Saturday, 12 March 2022

Mixed Up Saturday


Good Saturday Morning Ladies,

I hope that you are all well and are having a relaxed Saturday.  We did food shopping yesterday so we don't have to go and do that today, I do have to parcel up all the clothes I ordered to try on for the funeral, 99% of it has to go back, but trying it on at home is so much easier and more comfortable at home.  I will tell you though that pulling your 'Bridget Jones ' up and down throughout the day is almost an Olympic sport, I was out of breath!!  
When did ladies tights have a front and back, i very carefully put my tights on on Wednesday morning , taking great care not to ladder them, got them up to my thighs, I got Paul to help me up then pulled them up, only to realise that I had two lines going across my thighs that didn't feel right, after a little investigation I learnt that I had bought 'Support' tights, those lines were supposed to give me a 'pert, uplifted' bottom, I was tempted to try and see if it gave me a Belly lift, but it wasn't working so off they came and I gingerly managed to get them on the right way round, I had already worked up a sweat just putting the under garments on!!🤣😅 
So note to self double check for directions before putting on your tights!!   I always look for 'American Tan" when shopping fot tights as that was the colour my mum always wore, I don't see them though, so I'm guessing the colours have changed name since then. 

Here is this week's Magazine Review.....

Creative Stamping Magazine 

Issue 106

Issue 106 has some sweet little Springtime Stamps with  'Build A Scene' Stencil.

In this feature Vanessa shows you different ways to colour your stamped images, using Watercolours,  waterbrushes  pencils.  There is a bonus 'How To' on Masking and building a scene.

Some lovely Springtime scenes in this feature,  
Vicki has used the freebie stencil to create backgrounds for the stamps. With  Bonus feature on 'Creating a Faux Marble Background' it looks a fun project to try. 

Next we have a piece that explains how to try the technique called 'Papercasting'. I actually had a go at this during a Tracy Evans Workshop,  you basically ink up your stamp and then add layers of Tissue, moulding each layer with  stipple brush or by pushing around the detail of the stamp, gradually building up the layers of tissue and water. You then use kitchen roll to absorb excess moisture from the tissue at the end. Once you have absorbed the excess water remove the layers of tissue and leave them somewhere warm to dry for a couple days. 
Here is one of he pieces I made....

I used a Tracy Evans Stamp.  

Lots of lovely ideas for Easter cards in this feature.

Now this looks interesting,  using your Watercolours differently to create contemporary backgrounds for your cards. The step by step is a guide to using Brushos to create a scene.
Other methods are Paint Drip, Distress ink Smooshing, a Brusho Colour wash, all very  effective. 

Some fantastic cards for men in this article.

I REALLY want to have a go at this technique,  its called 'Print Lifting ' I know it would be perfect for Art Journaling!  I just need the right Magazine.

Im this feature Sasha shows how adding a splash of colour can make such a difference to your Springtime makes.

Thats all for this review, I hope that there was something that interested you all.

Craft Shopping 


Sonia's Description:
Here’s my crafty buys, I ordered from HixxySoft. 

Sonia thank you so much for sharing your shopping,  I love that Spellbinder die, it's beautiful, I love your Aall & Create goodies too, I can't wait to see what you create with this lovely collection XXX 

I hope that you all have a lovely weekend, 

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. I love the saying today Not only is it true about this lovely blog but only the other day I was chatting to someone saying that OH may be upstairs listening to the football and I’m downstairs I appreciate that he’s in the house rather than be on my own
    Your shopping looks lovely SONIA That little background stamp is one of my favourites
    I have a small (ahem!) shopping list for tomorrow I am looking forward to seeing crafting stuff in the flesh! I have a lift with a couple of craft friends who I haven’t seen in nearly 3 years Can’t wait for the catchup and meeting a few of you for lunch I wonder how busy it will be
    Take care everyone xx

    1. PS Thank you for the magazine review I am most interested in the print lift technique too

  2. Hi everyone
    Love the quote 🥰
    Fabulous magazine review and lovely freebies too. Great articles and inspiration, and I too like the look of the print lift and the paper casting techniques 😊
    I feel for you with the tight saga, but admit had a little chuckle too ☺️ The last time I wore tights they were so uncomfortable and they’re such a faff getting them on! I resorted to ‘hold ups’ after that which are much easier - not that I wear them that often.
    Have a good day everyone whatever you’re doing. Sending hugs to you all xxx

  3. Hi everyone
    Lovely words and so true. 💕 Great magazine review, interesting about the paper casting etc. thank you for telling us about it all.
    Sonia- nice shopping, looking forward to see what you make.
    Aaah bless you Sandra. I will never wear tights again if I can avoid it. I'm big but even if I buy the right size they only goes to the thighs 😩 so forget it 😊
    Having a rest today as tomorrow will be busy. I would think it will be many people as it haven't been open for so long but I do looking forward to see some of you and be thinking every minute of the day of you who are not 😘
    Have a good day everyone and hugs , Maria xx

  4. Hello All, another gale hear today, very strong winds and heavy rain.

    Love the saying, so true especially relating to us all.

    Great magazine review, made me feel I’m missing them. Think I might order some from craft stash. Not had any for years.

    Great shopping be waiting to see your makes with them.

    Sandra I remember the tights saga, never going to wear them again if I can help it.

    We are having a takeaway for tea tonight, Kentucky chicken. So no work to do.
    I hope you all have a lovely time tomorrow, I am most envious. Lilian