Saturday 13 March 2021

Mixed Up Saturday featuring Michele's Magazine Review


Good Saturday Morning Ladies,

We had another windy day yesterday, although it was bright and the sun made a few appearances, I spent a good half hour trying to encourage Milo to come out into the garden for some fresh air, he has not wanted to step outside since his attack last saturday, he is getting more like himself each day.   He had Paul and I in hysterics on Thursday night, we were in bed and he came in as he usually does but this time instead of curling up next to Paul like he usually does, he laid himself out, his head on the pillow beside Paul's shoulder, his body stretched out along Paul's, he then reached out his paw and rested it on Paul's hand, (Paul was reading at the time), he just stayed like that for about 20 minutes, it was so funny, I felt like I was 'surplus to requirements' 😂😄 Their liitle 'Bro-mance' is cute to see!

We have some lovely features on today's blog post so without further a do let's have a look......


Karen ordered some amazingly priced yarn from Aldi a few weeks back, the yarn came with a Knitted pattern printed on the band for a hat, Karen was going to have a go but then found this crochet pattern so decided to go for that instead, it's perfect Karen, I love the pattern, detailed but not OTT, I really love the big PomPom on top that absolutely makes the hat. I am pretty sure that the yarn was £2.99, what an absolute bargain!!  I really want a hat but I think that I look a bit of a lemon in any hat so have never been brave enough.

This little cutie is what Karen made with the other colour of the yarn that came with two little Pompoms that work perfectly for the most adorable ears!! I bet that is so tactile Karen. 

Thank you so much for sharing your makes with us Karen XXX


Cheryl bagged herself a bargain 'Tattered Lace' Top Hat die set from a Craft Declutter site last weekend, the lady was really prompt at posting and in fact Cheryl had the first hat mostly finished by Tuesday evening!!   I think that these are stunning Cheryl, what perfect gifts for a Mum, Daughter or anyone really, I am guessing that if it's a Top Hat die it would make Men's top hats too!  You have decorated both hats beautifully Cheryl, the pink one is Giorgina's and the Blue and Lilac one is for Cheryl's Mum, she is going to have a smile from ear to ear when she opens that box Cheryl.  These are great for using all of the lovely ribbon and laces in your stash, that vintage looking lace on your Mum's hat is beautiful.

Thank you so much for sharing your creations with us XXX

Michele's Magazine Review

Hi Ladies, 

Here’s the delayed issue of Diecutting Essentials. There’s a lovely free gift this month it’s an interactive pop up slider Die,

Here’s some ideas of what’s inside the magazine.

Here’s the first feature using the free gift.

More ideas using the free gift, some of them are made using just the extra dies.

Even more inspiration using the free gift.

Dry embossing using nesting dies to create an impression great technique.

Heat embossed Diecutting produces such lovely cards.

I know we won’t all have these dies & stamps but I’m sure we have something similar & could adapt these ideas.

More ideas.

Gatefold cards made using coordinating dies & stamps. This makes a really impressive card

Some great ideas using hexagon dies

More inspiration.

Ideas using large letters-you could use stamps or dies for these projects.

More ideas.

Diecut mono print-not something I’ve heard of before but it looks great.

More lovely ideas.

Some ideas using flower dies which I’m sure we all have!!

That’s all for this week so
Happy Crafting.

Love Michele

Thank you so much Michele for another brilliant review, this edition is packed with amazing inspiration and some fantastic Techniques, I love the look of the 'Mono Print' technique so that will be going onto my 'to do' list. There are some fantastic ideas for using Nesting dies to create the focal point on your card rather than matting and layering.  A great Hexagon feature too.  Thank you so much for writing us another great review.  

I hope that Phil makes it home on time and that you have a lovely weekend together XXX

Craft Shopping


Karen saw this great blending brushes online, the colours are amazing, actually you could use the colours on the handle to remind you of which colour family you have used them for.  I love that you get a case for them too.

Karen saw Barbara Gray using these alphabets stamps on a Mixed Media show last weekend and couldn't resist them, I have to say that I first saw Barbara using these on a Craft Along on Create & Craft years ago and thought then how useful they were, I didn't stamp back then though!

