Friday 26 March 2021

Your Next Challenge


Good Friday Morning Ladies,

I can honestly say that I am grateful that it is Friday this week as I feel like I have barely seen Paul, he has had to go into work more days that not this week and with Wednesday being mostly taken up with the electrician it has felt like we were ships passing in the night!  Trouble is when he goes into work he doesn't get anywhere near as much work done as he does at home, so he gets in from a 9 hour work day, has his dinner and then does a couple of hours work to catch up.  While he is sat at his desk he says he gets inundated with people asking him to sort things out or find answers to things that they would have to deal with themselves if he wasn't there.  I think he was worried that they would question the amount of hours he was claiming for, he did point out that he was doing the work of two people on his own, I don't think that there has been a day since he started that he hasn't been rushing to meet a deadline on. 
I spent a lovely afternoon with Lucy yesterday, I needed to pick up some bits and pieces from the supermarket so she kindly offered to take me, we had a lovely browse around the homeware department, I have been trying to find King / Super king sized Flat Sheets, I think that 90% of sheets these days are those flipping fitted ones, our problem is that we have a really deep mattress and then a Memory foam topper on the top of that, so even the 'Extra Deep' fitted sheets keep pinging off and it's so frustrating. I am a bit like the 'princess & the pea', my sheets have to be wrinkle free, 🤣😂!

Your Next challenge 

For our next Challenge I asked if anyone had any suggestions on our Chat group and one idea that was suggested was making a 'Tone on Tone' card, I think this is a great idea, so thats our next Challenge.   
You can basically use any shade of any colour to create your card.  I don't mind if you use a white card base though, that makes it a little easier. You can use matching ribbons, flowers and embellishments too.
I have shared some cards that work for this challenge, they are all made made using shades of one colour. 
I hope you all enjoy the challenge, I am looking forward to creating some inspiration for all of you.  

I hope that you all have a lovely weekend, 

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Great inspiration for the next challenge Sandra, not that I’ve started this weeks yet. Work has been so busy that I’ve not felt like crafting in the evenings.


  2. Lovely cards showcasing this week’s challenge My mind is already whirring
    Work was extra busy yesterday and will be today but I must say I am so enjoying my new job Card making didn’t happen yesterday but hopefully I can have a play today with some new items
    Take care all x

  3. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    WOW Sandra you have given us so much inspiration for the next challenge, thank you. xx

    I know exactly what you mean about fitted sheets for a deep mattress, we have exactly the same problem, I would like them to be a bit deeper so that they go under the mattress instead of just hugging the sides, I have even thought of making my own using a flat sheet - but never actually got around to doing it!

    Paul’s workload sounds awful, sounds like he is better working from home, at least then he can get on with his job. Our younger daughter has for several years worked part of the week at home but can also be in the office in London for a few day or anywhere in the country the company have an ongoing project, but works longer days than in a normal office situation.

    Ladies I Hope you are are having a good day. Sending BIG HUGS to Margaret and Lynda we do miss you both and hope you are coping with all of your

    Take care everyone and stay safe, Love Brenda xxx

  4. Hi Sandra & ladies
    Lovely cards today Sandra.
    We have rain rain and more rain today.
    Well I’d misplaced a small Groovi plate that I wanted to use. After two days of searching I decided it really didn’t want to be found, so send off for a replacement. If it decides to turn up I’ll pass that one on to Sandra. While searching I found 2 plates the same so that will be passed on to Sandra.
    Take care & stay safe everyone.

  5. Hi everyone
    Nice cards Sandra and good challenge for next time.
    Must get a move on tho and make one for this week, any crafting last night didn't happen and this morning hasn't been the best,had to pop to the doctors again for a repeat test.
    I wish and hope your day is fine and you staying safe if going out. Many hugs for all and extras for anyone who need some xx

  6. Hello All sunshine and showers today. R put the lawn feed on the grass this morning as it is supposed to be raining, guess what not one single shower since he’s done it.

    Great challenge for next week Sandra, love all the sample cards. Finished this weeks and sent it to Sandra. So now I can try and think of something for next week.

    Hope you are all having a good day, hugs to all Lilian.

    PS. Re fitted sheets, I bought M&S extra deep and they are quite good , not the cheapest. Also try Dawson’s on line they have more sizes, once again not the cheapest.

  7. Hi everyone
    Great challenge for next week and I love your inspiring cards.
    Miserable weather here today, showers and quite windy. Still some blossoms on the tree though so at least that’s not all been blown off. It’s the only bit of colour we have in the garden at the moment.
    Looking forward to a relaxing day tomorrow, but got to go to work on Sunday for a few hours. Hope you all have a good weekend.
    Sending hugs to you all xxx