 

Something New for us to try...New Year, New Craft?? 
Stamping on Clay!  Another way to use your craft stash other than card making.  I love this idea, we can make some Home Decor or gifts! 

Using the free stamps to create some Valentine Cards !! 

Finally some inspiration for making some Gift Wrapping ideas. 

All in all a pretty good issue with some fun ideas, there are a few things I'd like to try. 
Happy Crafting!!

Craft Shopping 

Sonia's Shopping 

Sonia's order from 'Dies to Die for' finally arrived!  We both had a frustrating wait for our order!   I love what you bought Sonia, can't wait to see your Glimmer plate cards.  I have those IO poinsettia and they are great !  
Thanks for sharing your shopping XXX 

My Shopping 

This is 'part ' of my order from 'Dies to Die For', I am slightly frustrated that the thing I wanted most that I ordered on 1st January was the Concord & 9th  Turnabout Toolkit, 

It also contains a lovely stamp set.  But the Lady from Dies to Dies For'  cannot remember where she has put them!!  So she has sent out the rest of my order and is going to "search her warehouse" for the Toolkit this weekend, in my mind (not that I am the most organised person) you would store the 'Concord & 9th turnabout Toolkit' with all of  Concord & 9th Turnabout products that you sell?! 
I honestly think she will come back and tell me its not available, which is really frustrating! 
I look forward to playing with my other sale goodies though.

I hope that you all have a great weekend, 

Love and hugs to ALL of you, 



  1. Thank you for the review and sharing yours and Sonia’s shopping
    I am astonished at the photos of the river and that comment the American lady made me smile It must be so worrying to see all of that water
    We’re doing a master class in Rueda and Kizomba this afternoon I’m looking forward to it
    Take care everyone xxx

  2. Hi everyone
    Love the quote 😊
    I’m actually surprised we haven’t heard on the news about more areas being flooded. It must be so worrying for you and everyone in that situation. Fingers crossed this rain stops soon, and long enough for the flood waters to clear. Your village, with fields and the pub looks lovely by the way 😊
    Another great magazine review with the free gifts. Thank you for sharing.
    I’m really hoping the turnabout kit is found and you receive it soon. It’s so frustrating especially as the money is taken for the order straight away and then to hear part of it can’t be found! 🙄 Like you, I do wonder why it’s not with the rest of the Concord & 9th stuff.
    Karen enjoy your dancing 😊
    We’re off to my mum and dad’s today to celebrate my dad’s birthday.
    Have a good day everyone whatever you’re doing.
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  3. Hello, glad it’s back , I thought I must be missing something.
    Very cold here, just had a huge sleet shower.

    Love todays quote, and the magazine review is great. Love your new shopping.

    Started using my new die with the holes for stitching. I can only do a little bit at a time as I’m finding it difficult to hold the needle.

    Goodnight all, at the moment I am managing 5-6 hours sleep which is great. Lilian

  4. Hi Sandra and all looking in today.
    It’s good to see the post back up again. How strange that it disappeared but fingers crossed tomorrow is back to normal. It is amazing looking at the flooded fields. I hope the girls and Paul continue to be able to get to work the usual way otherwise they will be having to leave home much earlier xx
    Sending love and hugs to you all and wishing you all a good sleep.Take care xx