Thanks so much for sharing your shopping Karen, look forward to seeing what you create XXX


Michele has been on her Bargain Hunting again and found three bargains on Ebaym some great dies there!  The last photo is the Honeydoo Lattice Background stamp that she has been looking for for a while, you will get so much use out of that die Michele, you could die cut the background in white, lay it over one of your watercolour background and then embellish with those flowers above.  there is your first project!  
Look forward to seeing what you create, thanks for sharing XXX


Clarity had a sale recently and Pat couldn't resist adding some new Groovi plates to her collection, some new tools and pads too. The last photo is of a fantastic plate of different Grid patterns and borders, there are so many different choices on there, its amazing.  I can't wait to see what you create with these new things Pat.
Thank you so much for sharing XXX

My Shopping 

Oh where do I start?!  Now I am not usually a fan of Dreamess, they have done some questionable things as a business lately!  But I happened to see a show that featured their paper pads the other day and I just couldn't resist, they were on a special offer so I bought them!  
The rest of the products are from my SU order, the punch cuts you two ovals, one scalloped one plain, perfect for sentiments without the need for searching for dies the right size, the embossing folder gives the Wood Chip Wallpaper effect !  I also bought some lovely background dies, that also have some lovely borders in as well.  The stamp sets, well the foliage I just couldn't resist as I love all things green and leafy! The flowers 'Pretty Perennials' I bought after seeing some stunning projects on Pinterest.

The final photo is of the Pink Frog background stamps, they are lovely and Hazel is featuring them on Hochanda this weekend as it is Pink Frogs 13th Birthday!! 
I can't wait to play with them all !!

I hope that you all have a lovely weekend, 

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. I love that saying I might not have 300 projects to start but I have at least 4 on the go!
    Your top hat cards are stunning CHERYL The recipients will adore them
    I look absolutely terrible in hats and this is the first one I have as an adult I thought for that money it was worth having a go and quite honestly I don’t care how I look in this cold weather! The monster is in my charity box ready to donate to Harefield Hospital or Paradise Wildlife Park
    Thank you for the magazine review MICHELE It is always handy to know what’s on the inside
    The shopping looks amazing I can’t wait to see what you all make with your new purchases
    I am off to craft room after breakfast I have got to the point that my eyesight and tiredness won’t let me craft very easily in the afternoons or is it just no mojo?
    Take care all xx

  2. Morning Ladies

    Karen-live your knitted projects, the hat look great.
    Cheryl-love the top hat , looks great.
    Lots of interesting crafty shopping.
    We have very strong winds again Abd we had torrential rain during the night. So we won’t be going too far today.


  3. Morning Everyone

    Yes I too have more than a few projects I want to start but I'm really trying to finish one before starting another. Well that must be the biggest dream of the year so far for

    KAREN-your fingers have been soso busy. Both hat and 'monster' are just beautiful.
    CHERYL- Oh WOW your hats are devine.You have started me wondering if I can use one of my Tonic box dies to try and make one. There you go. ANOTHER PROJECT added to the list!
    MICHELE-thank you for your usual informative mag review.This mag looks really interesting it just might tempt me.

    Loads of interesting shopping happening.I look forward to seeing some results.

    Again we start the day with rain. It's also quite chilly too.
    The CAFE is OPEN. Cream Teas are available this afternoon.
    HUGS are on their way to you all.PLEASE TAKE CARE AND STAY SAFE.xxxx

  4. Morning ladies,

    What a mixed up ragbag of weather we are experiencing this week. After a soggy start to yesterday the sun finally came out and I could feel the warmth through the windows so much I was tempted to start a bit of border cleaning up in the garden, that is until I took out the rubbish out for the recycling bins and found the wind so keenly cold I hurried back into my warm kitchen. Bright sunshine again this morning interspersed with squally showers and big fat clouds of all shades being pushed by the wind across the sky.

    Michele's magazine review is a welcome sight on Saturdays and I do believe I might be adding it to my shopping list for my daughter.

    I love your use of pompoms for the mouse ears Karen, brilliant idea and your lovely warm snug hat is so inviting to wear.

    Well done on your bargain buys, you've all snagged yourselves some lovely ones there. As Sandra stated mine was through Craft Declutter.
    If anyone would like some cut outs for the hat cards and matching boxes, please don't hesitate to ask I would be only too pleased to pass some onto you.

    More work planned on my train today after a quick whizz round with my K9 and the dust brush on the hand held one.

