Wednesday 16 March 2022

Another Blue/Yellow Challenge card


Good Wednesday Morning Ladies, 

I hope that you are all well, what are you all up to today?  

Not much going on here, although I have got all the parcels taped up and ready to return , so they will need dropping off today,  its so frustrating as the Post Office used to take all packages but now the Post Office take one sort, one will go directly back to next and then we have to find a 'parcel shop'for the other one!! Such a faff!  I have to collect my prescription too, I am always so grateful for the Prescription Prepayment service when I collect my prescription,  I think my monthly payment is around £10, my prescription cost is £90 +, it is almost at the point that even if you only have one item on prescription its worth prepaying!  One thing that I do think that should be free is Mental health drugs, I collect Lucy's prescription each month and think its sad that she had to pay for her medication,  but then I guess where would they draw the line as Becca has to pay for her Arthritis meds and thats for rest of her life.  Matt pays for one drug 'Leflunomide' but his Biologic drug for Arthritis is paid for by Rheumatology I believe,  its delivered to him every month.  

Today's card is purely for the purpose of this challenge,  it's not one I will send out, a we can do is hole for peace fir those poor Ukrainian people, what a remarkable man their President Zelenskyy is, we can only hope that they succeed in defending their Country.

The colours I used for this card are Pacific Point and So saffron, the flowers are from a stamp set called Colour and Contour, I love this set, thankfully it has matching dies. I wasn't sure what to sdd as a sentiment,  Peace just felt right. 

I hope that you all have a good day,

Love and hugs,

Sandra                                                                                xxxxxx 


  1. Hi everyone
    A lovely card today, perfect for showing your support to Ukraine 💙💛
    My heart goes out to the Ukrainians, it’s an awful situation. The news is so upsetting, but I can’t help myself from watching it and hoping for some good news.
    I hope you manage to get your parcels returned and pick up your prescription. James is also on mental health meds, and I agree they shouldn’t be charged for, but as you say, then where does it stop? It could be considered at a reduced rate for people on lifetime or long term meds at least.
    More crafting today, and then I’m back to work tomorrow.
    Have a good day everyone. Sending hugs to you all xxx

  2. Hiya
    Lovely card Sandra. A perfect card as support for the people of Ukraine. It's so sad what has happened and one can only believe that it soon stop.
    Hope you got the parcels sent off and the meds picked up. Good to have the prepaid card, it would get very expensive otherwise with all the different once.
    Hope you are all alright, sending special hugs for our Lynda, Brenda and Lilian, take care.
    Hugs for you all, Maria xx

  3. Hello All.

    What a fabulous card today perfect way of showing support.

    Unfortunately R has caught covid, he is quite poorly, just hope I don’t get it, but I probably will. Lilian