    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

  5. Hi everyone
    Love the quote, think it’s true for many of us 😉
    A great magazine review Michele, with lots of inspiring ideas. Thank you for sharing.
    Wow Cheryl, your hats are beautiful, love how you’ve decorated them 😊
    Love the hat Karen, and your little cutie ‘monster’ is adorable 😊
    A fantastic selection of craft buys ladies. Enjoy 😊 Will look forward to seeing what you create.
    Michele, you will find that Lattice background so versatile and as Sandra said lay it over watercolour or pretty paper and embellish. I have done something similar for one of tomorrow’s challenge cards 😊
    Karen, be interested to know how you get on with the blending brushes? I find the ones I ordered from Amazon have very flimsy handles, and actually prefer the make up brushes from Next.
    Pleased to hear Milo is on the mend, I was only thinking of him earlier and wondering how he was.
    Hoping to craft today after some housework. Have a good day whatever you’re all doing. Sending hugs to you all xxx

  6. Hi Sandra & ladies
    A great saying today, which definitely refers to me. I still haven’t put together the last card we did with Ronk last March.
    I’m glad to hear Milo is on the mend Sandra.
    Karen I just love your hat and your monster. Love the pom-poms for his ears. I’ve looked at a couple of videos on how to start my hat off. Then I’ll look up the pattern and see if that’s on uTube.
    Cheryl I just love your hats. They are stunning.
    I love everyone’s buys. Apart from the last plate all mine were half price. This year Clarity had everything half price, but the sale only lasted a week instead of a month.
    Great mag reviews as usual Michele. I hope Phil got home safely in these high winds.
    I did take a Covid test to go in and see Doreen yesterday. I wasn’t expecting to as they usually email and tell you that visiting precautions are changing.
    Take care and stay safe everyone.

  7. Hi Sandra and ladies.
    Great saying,very true.
    Thank you Michele for the magazine review.
    Cheryl- wonderful hats, so beautiful.
    Karen-love your monster with it's pom pom ears and a lovely colour hat for yourself. I've got one hat for winter but only wear it if it's below -10c :>)
    Love your shopping ladies and can't wait to see what you make.
    Pat- you will be busy with all the new plates. Hope Doreen was alright and she was happy to see you.
    Sandra- glad Milo is on the mend,bless him. Wonder if you get some lambs to look after this Spring ? there are some lambs around here already and they are sooo cute.
    No walk today and not much other then watching some catch up. As Son is busy tomorrow night he is getting me a Indian tonight and I got a couple of small pot plants (they came with the shopping this morning) :>)
    Have a lovely Saturday . Many warm hugs for you all, Maria xx

  8. Hello all, we have had terrible weather yesterday and today, lost panels from the greenhouse, door blown out on the ground. It’s freezing cold with huge hail storms.

    The quote is me exactly.

    Cheryl love your hats.

    Karen love your crochet, going to see if I can do some, always loved it, but not sure weather it will be too much for my wrists.

    Michele great review as usual, lots of interesting articles.

    Love all the shopping can’t wait to see what to see what you all make with them. I only thing I bought is the stamps and dies with sentiment that Sandra bought previously.

    Hope you are all ok , having a good weekend, Lilian

  9. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    Sandra I love that quote “it’s so true, ha ha.

    Lovely shopping I love all of your purchases some really inspiring items there, Michele Thank you for the magazine review, I’ve already received mine and haven’t quite read it from cover to cover but I’m getting there, some really inspiring articles.

    I had a lovely surprise today our eldest daughter drove over from Essex to wish me happy Mother’s Day, I’d already received a beautiful gift from her which I hadn’t opened, (was saving it for tomorrow) it came via courier a couple of days ago, so I was able to open it in front of her.

    Wishing you all a happy Mother’s Day.
    Take care stay safe everyone love Brenda XXX

  10. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe tonight. Love the quote, I definitely have loads on the go. Maybe you could have a “Finishing off a project” challenge?
    It’s so good to hear that Milo is improving each day. He must have looked so cute laid by Paul with his paw on his hand 🥰
    I love the hats Cheryl. I love the lace and other decorative bits and bobs.
    Karen, another cute little alien, love his/her pompon ears. What lovely colours in your bobble hat too. I don’t care anymore what I look like if it is cold out but usually use a cotton scarf around my neck and head as I find I get too hot and sweat otherwise. It will be interesting to see how you get on with the brushes. Enjoy testing them out xx
    What a great haul of crafting goodies. Love that last Groovi plate Pat, so many different ways to use it. Might have to have a look for it.
    Brenda, what a wonderful surprise seeing your daughter today xx
    I’m off to bed so sleep tight everyone. Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for Lynda, Mum and all in need. Take care xx